Battleground Texas: How Rick Perry Could Be Their Last Republican Governor

rick_perryThe battle for Texas will likely be the Gettysburg of our current political war between left and right. It’s no secret that even before Wendy Davis made her historic stance against some of the most anti-choice legislation in the nation, that this is where the battle would be held. Yes, this seems very odd since Texas sends some of the most idiotic people to Congress (Joe Barton, Louie Gohmert, Ted Cruz and many others) thanks to gerrymandering and the conservative “my ignorance is equal to your knowledge” voting bloc. However, thanks to a demographics change and perhaps ironically some of Gov. Rick Perry’s action, the Lone Star State could be turning blue faster than you think.

Rick Perry has been on an absolute crusade to bring businesses from liberal states like California and New York, but what he likely hasn’t figured out is that when you bring business (especially high tech), you also tend to bring more liberal voters. So while he may talk a big game about adding jobs and talking businesses into relocating to Texas, what Rick Perry has failed to understand is that he’s been unwittingly turning Texas blue. Couple this with the exploding Hispanic population that is tired of xenophobic rhetoric put forth by the Republican Party and you’ll see there’s a growing wave of voter sentiment that will eventually wash away whatever obstacles that are desperately tossed in the path of the inevitable groundswell.

Don’t believe that there’s a battle going on for Texas right now? Chances are that if you’re a regular reader of various news sites or political blogs, you’ll see ads from US Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) who seems to be very, very concerned that Texas will go blue in the near future. He’s even created a “Keep Texas Red” campaign, complete with ads like this.

Let’s be honest — if the GOP loses Texas, you can pretty much close the books on them putting a candidate in the White House ever again. This is why they’re raising money┬áin opposition to “Battleground Texas,” which is a concerted Democratic effort to turn out minority voters who are becoming a larger and larger portion of the population. Let’s look at a map of the 2012 election in Texas. Sure, it looks an almost solid sea of red except for a few blue spots mostly around the borders. But if you look at most of those counties in red, the vast majority are very small, some with literally less than a thousand votes cast. What about the ones in blue? Most are high population areas and many went overwhelmingly for Obama, and this is a trend that will continue whether the GOP likes it or not.

The hard right policies of Rick Perry (who makes George W. Bush look like a hardcore liberal by comparison) made the moment in which Wendy Davis was catapulted into the national spotlight inevitable. The policies of Rick Perry have hastened the inevitability of Texas turning blue, and for that, I guess we should grudgingly thank him. The sooner it happens, the better.


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