Who’s Really Behind The Congressman McAllister Video Leak?

Vance-McAllisterSo once again, another “family values” politician has been busted for committing adultery – but are we really surprised at this point? In a video leaked to a previously obscure website The Ouachita Citizen (who I hope invested in a good web server, and a lawyer), first term Congressman Vance McAllister (R-LA) was caught on the surveillance cameras in his own office kissing a married female staffer, Melissa Peacock, who just happens to be good friends with his family. Oh, and both she and her husband were big time donors to his campaign in the special election that he won to replace Rep. Rodney Alexander. But come on now, whether it’s David Vitter (R-Pampers) or any of the others who preach about conservative family values, we’ve already learned by now that these people are little more than two-faced hypocrites politicians. So what’s the big deal with this story? All we’ve seen is a kiss and it’s unclear if there was anything beyond that. Certainly with all of the headlines screaming “HYPOCRITE Married Christian Values Politician BUSTED!!!” you’d think that maybe someone would have spent the time to dig a little deeper into the story other than to post about how yet another politician who ran on conservative family values (whatever the hell that means anymore) got exposed for being a hypocrite. Fortunately, my friend Lamar White who writes for cenlamar.com actually did that and found that there’s far more to this than just a kiss.

But while the national media gawks over the lurid details and focuses on Congressman McAllister’s rank hypocrisy, they’re missing the real scandal here: Who leaked the video, and was this leak purposely timed? After all, this video was recorded nearly four months ago, from inside the Congressman’s own district office…

The story was first broken at 12:19PM by The Ouachita Citizen, a fledgling website that claims to have a paid readership of more than 5,200 people but, based on third-party web traffic analytical data, likely has a daily audience of between 200-300 unique visitors. An hour and a half later, the story was on the front page of Politico. An hour later, it was covered by almost every national news outlet in the United States- Fox, CBS, The Washington Post, NBC.

With all due respect to John Bresnahan and Jake Sherman, the two Politico journalists who broke the story nationally, it defies logic that they somehow randomly stumbled on a story published on a website that even most Louisianians have never heard of and verified the authenticity and provenance of a blurry surveillance video (which, by the way, was behind a paywall) all within a span of 90 minutes. No, this leak was coordinated and planned, and more than likely, considering it was recorded nearly four months ago, it had been in the works for a long time. (Source)

Yes, this smells like a political hit job, but why? Why would Congressman McAllister’s own party try to take him down? Because while he’s very conservative on nearly everything and enjoys a close friendship with the Robertson family from Duck Dynasty who endorsed him, he wasn’t the GOP’s golden boy to replace Rodney Alexander in Louisiana’s 5th district. Oh, and he also happened to say this in response to Governor Piyush “Bobby” Jindal’s remarks on Medicaid expansion:

“I thought, ‘You know what, I’m not going to skirt the issue. Republican, Democrat, it don’t matter. Those working poor have paid that money in. That money’s going to Washington. It’s their money,’ ” he said. “For me to say I’m against Medicaid expansion makes me the best congressman California and Massachusetts could ever have, because that’s where that money’s gonna go.”

“It’s about doing what’s right. You keep your people healthy, they’ll continue to work. They’ll do better,” he said. “The money’s there. As a business guy, I don’t like Gov. Jindal standing up there and trying to use political points” to argue that the state can’t afford the small fraction it would eventually have to pay to draw down billions in benefits. “It don’t take Einstein to figure out that’s a pretty darn good return on your investment.” (Source)

Many people in Louisiana, including a number of conservatives like Congressman McAllister, are absolutely sick of Bobby Jindal who seems to be spending more time flying around the world than he is spending in Baton Rouge. Louisiana has a huge oil and gas industry, yet remains the 49th poorest state in the nation and a lot of folks are getting tired of saying “At least we ain’t Mississippi.” So when you’re taking flack from both the left in the form of MoveOn.org’s sign which sits just outside Baton Rouge visible to everyone headed eastbound into the city on I-10 AND members of your own party, perhaps leaking a scandalous video of a dissenting politician from your own ranks through a previously obscure website might just be the way to exact a little revenge. And what a coincidence that video just happened to be released on the very same day that a federal judge ruled against Jindal’s administration in their fight to take down the sign from MoveOn.org?

At the end of the of the FBI investigation which is likely already under way, I will not be surprised if there is a trail leading back to Bobby Jindal’s administration and/or his opponent in last year’s special election, Neil Riser, who most certainly would like another shot at the 5th Congressional District seat this fall. While it is now alleged that that Rep. McAllister’s Monroe District Office manager Leah Gordon (who just happened to work previously for Rep. Alexander, who endorsed Riser, not McAllister) leaked the video, I’m sure that there were deals made in exchange for this footage which has, if nothing else, embarassed Rep. McAllister and made him more vulnerable this year to a party-approved challenger.

Sure, we can rant and share stories over and over again that point out another politician from the other side is a hypocrite and that just shows how they’re all a bunch of shmucks with the morals of a weasel on speed – or maybe we can come to the realization that politics isn’t just “I’m right, they’re wrong, and everyone who disagrees with my bumper sticker beliefs is evil” and it’s a complex, multi-level game of cloaks and political daggers. This isn’t just about a hypocritical Congressman who got caught kissing his friend’s wife on a surveillance camera he was unaware of, step back and take a look at the bigger picture. This is a level of politics that is rarely observed by the general public in which backroom deals and power struggles abound. Congressman McAllister was a rising star who was politically savvy enough to invite Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty to the State of the Union address which managed to put him in the national spotlight thanks to the outrage of hundreds of liberal pundits over that invitation – and now his party has put him in his place, so to speak.

“For those of us climbing to the top of the food chain, there can be no mercy.” – Frank Underwood in House Of Cards


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  • Jim Spillane

    Piyoush is a loser. Anyone, who is ashamed of their name, and religion, from Hindu to Catholic, is nothing but a shuyster.

    • Max Vincent

      Booby is done. Stick a red-hot fork in his ass. He has a major issue on his hands right now with all of the promises he made to the hospitals in Louisiana. In return for their not pressuring him to take on the ACA, he supposedly contracted with the larger hospitals in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Alexandria and Hammond to shutter the charity hospitals and divert the poor and uninsured to emergency rooms of these larger hospitals and reimburse hem at higher rates. Only last summer when they got their contracts, they were missing a lot of pages, and lots of pages were blank. Apparently no one went back and filled in those blanks because now these larger hospitals are complaining because the uninsured and poor are swamping the larger hospitals, using the emergency rooms like doctor’s offices. What, exactly, did they expect would happen? Jindal touts himself as a medical guru–yeah, right. The only thing he is a guru of is creating red tape and stealing from one program to fatten up another, in the meanwhile creating a large hole in the first program that never gets filled back in. Instead of accepting ACA money and insuring the poor and uninsured in Louisiana, like other states have done (read Kentucky–Republican governor who loves it!!) and are pleased with it, Jindal has thrown his citizens to the wolves and now is concerned because those wolves are circling the Governor’s Mansion. You reap what you sow, Governor Jindal. Thank goodness you can only serve two terms. Eight years was plenty of time for you too ruin the great state of Louisiana; it will take eighty to get over all of the rack and ruin you have put her through. Go ahead, though–run for president. WE want you to. Please. You need a wake-up call; you need to know just what people think of you outside of your cadre in Louisiana; the ones who have been blowing smoke up your butt these last eight years, the ones who mock you behind your back. These same ones who cannot wait until your lame-duck term is finally over, as do the rest of the citizens of the great state of Louisiana.

      • Michael Siever

        Kentucky’s Governor is a Democrat, not a Republican…

      • Max Vincent

        Mea culpa. Is it Arkansas I’m thinking of? I need to check my sources. Thanks for the correction–much appreciated.

  • Eddie Krebbs

    So the repubs are eating their young? Sounds par for the course. They are already self-imploding from being torn between the extremists in the party.

  • Michael Siever

    There really is no honor among thieves…

  • Lynn

    Typical GOP; do as I say, not as I do. Then they wonder WHY we don’t take them seriously anymore!

  • NanaLynne

    That wasn’t just a little innocent kiss between friends…

    • Max Vincent

      Run this by Vitter and see how he pales…

  • Diane Stanley

    Those repub family values. They never cease to amaze me!

  • In response to getting caught, he says “we have to love our neighbor.” This, after all those years he spent attacking all of his neighbors and ours. The chutzpah of these guys is amazing to watch.

  • I’m not much on his family values… but what he said about Medicaid was absolutely correct, my problem with his statement is who is he pandering to when he said it

  • Michael Siever

    If Congressman Ted Yoho was found in his car with a prostitute and a bottle of Captain Morgan, the newspaper headline would read “Yoho, Ho, and a Bottle of Rum”…

    • George Fatdog

      You Are TOO MUCH! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • macfish47

    Who cares who leaked it. The fact is that the kiss occurred.

    • Max Vincent

      It was a KISS. That’s it. It wasn’t like she got on her knees and blew him. She did nothing to merit being fired. This isn’t adultery–it’s a damned set-up is what it is. It isn’t like she dressed him in diapers and tickled his balls with a feather (oh wait–that’s Vitter!) At least we won’t have to worry that we’ll find her dead after this hits the airwaves (oh wait–that’s Vitter again!!)

      • SLP

        Not adultery? Please. It wasn’t just a KISS, it was a deep, long and sensual kiss that occurred, more than likely, right after the blow job. A couple who kisses like that are obviously very comfortable with each other in a sexual relationship. She was fired because McAllister is clearly a fucking hypocrite who, besides running on the family values platform, will blame her for enticing him with her wily wimmen ways. “She made me!”

  • Mike

    Unless the video showed more than the kiss, accusing the Congressman of adultery is a stretch. He got caught making out with a married woman which is absolutely stupid given the platform he ran on, but since when is hypocrisy not a part of politics?

  • hmc8432

    If you know politics in the state of Huey P. Long and Edwin Edwards, you already knew there was a back story.