Ben Carson: ‘As A Christian’ You Shouldn’t ‘Judge’ Trump For Mistreating Women

Dr. Ben Carson argued on Sunday that Christians should not “judge” GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump based on his treatment of women. On Sunday’s edition of Fox & Friends, host Tucker Carlson pointed out to Carson that a recent New York Times report had suggested that Trump had a history of “crossing the line” with women…


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  • Eg Kbbs

    Sounds like Carson misses the difference between judging others and making distinctions based on their consistent pattern of displayed hateful behavior ? Or endorsing / enabling their behavior ?

    Missing this difference, wouldn’t voting be an act of judging ?

    And funny to hear this out of the GOP in light of all their judging foreigners, LGBT, etc.

    • Rebeccarfoster1

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    • noah vail

      right wing hypocricy knows no bounds….

  • noah vail

    are those callouses i see on carson’s knees ? hang in there ben and maybe Rump will give you a taste …. if you’re waiting for a cabinet spot you’re as much of a dreamer as Rump….