Ben Carson is Too Crazy and Completely Unfit To Be President

ben-carson-fox-newsNo matter how hard I try, I just do not get Ben Carson’s rise within the Republican party. I get why conservatives support Donald Trump or Ted Cruz or even Jeb Bush – but not Carson. It’s not because he’s a conservative who I disagree with on just about every issue – it’s because he’s an idiot.

But he’s a well-respected neurosurgeon, he can’t be an idiot! 

Yes, he can be; there are different levels of intelligence. Clearly he’s book smart, but it’s entirely possible to be brilliant in one area of life and completely clueless in just about every other. That’s exactly the type of person I believe Carson is.

Even his “brilliance” as a medical scientist has to be questioned considering his belief that the Earth was created in six days; that the theory of evolution is being pushed by the devil; the Big Bang theory is a “fairy tale”; and he even perpetuated several myths about vaccines during the second GOP debate.

You really have to be willfully ignorant (or flat-out crazy) to know that much about the human brain, yet believe the Earth is 6,000 years old and that evolution is a myth.

But once you get to the core of some of the things he believes, you start to see he’s a whole lot of stupid mixed with quite a bit of crazy.

This is a man who not only tried to claim that the United States was founded on Christianity by citing a whole bunch of stuff that had absolutely nothing to do with our Founding Fathers or our Constitution, but he also essentially tried to blame the Jewish people for the rise of Hitler.

Then there was that time he was asked a simple question about the debt ceiling, only to prove he clearly has no idea what the debt ceiling is.

And we can’t forget about the time Fox News’ Chris Wallace had to explain to him why his tax plan based on biblical tithing – yes he plans to base his tax policy on tithing – would not only negatively impact the poor and middle class the most, but it would be an absolute disaster economically.

Then we have his promise that he would order the Department of Education to seek out and “punish” political bias on public universities. That should concern us all seeing as how he’s someone who believes that the devil is driving the theory of evolution. He’s essentially advocating for the policing of free speech on college campuses. Well, at least the speech he deems to be “biased.”

Could you imagine if President Obama said something like that? Conservatives would be losing their minds.

Then we can’t forget when he said (though tried to walk it back later) that he doesn’t believe a Muslim should be allowed to run for president. Isn’t it interesting how many people felt that way about African-Americans not too long ago (and still do today).

Of course, we also have the “classics” like when he stated that the Affordable Care Act was the worst thing to happen to the U.S. since slavery, and reiterated his belief that many people go into prison straight but come out gay.

Again – he’s a medical doctor saying this ridiculous nonsense.

Of all the candidates running – including Trump – Ben Carson is easily the most unfit. Not only does he seem to be a medical doctor who somehow doesn’t believe in a lot of medical science, but he doesn’t have any sort of background that makes him even slightly qualified to be president. And when it gets down to issues like foreign policy, the economy and taxes – he proves that he doesn’t know anything about any of those issues.

There’s a reason why Trump and Carson threatened to boycott the next GOP debate if it went longer than two hours – longer debates expose weak candidates. It’s easy for them to prepare enough talking points to get through a short two-hour debate. The longer a debate goes on, the more issue-focused and substantive it becomes. I can promise you neither Trump nor Carson want an issue-focused debate where both men would quickly prove just how little they actually know.

But when you get right down to it, I don’t have anything against Ben Carson personally and I don’t think most people do either. I simply don’t believe he should be our next president because he’s too damn crazy and flat-out unfit to hold that position.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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