Ben Carson Embarrasses Himself by Using Debunked Myth About Obama to Defend His Lie (Video)

ben-carson-crazyTo say Friday was not a good day for GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson would be an understatement. While there’s been growing speculation as it relates to stories from his past that many have found rather questionable, his credibility is in dire straights after Politico exposed that he lied about getting offered a full scholarship to West Point.

Naturally his campaign has denied that Carson ever claimed he was offered a full scholarship, which is a flat-out lie. On multiple occasions, including in one of his own books, Carson’s own words describe turning down the offer of a “full scholarship” to pursue his medical career.

Ben Carson’s response to the controversy was exactly as you would expect. He slammed the media, called it a hit job meant to tarnish his reputation and essentially had a minor meltdown in front of the press.

Well, during that meltdown – which was rather sad, by the way – Carson seemed to get extremely desperate, reaching back years in right-wing political fiction to pull out the soundly debunked myth about President Obama ordering his college transcripts sealed.

“I do not remember this level of scrutiny for one President Barack Obama when he was running for president,” Carson said. “In fact, I remember just the opposite. I remember saying, ‘O-o-oh, we won’t really talk about that.’ ”

If he’s trying to claim that President Obama didn’t face scrutiny running for president, then he really is insane.

But that’s when he brought up the ridiculous transcript myth.

“Why are you guys not interested in why his records are sealed?,” Carson asked. “Can somebody tell me why?”

“No, no, no, no, don’t change the topic,” he continued, talking over reporters. “I am asking you, somebody, please, why you have not investigated that. I want to know. You should want to know, too.”

If you get a chance, you really should watch the video and witness Carson making an absolute ass out of himself – which isn’t exactly all that difficult for someone like him to do.

First let me start off by saying that the whole “Obama ordered his transcripts sealed” myth has been debunked for years. And why is that? Well, it’s simple: Because college transcripts are always sealed!

They’re not “ordered” sealed by the student. Schools are legally required to seal them and aren’t allowed to publicly release them without the permission of the individual. And there’s really no plausible reason any politician would ever need to make their transcripts public, unless someone is trying to claim that both Columbia and Harvard were a part of some elaborate conspiracy to grant him degrees from their institutions that he didn’t earn.

This little rant by Carson only serves as another example of how utterly idiotic he is. You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to know that college transcripts are always sealed; you would think that someone who graduated from Yale (and was a brain surgeon) would know that. Then again, this is the guy who thinks the Egyptian pyramids were biblical grain storages and evolution is satanic, so his idiocy clearly runs deep.

The fact that Ben Carson stooped to this level of absurdity shows he’s getting desperate. A person with nothing to hide doesn’t worry this much about the press digging into their past. Typically, someone who’s lying (or at least trying to hide something) will become defensive – often trying to deflect the attention from themselves onto those accusing them of lying.

What I find humorous about all of this is how Ben Carson is running for president, the most stressful job in the world, yet he seems to be buckling under the pressure from the media. If he doesn’t like the media scrutiny now, what the hell does he expect life to be like if he were to get elected? It doesn’t get any better.

I’ll be honest, is this West Point lie really that big of a deal? Not really. The issue here that he doubled-down on his lie, even though there’s ample indisputable evidence where he specifically said he was offered a full scholarship to the school – a claim he emphatically denies ever saying. Not only that, but there are still these other stories from his past that he seems rather secretive and sketchy about whenever details to help verify the truth of these accounts are requested. A small lie here or there isn’t a huge deal, but a combination of them – seemingly for no reason other than because someone is pathological – is a problem.

This is what Ben Carson signed up for; he wanted to run for president and has somehow managed to become the GOP frontrunner. If he doesn’t like the media scrutiny, then he needs to quit. If you can’t handle running for president without throwing constant temper tantrums about how “mean” and “unfair” the media is – like President Obama said – what’s going to happen when you have to deal with the Russians and the Chinese?

Watch Carson’s meltdown below via CNN:


Allen Clifton

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