Ben Carson Wants To Fight ISIS By Putting American Troops On The Canadian Border

ben-carson-rallyJust a few weeks ago, Dr. Ben Carson was flying high in the Republican polls. Before a series of foreign policy blunders, he was enjoying his moment in the spotlight and right-wing conservatives pointed to his brief popularity as proof that the GOP had appeal to minority voters. Primary voters initially overlooked absurd proposals like using armed drones on the Mexican border, or the time he thought shooting down a Russian plane wasn’t a big deal – something Turkey actually did a few weeks later.

Now Ben Carson is trying to hype up his credentials on terrorism by releasing a plan on his website called “Seven Steps for a Safer America.” Among the seven points includes arming Sunnis around the region to fight against ISIS/Daesh, and putting American troops on the border with both Mexico and Canada.

Canadians are predictably not impressed with Ben Carson’s proposal, and have laughed off the idea of putting our military on the border as a political stunt by the presidential candidate, who is trying to resurrect his floundering campaign.

Via CBC News:

Windsor West NDP MP Brian Masse, whose riding is home to the busiest commercial land border crossing in North America, questioned Carson’s plan, saying the Republican is just trying to one-up rival presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“It just shows another level of ignorance when it comes to the American presidential race,” said Masse, the former federal critic for Canada-U.S. border relations. “To suggest that military forces patrol the northern border: the cost of that, the reasons for it and the effectiveness of it are certainly suspect at best and sheer madness at worst.” (Source)

This is just the latest preposterous statement from the Carson campaign, which has repeatedly demonstrated he knows very little about domestic or foreign policy. We’ve also seen what happens when we meddle in Middle East politics, or give weapons to people who dislike us slightly less than their current enemy. Oh yeah, and arming Sunnis would also be a horrible mistake, considering that ISIS/Daesh is primarily supported by Sunni Arabs.

While we may laugh at this absurdity from a candidate with a long history of bizarre claims, it’s important to remember that many Republican primary voters briefly considered him to be qualified enough to be president. As recently as the end of October, Ben Carson had polled as high as about 30%, which is slightly higher than where Donald Trump is now.

Ben Carson isn’t an anomaly in the current field of Republican primary candidates. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio have all made their insane or bigoted proposals like banning Muslims from entering the United States, reversing gay marriage, or even banning many forms of birth control. Donald Trump has even claimed that if he had been in Paris, and had been armed, he might have been able to stop the recent terrorist attacks that killed 130 people.

The crazy season won’t be over at least until after the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries, although Ben Carson may not last that long due to the death spiral his campaign seems to be in. Then again, as I’ve said before, this wasn’t a real campaign to begin with – just an extended book tour paid for by the people gullible enough to think he was ever actually qualified to be president.


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