Ben Carson Insists That the Khans Owe Donald Trump an Apology (Video)

When I realized that Donald Trump’s campaign was taking off and becoming a serious player within the 2016 election, I knew things were going to get rather ridiculous. Though as bad as I assumed they would get, I never thought they’d get this bad. It really has become a situation where simply keeping up with the latest thing Trump has said or done is a full-time job. Just when you’re trying to wrap your mind around the last thing he did — he says or does something even more asinine.

His recent conflict with the family of fallen American hero Capt. Humayun Khan might be the breaking point for some.

Most of his supporters have stood by him, but he’s faced an incredible amount of backlash pretty much everywhere else it counts. From the conservative media, to leading members of his own party, it seems as if Trump has crossed a line that even many of those who really don’t want to see Hilary Clinton become our next president aren’t willing to cross.

However, there are still some Republicans who are steadfast in their support of Trump. Such as former GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson. In fact, according to Carson, the Khans owe Donald Trump an apology.

During an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Carson was asked if he felt Trump should apologize to the Khans.

“I don’t think it would be harmful if they apologized to him and he apologized to them, but I don’t see that happening,” Carson replied

“Why should they apologize to him?” Blitzer asked.

“Well, for one thing, if you accuse someone of something that’s not true, it usually is a reasonable thing to acknowledge that,” he said.

Of course, Carson didn’t elaborate on what supposedly false statement the Khans made about Donald Trump.

When the GOP brought on a mother of one of the victims of the Benghazi attack to say that she specifically blames Hillary Clinton for the death of her son, I didn’t see the former secretary demanding an apology from her based upon the facts that have indisputably proven that she wasn’t at fault for the attack and there was likely nothing that could have been done to prevent what happened. What the mother of that Benghazi victim said on stage that night at the Republican convention was much worse (and much more factually inaccurate) than anything the Khans said about Donald Trump.

So I cannot fathom what Carson thinks the Khans owe Donald Trump an apology for. This is a Muslim family whose Muslim son died defending this country, who’ve taken offense to the Republican presidential candidate vilifying their religion as thousands of Muslim Americans defend this country every single day.

It’s like many have said recently, if Donald Trump can’t even handle properly responding to grieving parents of a fallen soldier, something that a presidential candidate shouldn’t need to be taught how to do, then he has absolutely no business being this nation’s next president.

Watch his comments below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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