Ben Carson Is Now Making Up Fake News Headlines About Himself

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 8.02.46 AMRepublican presidential front-runner Ben Carson has been under a lot of scrutiny recently for claims he’s made in the past, including the one that he was offered a full scholarship to West Point. He’s also made claims to have stabbed a friend and attacked his mother with a hammer, all as part of what seems to be a made-for-Christian-TV redemption story that just so happens to coincide with the fact that he’s on a book tour.

Ben Carson hasn’t taken well to the media’s fact-checking of his claims, claiming President Obama didn’t endure the same level of scrutiny when he was running for president back in 2008.

Now, ahead of the Republican debate, Ben Carson has a bold new plan to combat the media – by making up even more stories.

Via Talking Points Memo:

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson’s campaign posted a spate of fake news reports carrying the names of real news outlets to his Facebook page Tuesday afternoon in a further effort to make light of media scrutiny about his biography.

Carson’s campaign posted fake breaking news reports using the names and logos of CNN, Politico, and Huffington Post to parody recent allegations that he misstated facts about his past in various speeches and books. (Source)

I’m not even mad – this is amazing. Ben Carson either has a sense of humor enough to make fun of the media which has rightly called him out on his dubious claims, or he actually thinks that his supporters are dumb enough to believe all of this scrutiny is a plot to destroy his campaign.

Here is just one example of the fake news reports he posted:
ben carson fake news
I have to admit this is pretty funny, if his intention was to mock and troll the media. Maybe underneath his strange persona, Ben Carson has a sense of humor – or more likely someone on his campaign staff does. These fake news stories are definitely more funny than anything Donald Trump did on Saturday Night Live, that’s for damn sure.

Ultimately though, Ben Carson’s campaign will go the way of other Republican candidates who have no political experience. We saw this with Herman Cain in 2012 and this will end up being the case with Ben Carson, as well as Donald Trump. Heck, even Herman Cain has come forward to defend Ben Carson with claims that liberals and the media is biased against him and hates black conservatives “for leaving the Democrat plantation.”

Once the Republican “silly season” is over, they’ll eventually settle on a more serious, but equally flawed candidate for the nomination. This will probably be Marco Rubio, or possibly Ted Cruz, despite the fact that much of the GOP dislikes Cruz immensely for his refusal to work with other Republicans in the Senate.

As I’ve said before, the media isn’t out to destroy Ben Carson. He’s doing a fine job of it himself, so we might as well enjoy the comedy show that is his campaign while it lasts. It’s entirely too much fun to ignore.


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