Ben Carson’s Plan for Health Care is a Comically Bad Version of Socialized Medicine (Video)

ben-carson-fox-newsWhile I was looking into comments GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson made where he compared women to slave owners, I also happened to come across his “plan” for health care. I’ll be honest, when I heard what he said the first thing I thought was that I couldn’t believe more media outlets hadn’t jumped on his comments. Heck, I’m surprised Donald Trump hasn’t been blasting them all over Twitter like he usually does with everything else.

What Carson is essentially advocating for is socialized health care just a really bad version of it.

What he wants to do is set up what he calls “health savings accounts” that are established the moment someone is born. The way he wants to accomplish this is by taking the money Americans are currently paying for health insurance and putting it into these HSAs established by the government.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is socialized health care.

But the idiotic part of his plan is that he doesn’t want these HSAs to cover catastrophic health care. For those situations he wants people to purchase their own care at what he thinks will be a heavily discounted rate considering the bulk of their health care would be provided via these HSA accounts.

So, in other words, he wants Americans to pay money into a government account to cover part of their health care while still having to purchase catastrophic coverage through a private insurance company.

That’s just stupid.

And his plan does nothing to address those who can’t afford to pay into these accounts.

But why even have the gap in coverage? If you’re going to go all-in with a form of socialized health care (which is Ben Carson’s plan) then go all in. Don’t half-ass it by not covering catastrophic occurrences.

This is all about semantics. Either the government is raising taxes on Americans to cover socialized medicine (eliminating the need to pay private insurance companies monthly) or you’re creating these HSA’s that people pay into with the money they would normally pay to private insurance companies. Either way, it’s money Americans are handing over to the government to pay for health insurance.

That is socialized health care. 

It’s just that Carson’s plan doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. While covering day-to-day health care needs is great, it’s the catastrophic events in someone’s life that tend to leave millions in mountains of debt. And don’t believe for a moment that these “catastrophic-only” policies would be cheap, either. If there’s one thing insurance companies prove time and time again, it’s that they’re going to get their money and try to screw over their policies holders whenever they can.

The bottom line is, it’s time for the United States to catch up to the rest of the modern world and provide every citizen in this country with health care. It is absurd that, in 2015, we’re still under a for-profit system where millions of people are forced to live in pain, or to go without the care they need, simply because they cannot afford to pay for health care.

The ability for a person to take care of their own health should not be based upon how much they can afford. 

Like I said, it still surprises me that Carson’s GOP rivals haven’t seized on his comments. He can try to spin his “plan” however he likes, but having Americans pay into a health care account run by the government is a form of socialized medicine.

Watch his comments below via NBC News:

Allen Clifton

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