Is Ben Carson’s Presidential “Plan” Backfiring?

dr-ben-carson-1Ben Carson running for president has never made a whole lot of sense to me. Not because I think the man is certifiable (I do), but because why would someone who’s had ample opportunity to work his way into government – yet never done so – suddenly want to run for one of the most stressful and complicated jobs in the world? Of all the candidates running, he’s easily the most unqualified and unfit to actually hold the office.

In fact, I’ve long had a theory that Ben Carson isn’t running to actually win, he’s running to boost his name recognition and set himself up to make millions once he abandoned his campaign. After all, what better way to sell more books, get paid larger fees for speeches and make a whole lot more money than you already were than by getting all the attention that a presidential candidate receives?

Think about it. He releases a book just as he decides he’s going to run for president, even taking time off his campaign to go on his book tour. Then there were reports that, at least early on in his campaign, he was still being paid to give speeches. That’s highly unusual considering doing so could potentially lead to a candidate violating campaign finance laws.

Not only that, but his campaign is ridiculous. His tax plan is based on biblical tithing and he seems almost incapable of giving any type of interview without saying something completely asinine.

This all seems to be backfiring in spectacular fashion and Ben Carson can’t stand it.

If someone never anticipated being a top-tier candidate, they would have never expected to have to deal with the media scrutiny that goes along with that position. Yet through sheer insanity, Carson has managed to overtake Donald Trump in some polls to become a legitimate frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination.

As he’s risen up the ranks, several reports have come out questioning events he’s claimed have happened in his past. While he claims this is all an attempt by the “liberal media” to tarnish his name, it’s not. No one made him tell tales of violence from his past that seem rather far-fetched, or tell a story of a supposed robbery he was a witness to at a Popeyes restaurant years ago. These are comments he willingly said publicly that – as far as anyone can tell thus far – have almost no evidence to support them.

When some within the media have managed to locate people who knew him when he was young, they don’t recall a violent person as Carson claims he was. Nor can the Baltimore PD find any record of a robbery taking place at a Popeyes around the time Carson said it occurred.

Now we have two stories emerging that debunk lies he told in his book Gifted Hands about being offered a “full scholarship” to West Point, and an incident in a class at Yale that apparently never existed.

What it looks like to me is Ben Carson drastically underestimated how much media scrutiny he was going to come under and he’s completely ill-prepared to deal with it. This is evidenced by his constant whining about the media and meltdown in front of the press following the Politico story exposing his lie about being offered a scholarship to West Point.

I hate to break it to Dr. Carson, but this is the type of media scrutiny a presidential frontrunner should receive. This is nothing new. Just ask Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Ben Carson exhibits the defensiveness and overall demeanor of someone who’s trying to hide something. If he’s been perfectly honest, he should invite the scrutiny – but he hasn’t.

I honestly don’t believe Ben Carson was prepared to reach this level of popularity with conservative voters. If my theory is correct (and again, it’s just my theory), his “plan” to use his presidential campaign as a money-making scheme is backfiring as his many lies and insane comments from the past are now being exposed on a national stage. That doesn’t bold well for someone who wanted to become a more mainstream fixture after his campaign ultimately folded.

After all, it’s really difficult to negotiate new, more lucrative book deals and speaking engagements when your past books have been exposed for being filled with blatant lies and insane comments you’ve made in the past gain national attention.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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