Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi – Conservatives, Get Over It Already

screenshot-via-fox-newsBenghazi – the ridiculous Republican conspiracy that they just won’t let go. I swear, it’s their pivot on damn near everything. Especially if they’re discussing President Obama or Hillary Clinton.

And let’s be real, Hillary Clinton is the main reason why they’ve been attempting to keep this story relevant even though it’s been debunked countless times. The most recent being in the form of an official report from Senate Intelligence Committee which didn’t confirm a single right-wing conspiracy about Benghazi.

Then I love how Republicans continue to harp on and on about this, insisting people take their debunked conspiracies seriously. Then when they don’t, perpetuating the idea that there’s even more of a cover up going on which is why they’re not entertaining their fanatical conspiracies.

It’s the definition of conspiracy theory lunacy.

I had a professor give me some great advice once. He said never, under any circumstances, engage in a debate with a conspiracy theorist – you’ll never win. No matter how much evidence you prove, or how much reality is on your side, that they’ll simply believe it’s all a part of the conspiracy.

Basically the cliché line, “See, that’s what they want you to think!”

They believe that there are more sides to the story. That because they continue to perpetuate lies, because right-wing voters still believe in them, that the rest of the country should continue to entertain them to show impartiality against conservatives.

Well, I’m sorry, but there aren’t always two sides to every argument. Especially when your “argument” has been debunked numerous times already. Just because someone has an opinion on something that’s overwhelmingly been proven to be false, doesn’t give them the right to a debate just because they want to continue to act like fools.

What next, are they going to throw a fit because the world’s top scientists refuse to debate tea party creationists over evolution and their claims that the Earth is 6,000 years old?

Heck, they already kind of do that anyway with the science behind climate change.

And I’m sorry if I find it just a bit hypocritical that the party which supported George W. Bush (twice) – the man who sent thousands of Americans to die in Iraq based on a lie – wants to suddenly act appalled because of four deaths in Libya.

Not that I’m downplaying the tragedy of any death, but it’s just a bit ridiculous to continue this push for an “investigation” into what happened in Benghazi (even though the Senate Intelligence Committee already did one) when your party led the way on a lie which took us to war with another nation costing the lives of thousands of Americans and countless other human beings.

Any individual with any kind of common sense knows that at the root of all of this lies nothing more than the conservative preemptive attack on Hillary Clinton. Well, that and some cheap slander against President Obama.

Republicans are absolutely terrified of Hillary Clinton and they’re doing everything possible to try to get anything on her. Unfortunately for them, the only people who really care about their asinine conspiracy theories are the far right-wing voters who would never vote for Clinton in the first place.

It’s honestly become quite comical. It’s as if every Republican politician and member of the conservative media has been contractually obligated in some way to mention Benghazi at least once a week, otherwise they’ll be shunned from the GOP.

But this is what happens when you base “facts” off of made up propaganda – you can’t let it go. Their voters demand answers so they’ll keep pushing for them. There’s just one problem – we already have the answers.

They’re just not the ones conservatives want to hear.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Veritas vos Liberabit

    Conservatives are making the Benghazi incident Hillary’s Achilles tendon if she decides to run for the Presidency. What else they have aside from vitriolic rhetoric on other minutiae? Not to undermine the Benghazi incident, but is time to move on and allow the victims of this incident rest in peace.

    • strayaway

      Benghazi was just one of the misfortunes caused by bombing Libya and overthrowing the Libyan government. The follow up government was just too weak to prevent Benghazi. I don’t understand why more Republicans can’t see this larger picture. Maybe it was because too many Republicans like McCain also supported the bombing. Parts of Libya are today under the control of Islamists as a result of the overthrow. I’m more concerned about the couple of hundred state of the art surface to air US missiles Al-Queda got their hand on. I’ve read one opinion that Benghazi was related to the taking of those missiles. One Egyptian military helicopter was shot down. Don’t expect the main stream press to ask any questions about that missiles. But what happened to the other hundreds of missiles and where are they going to show up? And why on earth did we have a pile of those missiles there anyway? Were I to speculate: Maybe there were being slipped into Syria. Meanwhile Democrats and mainstream Republicans are having their stupid argument of “Hillary is a saint” she knew absolutely nothing vs. “Hillary is the devil”who is responsible.

    • Jo Clark

      It isn’t realllllly her Achilles heel though, because the only people falling for this ridiculous spew are the same ones that fell for it in the beginning. It’s not like the GOP is raking in new members or changing any minds.

      Oh, if only they had a clue how ignorant they look when they keep hammering on this.

  • Gabriel Gentile

    All a very valid argument, which is why I dropped out of the “Diebold/Hanging Chads” thing long ago. Reality is reality and it’s not always going to meet my expectations. Conspiracies are just a cop-out.

  • adcbeast

    4 CIA agents died in Benghazi .. Dept of State does NOT watch CIA agents ..

    and CIA agents die .. their job is dangerous …

    and CIA agents don’t have the military come save them either …

    • Michael Siever

      Never let the facts get in the way of their narrative…

  • FD Brian

    Maybe the part where the republicans cut security funds at all embassies will be what bites them in the ass.

    • regressive teaparty trash

      “there U go again………..”
      annoying regressives with facts

  • Michael Siever

    What about all the embassies and consulates attacked under Bush’s watch? Did Fox News cover those stories, too? Yeah, they covered them, alright. They covered them…up. Can’t have a Republican President looking bad at being a great defender, can we now, Fox News?

    • majii

      For many on the right, those attacks didn’t happen, Michael. I was just as concerned about the loss of American lives in the attacks on our embassies and consulates under Pres. Bush as I am about the loss of American lives in Benghazi, but I guess some Americans only care when their party’s politician doesn’t occupy the WH. IMO, selective patriotism and caring about any embassy/consulate attack isn’t worth a sh*t. You either care about the loss of every American in every embassy/consulate attack, and war, or you’re a very dishonest person who is willing to say/believe that the lives of some Americans are more important than those of others.

    • regressive teaparty trash

      F.O.X. “news”…………. keeping tabs on US presidents since jan 2009

  • Michael Siever

    Every time they say Benghazi, we say Beirut 1983. That ought to shut them up…

    • regressive teaparty trash

      they don’t understand–
      after all; Beirut was during “saint” Reagans administration; so it must be ok

  • Robert Loehrer

    I told a conservative friend that “Benghazi” is the conservative “Safe Word” Any time they’re losing an argument they yell “Benghazi” and the argument has to stop.

    • Michael Siever

      Their answer to the Race Card.

    • regressive teaparty trash

      I wanna BENGHAZI Tshirt which Hannity is selling

  • John Masters

    Allen’s professor telling him to never argue with a conspiracy theorist is spot on. I heard it once put another way, “You can’t reason a person out of a belief they didn’t reason themselves into in the first place.” (For proof, see last nights debate on Creationism.)

  • surfjac

    So if I’m a target of the gop in an election and some dick asks me about “benghazi”, I would say, “Why not pick a newspaper and read how any hint of a scandal has been debunked in every way imaginable. I won’t waste your time answering something so easy for you to look up! By the way, how much coverage did your newspaper, radio show, tv show, do on the 13 embassy attacks from 2001 to 2009 when bush was President. Is there anything you learned from that reportage?”

  • Matthew Reece

    “Not that I’m downplaying the tragedy of any death, but it’s just a bit
    ridiculous to continue this push for an “investigation” into what
    happened in Benghazi (even though the Senate Intelligence Committee
    already did one) when your party led the way on a lie which took us to
    war with another nation costing the lives of thousands of Americans and countless other human beings.”

    Tu quoque fallacy.

    • regressive teaparty trash

      hey matt————
      lets try this—

      what is YOUR opinion upon the regressives trying to ( again) find a coverup?
      …………….and– in thy opinion: is there /was there one?

      • Matthew Reece

        They are playing small ball by going after the talking points and video. The real scandal is:
        1. Why were al-Qaida and Hezbollah terrorists given aid and comfort? Gaddafi was a bad guy, but deposing him was no excuse for arming terrorists.
        2. Why was there a CIA complex in Benghazi in the first
        place? (Oh wait, I know. It was there to facilitate the sending of arms to Syrian rebels, which again involves arming the very terrorists the US is supposedly fighting.)
        3. Why were all of Ambassador Stevens’ requests for more security ignored and/or denied?
        4. Why were no forces ready to be sent in time to defend Ambassador Stevens when the complex in Benghazi was under attack? The answer is disturbing regardless of whether it was incompetence or malice on Obama’s part, as it was the anniversary of 9/11 and there was a long history of terrorist activity in the area.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        matt baby– ya didn’t answer my direct questions

  • Kris Quinn

    Bah. Same tactics, different year. If we go back to President Clinton’s first term in office, you’ll remember that a special investigator was appointed, and given carte blanche to investigate… well, pretty much anything he felt like, in order to find a smoking gun to get Bill impeached. He spent multi millions of dollars (I forget the exact total, and I’m too lazy to look it up at the moment), and what did he finally come up with? An affair between the President and Monica Lewinsky – which I’ll concede he did eventually lie about under oath… the “gotcha” moment that they used to finally try to impeach him with.