How the Benghazi “Conspiracy” Turned Into an Epic Republican Failure

obamaWith the revelation today that the original emails from the White House on Benghazi had been doctored before the GOP took them as proof of a cover up, a theory I’d been entertaining for a while was confirmed in my mind.

Does anyone else see this strategy coming from President Obama and this administration? Surely by now they’ve figured out from their own experiences (and from the Clinton era) that the only thing House Republicans want to do with a Democrat in office is to launch investigation after investigation, hoping to find something impeachable. Whitewater, Monica Lewinsky, Obama’s birth certificate, Benghazi and now the IRS, these are all things they’ve tried desperately to remove a president for, and miserably failed.

If President Obama is half as smart as I think he is, then I’m pretty sure he’s come to realize that through gerrymandering and right wing ideologues controlling primaries, he’s dealing with possibly the greatest collection of nincompoops in the history of American politics. They’re ruthless, but they’re also so eager to destroy him, they’ve become the Wile E. Coyote of Congressional investigations. He also knows that other than pushing for another tax cut for the rich or attempting to repeal the Affordable Care Act yet again, they’re not going to do anything else before Boehner and the rest head off for happy hour or another vacation.

So when you’re faced with a Congress that has nothing but utter hatred and contempt for you and a Senate that is hamstrung by procedural filibusters, what would you do if you were President? I don’t know about you, but what Obama seems to have been doing with every overblown controversy the GOP has dug up — that’s what I would do. Whether it was his birth certificate or Benghazi, or anything else, he’s let them go on and on, patiently letting the facts come out and watching Republicans lose all credibility. It’s like the poker equivalent of flopping a royal flush and playing your hand to perfection to take the maximum number of chips possible.

For example, knowing that Darrell Issa and the rest of the House GOP were working with flawed documents and then allowing them to go this far without correcting it in the beginning, that’s an epic troll on Obama’s part. He’s learned that everything he proposes, they will oppose, and vice versa. So long as the GOP is in charge, he’s going to get very little done other than watch them make fools of themselves in front of the American public. It’s really a no-lose situation. They aren’t going to work with him under any normal circumstances and the more he leads them on, the more they prove to voters how absolutely petty and partisan they are.

Whether this strategy proves to work in 2014 and beyond remains to be seen. Either way, as a political junkie, it’s interesting to watch regardless. The tragedy in Benghazi was terrible — we can all agree on that. But witnessing a major political party in our country make a total fool out of themselves (with the world watching) continues to be pathetic and sad, every time we’re forced to endure it. Kudos to President Obama for seeing the forest for the trees and letting the GOP’s ridiculous conspiracies be their downfall.


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  • John Gavel

    Ridiculous conspiracies? Like the IRS or AP, yeahhhhh. Howd they land on the youtube video? Its known they knew thay was not the cause of the attack- whyd they go w it?

    • You are incoherent John Gavel. What are you trying to say? I am serious. Your sentence structure is terrible and there is not one credible statement here.

      • John Gavel

        What did you have trouble understanding? The IRS has been in the news because of a scandal along with the AP (associated press). The government released statements saying the bengahzi attack was in response to a youtube video about islam. Guess you have to type paragraphs around here in perfect english or you cannot receive an answer- typical. Show me what was not credible- do not worry I will wait

      • FHVoice

        John, you imply there is a “conspiracy” underneath the three incidents that have you and the right wing salivating. Yet, the IRS case seems to be about the IRS trying to make sure that organizations with an obvious political agenda were not allowed to claim tax exempt status. There is no attachment of the steps taken to the administration, ergo, no conspiracy. In a few days all administration sources were aware that, though they coincided with other disturbances in the region that WERE centered around the video, were attacks upon the consulate in Benghazi. Where is the supposed “conspiracy”? Finally, the Republicans in Congress insisted that the leak of favorable anti-terrorism activity be found. Just what would be the point of a “conspiracy”? It is quite a reach to claim a “conspiracy” in progress. Of course, that presumes you are a fair-minded thinking person.

      • John Gavel

        I have no idea when you democrats and republicans are going to stop this nonsense. You really need to wake up and stop making excuses- should be no justifying this stuff. What happened to a transparent government- change you can believe in? Sold you on that lie didnt he

      • John Gavel

        Hicks, the second highest ranking State Department official in Libya when the consulate was attacked on the 11th anniversary of 9/11, confirmed the following facts under oath: There were no protests outside the U.S. compound; the anti-Islamic YouTube video denounced by the administration was a “non-event” in Libya and had nothing whatsoever to do with the assault that night; Hicks’ team knew almost immediately that the attack was carried out by terrorists; and all of this information was relayed to Washington in the hours and days afterward.

        Hicks is a decorated, 22-year civil service veteran, so his testimony is not easily dismissed. More importantly, it throws into stark relief the actions and public statements of the administration in the aftermath of the attack.

      • Actually John, Hicks LIED under oath! It is well documented that he was, in fact, a POOR manager! All of the subordinates who were in Benghazi have now come out and stated as much. They cited MANY complaints against him over a long period of time prior to the incident. Not 1 or 2, ALL of them! They wanted him removed. He is nothing more than a disgruntled employee. If you are hanging your hat on him, you are going to be sorely disappointed. He was NEVER demoted! He never had a decrease in pay or a change in title. He was placed in a rotation for a new assignment PER PROTOCOL. In the case of the Republicans, as has been proven time and time again, where there is smoke, there’s just more smoke.

      • The right loonies are “more interested in the sizzle than the steak”.

      • I Once Was Andrew

        IT DOESN’T MATTER. What is wrong with you people? It. Does. Not. Matter. Things clearly got bungled up as far as communicating what went on with the embassy attack at first, but there’s no coverup. There’s no conspiracy. This thing is totally manufactured by the Republicans, and it’s sad.

        I ask you this: What did the Obama administration stand to gain from lying about the YouTube video? What, exactly? The answer is nothing.

      • John Gavel

        What did they stand to gain or what were they trying not to lose. Do you have a goldfish mind? It was an election year- how good would it look if a consulate in libya was attacked on the anniversary of 9-11, after repeated requests for security were denied?

        I ask you this- what if that was your brother or father left in libya to defend a consulate or embassy w inadequate personnel- would it matter to you then? Would that make you care? Bc the mother of one of the soldiers cares- shouldnt she get the truth instead of being fed lies about a youtube video that 343 people saw at the time of the attack?

      • I Once Was Andrew

        Right, except for the part where Romney tried to slam Obama on Benghazi and it didn’t work because THERE IS NO STORY… unless, that is, you count the whole “Obama administration asked for more than $100 million in additional embassy security funding, and instead Republicans cut it by $200 million despite warnings that it would open us up to attacks.”

        Oh, wait, your goldfish mind already forgot that.

      • John Gavel

        Thats why hillary came up with the youtube video and they ignored petraeus request to release more info? And romney got obama on it- you guys just believed obama like you believed the youtube video- classsssic and to easy

      • Pelu Maad

        There is a cover-up….but the right is TOO STUPID to figure it out.

      • yeah this should be a criminal investigation

      • Pelu Maad

        Do you have facts to back that assertion….or….are you just a bigot coward?

      • jchastn

        Before the events of 9/11/12, Mr Hicks had been the subject of 3 staff meetings in which his staff urged his removal from post. The Republican party salivated at his testimony but everyone in Tripoli say he was just walking around whining and mumbling to himself while they were trying to “bug out” of the embassy quickly and safely. He was later removed from his post due to lack of performance. Hicks is a loser with an axe to grind.

      • AuntInAZ

        Not only that, apparently he was promised he would be moved up in the process for a plum post by the GOP. It probably will not happen now that this new info came out about him. It’s possible some genuinely thought he was being picked on and made promises to him prior to his testimony; but the truth is, he was a poor manager with prior complaints lodged against him, and his testimony was not what people were expecting, nor can he be considered a reliable source.

      • John Gavel

        Under pressure in the investigation that continues eight months after the attacks, the White House on Wednesday released 99 pages of emails and a single page of hand-written notes made by Petraeus’ deputy, Mike Morell, after a meeting at the White House the day before Rice’s appearance. On that page, Morell scratched out from the CIA’s early drafts of talking points mentions of al-Qaida, the experience of fighters in Libya, Islamic extremists and a warning to the Cairo embassy on the eve of the attacks of calls for a demonstration and break-in by jihadists.

        “No mention of the cable to Cairo, either?” Petraeus wrote after receiving Morell’s edited version, developed after an intense back-and-forth among Obama administration officials. “Frankly, I’d just as soon not use this, then.”

        Ohh but they did. Guess they dont like the public knowing the truth- goes along with probe of AP for exposing the truth too

      • Pelu Maad

        So what?
        Ap was scrutinized because of leaks to them…..

      • NunyaGDbidness

        So even with PROOF that the administration didn’t cover anything up, you still go the conspiracy theory route. I suppose you believe that freaky haired, oranger skinned guy on “Ancient Aliens” that Aliens built the pyramids too, huh. I suggest you go back on your meds immediately, and adjust your tinfoil hat.

      • John Gavel

        I guess you missed the administration going to press conference after press conference saying this was in response to a youtube video? Hahaha its incredible, ypu guys will not admit this was wrong- you guys cannot admit it- its insane. This isnt saying obama, hillary, the state department did this on purpose- set this whole thing up. It happened and someone needs to stand up, take responsibility and move on. Instead the white house refuses to release all the emails, blame is shifted from department to department, person to person- its a joke. Sad part is there are people arguing there was no cover up, we would still be believing this youtube video was to blame if that was the case. However it was a preplanned attack on the anniversary of 9/11, which they knew immediately after, so no need to parade around saying it was a video for 5 days. And if i hear one person say it was to preserve an investigation, why didnt they do that w binladens death? Knew about that pretty quick

      • Pelu Maad

        What difference does it make…??? If you didn’t give a shit about Bush/Cheney lying….why all the concern now? Hmmmmm….I bet I can guess…..

      • John Gavel

        I did care about bush and cheney lying? Did i say anywhere that i didnt?

      • mike list

        conference after conference, all starring the muslim socialist? you are a fool. based on the protests in other middle east countries which WERE about the video, it was plausible that it was the case in libya as well. and in fact it would have been the best possible cover to the terrorist attack.

      • John Gavel

        I didnt know Rice was a socialist or a muslim- news to me. As for the video, they knew the attack was planned and which group was responsible- petreaus was not pleased the eliminated these points and didnt elaborate more in the talking points. I have no clue why you are defending this and not asking for answers

      • LOL!! We call that guy from Ancient Aliens “Captain Hairdo”… Georgio Tsoukalos

      • Pelu Maad

        King of the Earthtones!

      • Pelu Maad

        Tsoukalos is no freaking “conservative”……no matter how funny he looks….

      • Pelu Maad

        So…what’s your point?

      • Oh what a simple world you must think we live in not to understand that the president of the United States can’t just go by the view of one man before taking any actions that might have an international effect. It’s always just one guy with you people… oh this one guy says this so that’s that.

        You guys have a very big problem making logical fallacies, with a definite fondness for argument from authority whenever it suits your needs, and ad hominem whenever it doesn’t. In this case you’ve got one guy who you’re putting out there as THE authority, and fail to utilize any further sense of reason…

      • Bine646

        Think you need to stop following me around and actually do alittle research before you join a conversation- especially when I am talking about this administration as a whole. It is all a joke but what is an even bigger one is people like you defending it. I dont care if you are republican, democratic, pink, purple, blue green or red- this stuff does not, should not and cannot happen in the united states. This is why we have a constitution, why we have rights. We are supposed to be protected from the government, people need to start waking up. Your self employed, obviously have free time on your hands- you shouldnt stand for these shenanigans Dave, get off of the web and do something

      • Bine646

        I think you need to stop following me around and actually do alittle research before entering a conversation- I am speaking about the administration as a whole, government as a whole. We live in the United States, have a constitution and rights to protect ourselves from acts just like this. I do not care if they were democrats, republicans, pink, purple, green or red- this stuff is wrong and people need to stand up against it. Not defend it and use rhetoric on ” the opposing side”. These shenanigans are ridiculous and its even more ridiculous that people like you are defending it

      • Pelu Maad

        What are you talking about?

      • jchastn

        Lets not forget that the Embassy in Cairo was, at the same time as the Bengazi attack, blowing up with huge protests and THOSE protests were explicitly about the video. It was not far-fetched to think that Bengazi was also about the disgusting video, until we had evidence to the contrary.

      • margaret buccini

        The key here is,”What we know now.” Our President chooses not to make wild statements until all the facts are clear. It is much easier jump to surface conclusions that sound dramatic.

      • Pelu Maad

        Where’s the scandal?

      • John Gavel

        Get off trolling my comments and do some research- there are three currently out there for you to choose from; change you can believe in? Yes we can?

      • Pelu Maad

        Where you see scandals…I see the usual wingnut lynch mob. You people are the scum of the earth.

      • John Gavel

        Hahahahaha umm ok? Alittle mad bro?

    • try english.

      • John Gavel

        It was english, you think thats spanish?

      • Diana Pahule

        I’m sorry John, but all your posts must sound better in your head.

      • NunyaGDbidness

        Along with all of the voices he’s hearing.

      • John Gavel

        Jokes of mental health are hilarious- have an disable ones? Refute my points instead of making childish jokes- called reality come back to it

      • I think the saddest thing about statements regarding possible mental illness, is that the afflicted are more likely to be insulted than to seek help, as if it’s simply impossible that they could actually have a chemical imbalance. Really, what makes you so special to think that you couldn’t possibly be one of the millions of people who have a real neurological disorder?

        Personally, I think everybody has a little something, and the world would be better off if we at least knew our own afflictions and acknowledged them, rather than ignoring them and pretending they aren’t there.

        Frankly, I find hard line right wingers to be so inept at abstract concepts, emotion, art, creativity, and other right brain functions that I think that a large number of them have a serious dysfunction of communication between their right and left brains. There are also a high number that experience hallucinations (or “talk to god”), which is an indication that the left brain is misinterpreting signals from the right brain as coming from an outside source. Their are real neurological disorders, and very left brained people, being overly analytical but lacking subjectivity, would logically find conservatism more appealing, so it goes without saying that the conservative parties would be filled with these people…

      • Bine646

        Let me see if I am understanding this correctly, anyone who “talks to god” (which is considered a hallucination now? news to me, never had that happen while at church praying) is suffering from a mental disorder where their left side of the brain is misinterpreting signals from the right? Man, I guess that only leaves atheists as the only “normal” ones? Lets be serious here man, I dont know if you just finished a neurology course at the community college or something but that hypothesis is most likely incorrect.

        As for me answering those ladies’ puns with sarcasm, I do not think that qualifies me as having a chemical imbalance. Good opinion though, along with your asinine one of right wingers having no emotion? conceptual ability? or creativity? ahahahaha made my day

      • Bine646

        What makes me so special to think that I do not have a mental disorder? Well, umm I dont know really, never thought answering acouple ladies’ jokes on mental health with sarcasm portrayed me as believing I didnt have an issue (kinda thought I was standing up for those people? or us people.) As for me being special or not, guess Ill leave that up to the doctors to decide, sure the govt will make all gun owners go thru “pyschological” screening before issuing our permits soon so I guess Ill find out then.

        As for your asinine comment on the mental capacity of “right wingers”, youve done alot of research in this topic? Collected alot of data? Or are you on the web just spewing your beliefs trying to act like you are better than everyone else bc you took a neurology course at the community college?

      • John Gavel

        Ohhh because i have a different view point which you do not agree with- righttttt

      • Pelu Maad

        Sloppy language may be the cause of your sloppy “thinking”…..try REMEDIAL English…..

      • John Gavel

        If i was filing a formal paper maybe id worry about being perfect- im on an iphone on the internet- its ok man, you understand what im saying bc you cant stop replying with nonsense

      • Pelu Maad

        I think you’re a dime-a-dozen idiot “conservative”…I read you purely for the laughs, dumbass….

      • John Gavel

        I think your a nugget- most call me liberal, you can call me conservative thats cool, im ok w it

      • Pelu Maad

        Go away TRASH.

      • John Gavel

        Weird you say that, your following me queerbate

      • John Gavel

        Keep following me queerbate

    • mike list

      if you had been paying attention, you would know that the irs investigated several democratic/left organizations on the same basis. my take, it IS the irs job and responsibility to see that tax exempt status is granted appropriately, and there has been reason to believe that right wing pacs have made inappropriate political donations and support, which may also be true of the left wing ones, although i haven’t heard anyone accuse them. churches who can’t stay out of the political arena should also be scrutinized.

      • John Gavel

        Thats your opinion- ill refer you to Jeff Cohens: “Cohen answered nine IRS questions, many of them about the politics of his website, but he was approved after 18 months.

        By contrast, tea party groups faced dozens of questions and many are still waiting for approval after two-and-a-half years.

        “I’m for the IRS toughly probing all groups applying for tax exempt status. But they shouldn’t scrutinize certain groups because they’re on the left or the right,”

  • This is all very nice. But petty politics in no way benefit the public. It’s tragic that we even have to talk about such irrelevant distractions.

    • yzzlthtz

      That’s kind of the point here though…

  • miserableoldfart

    This country is doomed if the right wing fascists are not drummed out of places of power. We are disgracing our forebears and endangering future generations by allowing these vermin to infest OUR government

    • Estowisdom

      Its the left wing fascists like Obama who are violating our rights and destroying the country, not Republicans. But then again I forgot, you’re a Kool-Aid drinker…….

      • Vespa

        Give us all a break with the Kool aid BS, it’s soooo tired. And please explain to the people in the room how less free you are today than 2008.

      • Patriot Act now permanent, NDAA, domestic drone programs, Unilateral Domestic Assignation (not that he would ever use that power). Hell, even Chomsky is pissed at Obama. Fascism is a Left Wing Idealogy in America. It’s only Right Wing if you are a Socialist or Communist European. How many billions has the Obama Treasury given Wall Street? Big Auto? GE? and the Corporate list goes on and on…Some people need to wake up and understand that Obama is every bit the Fascist GW Bush was..if not worse.

      • Pelu Maad

        That didn’t make sense…..wanna try again…???

      • reduce the poverty limit in feb 2009 and hand out 787 billion to corporations and call it stimulus is that clearer

      • miserableoldfart

        If the “poverty limit” was reduced, it was probably a reflection of the deflation that took place as right wing fraudonomics and corporate pals tanked the American economy.

      • Pelu Maad

        I’m sorry…I don’t watch FOX so I have no clue WTF you’re babbling about….

      • It always amazes me how you idiots are so ignorant as to call the president a Socialist or a Fascist or a Communist. If he were any of those things, you morons would be lined up facing a firing squad. You don’t know the meaning of any of those. I know the meaning of the word Racist which is what you are.

      • HOW many of these people screaming those things are even smart enough to realize what they are saying? Colleen I am sad for many of them, but a lot of them really need a rethink if they can. the Numbers are simple 54/4 and 2 wars. It’s golf and Obama as well as the Dems win. In GH here in WA state the local leader of the REpugniTARDs decided he needn’t obey the local traffic laws because they were not of his own making…The words you’re looking for are OOOOKKKAAAAYYY,rrriiiigggghhtttt your lithium is ready sir…swallow and wash it down good….

      • miserableoldfart

        Obama is a center right president. He isn’t a fascist. I don’t even know if dubya should be called a fascist, because like his philosophical pop, raygun, he is a comlete idiot. But cheney – HE is a fascist. The Halliburton Exclusion is proof of both fascism and corruption on a scale and openness unparalleled in the USA for at least a century.

      • C. Terry Ross


      • yzzlthtz

        Giving money to Wall Street is not fascist. I’m plenty upset about it, but it’s a capitalist solution if ever their was one that was voted into place. It’s standard practice in recessions as well – only the numbers are much much higher than they’ve ever been. I don’t like it, but it’s standard practice.

        As far as all the national defense business – I agree it’s a bit unsavory, but it is not fascist unless it is used to control or incarcerate the population unlawfully or unconstitutionally. And it hasn’t. It’s like saying that the FBI or the police are indicative of fascism – and no, they are not, unless their power is abused by the federal government. When there are thousands of people eager to plant bombs in random locations in the US, I think freeing up the use of advanced surveillance technology is rather justified. I have little problem with it.

        Fascism is authoritarian, nationalist, right-wing, and intolerant. We’re talking citizens afraid to speak their mind, people afraid to dress or act in certain ways in public, the unfair regulation of sexuality, people afraid to belong to a defect from one religion or another, people afraid because of the color of their skin or their heritage, etc

      • margaret buccini

        Thank you for the clear, but it’s not unless statements. I appreciate it when a person can support a statement with a reasonable rationale.

      • deke4

        At least the money Obama gave was to save us fron the disasters Bush caused. Please explain why Bush gave a half trillion inheritance left him by (GASP) Clinton, and gave it as a tax break to the wealthy7
        Also explain how Bush fought 2 wars on a supplemental (credit card) budget while giving another tax break to the wealthy withy borrowed money. It is unheard of in the annals of American wars that people get tax breaks while fighting wars. Now explain to the readers of your stupid post who has t5o pay for the credit card wars and the borrowed tax breaks for the wealthy. It certainly is not Bush but the Presidents who are elected after him. Remember Bush was President in the 2001 recession and Bush was president in the 2007-2008 recession. Now do your best to answer my queries if you can.

      • It’s simply amazing how some folks don’t have a clue. Either you haven’t read the article, or you have a comprehension problem.

      • deke4

        Explanations are not part of their repertoire. Dictatorial orders and immediate obedience are the tools of nonthinkers.

      • You are a fucking idiot.

      • James Marbury

        Hey ‘estowisdom’!

        I should point out that Fascism is a right wing ideology.

        Thanks for playing, though. 🙁

      • You are a brain dead moron if you think what you said is even remotely true. You are a typical right wing slave. Your parents must be so proud!

      • “Drinking KoolAid” alludes to religous crazies who followed what they believed were God’s commands through his prophet. I have a hard time understanding how we liberals are always accused of being both Godless and KoolAid drinkers.

      • AuntInAZ

        It’s heavily connected to Jim Jones because of the People’s Temple suicides. And you’re right, we get accused of being Godless (most of us are not), and KoolAid drinkers, which alludes to being religious crazies…

      • It’s allusion to the idea of following someone else and just towing the line without giving any individual thought to the ideas being expressed.

        Bottom line: when they accuse us of drinking the kool aid it means it would be a complete waste of time to respond, because they are indicating they don’t believe we have any original thoughts and nothing we can say will change their ignorance at this point.

      • AuntInAZ

        Yes, I drink Kool Aid. I also drink water, milk, orange juice, Diet Coke and Coke Zero. What exactly is the point of people like you who keep making fun of Kool Aid drinkers?
        And one again, Fascism is a RIGHT WING ideology, NOT a left wing one.

      • miserableoldfart

        100% correct. But watch that Kool Aid and orange juice.. bad for your metabolism.

      • AuntInAZ

        But I need my Vitamin C!! 🙂

      • miserableoldfart

        Whole fruits have fiber and other stuff to make the rest of it less bad.

      • AuntInAZ

        True. Apples and oranges are on sale right now at the grocery store.

      • Pelu Maad

        “left wing” and fascist are polar opposites…..and Obama is neither…..I’m pretty sure you totally missed the point of the article ..

      • You can always tell the trolls. They insist on telling people to “drink Kool Aid”.

      • Pelu Maad

        I get “race card” a lot…my concerns apparently aren’t worthy of their consideration…..the hell with them all…

      • miserableoldfart

        The “fascism is left wing” revisionism, as far as I can tell started in the early-mid ’70’s with some of the Ayn Rand/ Milton Fried-man nincompoops. I got out of college in 1973, and never once ran into anything citing fascism as “left wing” in four years of economics and probably around 5,000 pages of forced reading in the economic history and philosophy courses.

      • Pelu Maad

        The scary part is they really don’t give a shit how wrong they are….Reality is what their cult decides it is….That mindset helps them to remain oblivious to the fact that “conservatism” has never accomplished a damn thing in this country.

      • Fact is, conservatism is, by it’s very nature, a position of uncooperativeness. It basically means ‘don’t do anything’.

      • Pelu Maad

        From a minority perspective…contemporary Newt/Rush “conservatism” seems like little more than thinly disguised white supremacy.

      • They tend to be very black and white thinkers, so they lump everything they consider wrong together, and fail to realize that conservative and liberal are just two shades of gray that are actually quite close (and yet so far) from each other.

        I like to define the two with two hypothetical statements to government:

        1. Government, let people live their lives the way they want to.
        2. Government, stay out of my life and don’t tell me what to do.

        They are both about individual rights, liberty, and personal freedom.

        1, the liberal statement, is about others, them, the people, etc.
        2, the conservative statement, is about me, myself, and I.

        Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that conservatives don’t care about anyone else but themselves, but listen closely when they do… every time they talk about others that they want to protect and care for they use personal attachments: my family, my friends, my neighbors, my community, my state, my country… The only times they talk about others, them, is when they are denouncing other groups they consider outsiders. They have no respect for anyone they can easily exclude from their selves.

      • The only thing I see being served is that awful Tea, that’s brewed by Fox and stirred by Alex Jones! Drink it up!!! Your time in congress is running out!!

      • yzzlthtz

        Seriously, do you even know what the Kool-Aid acid tests were? Can we, on both sides of this argument, agree to stop using that poor, tired, and totally abused analogy when what we really mean to say is “I totally disagree with you,”?

      • I always thought the Kool-Aid™ references were about the Jonestown Massacre, ie people will “ingest” whatever people they trust give them 🙂

      • Watch something other than Fox news. Do some research. Sheesh!

      • blueseven0

        1. Fascism is the unchecked rule of a class of the privileged, or relatively rich, in power–a full-scale assault on poor and working people. Parliamentary institutions are usually set aside, or so demeaned as to be meaningless. (The Holocaust was legal). Elites issue direct orders, frequently through a populist leader. Wages, any social safety net, working hour laws, labor laws; all come under legal (and extra-legal) attack. The stick replaces the carrot.
        That’s fascism. So…who are the REAL fascists? Our politics are run by corporations and the super wealthy. The laws are changed to benefit them (or done away with entirely). EVERY time a law is made that benefits Corporate america, banks, the wealthy…etc,EVERY time it gives them more rights, freedom, and power, it takes rights, freedoms, and power from regular Americans. Wake up.

    • superdoo

      I’m reading a historical biography and currently it is focusing on how America approached African Americans and the general consensus towards them pre Civil War, even of anti-slavery people. The quotes about blacks from people back then are surprisingly similar to what you just said, so that stood out to me.

      It seems disturbing now to hear both political ideologues describing their opponents are vermin and fascists along with other language, and calling for people to be driven or wiped out of society? Both sides seem to do it, but it parallels hate speech that served as political fodder in the early history of the US and in post-depression Germany that ultimately led to the atrocities that happened – and no I’m not saying you are a Nazi or slave owner.

      However, I think it is worthwhile to acknowledge that you disagree, even vehemently, with someone’s opinions, ideas or politics without using language to attempt to dehumanize them. It only serves to further divide a country that desperately needs to find people who know how to work together and compromise for the greater good.

      I think it is worthwhile to avoid this language, period. There are sleazebags on both sides of the aisle no doubt, but the second we start labeling people with different ideas as vermin it has the potential to send us down a path no people should ever go down.

      • yzzlthtz

        I once felt as you do. But if you attempt to balance the boat too much, it tips right into the water. Republican hate, divisiveness, and obstruction run through almost every single member of their party and their constituents. Their arguments are, far more often than Democrats’, based on obscured facts, gut feelings, and staunch ideology. You’re right, becoming even more divisive in response is emotional and non productive. But there needs to be a serious change in the conservative faction in this country, or we will entirely fail to meet the greatest challenges of this century, with most likely unsavory or downright disastrous results.
        There are a lot of people in that party with no tools for dealing with and communicating their emotions and ideas. They are, quite frankly, children in grown-up bodies who seriously need group counseling sessions. The differences in the parties’ overall emotional maturity is plain as day when you observe how they do business.

      • miserableoldfart

        Sorry, for me “civil discourse” ended when raygun started his vicious class war. I do not disagree with the Amerikan right – I am the sworn and life long enemy of the Amerikan right and I have no use for civil discourse with mass murdering fascists. As always, I apologize to all I do not offend.

  • LOL!!!! ROFLMAO!!!! Wile Coyote! Perfect comparison for these buffoons. Just shows how stupid and ignorant they are. And then Cheney says the Benghazi is the worst disaster of his life, as if 9/11 was a walk in the park? A worse disaster than that was the war he faked us in to. Throw the bums out.

    • it was 9/11/2012

    • deke4

      Which really goes to show how stupid Cheney is. He should be the last one to criticize anyone for major disasters, Bush appointed him as chairman of the antiterrorist committee after reviewing without interest the concerns expressed in the Aug. 6 memo that warned of a possible terrorist act BY AIR. Wise Cheney never met with the committee and Bush went on vacation. I need not mention getting us into two wars but I really must state the dumbest quote by that famous wordsmith, Rums, when asked by a Second Looey why his troops had to scavenge through Iraqi dumps to get steel to uparmor their vehicles, “When you go to (a preemptive) (parenthesis added) war” says Rums. “You go with the army you got, not the one you want.” Apparently that brilliant wordsmith, Rums, does not know the definition of preemptive!

    • Mr. Smith

      Based on what Dick Cheney said not only was 9/11 nothing compared to Benghazi but also Pearl Harbor (Yes I know he was born a month after but according to his constituents a fetus is a person correct), WW2, and the nuking of Japan was less of a disaster then Benghazi. After all he said “in my life”, that means all the horrific events in the last 72 years pale in comparison to Benghazi. Wonder how many WW2, Korean, Vietnam, and Iraq vets would agree with that. And yes, the Wile E. Coyote bit is a perfect analogy.

  • Memeremalek

    Amen – Manny. Couldn’t have said it better. It’s a freak side show in a bad circus.

  • MsChan

    Agree – I think that’s his strategy around offering Social Security cuts. The Rs want it but will find a way to twist it against him and turn it away.

  • videriquamesse

    Lest any of you good folks and true are still of the opinion that either of the two national political parties have as their guiding principles the best interests of our country or even the best interests of their own constituents; I would respectfully suggest that you reevaluate your beliefs, with the application of a modicum of critical thought involved in the process. We, meaning you, I and anyone else across our fruited plain have allowed our central government to devolve into a sewer of crony capitalism and corruption in which the members of Congress openly sell their votes to the highest special interest bidders in return for campaign cash. These unprincipled thugs have turned their backs upon their duty to our nation and to their constituents in order to perform legislative fellatio on their corporate and union masters.

    At this point, elections have become all but prearranged shams conducted as bread and circuses to keep the unwashed masses entertained between NFL football and MLB season. Citizens Untied v. FEC loosed the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson on the electoral process; and no, they were unable to buy the presidency for Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney; but there is always 2016. The NDAA, the FAA reauthorization bill that opened our skies to unmanned drones, the National Defense Resources Preparedness executive order, the USA Patriot Act and all of the myriad other Constitution and Bill of Rights shredding legislative detritus to come out of that cesspool on the Potomac have served to give us a huge shove down the road to serfdom. Revolt no and avoid the rush.

    • James Marbury

      Wow. Your lack of cynicism and condescension really brings your point home.

    • jchastn

      I respectfully disagree. I dont think that Elizabeth Warren’s performance since taking office is for anyone but her constituents. The American People.

      • AuntInAZ

        There are also people like Bernie Sanders and Sherrod Brown. Elizabeth Warren has been everything we hoped she would be.

      • miserableoldfart

        Allan Grayson. And it was a shame to lose Anthony Weiner over a stupid and childish act that would never have amounted to anything if he were a goper. Nancy Pelosi could have kept that seat if she stood by him.

      • AuntInAZ

        I agree about Allan Grayson. And I think Al Franken is a pleasant surprise to a lot of people.

    • Good luck on your revolution endeavor. Just a little side note, Americans won’t get off their lazy fat asses unless the pain is literally unbearable, and we’re a long way off from that. As for Obama, we’re painfully aware that in him we have Eisenhower not Roosevelt. You’re not blowing us away with “the depth” of your insight. But we’re much happier now than with that last gang of war and corporate criminals. You’re really going to compare drones to full scale unprovoked war in Iraq? If so, you must be unbalanced and you have no perspective. 2010 was another wakeup call for the kind of apathy your pedaling, so instead of bitching and moaning and spreading your pessimism like a disease, why don’t you work within the party apparatus and make the change you’re looking for? Or are you just another dupe/pawn/rube for right wing neo-cons looking to divide and conquer the left?

      • Pelu Maad

        Exactly what I would have said if I wasn’t so damn tired of the know-it-alls…..

      • the drones are not in iraq ….there in the usa ….wake up

    • Pelu Maad

      Tell us something we don’t know……

    • seems there is a person here who actually has his eyes open

  • I think nincompoop sums it up..

  • Actually, I don’t think you’ve thought this all the way through. It’s not just Obama, it’s Hillary too. Think back to the primaries in 2008. Hillary and Obama were pretty evenly matched. It was going to be a vicious fight that would divide the party during the national election no matter who won.

    The one thing the Right had to hammer Hillary on was her lack of experience in foreign affairs. Then she bows out of the race graciously. Obama wins and makes her Secretary of State, now she has foreign affairs cred. Every few months, over the last few years the Tea Partiers are handed a trail to follow…and then they slam into a wall painted to look like a tunnel.

    The jobs report comes out and the Right starts attacking.

    “Unemployment is up, jobs are down and Obama is helping illegal immigrants take your jobs!”

    They get whipped into a frenzy and then a revised report is released.

    “Clerical error, oops. Here are the correct figures. Hey, it looks like unemployment is actually down!”

    Hillary is hospitalized because she passed out.

    “Hillary is weak! She can’t take the strain and like any other old lady, she had to take a nap!”

    Again they find an attack vector and hit it hard.

    “Ohh wait, turns out Hillary maybe had pneumonia but refused to stop working. She actually collapsed from exhaustion because she’s so damned dedicated.”

    Time and again they pick themselves up only to gladly slam right back into that painted wall. It’s almost like some people got together and figured out that a black President would bring out the absolute worst in a party that spent 60 years actively recruiting bigots and racists, then leveraged that knowledge into a guaranteed 16 years of Democrat presidency.

    • Kerry

      Like the previous post said, Wile E. Coyote. The only difference is that Wile E. is semi intelligent and the GOP lead congress is lacking in that department.

      • AuntInAZ

        I always said that Wile E Coyote’s biggest problem was that his schemes were too elaborate. Like you (Kerry) said, he is semi intelligent, and the GOP Congress isn’t. I don’t think they are smart enough to come up with elaborate schemes like our friendly neighborhood road runner chaser. Is Obama the roadrunner?

      • GuinnessWoman

        Beep, Beep, Commander and Chief, LOL.

      • Meep, meep.

    • James Marbury

      Great post Michael Camp! Posting this on FB…

      • AuntInAZ

        So did I post it on Facebook, actually!

    • Al Cleverdon

      Excellent analysis.I am Canadian but have watched American politics for many years .I have no personal stake in who runs your country but what I have come to realize is how weak the Republican efforts are.I see nothing but fear mongering and it’s sad that it works in specific parts of your country. I’ve “tried” debating Republicans and get nothing but baseless arguments and threats.I research any argument they throw at me and when I come back at them with facts they either ignore my response or continue spewing the party line.It’s sad when history shows which party has been most beneficial to your country at least in the last 25-30 years yet approximately 45% of your country buys the baseless propaganda of the GOP.It seems more and more people are seeing the light and hopefully it will one day end, or vastly reduce, the prejudice and hate out there.Hopefully the Republican party will rid itself of the Tea Party and get back to offering a legitimate alternative for the American people.Two good parties with differing ideology can work together for the good of the American people.Just an opinion from the outside.

      • A point of view from the outside that sees it for what it is. LMAO! Really the GOP paints the wall and then watches the Dems drive through and they smash into it like the clowns they are… Wile E. Coyote is very apt…I hope they either finally give up or start acting appropriately? The local GOP elected as their chairman a freak who decided he didn’t have to obey traffic laws because since he paid taxes on the roads they were his alone to do as he pleased as long as it was safe in his opinion…OK, Sure…Anybody want to see this dude with a weapon?

      • if you or i commited perjury , obstructed justice and had a man arrested for making a movie …we would be in jail

      • oh the people in the military aqre not happy that 4 people were left to die ….. thats really funny

      • If that’s a reply to me. You do know that Bush left 54 to die right? The only thing we are amused about is their endless comical frustration at being thwarted every time they try a new strategy or think they might have a new machine to get them their goal…54/4 and 2 wars!

      • deke4

        There were some 46 embassy assaults on the Bush watch. Where were all the oversight committee investigations then? There were more embassy deaths on the Bush watch than on the Obama watch.
        And let’s not forget it was a Republican Congress that voted against some 130 million in the State Bepartments budget that was to be used for embassy security. In the 2012 State Department budget Issa and his gang voted against 330 million to be used for embassy security. Let’s have a oversight committee and have Issa and his gang explain just why they voted against funds for embassy security 2 years in a row.

      • yzzlthtz

        You see, the point is that these things are not tied to the President’s actions at all. That’s what’s funny here, and the point of this article. Fools have been allowed to harp on, wasting everyone’s time, looking more and more like fools each day. This article quite plainly points out that you may have been played.

      • HoshisMom

        If any of those things were true I would want him out of office. Not one is true. And by the way, the guy who made the movie was jailed for violating his parole. THAT’S who you are defending!

      • Dianne Cox

        It is pathetic when right wingers stick up for the jerk who made the movie, apparently they don’t have the foggiest notion why he was jailed. He was jailed for violating his probation by using a computer due to the fact that he used a computer program to steal money from people to the tune of 700,000. He was found out due to all the publicity surrounding his movie after Benghazi. This guy is trash.

      • KMC528

        Precisely. I watched someone who not only DID health insurance but TAUGHT insurance, with every credential in the book, who’d read every word of the Obamacare law, try to educate the Tea Party that their talking points were wrong. He’d quote the actual text, they’d respond that Rush or O’Reilly or Fox News had told them otherwise, and since Rush is always right, the guy with all the letters after his name had to be wrong.

        They quoted to him from some bogus e-mail that cited to the pages in the bill, he pointed out that on that page of the final bill, there was nothing like that at all, not even talking about the same subject. Again, he had to be wrong, because the guy who wrote the e-mail was a Tea Partier who was therefore more trustworthy.
        He never did convince them that all their “information” was false. They’re going to believe what they want to believe, facts be damned.

      • To address the 3 comments above this one, I read an interesting article the other day. The author made a very salient point. These people are operating from a faith-based, low-information base of knowledge. When a person filters all their information through “faith”, all reason goes by the wayside. This is why they can’t grasp the idea of facts. Facts are a threat to their “faith” and “beliefs” and that’s beyond acceptable to them, and they will argue until the cow flies over the moon. I gave up arguing with them long ago.

      • margaret buccini

        I also read similar studies. The points are salient. Some times faith is the only safe place to hide from change.

      • Excellent comments – have shared on my Facebook timeline. Thank you!!

      • Your observation that roughly 45% not only buy into their rehtoric but think as they do, is exactly the sad realiztion about our society. Have any extra room over there?

      • Mutt

        Thank you for your post. It’s nice to hear a voice of reason from the “outside”.

    • My mother always says the Republicans are playing checkers and Obama is playing chess. You laid it out beautifully.

      • Wise mother!

      • great quote

      • Dianne Cox

        I dunno, checkers is a bit above their skill level. More like duck duck goose.

  • Robert Montgomery

    Manny is an idiot. Reading this crap and the following statements make me feel like I’m watching the news blurbs from Starship troopers. You call other groups fascist. I laugh at that. Look how you act. Please look up the word.

  • SadieBoyd

    Beep Beep! Manny, you just outed our President!

  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Republicans long ago crossed the threshold where the mere mention of Benghazi reminds anyone of anything bad Hillary may have done, and is now an instant reminder of the idiocy and pettiness of the Sour Grapes Right. Instead of the enduring critical meme they hoped for, Issa’s endless Star Chamber Inquisition, and the attendant conspiracy theories it inspires, have become 2014’s birtherism -a joke, a laughingstock, and a tantrum characteristic of a party with nothing better to offer the American public.

    Go ahead, Republicans. Keep wallowing in this nontroversy -you’re doing a great job of reminding everyone about all the jobs bills you haven’t passed, or the immigration reform you’ve let die (yet again) on the vine.

  • Beacon of sense

    Ron, seriously, if you plan on continuing to cast aspersions upon anyone, please have fact ready to back it up. Manny is a blogger, has no power, so how pray-tell is he a fascist.

    Furthermore, some please explain what the coverup is? Because insofar as I can tell, it’s that they said it was because of a YouTube video, when in fact it was a mere terrorist plot.

    • You are an idiot as well and a coward. If you have something to say to me post under your name. Maybe you should read all the comments after the article instead of trying to defend this drivel and attack me. Ah progressive’s the sheep of of politics. What as the cover-up? What an idiot. It was nothing because they couldnt’ get away with what they attempted.

      • loretta

        So you, along with the rest of us, should be ridiculing the GOP for AGAIN neglecting to properly vet the source of their entire fabricated conspiracy theory.
        Now who is the sheep?

  • The really sad thing about these fools and their tactics is that once they have released their “facts” to the public too many people believe the rhetoric and refuse to believe the truth when it comes to light.

    • Pelu Maad

      Well…Obama is “black”…and that’s enough to turn half the country against him….

  • Seditious nincompoops, nincompoops who are willing to waste the time of the senate and house to discredit the President rather then just do their jobs. They are hell bent on killing our government in order to keep their stupid bigoted greedy agenda, and once they have killed OUR government all civil and human rights and labor and environmental laws will be gone and they will replace OUR government with a faith based Taliban style theocratic plutocracy where the only people who will have any say and rights at all will be the very tip top wealthiest white christian males.

  • ACME Investigation Kit on its way!

  • What did the electorate say? Democrats for the white house and republicans for the senate. The die is cast surely?

  • I’d grab some real controversial issue that a GOP member or candidate is guilty of then wait until all the Members of the GOP congress are on vacation and spring it on them. WHY? Because that way the news media will be obligated to find them where ever they are, on the Golf course, in the pool, at the black jack table in the stripper bar they frequent while on vacation….Then demand answers right then at that moment…LMAO!

    • John Gavel

      Wow, speechless

  • Pelu Maad

    If the “special mission” in Benghazi was a torture house…..there was no tragedy, only inevitable reaction.

  • paul eisenberg

    recall all moron republicans replace with people with intellgents not the good old boys

    • Intelligence not intellgents. If you’re going to hurl insults about people’s intelligence you might want to spell it correctly.

  • America needs to realize that politics is to important, to just leave it up to politicians, “we the people” , need to stand up to them and take them out, this is all of ours country, not a bunch of idiots that are payed by the people, and don’t really give a shit about the people just themselves and there rich friends!

  • i am so enjoying this … :))))))))))))))

  • Funny how it took a year or there about to release those emails. Seems a bit suspect to me that it took so long when they could have silenced critics right out of the gate. If it looks to good and sounds to good to be true it probably isn’t true. And who says the new emails weren’t doctored? They had a year to do it. Just food for thought.

  • deke4

    I wonder where super patriot Issa served in his generation’s war? What does he know about the confusion that abounds in a fire fight? Has he ever breathed in the acrid odor of cordite? Why did he malign Rice, who only quoted what was given to her?
    Issa is as gross an incompetent chairman and legislator as he was a car thief. Benghazi is now water under the dam proving that all Issa wants to do is pile on (a tactic commonly used by cowards), and delay doing anything abour the important issues. Participating in innumeral votes on the Affordable Health Act which is now the law to the exclusion of all other important legislation. Harry Truman had it right in 1947 when he called that congress the “do nothing Congress”. With this Congress, if Harry were alive he would call this Congress “the do and know nothing Congress”.

  • Joe Corbett

    Is anyone surprised?

  • There is NO LOW the repuke won’t stoop to to try and hurt OBAMA. they just cannot ACCEPT the fact that the BLACK guy won TWICE over the old white guy and lives in the wh. They cannot deal with it. They should be ashamed of themselves but they are too dam ignorant for that. What a Disgrace they are to America and the American people.

  • Kevin

    The real conspiracy is how the government was incompetent enough to leave a US Embassy in the middle of civil war so underprotected…

  • Superman

    Maybe they are getting investigated more because they are criminals intent on screwing honest hard working Americans so you progressives can get a free ride…

    • alaskan1st

      Funny thing to say since the blue states pay the welfare for the red states.

  • alaskan1st

    Bring back the fairness doctrine. We need to get our facts straight.

  • You are so right! and they do fall…..and hopefully they will keep on falling!! I won’t relax until they implode!

  • How long are we going to be fooled and made complacent by the illusion of opposition in Washington? There is only One Corporate Party….And two Ad Agencies…..selling the same product, in a diferent Box!

  • sickofsalad

    Repugs have O.D.D.