Benghazi: The Never-Ending Fake Political Scandal

benghazi-issaRight now I am convinced that I could send a story to Congressman Issa about how I was part of a security force from Louisiana that was ordered to stand down and allow the Benghazi attack to happen – and he would totally run with it. No matter how implausible the yarn I’d spin, Mr. Issa would call another hearing demanding answers.

“Well you see Congressman, it kind of goes something like this ya see. My buddies Boudreaux and Robicheaux were watching the news and we heard that the embassy was being attacked so we decided to go down to the local National Guard base and borrow a chopper to go help out. Boudreaux flew one of them back in ‘Nam, but when we tried to borrow a helicopter, they arrested us for trespassing instead. Thanks Obama, we just wanted to save the consulate folks over there in Libya.”

With this completely nonsensical tale, we as a nation would be subjected to another round of hearings and more government time and money would be wasted on more pointless grandstanding. I can just hear Congressman Issa and the pundits over at Bullshit Mountain now: “We demand answers as to why these brave American citizens from Louisiana were stopped from rescuing the Ambassador. What did President Obama and Hillary Clinton know about this? Why were they told to stand down?”

Of course, that story is absolutely silly. You’re probably rolling your eyes thinking I’ve lost it as a writer and perhaps I should go back to waiting tables on weekends to make a few extra bucks – but it’s pretty much as ridiculous as the whole “let’s get to the bottom of Benghazi” unholy crusade the GOP has been on since the bodies were still warm.

Facts? Who wants to go on the facts? Whether it is Fox running a story demanding to know the whereabouts of National Security Adviser Tom Donilon on the night of the Benghazi attack (with him in the photo no less), or CBS broadcasting a special on Benghazi featuring someone who apparently lied about being there; Benghazi is being used as nothing more than a ratings grabber for the media and political theater for the Republican Party.

As I’ve said before, this isn’t about seeking justice for the 4 men who lost their lives that night. If that was the case, these hearings would be about finding those responsible and demanding they be brought to justice. If embassy or consulate security was the actual concern here, all the other times US diplomats were attacked would have been the issue and not this one incident. Congressman Issa would be asking for daily intel updates on suspects and doggedly pursuing answers instead of using Benghazi as what seems to be a very flawed attempt to combat the apparent inevitability of Hillary Clinton running in 2016.

Election Day 2016 is 3 years from now – and that’s about how long we’ll continue to hear Benghazi brought up over and over and over again.


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  • SophieCT

    Well done, Manny. I’m afraid you’re right–that no one cares about justice, just salivating over the remote possibility of a scandal.

  • Spinnaker

    If Hillary weren’t running for President, the only reason Congressman Issa would continue with this is to try to impeach President Obama. Oh, wait …

  • philtheobderver

    Clutching at straws…really WEAK straws, That is what they do…no getting by it, republicans just don’t get that you can’t be everywhere every time..In the book “The Rape of The A*P*E, they talk about how law was developed….A person pushing for laws is explaining the punishment, ” so If somebody kills you, we kill them” “what if somebody Rapes me, what do you do, fuck them?” The people who keep dredging this up don’t get it…It happened it’s over, they are dead, move on!!

  • Joyce

    Wow – any you expect the military to respect this woman if she is elected President? It would be a slap in the face to them. “It just doesn’t matter.”

    • Spinnaker

      You know what happens to a general who doesn’t respect the Commander-In-Chief? He finds out what the unemployment line looks like.

      • Gene Mcdonald

        Say goodbye to 90% of the military then. I’m guessing libs will enlist to show their respect and support, right?

      • shintao

        Hmm? Get rid of 90% of the welfare military we don’t need? That has a good ring to it. Maybe corporate & foreign aid will also take a hike & we can cut the budget by 60%. Pass the word, the Military hates Hillary!!!

      • Gene Mcdonald

        Yeah, the military doesn’t like hillary, that’s my point. What are you gonna do, fire them all?

  • BigE723

    There used to be a joke, that a complete sentence for Rudy Giuliani was a noun, a verb and 9/11. For today’s GOP, it’s a noun, a verb, and Benghazi.

  • alfredparodi

    It appears only progressive liberals read this article from the comments. To use his actual words you liberals believe this bullshit article and its contents. And just where are his opinions on what really happened. No, he is typical of liberals and he attacks his opposition rather then present any facts. Why isn’t he asking for information on Benghazi..And profanity just shows his immaturity and lack of intelligence.


  • sniff row

    You progressives are going to make great punching bags

  • Rob Alexander

    That’s because it’s actually not about justice for the four dead people, it’s much bigger than four people (duh)… it’s about getting to the bottom of why our government is so incompetent and dysfunctional at performing its core responsibilities. Yes, it actually does matter why repeated requests for increased security by the ambassador were ignored, and yes it does matter who made the decision to ignore them… it also does matter why the military (as opposed to three clowns in Louisiana stealing a helicopter – a completely non-parallel comparison, but nice attempt at Alinsky-style ridicule anyway), whose commanders believed they were close enough to respond, were ordered not to respond, and it certainly also matters who made that decision. Since no one could possibly be so stupid as to not understand this (or could they? Hmmmm), it’s obvious that once again, liberals DELIBERATELY miss the big picture.

  • shintao

    Well we did learn a lot. Benghazi compound had been beefed up. Stevens had agreed to the amount of security accompanying him, which was above the number of security personnel assessed for the compound based on known intelligence. Stevens left the turnstile gate unlocked on the 911 anniversary that the enemy poured through. Hicks had turned off his communications on the 911 anniversary to watch his favorite comedy shows un-interrupted by urgent calls from Stevens just moments before he died. Stevens was in a safe room built to keep him safe, and he left it. The attack began at 9:42, Stevens was dead by 10:00,, the Pentagon is not notified until 10:32, SO by then it is to late to send help or even react to the event. Was the right hoping on godly intervention?