Bernie Sanders Is Already Making It More Likely Republicans Win The White House In 2016

senator-bernie-sanders-1really like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). He’s one of the few genuine politicians we have in this country and he’s someone I believe “gets it” when it comes to policies that can help the average American. But he’s also at an advantage to say and do a lot of the things other progressives/liberals can’t because he represents the very liberal (and very tiny) state of Vermont.

His polar opposite might be Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). Cruz can be as asinine, ridiculous and fanatical as he wants because that’s what conservatives in Texas want.

But there is one thing both Sanders and Cruz do have in common – it’s extremely unlikely that either one of them are ever going to become president. As much as I really like Bernie Sanders, I also care a heck of a lot about Republicans not winning the White House in 2016.

What’s worrying me now is I’m seeing signs that Sanders’ entrance into the presidential race is already making it more likely that Republicans could do just that.

Right now, the GOP is continuing to try to convince millions of Americans that Hillary Clinton is some shady, underhanded crook who shouldn’t be trusted. Meanwhile, many on the far-left are trying to paint her as a neocon who’s actually more “Republican” than somebody like Jeb Bush because she’s not a far-left progressive like Sanders.

In a lot of ways, far-left liberals are actually helping out the Republican party by bashing Clinton. I’ve already received several messages from people saying they believe that if Hillary Clinton had to nominate Supreme Court Justices, her choices might be more conservative than many of her potential Republican opponents. That statement in and of itself proves just how delusional many people have become about her.

And in 2016 we can’t run on unrealistic idealism; far too much is at stake.

I don’t deny Sanders is a revolutionary figure. I honestly believe in the not too distant future many of the policies he stands for now will be more mainstream in our government. But most of the country isn’t ready for that drastic of a change, because change often happens very slowly. Right now, Bernie Sanders, if he were the Democratic nominee for president, would probably get beaten fairly in the general election.

I’ll use same-sex marriage as an example of what I mean when I say change happens slowly. It’s 2015 and only now are we finally on the brink of gay marriage becoming legal in all 50 states. Both President Obama and Hillary Clinton have come out in support of same-sex marriage, when even just a few years ago they both opposed it. But could they have done that 20 years ago? For the most part, no. For example, if Bill Clinton runs on legalizing same-sex marriage in 1992, George H.W. Bush wins re-election – because the country wasn’t yet ready for marriage equality. Not only that, but pushing the issue before people were ready might have potentially led to a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage, as many Republicans have pushed for now, which would have made legalizing it now much more difficult (if not impossible).

My point being, you have to know when and where to pick your battles because sometimes you can do more harm than good.

Is that fair? No – it’s just reality.

My colleague disagrees with me on this. In a recent article, he wrote:

Hillary Clinton does not do well when matched against Rand Paul, but Bernie Sanders has the ability to win over many libertarians who don’t trust Rand Paul and would agree with Senator Sanders on issues like ending the War on Drugs, reducing military spending and ending domestic surveillance programs. (Source)

First, the libertarian vote is minuscule in the grand scheme of things. If libertarians were a powerful enough entity in politics, we’d see more libertarians elected to public office. Second, the vast majority of libertarians are not going to support someone who describes themselves as a socialist, pushes for socialized health care and opposes many of those “free market ideas” libertarians hold so dear. So even if he were to lure some of the libertarian vote, he’s basically grabbing a tiny percentage of an already small pool of voters. Besides, Paul is in no way going to win the GOP nomination, so wondering how a Sanders vs. Paul 2016 campaign would turn out might make for a fun debate, but it’s not going to happen.

Also from my colleague’s article:

Bernie Sanders has been a progressive for his entire career and has shown that you don’t need massive amounts of money to win an election if you have a message that voters identify with. Hillary Clinton has a much shorter political career and is more of a center-right Democrat who voted to authorize the Iraq War, whereas Bernie Sanders voted against it. Ideally, a candidate should not only have a message that connects with the majority of voters, but they should be able to excite and energize the base as well – and nothing excites me less than being told that a candidate is inevitable and that I need to sit down, shut up, and support her. (Source)

Again, while I do like Sanders, to believe he can become president is falling in love with idealism instead of the reality of politics. Sanders wouldn’t win in a national election in 2016 because he’s a self-described socialist in a country where just that word alone still terrifies many people.

While I respect the opinions of those like my colleague who believe Sanders would be a viable candidate (and there are quite a few who do), I can tell you with almost absolute certainty that there’s no way he would win the general election.

Though what I ultimately fear Sanders is going to do is get liberals worked up just enough to where when he eventually loses the Democratic primary election to Hillary, it’s going to cause many to become apathetic and refuse to show up in 2016 to vote for the “not liberal enough/basically a Republican” Hillary Clinton.

After all, liberal apathy is what happened to President Obama. Prior to moving into the White House, liberals were “energized” and excited about Barack Obama. Then reality set in and they began realizing that he couldn’t wave a magic wand and make all their dreams come true overnight. By 2010, his approval rating had fallen a decent amount, liberals weren’t “motivated” to vote because apathy had set in and Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, ensuring that almost nothing “liberal” would ever get passed.

And that apathy, if strong enough in even just a couple of swing states next year, can be more than enough to ensure that a Republican wins the White House in 2016.

That cannot happen, because like I said earlier, far too much is at stake

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Pipercat

    If anything, the left should be embracing this situation. Sanders and O’Malley, should he decide to run, will create a vigorous debate; which in turn, will legitimize the Democratic primaries as primaries instead of a coronation. Furthermore, if the debate on the Democratic side is substantive, it will have the potential to create a contrast to the Republicans and their message and strategies.

    It is far to early to dismiss anybody or anything. Until all potential candidates announce, this is just the preseason before a long campaign.

    • SophieCT

      It’s not a coronation when it’s the people who are pushing her to the top. Just sayin’. I know you like your candidate, but I wish you could like yours without feeling a pathological need to trash mine.

      • Pipercat

        With all due respect Sophie, I have no candidate in this race. I don’t vote in the primaries, so I’m am observer until the general election. The comment is a big picture comment that takes into account the optics and the inevitable response from the GOP. Re-read the comment again and it you will see how I would hope that a vigorous primary campaign, bases on the issues, by the Democrats will be seen as an opportunity; not a burden.

      • SophieCT

        With all due respect, Piper, you brought up “coronation.” So, if the vast majority of people are for her and other potential candidates either don’t try or quit early, that still doesn’t make it a coronation. You used the word to be deliberately derogatory. Yeah, you have no stake in the primaries…

      • Pipercat

        Just how do you think the GOP would have spun that very scenario? Have you read any of their rhetoric before Sander’s announcement? Does it occur to you to take the entire paragraph into context or are you going to hang on a single word and be ad lapidem? Thank you for looking at this as a burden; no wait, the GOP thanks you, really!

      • Linda

        I gave you an up vote before but after reading that you will not vote in the primaries I have to give you a down vote for that . Voting in the primaries is just as important as voting in the general election. Those who only vote in the general election are left with whoever wins the primaries when they could have voted in the primaries and it might have changed the outcome given them the candidate they preferred instead.

      • Pipercat

        I’m not a Democrat. I’ve never voted in the primaries and really don’t believe in the primary system. I went to a few party functions and the whole time various operatives complained and vilified other party operatives. This does not mean I wont support the eventual candidate nor does this mean I wont make an exception this time.

        Also, I live in Texas. My vote doesn’t count for much since I’ve never voted for anyone or anything that is remotely conservative. My only consolation the last two Presidential election cycles has been counted in the final tally for popular vote.

        That has been mitigated somewhat since I moved to Bexar County. My voting participation since then has gone up exponentially.

      • Gretchen Pemberton Brena

        Please vote for Bernie in the primaries. Just think how great it will be if we can get him, and others like him, into office! It will be great for the country and the planet. Please Pipercat!! Vote for Bernie in the Primary!

      • Endicott4424

        In some states you cannot vote in the primary elections if you are not a registered member of that party.

      • jayhearts

        How come you don’t vote in the primaries?

      • Pipercat

        Primarily, pun kinda intended, one word: Texas. Votes nominally count here unless you are a Republican.

      • dkmich

        The only one pushing for Hillary is Bill, Chelsea, and Wall Street. With Democrats like Obama and the Clintons, who needs Republicans.

      • SophieCT

        And over 60% of the likely voters. Thanks for playing. 🙂

      • Wrong! Less than 60%, more correctly 55%. Bernie would receive 70% of the popular vote compared to Hillary’s 51%.

      • Elliot Wilson

        COMPLETE BULLSHIT! Without a serious campaign overhaul, Bernie Sanders will win both New Hampshire and Iowa, then crash and burn in states with higher minority populations.

      • Judy Adkins Hill

        today he is actually doing quite well with minority populations.

      • Will Parent

        Hell yes!

      • Booster Gold

        Sanders has a far better record on minority *issues* than Hillary does. Sanders voted against the three strikes rule, HRC as FLOTUS supported it. Sanders advocates against the private prison industrial complex, not a peep outta HRC about it. Sanders calls for police reform, HRC does not make any propositions about what to do about #blacklivesmatter. In fact, it was not until Obama won Iowa that the black vote turned to him.

        Once Sanders becomes more well known I have no doubt he will be embraced by minority communities. HRC is one of the best known people in politics, Sanders is not.

      • Troy

        U kinda got owned

      • spikeymikey


      • celloman

        This article is designed to discourage Democrats from supporting Mr. Sanders who is, IMHO, the BEST presidential candidate FROM ANY PARTY that this country has seen in a LONG TIME!!!

      • Guest

        For Russia maybe.

      • AL_Nemesis

        Great way to trash Sanders, “Guest”…

    • Sparks13

      People like you are EXACTLY why this article was written.

      • Pipercat

        EXACTLY? Should I ask for a royalty from Thomas?

      • spikeymikey

        Exactly why this article was written by a shallow, unthinking, idiot.

      • Elliot Wilson

        I’m fully capable of critical thinking, thanks. But if you really want Bernie Sanders to win, then get him to start trying to reach out to minority voters and stop talking about one topic, the middle class and big business, because there’s more to being a President than that!

      • spikeymikey

        I am not sure why you responded to my comment like this. I did not mention you, unless you are a twin of Sparks13. However, I think you are thinking in terms of an age old mentality. The real foe is not government. It is business. All the topics come out of business. To think he does not reach out to minority voters is stupid, but you might have known that.

      • spikeymikey

        I’ve seen your posts. You are definitely not capable of critical thinking.

      • Gretchen Pemberton Brena

        He’s doing this and is surging with Latinos. Bernie is truly good for minorities. We just have to get the word out, and I’m committed to doing that!

      • Will Parent

        You obviously just started tuning in.

      • Will Parent

        True words

  • D Lemon

    You make good points, but it is far too early, and we have yet to see who will throw their hat in the ring. So far, only loons on the right, and Clinton and Sanders on the left. Those will not be our only choices.

    And I think you are underestimating Bernie. While you are correct, the Tea Party folks will run away in fear at the word “socialist”, his message resonates. I have seen some of my conservative Facebook friends reposting his memes, because they like the message, and don’t know yet that they’re supposed to fear him. We have almost a year before primary season. No need to decide today who should win.

    • John Hickman

      I don’t think that there are near as many people identifying with the Tea Party than there was even a year ago. Their experiment just may be over with this election cycle. I don’t care how much money goes to a Superpac, if the money doesn’t generate enough votes it’s all metaphorically flushed down the drain. And I think that that the big money players in the superpacs are more interested in their bottom line than anything. They’ll pull their support just as soon as they see it’s not worth what they paid. We just have to keep the pressure on.

      • spikeymikey

        You need to see where the gerrymandering is.

    • Donald Earl Barnett

      I’ve seen the same thing among some of my union friends.

    • Frank Lazar

      It’s a strange left you’re looking at if you think that either Clinton was ever on it. Her husband wrote the book on “triangulating” the party to the center right. And as far as I can see it was a book with two authors. Sanders is the only reason I might consider even registering as a Democrat next year. The ones we have in New Jersey are not only corrupt, they’re stinking amateurs at corruption.

      • Gretchen Pemberton Brena

        Please register if you need to be a registered Dem to vote for Bernie. I feel so strongly that he is the right man at the right time. I’m proud to be volunteering for him!!

      • Elliot Wilson

        I’m registered and I will be voting for Hillary.

      • Gretchen Pemberton Brena

        I know.

      • Frank Lazar

        By the time the primaries reach New Jersey, it’s pretty much a done deal, so no one really bothers covering it. I am registered to vote in the general election though.

      • Gretchen Pemberton Brena

        California holds it’s primaries late also, but both California and New Jersey have a lot of voters so if things are really close, you could make the difference.

      • Guest

        Vote early. Vote often.

    • Elliot Wilson

      The problem is that Bernie Sanders’s message is very tone-deaf when it comes to minority voters and he’s not making any effort to reach and try and court their vote. All he does is talk about the middle class and big business because it seems very likely he just wants to have his agenda adopted. Look at his recent rallies. Do you see even ONE person of color there? AT ALL? The problem isn’t that he can’t win. I truly believe if he actually began aggressively campaigning to reach out to minority voters and talked about something other than his pet issue, then he could sweep the primaries. But the fact remains that it doesn’t seem like Bernie Sanders wants to win the primaries. If he did, he would be discussing those other issues. He does not. So how is it so unreasonable to assume he’s just trying to push us farther to the right and maybe get more people to come out and vote? The downside to this is that it’s too much of an idealistic fantasy for some people, much like a drug, to the point that when the high comes crashing down, there’s nothing left. The problem lies not in Bernie Sanders, but his supporters, because they are convinced merely electing him to President will lead to INSTANT CHANGE. But change happens slowly. Not only that, it’s very unlikely he could get anything done with a GOP Congress in power. Voter turnout is already at a historic low, so imagine what would happen if Hillary Clinton gets the nomination? They are so desperate for Bernie to become President because they think it will instantly fix everything (and possibly out of fear of a woman President) that they are smearing her name, calling her a warmonger, a corporate sellout, and a plutocrat so that by the time she gets the nomination, too many people will believe it and stay home. Seriously, has everyone forgotten she gives to charity? That 91% of her campaign contributions come from small donors the same as Bernie Sanders? I recently saw an article that flat-out lied with her image having her saying. “If I’m elected President, I’m going to attack Iran” even though today she was praising the Iran deal. JUST SICK. Do you see Hillary Clinton’s supporters doing that? It sounds just like something from the Tea Party. And therein lies the danger. That by trying to get his agenda adopted by the main players, Bernie Sanders could end up inadvertently turning people off to Hillary when we need to stand together to ENSURE that another Republican is not put in the White House. But that could easily happen if we don’t stick together and stand united.

      • Gretchen Pemberton Brena

        I would love to have a woman president! I wish Bernie was a woman, and Latina and 25 years younger, but he has the policies and positions that are best for women, minorities, our youth and every American that is poor or middle class. You shouldn’t keep knocking Bernie down to build up Hillary. Not cool.

      • Karl Kaiser

        Wow. What Sanders are you reading about?

        ALL of his issues relating to jobs, education, tax rates, infrastructure programs, will help the poor even more than the middle class.

  • wendy

    Pathetic how the game of politics screws with lives when citizens r treated like game pawns. While politicians figure out how to win a tic tac toe game, the country is rotting. Guess we can’t have Mr. Sanders as pres. because look what happened with Obama? Common sense candidates who give a shit about the quality of life need not apply! So concerned for future generations :/

  • Victoria Gutshall

    Most of the Sanders supporters like myself that I have heard from on this plan on voting for Bernie in the primaries, but know Hillary is likely to win the nomination and plan to vote for her in the general election if she does. We may not be her biggest fans, but we don;t want a Republican in the White House either. While I don;t agree with everything Hillary has done or said, I agree with her on enough issues that I could vote for her, though not without reservation. This country can’t survive another Republican president, especially right now when the Republican party has lost it’s collective mind. Many of us have taken on the almost impossible job of attempting to educate the Republican voter base about the very real dangers of the Republican platform and the complete economic meltdown that is absolutely certain if they win, not to mention the complete loss of liberty we would have under them. It is ironic that their voter base refers to Obama as “Fascist” while it is their own party that is enacting fascist policies all over the country. (In the name of freedom!) The best thing that could happen for this country is FOX being shut down so they cannot continue to feed the hysteria they created, stop the lies and spread of misinformation. I would have no problem with a right wing leaning media IF that outlet stuck to facts and the truth. Of course, that can never happen, because the facts are the facts and they have a liberal bias simply because the liberals are on the correct side of the facts! You can put a rotten fish in a vase and call it a flower, but it is STILL a rotten fish, and that is what the Republican constituency has been fed. Let’s face it, most of the Republican constituency are poorly educated. That is evident when they make comments. They have been fed a constant stream of revisionist history that bares little, if any, resemblance to the facts. They blindly repeat whatever they hear on FOX, without bothering to research the facts. The most vocal Republican voters are functionally illiterate, and have been handed an Ayn Rand vision that makes greed, selfishness and lack of compassion seem respectable, and they are eating it up. It is going to take more than a grassroots presidential campaign to get Bernie elected, but a grassroots campaign to educate the typical Republican voter. Even after Hilary wins we need to continue the attempt to educate these people, because until we rid our political system of this destructive force, our country will continue to suffer. One needs only to look at what is happening in most of the Republican held states to see how destructive the Republican agenda will be for the country as a whole if one of them were to become president. An educated voter does not vote Republican in this day and age, and since the Republican Party does not want educated voters and fights against it, we MUST take this upon ourselves. We have logic, history and fact on our side. We need to present them in a simple, logical manner, and be prepared to present plenty of unimpeachable non-partisan sources to back them up. Remember, the Republican voters have been brainwashed and have no idea of the REAL facts, they only know FOX’s version and look for any way possible to repudiate anything that does not fit with their spoon-fed ideology. While I would much rather see Bernie in the White House, I realize that Hillary has a better chance of winning votes away from the Republicans. The fact that she is far more to the right than Bernie will make her more palatable to the many Republicans who are starting to wake up and grow dissatisfied with their party. I know a lot of Republicans who could bring themselves to vote for Hillary, but never for Bernie. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and we have a long way to go before a candidate like Bernie is palatable to the majority of Americans. Hillary could, however, pave the way for a future Elizabeth Warren presidency, which could take us far closer to our goals for this country.

    • wendy

      Well said. I agree completely. But look how a black potus was treated? Now the right just might treat a woman , well like a woman…:/
      One would think an old white guy may actually speak without being told ‘NO’ b4 anything comes outta his mouth. Sound familiar?

      • John Hickman

        Good point. It looks like the only thing we can do at this point is to be sure we end up with a majority in both the House and The Senate, as well as taking the White House. Sure there are Democrats who personally balk at the idea of a woman president, but you can bet your bottom dollar that there are far more Republicans who feel that way, and will treat her just as they have Obama..

      • barbara g.

        …and Bernie being a Jew? either way, its gonna get ugly.

      • Cowicide

        It gets ugly no matter which progressive runs for president. Even corporatist appeasers like the Clintons bother them to some extent, much less someone like Bernie Sanders who’ll actually fight the corrupt billionaiires. The status quo powers that be do not want progressive agendas in place that trim their profits and greedy lust for power. They personally profit from destroying our middle class and will fight anyone that even barely attempts to push forward a progressive agenda.

      • Gretchen Pemberton Brena

        I’ve been ready for this revolution for a long time. I had just given up on it happening — until Bernie said he’d run. If he’s running, WE have a chance. And if he’s willing to work so hard to do this, I can too!

    • Cowicide

      Most of the Sanders supporters like myself that I have heard from on this plan on voting for Bernie in the primaries, but know Hillary is likely to win the nomination and plan to vote for her in the general election if she does

      I agree with you that most of Sanders’ supporters will vote for Hillary if Sanders loses to her.

      However, on the premise that Hillary is likely to win? I don’t think you’ve talked with very many other Sanders’ supporters in the last few weeks.

      If you’re keeping up with the times, you’d know like most other Sanders’ supporters that it’s becoming increasingly likely that Sanders might very well beat Hillary.

      Things have changed. Bernie Sanders may win:

      Poll Reveals Bernie Sanders Shocking The World By Pulling Close To Clinton In New Hampshire

      Bernie Sanders Can Win the Iowa Caucus

      If Sanders can win Iowa and NH, he may win it all. That’s how Obama vaulted over Hillary.

      I don’t think most of us Sanders supporters have any illusions that he’ll definitely beat Hillary, but to say that he’s still a long shot isn’t keeping up with the latest developments that show otherwise.

      • Gretchen Pemberton Brena

        Hell yes! Bernie is going to win this thing. Why not? He’s the only honest candidate. And he’s the only candidate not taking money from the one percent. I believe in his ideas and I believe in Bernie. I’m committed to his candidacy!

      • Elliot Wilson

        Stop kidding yourself. NO politician is honest. He passed a law that prevents gun violence victims from suing gun manufacturers. He compares it to a hammer and says people hurt or killed by hammers shouldn’t be allowed to sue those who make it. And because of that, the families of Newtown were denied justice for their loss because they were not allowed to sue the NRA. So yes, Bernie may have a lot of strengths, but he is NOT the godly saint among men many of his overly idealistic supporters think he is.

      • Gretchen Pemberton Brena

        His position on gun violence has nothing to do with his honesty!! Also. I agree with his position that gun manufacturers should not be criminally liable for deaths caused by guns. Further, suing the NRA has nothing to do with suing gun manufacturers. You have factually incorrect information about that issue. I know he’s not a godly saint, but he is honest and consistent and a good old fashioned Liberal – like me. 🙂

      • Elliot Wilson

        No. I don’t think he will. Why? Look at his rallies. They’re just as white as a Tea Party rally. Not that Bernie’s a racist, but he’s had to deal with a primarily white constituency his entire career, and he has no plans to try and reach out to minority voters. More than that, he only talks about the middle class and big business. He needs to start talking about other issues that will draw in minority voters, but he’s already said he doesn’t cater to “demographics.” I think he could seriously win the primaries if he tried to reach out to minorities and talked about a few other issues plaguing America nowadays, but he isn’t doing that. It really seems like he just wants to push us farther to the left. The only polls he’s gaining in favor the white anti-Obama wing of the Democratic Party, while among the minority voters of the black-white Obama coalition, he flounders.

      • Cowicide

        he has no plans to try and reach out to minority voters

        You know this? Are you a part of his campaign?

        Seems if you were a part of his campaign you’d know that Sanders went to jail for the civil rights movement and marched with Martin Luther King while Clinton was busy working for Goldwater who was against civil rights.

      • klang100

        This is not about Bernie or Hillary or Jeb or anyone else. This is about
        the issues and nobody has said that more than Bernie has. He can’t do
        it alone. We have to do it with him. This is a necessary movement, a
        revolution. I can’t even say the Pledge of Allegiance anymore.
        “Liberty and justice for all”—NO WAY. It’s liberty for
        those who can afford it and forget about justice. It’s time for those
        people in DC and those who cling to their every word to come on down
        to Main Street and look at the real world we are living in. The
        profiteers are totally taking us over and Hillary supports some of
        them like Monsanto that is well known as one of the most evil
        companies that exist. Thank them for Agent Orange, RoundUp, and GMOs,
        and their efforts to control our farmers and our food supply. Hillary
        support NAFTA and the secret TPP Trade Deal that would only benefit
        the profiteers. Then there is Big Pharma who cares only about
        profits, not about our health. The profiteers do not believe in
        science; they do not believe in global warming because it would
        interfere with their profits. They have taken over our prison system
        with private prisons who incarcerate nonviolent Americans for
        profits, with contracts that guarantee that they will be 90% to 100%
        filled at all times,, even when the crime rates go down. They want to
        take over our public schools, our water supply, and our public lands.
        They want to do away with social security, medicare, labor unions,
        minimum wages—anything and everything that benefits the middle
        class or those who are struggling most to survive. They are against
        benefiting the middle class or the poor. They are against immigrants
        and minorities and women and who do you think is going to vote for
        them? When should we have a Revolution? Now or after they have more
        of us locked up? Those who are trying to figure out how to keep the
        status quo are the ones who should get real. It is not important what
        label anyone has. It is the issues that matter.

    • Elliot Wilson

      Good for you! Glad you’ll still vote for her in the election if she gets the nomination. While I will be voting for Hillary in the primaries, I almost fell into the danger many Bernie fans might fall into; that of not voting for Bernie in the election if he won the nomination. But after some serious soul-searching, I decided not to do that. We have to stand together. We NEED to support whoever gets the nomination or America is literally going to collapse, just like the Roman Empire.

      • Cowicide

        Hillary Clinton is part of the empire that’s leading to its collapse. She’s Republican-lite, lesser evil. Sanders is someone who doesn’t have to hide his record. Clinton has to keep pandering to the left with one hand whilst keeping her other hand outstretched for Wall Street bankster money. Look it up.

      • Guest

        You mean it’s not collapsing now?

  • justsaying

    Bernie is a great guy and will force a great conversation. In the end though, when he does not win the primary, will the far left still vote? if not, we will have no progressive agenda for 30 years because there will be several supreme court openings in the next 8 years and if a republican is the president, they will be as far right as possible. imagine 6 or 7 alito’s or thomases! Voting rights, gone. More citizens united rulings. More religion is ok in government rulings, more corporate rights than individual rights. I don’t agree that bernie should not run, but i do agree that we face a lose of interest when bernie loses.

    • John Hickman

      That’s why Bernie is running as a Democrat and not an Independent.

    • 8thgenerationamerican

      There’s no reason whatsoever to vote for Hillary Clinton or any other corporate Democrats who whore themselves out to special interests. Supporting corporate Democrats makes the continuation of Republican policies like Romneycare and perpetual wars for oil masquerading as wars against terrorism a certainty. If you want real Democratic policies you have to vote for a real Democrat first.

      • Elliot Wilson

        So if Hillary won the nomination you’d just let the Republicans take over by refusing to vote for her? Are you that threatened by a woman President? Newsflash, asshole. She’s a LOT better than the BEST the GOP has to offer. And furthermore, if she’s truly a corporate hack, then why is it that the Koch brothers are spending billions to try and take her down, hmm? You should get “IDIOT” and “TRAITOR” tattooed on your forehead.

      • spikeymikey

        She might be worse. A slow death is worse than a quick one.

      • 8thgenerationamerican

        Oh I am just shaking in my boots that some nitwit named Elliot doesn’t like me. You’re just another blind follower who can go fuck himself (which I’m sure you do on a regular basis). There is no difference between corporate Democrats like Hillary Clinton and the Republican Party. They cooperate with one another and serve the same corporate masters and Wall Street. That means the average person is screwed with either one of those two choices. Bernie Sanders is at least a real Democrat who will work for the people and not for Wall Street. As for your childish understanding of politics why don’t you jus tattoo “mindless sheep” or perhaps just “dunce” on your forehead. Until then, say goodbye to Hillary because even if Bernie doesn’t win: she will never be the Democratic nominee. Never.

      • spikeymikey

        Are you against Hilary or for her?

  • felipe63

    “Right now, the GOP is continuing to try to convince millions of Americans that Hillary Clinton is some shady, underhanded crook who shouldn’t be trusted.”

    They don’t have to convince anybody of that, because it is true. HRC is a corporate kiss ass DINO, just like her husband and Obama. I’m not voting for anybody who used to represent Monsanto, Wal-Mart and a host of other companies that are hellbent on turning the USA into a third world country.

    Except for social issues, there really isn’t much difference between HRC and the republican field. A R winning the Whitehouse really won’t be that different from an HRC win, except for the level of hypocrisy that the R’s in congress will display.

    • nsuviolin

      This….Democrats insisting on throwing their support behind such a clearly-corrupt candidate is just another sign of how far the Democratic party has sank.

    • Elliot Wilson


      • spikeymikey


      • felipe63

        Um…..I voted for Jill Stein in the 2012 election so no, I don’t have a problem with having a woman as president you presumptive jackass. I would explain why I won’t vote for HRC, but your one track mind clearly can’t comprehend rational thought so I won’t waste my time.

  • Rick Straus Sr.

    Very strongly disagree. Sanders will bring Hillary a little further to the left. AND the very able competition will ensure that she will work her ass off to get elected.

    • Cowicide

      Sanders will bring Hillary a little further to the left.

      Sanders is already bringing Hillary wildly towards the left if you look at some of her more recent statements.

      And, for good reason. It’s looking more and more like Sanders can beat her and her campaign knows it:

      Poll Reveals Bernie Sanders Shocking The World By Pulling Close To Clinton In New Hampshire

      Bernie Sanders Can Win the Iowa Caucus

      If Sanders can win Iowa and NH, he may win it all. That’s how Obama vaulted over Hillary.

      • Linda

        Thank you for saying what I was thinking 🙂

      • Cowicide

        You’re very welcome. Wish I could say more, but the forum is censoring some of my posts. They’re not rude or using profanity, just facts. Oh well, I guess the Hillary people are getting a bit desperate as Sanders’ continues to gain on her.

      • Cowicide

        Luck for you and other Hillary shills they are censoring my posts here. Your other post made me laugh out loud where you asked what Sanders has done for minorities. They keep deleted my response, so I’ll try here.

        Sanders went to jail for civil rights and marched with Martin Luther King while Clinton work for a guy who fought against civil rights.

  • ellenbethgill


  • Donald Earl Barnett

    We don’t need to be attacking each other. I am go to vote for and work for Bernie in the hope that whoever wins will see the power of his ideas and turn us back to what the Democrats won on for years, the poor and the middle-class. But I will not bash Hillary, Bernie can fight his own battles.

  • Scott

    How much did corporate America pay you to write this?

    God have mercy on your vapid soul.

    • Elliot Wilson

      Nothing. I’m a die-hard Hillary supporter and I don’t get a single DIME form Corporate America. It’s amazing how much similarities there seem to be between the Bernie maniacs and the far-right Tea Party trolls.

      • spikeymikey

        This is the last time I respond to you. You are an idiot, but you probably know that.

      • spikeymikey

        Die hard ass is more like it.

  • Morgan King

    This is is sort of a difficult argument, because you can’t escape that Clinton, like all our other for-sale politicians, is just as much a ‘shady, underhanded crook who shouldn’t be trusted’ as the rest of them. Clinton doesn’t represent the electorate any more than her Republican opponents do. That Sanders isn’t a shill makes ALL of them look bad, just as it should – they don’t represent us and they don’t work for us. The D after Clinton’s name doesn’t make her any less of a corporate pawn, and it’s the DNC’s failure to see that as a problem that is making the Democrats look bad, not the existence of a competing progressive platform. It’s their job to put together a platform that attracts voters, not the voter’s job to go along with whatever conservative Third Way, Blue Dog, neo-Liberal their financiers force on us while they crack the whip of ‘but what about the Supreme Court?’ to keep everybody in line, just like they always do. They’ve been holding the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Sword of Damocles over us for decades.

    The DNC has a choice, and if they choose to back the same bailed-out Wall Street banks that crashed the economy and the corporate job-exporting trade policies that we’ve suffered under for the last 30 years, then they deserve to fail, and the consequences are ours to suffer for not having taken the initiative to reform our decades-broken electoral system by now.

    • Endicott4424


      • Elliot Wilson

        YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!! You’re just repeating so much Hillary bashing that’s very similar to the far right! You, sir, sound like a REPUBLICAN!!! Lemme ask you this; if she’s just as much of a corporate hack and a sellout as the GOP is, then WHY are the Kochs spending so much money to try and take her down? She gets some money from corporations, but you can blame Citizens United for that, NOT her. To call her a crook and underhanded is DISGUSTING. Have you seen Hillary supporters smearing and attacking Bernie that way? NO!!! Stop accusing her of being what she is not if you ever BOTHERED to look at her record just because YOU personally can’t bear the idea of a woman President! And if I choose not to vote for Bernie Sanders if he wins the primaries, it will because of his EVIL SUPPORTERS – PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!

  • hegesias

    Fuck Hillary. I would never ever ever vote for her. And what we don’t need is another four-year term of Demapologists cheering for neoliberal and neocon policies because a Dem is in the WH. This is not team sports. I would rather see a Republican fuck up the world than see a Dem do it and have all my friends tell me it’s okay because a Repub would be even worserer. At least if a Republican fuxks it up, then we get a chance to try again for the backlash groundswell that we wasted on the current Reagan Democrat in office.

    • R. Eilers

      You must have loved it when Bush was prez. He fucked up the economy for a decade, killed 7000 American soldiers and debilitating a million more soldiers at the cost of every American citizen. Now why go through that when you can have a dem prez?

      • brandon

        Hillary voted for the Iraq war. She wholeheartedly supports NSA overreach. She’s entirely beholden to corporate interests. What is the point of a Democratic president if she supports entrenched and corporate powers?

      • R. Eilers

        there the hell have you been the last dozen years? Hillary voted for the war because Bush and Cheney lied to the entire world. now I see Jeb Bush making the exact same mistake lol. Remember the wmds? The yellow cake? Outing a Cia spy? Videos of the mobile chemical weapons trucks that had no chemicals in them? If you’re still stuck on stupid you deserve another Bush in office but it ain’t gonna happen

      • brandon

        I’m very well aware that we invaded Iraq upon false— perhaps deliberately false— information. But people with political sense didn’t believe it for a second. Sanders was one of those people; Hillary was not. I would only vote for someone with political sense.

      • R. Eilers

        It costs 1-2 billion to win a presidency, name one candidate that doesn’t suck up to big corp. Get rid of citizens united and the candidates will bow to the will of the people not billionaire buckets of cash

      • brandon

        I agree: overturn Citizen’s United. Only one candidate is fervidly against it, and only one is not taking large corporate money: Bernie Sanders.

      • R. Eilers

        I also agree but Bernie doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell

    • Owen

      I agree with you 100 percent… I’ll be blunt. This article is total garbage. I won’t vote for Killary, the warmonger idiot, under any circumstances. I’ll support Gary Johnson, (or Jill Stein) if he’s not on the ballot.. Either would be a better choice. Another point that you are all missing: If you don’t live in a swing state, please don’t vote for the Demo-rat. You would not be a “spoiler” and I will NOT be a spoiler. Even if everyone in Vermont did vote for the “green party” candidate, there is no way that such an action would send Jeb Gush to the presidency. The votes just are not there. Vermont will not decide this election, so Wake up you “lesser evil” Democrats!

    • mrgingrich

      Grow up, kiddo. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good. You will never get a perfect candidate — they don’t exist, and that includes Bernie.

  • Brian

    Vermont is so politically and economically isolated from the U.S. at large that I don’t think Sanders is suited for the presidency. True socialism fell apart in Europe when faced by mass immigration of impoverished and uneducated third world era, a generation of people used to having their work done for them, and a long line of weak leaders incapable of drawing lines.
    If Sanders wants to implement a similar system, he’d really need to take into account the consequences of having expensive social programs with very open borders at the same time, and need to have the resolve and decisiveness to take action if the system becomes bogged down.
    If Sanders wants center democrats to take him seriously, he’s gonna have to do better.

    • Elliot Wilson


      • mremwo


  • briankeithohara

    When President Obama and AG Holder sent the police in to attack the Occupy Movement, made all those deals with Republicans(giving them 80% of what they wanted), I knew we are in trouble. Governor Don Siegelman is still in jail because of the political machinations of George W. Bush and Karl Rove. President Obama is Reagan Republican Lite. His trade deal is a drive by the rich for the rest of us to the bottom. We need someone to redefine the differences between us and them. Two hopeful candidates for Governor and Senator in Georgia refused to crusade for raising the minimum wage and the Republicans and they won. It is time for President Obama to be quiet, let Bernie lead the charge against the forces of darkness.

  • briankeithohara

    When President Obama and AG Holder sent the police in to attack the Occupy Movement, made all those deals with Republicans(giving them 80% of what they wanted), I knew we are in trouble. Governor Don Siegelman is still in jail because of the political machinations of George W. Bush and Karl Rove. President Obama is Reagan Republican Lite. His trade deal is a drive by the rich for the rest of us to the bottom. We need someone to redefine the differences between us and them. Two hopeful candidates for Governor and Senator in Georgia refused to crusade for raising the minimum wage and against the Republicans who then won. It is time for President Obama to be quiet and let the battle against the Republicans and Libertarians begin, let Bernie lead the charge against the forces of darkness. On to victory.

  • Mainah

    As an independent, it’s preferable to see both sides debate their stances and what they plan on doing. It helps to get to know them, see how they perform under pressure. If there was just one … it would be difficult for me. I can’t vote in any primaries but I do get time to hear them more.

  • B.Fong

    Senator Sanders has stated over and over again that he is running to win. Why would I believe you over Senator Sanders?

    I’m sure if we look back the same things were being said about President Obama when he first declared he was running for President.

    • Elliot Wilson

      If he’s seriously running to win, then he’s hurting his chances by not trying to reach out to minority voters.

      • mremwo

        you keep spreading this myth, but unsurprisingly have nothing to show for it. are you apart of his campaign or something? how do you know he’s not trying? you don’t.

      • spikeymikey

        You’re an idjit.

  • odum

    Yeah, this is silly. And if you’ll notice, there are folks on the left suggesting Bernie’s campaign is just a phony attempt by TPTB to engage disengaged lefties in the party primary, who will then back the eventual nominee – especially when Bernie does. And that’s because it’s exactly what will happen. So there’s an advantage for Clinton right there, before even beginning to look at the “Overton window” impact of having Bernie in the race makes it impossible to brand Clinton an out of touch socialist of some kind to the checked out swing vote set.

  • Fuckallen Clifton

    # Allen Clifton is a loser #Allen Clifton Blows Ted Cruz # Allen Clifton is a POS # Allen Clifton is A defeatist scum.

  • Sane_Person

    “Far-left liberals” – really? Since when do liberals adopt the terminology of Bill O’Reilly? What is it that makes a politician a “far-left liberal”, anyway? Defending Social Security? Calling the military-industrial complex bloated? Pointing out massive income and wealth inequality? Since when are these the product of “idealism”? Before Reagan, hell, even after Reagan, attacking Social Security was called “touching the third-rail” in American politics… and for good reason. Social Security was and IS a massively successful Federal program. If you doubt that, do some research into how much the median American household headed by a 60-year-old has in their 401k. Is it “far-left-liberalism” that holds up health-care systems from around the world – systems that are supported by CONSERVATIVES around the world – and point out that they deliver better results for little more than half the cost in % of their respective countries GDP? Is it now “far-left-liberalism” to point out that American military spending consumes almost as much as the next 12 nations combined? (Most of whom we count as allies.)

    • Frank Lazar

      According to the folks at the Tea Party and the Republicans, yes it is. If you’re not pushing for the priviatization of the air we breathe, you’re a commie/russkie/islamic liberal.

      • Cowicide

        According to the folks at the Tea Party and the Republicans, yes it is.

        They also think climate change is a hoax and/or think climate change impact is a hoax. These are people who aren’t seated in reality and/or are being purposefully obtuse in order to appease corporate owners with half-truths and outright lies.

        We need to stop letting these disingenuous dolts define reality for the rest of us. It’s dangerous and destructive and it needs to stop.

    • spikeymikey

      Good for you.

  • Mike

    If hillary wins then the republicans win. If Sanders splits the democratic vote then the republicans win. No matter what the republicans win.

  • supermouse35

    THANK YOU. This absolutely needed to be said.

  • ClementC

    The worry that Bernie Sanders will hurt Democrats’ chances is misplaced, I believe. He’s not an intentional saboteur like Ralph Nader was in 2000. Sanders is running in the Democratic primaries, as are several other contenders. The losers of the Democratic primaries will get behind the nominee, because the Republican nominee will undoubtedly be an extreme right-wing radical. That’s how the primary system works. That’s how the primary system is supposed to work. Don’t freak out because things are working as intended.

    Did Dennis Kucinich harm Barack Obama’s general election chances in 2008 by being more appealing to the left-wing of the party? No. Did Hillary Clinton hurt Barack Obama’s general election chances in 2008 by being more appealing to the centrist wing of the party and to feminists? No.

    Why? Because when the primaries are over, the primaries are over. I volunteered in the local Democratic operation in 2008. I remember a lot of Democrats were very unhappy when Clinton lost. Some of them said they might not vote for Obama in the general election. But then time passed, everyone saw who the Republicans nominated, and most of Clinton’s supporters decided that Obama/Biden was better than McCain/Palin by a long shot.

    The proportion of Democrats who will stay home for the general election because their favorite candidate lost the primaries is very small. I’d be willing to bet that it’s a lot smaller than the proportion of Republicans who will do the same, because Republicans dramatically more ideologically fractured right now.

    Could Bernie Sanders win a general election? Maybe, maybe not. Will he win the nomination? Almost certainly not. Will people who voted for him in the primaries stay home in the general elction? A few. Not many. He might even bring people out who wouldn’t have otherwise voted at all to register Democratic and vote in the primary. Some of those people might then stick around for the general election. Who knows? I don’t, and you don’t, and it’s pointless to wring our hands about it. There’s far too much political hand-wringing as it is.

    • kissyface

      i wrote in Hillary in 08 because i was still too pissed off by the primaries to vote for Obama.

  • 8thgenerationamerican

    Utter bullshit and the same kind of “realistic” outlook that has kept genuineDemocrats from winning our party nomination since 1976. Obama is a corporate Democrat who has implemented virtually every campaign promise made by John McCain in 2008 and he kept virtually every bad Bush policy in place. Hillary is no different. It does Democrats no good to elect Republican lite candidates for the White House or Congress. Give to Bernie, work for Bernie, vote for Bernie and we will elect Bernie. Stop supporting candidates who sell out your interests and those of your children and grandchildren. It’s the only realistic way to achieve any of the changes we all know the nation requires.

  • jonstad

    I don’t believe for a second Sanders would do anything to aid the GOP or hurt Hillary’s chances. What he does is keep progressive issues in the spotlight while the media would otherwise concentrate exclusively on GOP policies as that would be the only game in town. I’m sure I’ll be voting for Hillary the November following the next, but without something to pique the media’s in the next 16 months beside the GOP clown circus, we’ll lose. If voters only hear rightwing policies because that’s the only competitive race, they’ll get to believe it’s their only choices.

    • Cowicide

      I’m sure I’ll be voting for Hillary the November following the next

      Don’t be so sure…

      2 shocking polls show a Democratic challenger picking up steam against Hillary Clinton

      • Elliot Wilson

        How is Bernie going to get the nomination when he is making no effort to appeal to minority voters?

      • Cowicide

        Your post just made me literally LOL.

        Um, yeah… that graphic above….

        Sanders literally went to jail for the civil rights movement and marched with MLK. He doesn’t need to desperately pander to minorities like Clinton does. People will simply spread the truth about Sanders’ amazing record with civil rights.

      • Cowicide

        You post just made me literally LOL.

        Bernie Sanders went to jail for the civil right movement and marched with MLK for his “I have a dream” speech. Around that time, Hillary was working for Goldwater who was against civil rights.

        Sanders doesn’t have to desperately pander to minorities. His supporters know his record and will spread that information. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton will need to continue to flip-flop and attempt to hide a lot of her past.

        The truth will set Sanders free and be shackles for people like Clinton and the Republicans.

  • nsuviolin

    To put it plain, this is complete and utter horse shit….when your priority becomes throwing your support behind the easiest and most established candidate, purely out of fear of the opposition, then you’ve already lost.

  • BobJThompson

    If by some miracle Hillary becomes the candidate, she will lose. Independents hate her and she gives no measure of excitement to the democrat base. Cheerlead for her all you want she will fail.

  • Rick Gambsky

    I think this was written by a scared rich Republican

    • Elliot Wilson

      And I think you’re just a Bernie fan who thinks he’s different than Republicans but acts JUST LIKE THEM.

      • spikeymikey

        You never think.

  • kfreed

    Someone explain to me what President Sanders would accomplish in the face of total obstruction from the Tea Bag Congress “progressives” (read: Greens & RW Libertarians) helped elect in 2010, 2012, and 2014 that President Obama didn’t or President Hillary Clinton couldn’t accomplish.

    Will Sanders blowhard the GOP/TP fundies into submission? Just wondering.

    “But he’s getting the message out”? What message is it exactly that hasn’t already been expressed in legislation ultimately nixed by the Tea Bag congress or otherwise challenged in the courts and the states? The so-called “progressive” wing hasn’t managed to elect their had-picked progressive candidates in many moons now (trounced by corrupt beyond batshit crazies of the far right):

    And if you can’t win against batshit crazy, you might think about revising your circular firing squad strategy:)

    How do “we” suppose “we’ll” get a self-described socialist elected in this backward arsed country?

    As for those claiming money in politics is an issue (except for Bernie), I’d like to remind the Obama-bashers/”don’t vote” advocates that your so-called ‘civil liberties’ heroes (Libertarian Glenn Greenwald and the ACLU) supported the corporate takeover of U.S. elections in the SCOTUS Citizens United case, so pardon me if I don’t take the hyperventilation seriously.

    The problemo you’re having is Libertarians whispering in your ears. But hey, I can’t think of a more deserving bunch to reap the 2016 Tea Party whirlwind and when the mob comes looking for heads, I’ll be happy to step up, name names, and point them in your general direction:)

    • Frank Lazar

      I know you think we should just give Hillary the crown and be done with it. We already gave it to her husband, and you see what kind of Presidency he gave us. It’ll be the exact same kind of Presidency if she is simply given the brass ring because of our fear of the Republican. You need to get it into your skull that another Clinton Presidency isn’t by itself a GOOD thing. Hillary can’t just be given the nomination, she has to win it by convincing those Progressives her husband and Obama stabbed in the back, after taking their votes to win their seats. If Hillary wins the nomination it’s going to be because she’s going to be forced to directly answer those charges that Sanders is laying on her on our behalf. I don’t give a figs leaf over the fake non-issues that the Republicans themselves admit is the only thing they can drag up. Left to herself, Clinton will bring in a Presidency that like her husbands, was to the right of Richard Nixon’s. What Sanders is doing is neccessary to the process even if he’s not the one nominated. And unlike Nader, he has no intention of running third party if he does not get the nomination, so lets not even think of throwing that false issue into play.

      • kfreed

        “I know you think we should just give Hillary the crown and be done with it.”

        Actually, that’s not what I think – my original comment made that perfectly clear. Since then, a quick Google search revealed that Sanders is in fact running on the Democratic Party ticket. That’s a plus as he says he won’t pull a Ralph Nader. Were he to win the Dem nomination, I’d happily vote for him. If Clinton wins, I’ll happily vote for her. The problem is, that the Bernie-backing Naderites who’ve been assisting in the election of Republicans for many moons now, can’t be trusted to put the country ahead of their hurt fee-fees should Sanders not win and will probably sit out another election (and as I said, Bernie won’t win because “Soshulist”). Americans are stupid – not my fault. It just happens to be the reality of the situation.

        And believe me, I know perfectly well what that socialist-green-libertarian alliance is up to… so far, they’ve managed to help get Dubya elected (twice) and continuously assist in getting more and more rabid Tea Party fascists elected with their “both sides”/lesser of two evils” idiocy – the same crap they’ve been pulling for eons.

        The left part of that left-fascist alliance doesn’t appear to notice that this so-called left-libertarian alliance is a win for the far right privatization gang: I wonder why (Nader, Koch, Norquist):

        Meanwhile, the left’s priorities keep getting left in the dust. In fact, conditions are worsening exponentially thanks to Tea Party obstruction on every issue under the sun. So far, we can count pot and gay rights among a few victories, short-lived as they’ll be as the teabags are attacking those wins in the states already:)

      • Frank Lazar

        None of what you said makes any sense. If Naderites are backing Sanders, as you say they are, that means they’re participating WITHIN the Democratic Party as opposed to attacking it…. working with the process instead of against it. You don’t know what the Socialist-Green-Libertarian alliance is up to …. because it only exists in your head.

      • kfreed

        Then read it again. Or maybe read this:

        And this:

        The left-libertarian alliance is in my head, is it? No, actually it’s all over the internet and its been in the news. Nader wrote a book to that effect and has been humping it all over the talk shows. The short version:

        “Ron Paul, Ralph Nader agree on ‘Progressive-Libertarian Alliance'” (both interviewd on Freedom Watch)

        Socialists are notorious for joining Nader in his spoiler efforts against Dems (from their own site):

        This discussion would be more productive if you were up on current as well as past events:)

      • kfreed

        P.S. I’ll put this up top as you may not actually read my entire comment (below):

        Socialist Alternative on Bernie Sanders: (they wanted him to run on a third party ticket) and the rest should sound extremely familiar to the rest of us by now (round the clock Obama bashing, Hillary bashing, Dem bashing in general):

        Here’s a taste: “Sanders is calling for taxing the rich and big business, a trillion-dollar public works program to create 13 million jobs, a $15 minimum wage, single-payer universal healthcare, stopping the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other pro-corporate free trade
        deals, strengthening union rights, and closing the gender pay gap.

        His campaign stands in sharp contrast to the waffling and empty rhetoric of Hillary Clinton and other establishment politicians. He was one of the few members of Congress who voted against the Patriot Act in 2001 and calls for dismantling the NSA’s domestic spying programs. He stands for bold action to address climate change, demanding a rapid
        transition away from fossil fuels towards energy efficiency and renewable energy.”

        Okay, my question is: how will Bernie accomplish this, considering the fact that the Tea Party congress currently in control of the Senate as well as the House will vote down all of the above, just as it has done to Obama (except where the TPP is concerned… we’re still in the midst of that issue and I’m not inclined to believe a whole lot of the hair in fire hysteria on that front as there’s more to it than these folks are telling).

        What’s the pan, Stan? He’ll need a Dem congress to back him up, should he actually get elected. As would Hillary.

      • Frank Lazar

        What I feel about Hillary Clinton has nothing to do with my support for Sanders. I’ve mistrusted her progressive claims since her husband had the Office. Sanders has in effect forced her to actually state something of a progressive platform she’d never build otherwise.

      • kfreed

        Either way, Bernie or Clinton or Obama or Warren or Jesus could build any progressive platform their hearts desire. Getting it implemented by a deranged Tea Bag congress isn’t going to happen. They’ll fight it tooth and nail, just as they have under Obama. Therefore my question is not which you like better, my questions, from the start were 1) how is a socialist getting elected by an electorate that equates socialism with communism? 2) what good does it do for socialists to continue bashng Dems, since any left-wing president is going to need A) a democratic congress and B) massive grassroots support after winning an election in order to to actually pass said progressive legislation. What’s the plan? Is there one? Or are we simply using Bernie to trash Hillary’s chances? There’s a reason Sanders isn’t running on a third party ticket. Even he obvously sees that splitting the left will result in electing a tea bag lunatic ready to dismantle what’s left of New Deal progressivism.

      • kfreed

        Here’s a thought: you know how Bernie could actually have a chance at winning? He could start by explaining to the public what the Koch/GOP agenda really is and what’s at actually at stake? Instead of his supporters bashing Democrats all the live long day, perhaps you all could help Bernie explain the differnece between a progressive agenda and a Koch-sponsored agenda:

        That would be helpful rather than simply destructive.

      • kfreed

        P.S. (addendum to below) Should Bernie, by some miracle, become President, he’ll still be hamstrung by a tea bag congress, unless you all have some creative plan (besides waving pom-poms for Bernie) to also gift him with a Dem congress? That would be nice… though I note that 2014 was a total bust on that score (the ol’ Obama-bashing tactic did not work out, did it?)

        If the plan is to set Bernie up to demagogue, that would be a massive mistake on our part.

      • Frank Lazar

        Everything you just said would apply to ANY Democratic President that’s elected. Or did the Tea Party suddenly fall in love with Hillary Clinton? Or are you actually saying that we should concede and give Republicans the White House and the Supreme Court as a bonus special?

      • kfreed

        Readin comprehension isn’t your strong suit, is it?

    • Elliot Wilson

      EXACTLY! FINALLY, someone with some COMMON SENSE!

      • mremwo

        lolol. what you really mean is “FINALLY, someone who agrees with me!”

  • This is the doucheist article I have ever read. STOP CALLING YOURSELVES PROGRESSIVES. You’re not bold, either. Maybe “Douche-y Centrists”.

  • lindylou

    Hillary bashing is a popular armchair sport right now, but just as it’s been already speculated that Bush’s flip flops on Iran will be forgiven or forgotten, so will Hillary’s previous mistakes. If not we can always trot out all the old tropes that will even the mudslinging field.

  • Politician

    All I want is a candidate that has the best interests of the average citizen at heart and is not beholden to the 1%.So far neither party has fielded such a candidate, except for Bernie Sanders.

  • cameramandavid

    The only way that Bernie will help the Republicans is if the “starry
    eyed ultra progressive” followers of Elizabeth Warren continue to throw
    their little “hissy fits” and promise to “fiddle while Rome burns” and
    vote for Jill Stein just to “punish” the Democrats… (and divide the
    party, which is exactly what the GOP wants…)… Bernie is there to
    help bridge the gap between the “Ultra Progressives” and the
    “Mainstream” Democrats… And he KNOWS that… I REALLY like Bernie,
    but I am realistic enough to know that he won’t be on the ballot in
    November of 2016, and that Hillary will… I am supporting Bernie
    until he falls out of the primaries, because Bernie WILL pull Hillary to
    the left, and force her to address issues that she might not have
    otherwise… and then I will support whoever the Democratic Nominee
    is… because there’s too much at stake
    (read: SCOTUS) to let ANY Republican win… And a 2016 Republican win,
    coupled with Democratic apathy in the 2018 mid-term elections will set
    up the Republicans with the ability to gerrymander the Democratic Party
    out of existence before the 2022 midterms, and with a 6-3 (or 7-2)
    Republican leaning SCOTUS, there will be nothing to stop them….

    The other thing to consider, if you really believe that Bernie will help
    the Republicans win in 2016, is that the Tea Party will throw their own
    little “Hissy fits” when the really insane candidates start to fall out
    of the primaries (not that there’s a SANE Republican running, but
    relatively speaking)… and they too, will promise to either create a
    “3rd party” or “Not vote”…. but in the end… unlike the “Ultra
    Progressives”, they will fall in line, and vote for whoever Fox News or
    Rush Limbaugh tells them to vote for… like the good little sheep they
    are… but the TeaParty’s puppetmasters know that ANY Republican
    Candidate victory will get them closer to the political domination they
    (Witness, in early 2012, Ann Coulter was predicting that
    Mitt Romney would be the GOP Nominee, and that the GOP would lose…
    bad-mouthing Mitt all the way… but by August of 2012, she was right
    there, cheerleading for Mitt Romney… presumably because her
    Billionaire puppetmasters told her to…)

  • Richard .Rowe

    To the Hillary Haters out there:

    I can appreciate your feelings, and God knows I’m with you point by point on Bernie…not being content with the lesser of two evils. But this isn’t about being “content.” Shifting the paradigm is always a risk calculation…you have to look at what you stand to gain vs what you stand to lose. Do the risk calculation here…neo-cons already run two-thirds of our government, thanks almost entirely to voter apathy. The presidency is the only thing keeping them from pushing through every psychotic law they want, utterly destroying our society, economy and planet. It’s just one person standing between us and that right now. A good gambler would say that this is a time to hold, not hit. The stakes are too high, and the potential payoff too low, to risk going bust right now.

    I’m totally with you that we desperately need change, and I’d love to see a REAL liberal-progressive in office. But that change has to start from the bottom up, not the top down. There isn’t a silver bullet solution here. It’s going to take work on our part to establish a power base in Washington, and get control of the other two branches of government before we can roll the dice on getting a real progressive in The Big Chair. I’m not in love with Hillary, but I see her as a holding measure…it’s the state, local and congressional races that are important right now. We have to build that power base, from the bottom up. That’s where real, lasting change is going to come from.

    Our only real trump card right now is our unity. The Republicans are incredibly factionalized, so we can easily win this hand if we want to. But we’re not going to get the chance to lay that trump, and we’re going to lose our asses, if we split apart and gamble too big right now. I understand it’s frustrating…everyone does. But we have to be real and focus on the long game here. Build the power base first, rely on that trump card of unity, and we will win everything in the end. Take the gamble now, and we stand to lose everything. Your choice.

  • Richard June Brescher

    Reagan and Obama had the same things said about them this early

  • Moxie Dawn

    So, what? I’m just supposed to coronate Hillary because her big name gives her a better chance to win? I’m not sure what your point is here. Hillary will still get the nomination because far too many people, whether liberal or conservative, just want to vote for a “winner.” And when she does, I will vote for her. And when the general election comes around, she’ll either win or lose based on her ideas in comparison with the Republican nominee. Is the author so worried Hillary can’t win that he’s already trying to blame her loss on someone else?

  • djmarc

    I disagree completely with the premise of the piece. Its good that the race has two strong candidates… having both on the democratic side doesn’t take away from either of them, but rather shows that all the good ideas are on one side of the isle. It should be a motivator for the base to vote. I do remember some of the most hardcore of the Hillary supporters saying they wouldn’t vote for Obama, but not sure that that actually happened, and even if it did look how that turned out. If anything on the republican side is where all the sniping is happening. I know on that side they mostly vote against and not for, but still having all the good ideas coming from the democratic side of the isle is going to play well with Independents, democratic base voters and even some of the less rabid and more ignored part of the republican base who at some point will have to recognize that their economic plight can be directly linked to republican policies. Im a Sanders supporter who will gladly vote for and even campaign for Hillary if she gets the nomination… especially this more populist sounding version of Hillary.

  • Septic Skeptic

    I’m voting for Bernie. If it’s true, and he’s too much of a long shot, I’ll vote republican instead.

  • Texas_Pete

    Hillary is just not who I want, she is too right from center and too deep up Monsanto’s arse for me. And we await her PAC’s to start a dirty fight with Bernie and see her support flake away as she did with Obama. Sorry you cannot force us to hold our noses and vote for her, I’d rather lose 4 years and get a real liberal than vote for a fake one.

  • Rael Imperial Aerosol Kid

    “Hey guys, we’ll probably make the playoffs, but there’s no way we’re beating the Lakers. So let’s just go out there and play some basketball, hopefully challenge Magic Johnson a little bit and be really happy for them when they win the Championship,” said Michael Jordan to no one, EVER.

  • SmilodonsRetreat

    If libertarians were a powerful enough entity in politics, we’d see more libertarians elected to public office.

    This is incorrect. We don’t see more of any other party in public office because of the two party system, which is a direct result of how our voting system works.

  • Andrew Tomczak

    Bernie is much more likely to win than any other Democrat. Historicly the Dems have always given up the seat after an 8 year run. But Bernie is not a true Democrat, and Bernie has won every election after his first one (for Mayor of Burlington) by a landslide. Thinking he won’t do it again is not very logical.

    • Elliot Wilson

      The problem is that he had to do so in his primarily white state of Vermont and he’s had to deal with an overwhelmingly white constituency his ENTIRE career. It’s left him tone-deaf to the problems of minority voters and he’s making no effort to reach out to him. He even calls it demographics stuff that he doesn’t want to play. But without the support of minorities, he cannot win the primaries.

  • Kevin Pickle

    I’d hate to go all ad hominem and start insulting the author of this article. But every argument he makes, from “Bernie isn’t trying to win,” to “The left is damaging Hillary’s brand by painting her as too conservative,” is ridiculous. Bernie is trying to win. Hillary is too conservative. To suggest that we can’t say so is to suggest that winning is more important than principal. There is zero intellectual weight behind this argument.

    Hey I’ve got one. Bernie Sanders run is a Democrat ploy to frighten Wall Street and American corporations into seeing Hillary as the reasonable alternative. Makes exactly as much sense as the fluff Allen Clifton is peddling.

  • John Smith

    Either Bernie or Omalley will get the nomination, and lose the general. The press will see to this. Enjoy the new Christian republican. And by all means, keep listening to the CEO controlled news about what a liar and money hungry wolf Hillary is, cause you know Those CEOs are only looking out for us, right?

  • Roland Martinez

    so what you’re saying is we shouldn’t give bernie, the man with the revolutionary ideas, a chance, but instead vote for a mediocre hillary who will continue the status quo, just because she has a better chance winning against the republicans?! BULLSHIT! i’m not gonna sit here nicely and vote for the “safer” candidate. i’m sellin my soul and going all in in with Bernie baby! if he loses, at least we can say we gave it our best shot instead of “playing it safe.” and hey if the republicans win, maybe hell won’t be so bad.

  • Rich Dillon

    Maybe Mr. Clifton should talk to the founding fathers about that “unrealistic idealism.” This isn’t just an election and politics as usual. This is a revolution. Time to return America to Americans. We NEED idealism. Thank you Bernie!

  • ellenbethgill

    I don’t buy this at all. Corporate Dems are just having a bossy fit.

  • Steve Wood

    Mr. Clifton. Watch this video, based on a reputable study published by Princeton University. It will get up up to speed on why it doesn’t matter who wins in 2016 if it is not someone willing to make two changes.

    1) Overhaul campaign finance so that the citizens who elect representatives pay for campaigns with tax dollars. The current system where campaigns are financed by oligarchs is why the U.S. is now an oligarchy instead of a democracy.

    2) Put strict regulations in place requiring 100% transparency when it comes to any interaction between a lobbyist and an elected official. Freedom of speech doesn’t guarantee privacy. To the contrary, it implies that the speech is public.

    If Bernie is not on the ticket in 2016, our votes are pointless. We will get the same 30% of what we want while the oligarchs get the 70 percent where their interests don’t align with ours. Posts like this don’t help. Educate yourself and do better next time.

    • Elliot Wilson

      Then tell your boy Bernie Sanders to act like he seriously wants to be President. He’s making NO effort to appeal to minority voters and the only topic he talks about is the middle class and big business. But there’s more to winning an election than that. When we see a campaign like this, how is that you seriously question it when we point that he’s most likely just trying to get his agenda adopted? Because that’s really how it seems.

      • Steve Wood

        Just yesterday he spoke at the NCLR annual meeting in Kansas CIty. His speech was well received. He pointed out that he is the son of an immigrant. As he put it… “My dad came to this country from Poland at the age of 17 without a nickel in his pocket, without much of an education.”

        More importantly, he did what he always does when his position on an issue is questioned. He points to his voting record as a Senator. This link shows his votes on immigration related issues.

        His fundamental message, the one you mention, has a lot of appeal to all groups… minority or otherwise …who have fallen out of the middle class. Add those who are struggling to stay in that shrinking, yet essential, segment of the economy and you have a huge base.

        Those who get their information about Bernie Sanders from main stream media, get a biased view. All f those outlets are owned or controlled by oligarchs. Some of them refused to even acknowledge his campaign until he started drawing record crowds across the country.

        Bernie Sanders has a plan and it isn’t a secret. He plans to restore democracy to the U.S.A. by leading a massive, grassroots revolution against the oligarchy. Join the revolution.

      • Gretchen Pemberton Brena

        I love his agenda/positions! They’re good for the middle class and the poor. Are you a minority? You constantly speak about Bernie’s failure to appeal to minorities so I want to know if this is your personal feeling.

  • Bob Simpson

    The Democratic Party leadership wants socialists and progressive to sit down and shut up about its destructive policies and send them money.

  • miserableoldfart

    Nonsense. We need a vibrant left wing in the Democratic party, and why is Bernie “unelectable?” Because the unapologetic traitors voted for two criminals – Nixon in 1972 and the insane actor in 1980? Stop blaming REAL democrats for the problems.

  • Mike

    I don’t know what this article is on about. Right now, Bernie Sanders had my vote for president. And the more people I talk to, the more I hear how much they like him. If you like Bernie, vote for Bernie. This isn’t a difficult concept.


    This article shows me how divided the DEMS are at this time- they are worried about SANDERS beating HILLARY! THIS is a fabrication- a lie- I support whom I want and SANDERS is the only candidate to protect the middle class workers and their unions in this country at this time… so he gets our votes.

  • Donna Dineley

    If this site was truly for progressives, they wouldn’t be making this argument on their site. We’re basically being told to give up on our progressive ideals and settle for an establishment dem who is barely in the center, never mind the left.

    I’m standing with Bernie for the distance.

  • Cathy Schmiers

    Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who is not owned by corporations.He has a proven track record.He voted against all the trade bills that send our jobs overseas and he is against the new TPP.He is the only one who will fight for our disappearing middle class.

    • Elliot Wilson

      And because he refuses to play the game, he has no hope of changing it.

  • dkmich

    This ad paid for by Hillary Clinton. It also demonstrates why I am no longer a Democrat or a liberal. Good little soldier is not me

  • Old Man

    Allen: Go fuck yourself.

  • angry_professor

    This is a “progressive” site? OK I admit, I was behind Gene McCarthy, the loser who got several million college age kids to believe in democracy for a few months. I knew Nader would split the left in ’92 but that’s not why Gore lost Texas. And it’ pretty clear Ross Perot helped Bill Clinton – one of our more benign Republicans – get elected. But if a majority in the U.S. can elect a (N-word) they can elect an S-word secular Jew with bad hair and (as I’ve written to him) a little too much anger. If this writer is correct the Democrat party is surely as much of a lost cause as I believe and, when the younger voters get a whiff of Hillary’s deep centrist/hawkish/don’t give a shit about the environment stance, you can kiss the country and most of the planet bye bye.

  • tshim

    I would vote for either and be happy. However, I think it’s a mistake for Hilliary and Bernie to attack each other. They both just need to state their positions and stick with them. We will only stop the madness, when ALL of us stand together to fight this fight! There is no room for division when it comes to ripping the reigns from the, bigots, money-grubbing warmongers, and capitalists that are destroying our country!

  • JRyne

    My vote is not guaranteed to anyone of either party. I vote democratic, but I’m an independent. I will vote for who I think the best candidate will be. If everyone would stop toeing the party line and do the same, Bernie would have a real chance and this country would be much better off.

  • Michael Swanson

    Forward Progressives? You don’t seem to be too forward to me. Seems just a tiny bit cowardly, for true progressives. I liked you on Facebook. I like you less the more you post stuff like this. Pipercat has the right of it. People will snore over their beers while Bernie Sanders runs for President.

  • Cowicide

    This article is pure ignorance. It’s very obvious even to some of his most ardent detractors that Sanders is in this to win and many are now finally realizing he can win against Hillary and definitely beat any Republican.

    Educate yourself:

    Poll Reveals Bernie Sanders Shocking The World By Pulling Close To Clinton In New Hampshire

    Bernie Sanders Can Win the Iowa Caucus

    If Sanders can win Iowa and NH, he may win it all. That’s how Obama vaulted over Hillary.

    And afterwards, when Obama ran on that agenda similar to Sanders for the presidency, he won in a landslide with a 40 year high voter turnout.

    There’s increasing evidence that Sanders can beat Hillary and he can definitely destroy any Republican.

  • Max Curtis

    I see how you roundabout to pro Hillary, though you “love” Sanders. I call B.S. and am tired of people throwing Bernie under the bus just to come across as discrediting as the media. BERNIE 2016!

  • tekn0zen

    I’m tired of the Supreme Court scare which keeps us voting for pathetic candidates election after election. With the exception of Scalia and Thomas– most justices are moderate and even the conservative ones often surprise us- like Kennedy and Roberts. A Clinton Presidency will look very much like a Republican one with some cosmetic differences, and if it is a GOP White House, it won’t be a right wing nut–Americans won’t go for it. The issue is an economic one– do we continue having a government in the pocket of the rich? A demockery? Does anyone really think HC will bite the hand that feeds her and increase the top income-tax rate, bust up the biggest banks, resurrect Glass-Steagall, raise the cap on income subject to Social Security payroll taxes, or kill the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership? Does anyone really expect Ms. Clinton to raise taxes on the super-wealthy or revive antitrust enforcement? Hillary Clinton will not stop the moneyed interests from taking over our democracy, she will aid and abet it. Best outcome is it becomes clear Hillary will lose and Elizabeth Warren gets the nomination. In any event, don’t worry so much about the Court– Follow the money!

  • Joe Kallas

    I am tired of all the labels; left, right; conservative, liberal. When are we going to shed the labels and listen to what the candidates are saying and then either accept or reject him/her? In the end Hillary and Sanders will sound pretty much the same. To say Sanders can’t win at this point, tells me you don’t want him to win. That’s fine but then don’t pretend to be a Progressive.

  • Ted Voth Jr.

    Where have I heard this all before?

  • Jeff Scott

    While the author of this article has every right to pen his opinion, that’s a far cry from being right. Bernie Sanders is the voice of the middle-class, and Hillary better figure that out quickly. Remember they said the same thing about the President when he began to beat Hillary in primaries. The base of the Republican party is dying, while the base of the Progressives is expanding. If Bernie can win the nomination, he will win!!

  • Richard La France

    I find this article to be very insulting to the followers of Bernie Sanders. Far left? If there was a far left, the way the corporations have been running this country the far left would have already been rioting in the streets.

    In case the author missed the update, as of yesterday, Bernie Sanders was only 15 points behind Hillary Clinton in the polls. He attracted a crowd of 5,000 in Denver, Colorado. They’re throwing a dinner party for him in San Francisco. And I hope to God he comes down here to San Diego so I can ask what I can do for his campaign here.

    If you want a comparison about how ready Americans are for change, I wouldn’t make the comparisons the author made. We have a black president who has served two terms. Isn’t that an enormous change that all at once this black man came out of the Illinois Senate and got the people of this country so stirred up that we voted for him twice. Despite the despicable manner in which he was treated by the Tea Party Republicans and the haters in this country, he is proof that the bunch who hate him and the legislators who were determined to make him fail at the cost of millions or billions of tax dollars, they are the ones who failed.

    Bernie Sanders is one of the very few on The Hill who has stood behind the people of this nation and has been especially concerned about the decay of our infrastructure. If it wasn’t for Senators like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and Congressman Alan Grayson, we would have felt totally abandoned by the system early on in Obama’s presidency.

    And if you haven’t noticed, the people who wanted Obama to fail, McConnell being the one to actually utter those words at the start, have finally succeeded. He must be so overwhelmed that he finally accomplished a bipartisan win that he didn’t see the red flags and the loss of support from his voters over the TPP success. A photo showing McConnell so giddy he looked like he my pee, reaching to shake Obama’s hand. Right, they got what they want and what Bernie Sanders would never have agreed to. The TPP. Sanders didn’t hesitate to expose the Koch Brothers for who they are and what they are doing to this country. But the rest of them turned their backs on us, never investigated their deplorable behavior, and now we’re stuck with an overthrow of the government to become the Corporate States of America. When the majority of the dems on The Hill sat silent and even ignored our concerns, Bernie Sanders was standing up to the Tea Party members and coming up with sensible solutions to our problems. Meanwhile the Oligarchy sent the CIA out to buy up a bunch of ruffians to scare the crap out of us and have our military men and women willing to go out and fight them and I would be willing to wager that the majority of our elected officials were excitedly watching their defense industry dividends skyrocket.

  • Marilyn Schramm

    Don’t you just love such optimistic people like this author? How can change ever come about if you’re afraid to support those people & policies that would actually bring about change? As long as people keep calling the possibility of change as unrealistic, it will never happen (a self-fulfilling prophecy). But, given the fact this author is from TX (one of the most off-the-wall states in the Union, which sends more idiots to Congress than any other), perhaps his pessimism is understandable

  • Scott Falk

    I disagree totally with your premise there Allen Clifton. This is exactly what we need right now.. Much as I like Hillary, she’s a blue dog with strong ties to Wall Street. Please don’t get me wrong, if she wins the Nomination, I will vote for her. If Bernie wins, I will vote for him. We need to steer hard to port to get the ship of state back on the correct course. Jesus, even Dick Nixon is left of Obama. Think about that for a minute. It’s high time to return to what the Democratic Party of FDR and Kennedy stood for. I’m tired of Democrat “light”. And Judging from the turn-outs Bernie has had… looks like there are a lot of us “far-lefties” out there… I also noticed that his message resonates with many of my Tea Party Libertarian friends. How about all you pundits take a 10-month vacation. This is nothing like Nader in 2000.

  • Jim Kelley

    If you are over 45, you will remember that this is exactly what the Republican establishment always said about Reagan. Now 35 years after his election we are trying to survive the horrible legacy he left. It is time for the great swing back to relative normalcy and away from this Ayn Rand fairytale that truly benefits only the wealthiest of the wealthy.

  • hjerpe

    This article fails to provide proof for any of its claims or assertions and explains none of its premises.

  • hjerpe

    Far too much is at stake to vote for anyone but Sanders

  • Renzo Entropy

    Nope, writing him in if he isn’t on the ballot. Republicans can have the white house if that’s what it takes, America will get a hell of a hard lesson from that, one that may be necessary.

    I will not vote for oligarchy any longer. It’s a return to democracy or burn it all to the ground, no third option for me.

  • AwakeInVermont

    Bernie is saying what needs to be said and Hillary is out of step. She may represent the party establishment, but she doesn’t INSPIRE anyone except for those committed to voting based on genitalia, and inspiration is what this country needs. There is a reason that voters have become an ever-shrinking segment of an increasingly apathetic citizenry; politics as usual is hard to get excited about. Hillary is politics as usual.

  • Pdrevlut1

    This is a resurgence of the American left. We are energized. We have the message, we have the ideals. And now when have our voice. To suggest that somehow it’s damaging to the party…… Then fuck that party that has abandoned us and the working class 30 years ago. We will either take our message to the people and let them decide. I say go all in. Show the people left wing politics is alive and reborn in this country.

  • Roshan

    If you say I love this guy but I can’t vote for him because he’ll make the Dems lose the election, if that’s your bottom line, you’re not a ‘forward progressive’. Sorry. Re-think. You and all the millions of others.

    • mremwo

      agreed, and what’s funny, Bernie might actually have a better chance to win the general than Hillary. Hell, I was even able to convince my lifelong GOP, fox news-watching conservative dad to at least consider him 🙂

      • Roshan

        Right, and honestly I think Bernie could win as an independent. I know, that’s a dirty word because of Nader in 2000, but the scene is very different now.

      • mremwo

        If Trump were to run as an independent, I think that what you say could definitely become a reality.

      • Roshan

        It won’t happen. Sanders pledged from the get go not to run as an independent if he lost the Dem primary, which I didn’t know when I first posted, so….business as usual.

  • maryransom55

    <—Voting for Bernie.

  • Alan Mason

    Hate to tell you, but I’d rather vote for Bernie and have a Republican win than vote for Hillary. Take away her party affiliation and she could just as well be a reasonable Republican who hadn’t gotten sucked into the Tea Party vortex. The willingness to vote for party ahead of principle is part of what’s brought our electoral system to the sad state its in.

    • Elliot Wilson

      And thus you and EVERYONE else in this comment section prove the dangers of what he warned above. That if she gets the nomination, Sanders may have whipped people up into such a frenzy that half the Democratic base stays home and doesn’t turn out to vote. Let me tell you, buddy, no matter how bad she is, Hillary Clinton at her worst is still better than the BEST Republican. And if you actually LOOKED at her record you’d see it’s NOTHING like the GOP. So thank you for refusing to vote and helping the Tea Party traitors take over America. You just sold your country out because you couldn’t handle the idea of a woman President.

      • Alan Mason

        Well, let me tell you a few things, “buddy.” I’ve been voting since George McGovern ran in ’72, and frankly I’m sick of voting for candidates who are “good enough” just so the Dodgers can beat the Yankees. The ends (getting elected) do not justify the means (compromising principles) in my book. Hillary voted to invade Iraq, supports TPP & Keystone XL, has only supported same marriage for a couple years, has a position on cannabis legalization that is behind the times, etc. Her big economics speech the other day was a weak tea version of what Sanders has been saying for years. And as far as I can see a lot of her position changes over the years have been driven as much by a desire to get votes as any deeply held principles, and I see no reason to believe that would change once she got in the Oval Office. As for your remark that I couldn’t handle a woman president, I’m not even going to dignify that with a response. What I find most amusing about your breathless rant is that by changing a few words, it would sound exactly like what we’ve been hearing for years from the teabaggers about how that evil muslim Kenyan in the White House is going to destroy everything we hold good and dear. And do yourself a favor, don’t bother to reply, I’ve also learned over the years how pointless it is to argue with a True Believer. Here, have a Tums, it might settle your stomach a bit…

      • spikeymikey

        If you look superficially and accept the premises of the DNC, then you will see a difference between the GOP and the DEMS. If not, then you will see a likeness. Your comment about selling out because the “more left than you” could not handle the idea of a woman President is insulting and is really where your f*cking head is.

  • spikeymikey

    Allen Clifton is a lightweight and shallow thinker who is arrogant, uninformed, and unthinking.

    • Elliot Wilson

      Bernie supporters are arrogant because they never answer a direct question when we ask them why Bernie Sanders isn’t reaching out to minority voters and how he could expect to get anything done with an obstructionist Congress? You seriously believe just electing him will bring instant change and an instant fix. You’re not different than the Teabaggers rewriting reality in their own heads. But thank you for helping to make their job of trying to conquer America a little easier for them.

      • spikeymikey

        Heh, thanks for knocking down that straw man. No one is thinking that there will be instant change. No one is thinking there will be an instant fix. No one is thinking that he can get anything done with an obstructionists congress. And, if you think that there is no difference between Bernie’s supporters and Tea Baggers, you are a dipshit.

  • Cowicide

    I guess they are censoring my posts now. I’m unable to respond to Wilson up there. Try here. Sanders went to jail for civil rights and marched with Martin Luther King while Clinton work for a guy who fought against civil rights.

  • Cowicide

    I guess they are censoring my posts now. I’m unable to respond to Wilson up there. Try here. Sanders went to jail for civil rights and marched with Martin Luther King while Clinton work for a guy who fought against civil rights.

  • miamimalcontent

    Hillary is the Dem who can’t win. She does not excite the base, she is establishment and has too much baggage, including Clinton fatigue. Dems do not win with just a smart, competent candidate who is clearly better than anyone the other side has to offer. The Dems have lost many, many elections with that candidate, John Kerry, Al Gore, Michael Dukakis, the list goes on. Bernie excites the base. He will excite the millenials when they get to know him, and I think he can bring out the African American vote when they get to know him. If you want a Dem, any Dem who can win, put your money on Bernie, cause Hillary will lose, Dems will stay home in droves if she is the pick. And we can’t win unless we kill at the polls.

  • Rob

    Hillary inspires apathy because she is a weak candidate. She is only in the picture because she has a famous last name and is a woman. It isn’t Bernie Sanders’ fault she has a terrible voting record on big issues and a fake personality.

    Just because you have “absolute certainty in [your] mind” (laughable line btw, am I supposed to change my vote because of your absolute certainty?) doesn’t mean everyone else should bow to your anti-democratic intimidation tactics, and vote for the spineless candidate you’ve decided is your party’s best chance to win.

    The same sex marriage analogy you present is also weak. Americans didn’t support same sex marriage in 1992. Americans do currently support a lot of the issues Bernie Sanders is running on. It’s just the mainstream press and big money politicians (and manipulative website writers like you) who are trying to convince people to vote against things they actually want and might actually be in their best interest.

  • mremwo

    It’s articles like THIS that make me not want to vote for Hillary-the-inevitable, not anything Sanders is saying or doing.

  • Roshan

    Sanders must win South Carolina. South Carolina is bursting with energy and ripe for a change. Sanders should go to small towns in South Carolina where people have nothing else to do but go hear him, as he has done successfully in North Carolina, that I am aware of. He should adjust his speeches for the minority vote and also for disaffected Red voters for the future. There should be a way to do both at the same time. He has the possibility of getting beyond these sickening, tired old cultural wars but he does have to tailor his talk.

  • jgasz

    Actually, Sanders could win the general election. People are not afraid of the world ‘socialism’ any more, and Sanders is the best I’ve ever seen at explaining what it’s all about, which is actually very similar to the anger the Tea Party has accessed, albeit in a very misguided way. In the final analysis, it’s the primary that he’s going to have trouble with. Everyone get out there and vote in the primary.

  • Victor Charles Roskowski

    Remeber folks, when you read articles such as these. The Willy nilly media Hillarys are spewing their fear. They are scared of Bernie Sanders, they are scared of political revolution. They are scared of We The People!

  • Will Parent

    This jack hole Clinton kiss up
    Is from Texas..He has no idea what the real world even looks like…Don’t believe a word he says!

  • Robert Meyer

    As the great progressive FDR said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”. Let’s not let the fear of republicans winning determine our vote. Let’s vote for the only candidate who we know is truly honest and willing to do what needs to be done to make our country great again. You know it, I know it, the only question is whether we will act on it, or whether we will let fear decide the outcome.

  • mikelevy

    You’re delusional! America is tired of Republican liars. Try though you may, your scare tactics will fail you this time out. You have no viable candidates. You’ve proven time and again you’re racists and bigots. You have no plan other than the reverse Robin Hood strategy of robbing the poor and middle class and providing the 1% with more money and power. We see you as a party that is turning our democracy into an oligarchy. In short you will not only lose but the rivets holding the Republican Party together will break. Bernie Sanders will be our next president!

  • John Smith

    The republicans know this, that’s why their bashing of Clinton is working. The author also fails to mention bernies non-practicing Jewish background and friendship with the atheist bill maher. Please people, vote this election, no matter who wins. Everyone vote, or we will be living in a theocracy in 15 years.

  • John Smith

    It’s already too late, Bernie’s supporters, unlike him, have already bought into the hype about the republican’s propaganda against Hillary. They are going around saying the same nasty things about her. This will ensure he gets the nomination. They are gonna have a field day with a “socialist” that wants to take your money. I can just see it now.

  • Booster Gold

    This is kind of a pathetic article, from a supposed group of “forward
    progressives”, and it was published 8 days after he announced his
    candidacy. I’ll forgive it since it was only a little more than a week
    after he announced.

    NO ONE has drawn the crowds Sanders has, even in red state cities
    like Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, and New Orleans. Hillary drew out 5500
    people in NYC, the most densely populated city in North America and
    extremely liberal. Sanders drew 11000 in Phoenix, a smaller city and in a
    red state.

    Sanders has the most crossover appeal. He can appeal to
    independents, and even some Republicans/conservatives/libertarians who are tired of status quo politics. And he is a hell of a lot more likely to get people to come out to vote than Hillary will. The reason Republicans have been able to do so well is because of lack of voter participation. Sanders is directly saying we need a political revolution, and for everyone to be involved. Because I guarantee if we had 80, 90, 100% voter participation, Democrats would win back the senate, house, and most state legislatures.

    He has a track record, tone of speaking, and approachable communication/demeanor that Hillary could only wish to have.

    Sanders is the only candidate who has a positive net favorability
    ranking in IA and NH. Everyone else in the poll had a negative rating.

    If Sanders wins the nomination, he will win the general I guarantee
    it. Because Sanders is not playing usual politics business as usual, he
    is starting a revolution.

  • Tina Shearer

    I guess you can eat this article for supper, Allen Clifton.

  • Grant Whittle

    If the Democrats are to win, then the silent, non-voting base of the Democratic party must get excited enough to turn out and vote. That is how Obama got elected. Hillary excites the Democratic establishment, but not the masses. Too many Democrats have soured on Hillary already, and simply will not turn out to vote with her on the ticket. And Hillary is a wedge candidate that will actually drive higher turn-out on the Republican side.

    Bernie can shake things up and actually get the masses to turn out as is happening at his rallies. Somewhat ironically, Bernie will get the young voters to turn out in droves. Bernie not only can win, he is the best opportunity to win, and to create a vibrant Democracy of the people rather than of Wall Street only. That is why corporate media keeps trying to pump up Hillary and put down Bernie.

  • PrezMtDewCamacho

    More like Hillary Clinton is. What the heck are you talking about? Bernie has armies of voters, common ones that don’t have landlines or do cell phone surveys.

    If you aren’t for Bernie you are for the Bush Clinton oligarchy. It’s time for the right choice for America, not the ” lesser of two evils.”

  • Guest

    Let’s hope so. I can’t imagine that Socialist circus clown in office. Especially with a majority Republican Congress.

  • Michael Lakritz

    Terrible article hillary fans are getting desperate. We dont have to paint her in any light she does just fine doing that for herself… And whos gonna beat bernie for prez, donald trump cmon bernie will eat him up and shit him out at the debates. Theres only one canidate that has my vote this year its bernie sanders. If hillary beats him in the primaries good luck to her but she dosnt have my vote for president….

  • baboo

    “Falling in love with idealism instead of the reality of politics”.

    This site constantly shills for Hillary Clinton, and the above quote is just double speak that means the only option is to keep pursuing the right wing policies of Ronald Reagan. The country was much more progressive in the past, and it’s ready to do that again. The corporatists in the DLC can’t argue their policies are better, so they want you to believe that anything else is “politically impossible”.


  • Ken Warfield

    Bunch of BS! JEB = Just Elect Bernie! The Revolution is coming whether you like it or not! Either get on the band wagon or get out of the way!

  • arturo

    Sander’s endgame, is when “liberals” discover that he is a Jew.

  • MSUS2005

    I’ve got news for this Allen Clifton. Bernie Sanders is of interest and getting support from far more than “far left liberals”. There are a whole lot of us moderates that get ill thinking about any of these GOP wackos getting the White House, but we also don’t think Hillary is even in the ball park of representing us. Most of the people I know are tired of supporting Wall Street Democrats that don’t represent or support us. Hillary is a better alternative than any GOP candidate in the same way Old Age is better than Death. There are a lot of us who would like a better choice of candidates than Old Age or Death and think it’s time we stood up and make our vote count. I will support Bernie Sanders over Hillary 100%. If the Wall Street establishment Democratic Party manages to defeat Bernie and establish their Wall Street darling in the Democratic Presidential candidate position we will grudgingly vote for her over any GOP wacko, but we deserve better. Much better!

  • AH

    Since democrats are the overwhelming majority of voters in the country, since Bernie IS pretty much guaranteeing a high democratic turnout, and since Moody’s (who have correctly predicted every election since the 1980s) predicts a democratic landslide, I’d say this article rates an “oops forgot to check math and facts”.

    Republicans haven’t actually won an election in this country, for a very long time, as much as democrats just haven’t turned out to vote. This year has already promised that won’t be the case.

    This article gets a “BS” score.

  • Frank L LeGrand

    Stopped reading after you stated all you care about is not letting a rebup. Win. Thats part of the problem. how can you make an informed vote if your mind is already made up. Non partisan here

  • starwomanspirit

    You’ve got it so so wrong…Bernie is the best choice to keep a Republican out of office….after all many of us independents don’t see any difference between Hillary Clinton and what has been killing the economy for the 99% for the last 40 years. I can’t imagine a better tool to get Republicans out to vote than a Democratic candidate such as Hillary Clinton…the Republicans will crawl to the polls from their death beds to vote against Hillary…on the other hand Bernie will win the White House….he just needs to get past all the status quo barriers in the way of his democratic nomination…..Independents and even many Republicans will be happy to vote for Bernie given the alternative of who the Republicans will be running. There’s no way I see Hillary as a decent second choice and too many independents (and feminists feel this way about Hillary…her record is atrocious and the Republicans will rip her apart on her god awful record.

  • Troy

    The author NAILED IT! If Bernie doesn’t win, it will be EXACTLY as it has been. One or the other purchased candidates will perform exactly as the other would have. Id rather have a candidate disagree w me, than agree w me bc he got paid to.

  • Geo. McCalip

    With all due respect, unless you have changed your opinions since May 2015, Allen Clifton, you are completely tone deaf to the American electorate. The former middle class is waking up to the fact that they have been royally screwed by the establishment in both parties. And they are not at all happy about it.

    Sure, Trump has enough of his own money to take on JEB! with the millions re has raised, but so far he has not used his own money because he has not had to. Sure, he gets lots of media attention when he says something outrageous (i.e. at least once a day), but his message also resonates with a very disgruntled former middle class.

    On The Democratic side, Bernie is the one who has the message resonating with the same voters. That explains why he is addressing crowds of tens of thousands, while Hillary holds fund raising dinners for dozens.

    You say Bernie is “not actually trying to win.” Really? Building an organization orders of magnitudes larger than what Hillary has managed to do so far is my first clue that you don’t have a clue.

    So, at least for the sake of argument, let’s say Bernie is not only trying to win, but that he gets the nomination. What then? Given the crowds and excitement he has generated so far, I believe we would see a very large turnout for the election in November. Large turnouts almost always favor progressive and Democratic candidates. Bernie has made it clear that he is building a movement. I expect him to campaign for down ticket candidates, in which case the Democrats could take back the Senate and even have a shot at taking back the House.

    If Hillary gets the nomination, according to current polls, she would be lucky to get elected. And as for coattails, I would not put money on the Democrats even getting back the Senate.

    What it really comes down to, is what is this race about? Bernie has said all along it is not about him, it is about building a movement to take America back from the oligarchs and the multinational corporations.

    Hillary’s race is all about getting Hillary elected.

    Bernie’s is a message that resonates with the voters this year. Hillary’s? Not so much.

  • AL_Nemesis

    The Democratic Party votes aren’t going to win the election. No party votes are going to win the election. The party unaffiliated voters who make up 42% of the registered voters are going to determine who will win the election. This group is made of voters who are not necessarily very liberal or very conservative, but more centrist in their views. They are just as fed up with the establishment as everyone else, but are not particularly fond of the crazy they see in the Republican nominees… neither are they fond of the establishment credentials of Hillary Clinton and her ties to Wall Street, the banking and insurance industries, and her war hawkish ways. These voters make Bernie Sanders a very viable candidate as they are unlikely to support Hillary Clinton in the general election as much as they are unlikely to support Donald Trump. They are more likely to either stay home, vote third party, or write in Bernie Sanders if Hillary Clinton is nominated rather than Bernie Sanders. Why? Because they don’t want another establishment disappointment to sell them out as President Obama ended up doing after his ‘Hope’ message failed to materialize anything of substance after his first term (why do you think the turnout for the second term elections was so much lower and so much so less enthusiastic?)

    Rather than keep saying “Bernie Sanders is unelectable” when that is clearly not the case, you should just acknowledge the simple fact all signs point to that he his, but that the DNC and HRC supporters are ignoring the reality of the independent voter and gambling on a long shot that they will just line up behind her and go with the lesser of two evils just to prevent a Republican from getting into office. Well, guess what? If HRC can’t get elected based on those supporting her from within her own party, she and her supporters can blame no one but themselves for failing to convince others to support her.

    There is a movement against the existing political establishment. It will take a more anti-establishment nominee to win the independent votes. Hillary Clinton isn’t it.

  • Mccarthy Carlos

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  • JohnWayne3

    Sanders is a total nut case. His policies, if actually carried out would see unemployment skyrocket to 20-30% (and far higher for anyone under 25). But that would be okay because the government would be there for the people and ensure that you would find bread at the end of those long lines.

    He has no plans to do anything to create jobs. He has no plans to raise the money to pay for free this and that — unless you think that raising taxes is the solution to fix everything. But in reality, that “fix” will cause companies to shut down… Yea, that’s when we “feel the burn.”

    How about his brilliant idea of getting the US out of the Middle East and do nothing until Saudi and Iran work together to solve issues in places like Syria. Yep, the guy voted NO on going to Iraq — because he knew then what would happen then and all the other 90% who voted YES are not qualified… Yep, the guy obviously knows about foreign policy — and it is actually N. Korea that we should worry about. Really?

    Bottom line: The guy has one slogan after another. But what has he actually done in his political career? Has he ever came up with a real solution to a real problem? I’ll bet NOT! Being a “nice” guy is in no way enough to be president of the USA. How will he handle a conflict with Russia or China? Offer to send some Ben & Jerry’s?

  • congressive

    I am just sick of this grammar school idiocy. Bernie isn’t “bashing” Clinton by stating verifiable fact. CLINTON is damaging Sanders and HER OWN fight against Cruz in the general election by making up bullsheisen.

    No, Sanders doesn’t want to kill every third person on Wall Street. No, Sanders won’t destroy Obamacare. No, Sanders won’t put an assault rifle in every pot.

    Clinton uses “Bernie Bros” as acceptable rhetoric but “Clinton C#nts” is sexist and offensive, when in reality misadry is as offensive as misogyny. Clinton and her army of haters drive policy-driven and scandal-weary Sanders supporters away from ever supporting any Clinton ever again for anything.

    Anyone, and I mean ANYONE who makes under two hundred grand a year and votes for anyone BUT Sanders is a useful idiot. Period.

  • Snartfarfle

    Don’t start that crap. Bernie can’t help it if the DNC cuts off its nose to spite it’s face.

  • Scott L Wilson

    Nonsense. If the democraps lose they chose a horrible corporatist in hillary. Then fixed elections and want to help big business crush middle America. This is pandering at its finest. Let the nominee be chosen at the convention.

  • Cowicide

    Right now, Bernie Sanders, if he were the Democratic nominee for president, would probably get beaten fairly in the general election.

    People like you helped to usher in Trump. Congrats. Bernie would have won.

    • meka3000

      I don’t think you get how much the gop would conflate socialism & communism in the election, if he were the candidate.

      • Cowicide

        Been there and done that (by both DNC pundits & GOP pundits) and Bernie’s the most popular politician in the nation, by far. This isn’t 2015 or earlier. Too many people get their information from other sources than FOX news and right wing radio today. That’s also why single payer is popular today as well.

      • meka3000

        Your right in 2016 he couldn’t win over registered Democrats. Nor do well with non-whites. He’s doing well at the moment. Can you guarantee nothing would change once the gop fear mongering machine takes FULL EFFECT? Don’t believe me? Ask Clinton & Obama how they fared with it.

      • Cowicide

        Your right in 2016 he couldn’t win over registered Democrats. Nor do well with non-whites.

        He was doing both in 2016 at a skyrocketing rate.

        Keep in mind, this was a wild-haired, frumpy “socialist” with very little mainstream name recognition facing an incredibly hostile corporate media (local and national) that literally hid many of his vital rallies from the public. At the same time, he was also dealing with a hostile, undermining DNC along with a well-funded establishment-coronated Hillary campaign & national media all colluding to work again him.

        What happened?

        He gained a stunning 60 points and won 22 states in about ONE YEAR.

        That’s incredibly dynamic as for any unknown, much less someone who’s absolutely feared and despised by a powerful, wealthy establishment that’d rather have someone like Trump in office than anyone who would actually tax them at a higher rate.

        Can you guarantee nothing would change once the gop fear mongering machine takes FULL EFFECT?

        The more that extremists in the (now fringe) establishment attack him, the more he rises. They can’t win. Single payer is only growing in popularity within (our now powerful) Internet-connected world and he’s very intelligently aligned himself as the main political leader on that front.

        Case in point, he has risen to extreme popularity (literally the very top of all politicans) with a corporate machine that has been in full effect to discredit him.

        They’ve tried the socialist angle, it’s failed. They’ve tried to paint him as just as corrupt as the establishment, it’s failed. They’ve screamed and cried he’s a commie, that’s been laughed off by the majority today.

        I would completely agree with you in 2015 (and the earlier you go) that Bernie would still be struggling in the face of a corporate media machine, however, this is 2017 and their influence is dwindling rapidly in the face of a massive online & offline movements that share facts that circumvent a lot of the manufactured consent of the corporate media machine.

        Times have changed and my strategies have evolved with those changes. Just a few years ago, I felt the best strategy was a “lesser evil” tact, but the dynamics have radically changed since then and I’ve adjusted within this new environment.

        Bernie’s success has gone vastly further than many of us (who fomented his early rise) expected. I don’t underestimate the power of the GOP and I do think we’re still in for a lengthy battle, but I also see where the establishment has reached peak hubris of such epic proportions that they’ve been radically overestimating their power at the same time and making devastating mistakes lately (we’ve been capitalizing on) that I haven’t seen since Obama was first elected.

        Don’t believe me? Ask Clinton & Obama how they fared with it.

        With minor exceptions, Clinton has very little in common with Bernie’s dynamic, IMO.

        However, Obama is a little bit closer dynamic to Bernie at least in the sense he won in a historic landslide when he faced the GOP when he ran on progressive agendas. Obama and the DNC only lost power to the GOP when they abandoned many, key progressive agendas they promised to fight for.

        The reason Bernie is the most popular politician in the United States by far is due to the fact that even his detractors admit he’s NOT backing down like Obama or any other corporate Democrats do.

        This is the key to his current and continued success that’s only rising as time and establishment pressure to destroy him increased.

        Plenty of evidence shows this is our current dynamic (evidence within my post):

        Yep, Obama promised single payer, had the environment he asked for to accomplish it, and bailed on it with other corporate Democrats and they’ve been losing their asses to the GOP ever since (again, evidence within my post):

        And, finally, more crushing evidence within the content of my post here:

      • meka3000

        Skyrocketing with registered Dems and non-whites? Based on what data?

        No the DNC did not undermine Bernie.

      • Cowicide

        The DNC admitted hey undermined Bernie, apologized for it and fired DWS. And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg if you bother with a modicum of research. You’re terribly misinformed.

      • meka3000

        Your the one misinformed. DWS resigned, not fired.

        DNC did not admit to undermining bernie. Even the Turks (the plaintiffs lawyers) admit that here:

      • Cowicide

        Don’t be stupid and pedantic, in the political world being forced to resign is the same as being fired.

        And, the DNC admitted and apologized:

        Try better research skills…………….. or less willfully obtuse attempts at misdirections that no one with a brain with fall for.

      • meka3000

        No it’s not. One is done out of ones free will the other isn’t.

        The DNC appologized in the link. But their apology was generic and no where was there a categorical confession of them sabotaging Bernie’s efforts. Their apology could’ve been about calling weaver a liar, or other moments where they spoke about him not understanding the DNC. There was more than one thing for them to be sorry over. Try some actual critical thinking/interpretation instead of confirmation bias.

      • Cowicide

        One is done out of ones own free will the other isn’t.

        Are you really this misinformed or just stu…

        Sorry, but you lack the intelligence and/or are too disingenuous for a rational, constructive discussion.

        In other words, you’re either trolling me or dumb. Either way, you’re a bore and no longer worth my time. Bye.

      • meka3000

        In other words, you’ve got nothing after 4 days of looking for anything that can debunk my rebuttal, but you can’t. And are resorting to the weakest tool those who can’t win a debate use. Belittling the person debating you.