Bernie Sanders Blasts Republicans For Wasting Time And Making Things Worse

bernie-sandersThe Republican Party has repeatedly tried to repeal or defund Obamacare since it was passed. I’ve lost count of the number of times they’ve tried to overturn the law, despite the fact they have almost no chance of doing so as long as there is a Democrat in the White House.

Vermont senator and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has spoken out against the latest repeal attempt by Republicans, calling it “a complete waste of time.”

Via The Hill:

“What this legislation does is move us in exactly the wrong direction,” he said. “The bill we are debating today is a complete waste of time. … We have a health care crisis and this bill makes the crisis much worse.”

Sanders, who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination, added that he’s strongly opposed to the repeal package, which he said underscored “how far removed the Republicans here in Congress are from the realities of American life and the needs of the American people.”

The Senate is expected to take up the repeal legislation this week. Republicans will only need 51 votes to get it through the upper chamber under the budget reconciliation process. (Source)

Bernie Sanders is right. Not only is this bill a waste of time, it is yet another attempt by the GOP to pander to their constituents while wasting taxpayer dollars for political points.

Obamacare has significantly lowered the number of uninsured Americans, and it has expanded health insurance under Medicaid to working people who didn’t previously qualify due to their income. Obamacare isn’t perfect, but it is far better than anything the GOP has proposed as an option.

Even some conservative states have grudgingly accepted Obamacare, but Republicans in Congress continue to fight a battle that they lost long ago.

If Republicans were to successfully repeal the Affordable Care Act, they would deny health care access to millions of Americans, including many of their own constituents.

Bernie Sanders is the voice of reason in a Congress that has been taken over by some of the most radical Republicans any of us have seen in our lifetimes.  This is a political party that has no reasonable alternative to Obamacare, and claims that the “free market” should dictate who gets health care, and who shouldn’t. This is a party with voters who cheered at the hypothetical death of someone who didn’t have health insurance during the 2012 GOP debates, while claiming to be “pro-life.”

Combined with the thinly veiled racism of Donald Trump, and the radical ideology of Ted Cruz, the assault on Obamacare is a losing strategy that the GOP has continued to pursue. As Howard Dean said last night on All In with Chris Hayes, this a problem of their own making – this is the beast that they have created.

Republicans cannot win by further disenfranchising the poorest Americans from health care and the right to vote. They cannot remain viable as a political party by moving further toward fascism and right-wing rhetoric. If they had any political sense, they would listen to Bernie Sanders when he says that this latest attempt to repeal Obamacare is a waste of time. The GOP has painted themselves into a corner, and if we turn out to vote in every election, we can finish them off once and for all.


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