Bernie Sanders Defeats Hillary Clinton in Utah Caucus

With three states going to the polls tonight (Utah/Arizona/Idaho), there are a total of 131 delegates on the line for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Though with Clinton sweeping all five states last week, tonight is clearly far more important for Sanders. While there aren’t a great deal of delegates to be won this evening, Sanders must start chipping into Clinton’s 319 delegate lead immediately if he wants to stand any shot at catching up to her. Especially considering, as Nate Silver pointed out, the senator from Vermont needs to win 58 percent of all remaining delegates from here on out to tie Hillary Clinton.

Therefore, it’s very good news for the Sanders campaign that he’s been declared the winner in Utah. While it will still be a while before we know the final results, he’s going to leave Utah with more delegates than Clinton which is something his campaign desperately needed. While Utah only has 33 delegates, any state where he leaves with more than Clinton is good news for his campaign.

Most people expected Sanders to do well in Utah, so his win shouldn’t surprise a great deal of people.

What’s this mean going forward? Well, not a whole lot. I think even the Clinton campaign knew Sanders was winning Utah. Now it’s just a matter of whether or not Sanders can hit that key “58 percent” mark he needs to put him on the path to catching up to Hillary.

With Idaho likely to go his way as well, Arizona is really the only state that’s questionable this evening. Though with 75 delegates (more than Utah and Idaho combined), Arizona is the place that could really make or break the night for Bernie Sanders. If he manages to win all three contests, that’s fantastic news for the Sanders campaign. But if he were to happen to lose Arizona, especially by 10 or 15 points, it could erase any gains he might have made by winning Utah and, mostly likely, Idaho.

I guess we’ll all soon find out!

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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