Bernie Sanders Is The Truly Progressive Candidate, Not Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders 1A lot of people, myself included, didn’t expect Senator Bernie Sanders to run for president in 2016. While I certainly welcomed the possibility that he would challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, I figured that he would do little more than push her to the left and force her to talk about issues many progressives have been wanting her to address and stake out a position on. That would eventually make her a stronger candidate than if she were to run without any serious opposition – at least that’s what I thought.

My assumptions were wrong, and I couldn’t be happier about the fact that not only is Bernie Sanders running, but he’s finding an incredible amount of support right out of the gate.

Sen. Bernie Sanders raised more than $1.5 million in the 24-hours since he announced his presidential run, his campaign announced Friday.

It’s a strong performance for a candidate many pundits have dismissed as fringe, outpacing Republican candidates who have recently announced. Sen. Marco Rubio raised $1.25 million in the day after announcing his campaign, Sen. Ted Cruz raised $1 million, while Sen. Rand Paul raised about $750,000.

Sanders, an independent senator from Vermont, announced Thursday that he will run for president as a Democrat, challenging former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. (Source)

There are many Democrat and independent voters who weren’t happy with being told that they should go ahead and get behind Hillary Clinton because she was inevitable, and it was time to elect a woman as president anyhow. Sit down, shut up and support Hillary Clinton – that’s the way we were hearing it from the pundits who have been preaching against any opposition to her candidacy. There’s two problems with that. First, who has the right to tell voters to accept a candidate before anyone else announces that they’re running? Sure, if she wins the nomination, I’ll vote for her in the general election, but shouldn’t I have a choice in the primaries? Second, not only do we want Bernie Sanders in this race, we need him in this race. From former Clinton counselor Bill Curry writing for Salon:

Sanders can teach today’s progressives how to be more like their forebears, who won elections and historic reforms by prosecuting their cases with fact and logic. Sanders is bright and articulate enough to pull it off. In so doing he could redefine what it means to be a candidate. He might even persuade a few folks that calculation and charisma count for less than intelligence, character and conviction.

Pundits say Sanders will drive Clinton to the left. Maybe so, but it would be enough to drive her to greater specificity. A shallow, malleable press drools over Clinton’s new populist patois, which thus far contains nothing by way of content. Her people say she’s bent on not repeating her 2008 campaign, but she seems more bent on replaying Obama’s. It’s just as big a mistake. (Source)

I certainly hope Bernie Sanders does win the nomination, but as I said before, faced with the choice of Hillary Clinton or a Republican in the White House, I’m obviously going to choose Hillary. I like Bernie Sanders because not only does he support getting money out of politics, he’s actually putting his money where his mouth is (no pun intended) by refusing to be part of a Super PAC or take any money from Wall Street – something Hillary hasn’t done.

Can she win when matched up with any of the potential Republican candidates? Sure she can, but don’t count out Bernie Sanders either. What’s more, Hillary Clinton does not do well when matched against Rand Paul but Bernie Sanders has the ability to win over many libertarians who don’t trust Rand Paul and would agree with Senator Sanders on issues like ending the War on Drugs, reducing military spending and ending domestic surveillance programs.

Bernie Sanders has been a progressive for his entire career and has shown that you don’t need massive amounts of money to win an election if you have a message that voters identify with. Hillary Clinton has a much shorter political career and is more of a center-right Democrat who voted to authorize the Iraq War, whereas Bernie Sanders voted against it. Ideally, a candidate should not only have a message that connects with the majority of voters, but they should be able to excite and energize the base as well – and nothing excites me less than being told that a candidate is inevitable and that I need to sit down, shut up, and support her.


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  • Clintoris

    This fool embraces Scandinavian socialism.Sorry but that would never work in our country with its population and demographics.Do you people realize how high the taxes are in those countries?Or would you just have the wealthy pay for everything?

    • Ava

      He may support the Socialistic ideologies of other nations, but has never suggested that they be imposed on America. He understands and embraces the Free Market system that we have while simultaneously understanding that closing tax loopholes for the wealthy (as you stated with “Or would you just have the wealthy pay for everything?”) is necessary.

    • BobJThompson

      And what has their mountains of cash sitting in their bank accounts done for America? When’s it supposed to trickle down? Over 30 years and STILL waiting for it…

    • Dave Bak

      The Scandinavian Democratic Socialist governments do quite well for their people. Free education thru college, health care for all, etc, AND a better standard of living!

      • Bill Adams

        Exactly. And this is just what our “conservative” pals do not want to hear. A better, healthier, stronger (and happier) population at the cost of the ridiculous notion of “American Exceptionalism”. These people are one huge reason why democratic socialism will never be a part of our country. Their stone-headed static belief is that change is bad, evil and anti-American, unless Ronny Reagan started it.


    If by “Progressive you mean he’s a communist they yes you are correct but Hillary runs a close second. I’ll bet Bernie never spent time in the Soviet Union as an underclassman commie in the making like she and Bill did.

    • Fred Jones

      The Soviet Union was neither a communist or socialist country. It was a dictatorship. Comparing the two isn’t valid. If you long for our good old days of the 50’s when we had a middle class, taxes on the high income producers was at least 50% without all the loopholes and we didn’t have all the corporate free trade agreements that allowed companies to hide money elsewhere while extracting profits here. Bernie actually makes sense.

    • Nicole Friedrich

      Educate the masses. Post office => socialism, fire halls, trucks and
      men => socialism, light houses => socialism, public roads =>
      socialism, parks => socialism, libraries => socialism,
      environmental protections => socialism, community standards,
      including building codes and food safety => socialism, public
      infrastructure => socialism, social security => socialism, FDR’s
      New Deal => socialism.

      • Bill Adams

        Bravo! Excellent examples of socialism already in effect.

    • avianeddy

      it’s a good thing trolls cant vote

      • I-RIGHT-I

        One thing I’m going to vote for is to disallow the useless eaters the privilege to vote. If you’re on welfare you don’t vote. If you don’t own real property you don’t vote. If you work for the government (not active and retired military) you don’t vote.
        I don’t see why people like you should be able to vote your government check on the backs of people who actually have skin in the American game.

      • Xena Amazon

        Who says that people on welfare don’t have skin in the game? You are seriously uninformed.

    • mt56

      Careful, your lack of understanding is showing…

      • I-RIGHT-I

        Don’t be ridiculous…oh, never mind too late. lol I can tell by your picture you’re way too stupid to school me about anything. Yes, I’m that good.

    • Xena Amazon

      What???? Bernie HONEYMOONED in the USSR! You are delusional. And Bernie went on video praising Fidel Castro. Do i like Bernie’s ideas and policies? I sure do. But he will NEVER win the general election. I will vote for him if he takes the Democratic nomination, but if he does, the Republicans will take the WH in November.

  • bestfriend

    Bernie wants to help the folks. He really is offering us hope with the changes he plans on making

  • nancyincali

    Too bad Bernie is pro-Guns. I’d rather support a real Democrat who can WIN. GO HILLARY.

    • Dave Bak

      Baloney. How quickly this smear has travelled. Quite BS.

  • avianeddy

    “He’s a socialist”
    so FUCKING what? Your crony-Capitalism has done NOTHING for us! Maybe you baby boomers squeezed your good share of juice, but after you outsourced the jobs, deregulated the banks, destroyed unions, started endless wars, and wrecked the ecosystem… we HAVE NOTHING! So fuck it, I’ll take just about ANYTHING over your broken system

    • Bill Adams

      You’re right. As soon as someone mentions socialism, heads explode. This country could benefit greatly from a good dose of socialized programs like free health care, free collegiate education, free job training, etc. There is absolutely no excuse for the huge amount of hunger and poverty in this country. Socialistic programs can alleviate this…
      The rest of the world sees America as we are. But most of us are blinded by our own arrogance and the nonsense that we are an “exceptional” country. Josef Stalin first coined that phrase, and guess what… it wasn’t in a good way.

    • Carol Fregosi

      Don’t want socialism??? You better move than because there are already many scholastic programs you benefit from, ie. Highways, fire departments, water, sewage, library, schools, social security, even your insurance policies are built on socialistic principles. Find yourself a desearted island and live there.

  • Maurice Jaure

    The dude essentially advocates social market economics aka Rhine Capitalism of the modern-day German variety, which is very similar to what we enjoyed during the “Golden Age of Capitalism”. He’s still very much a capitalist and isn’t proposing “state-takeover”. People are so fact-immune, and hear the term “socialism” and go all apoplectic.

  • jimshannon

    Bernie won’t win a general election. He talks big, but won’t be able to deliver any of his big ideas. He might as well be a Republican for all the good his primary run does liberals. Latinos, Black people and Women know this, but have been bullied into keeping quiet. Your tactics and your candidate will lose.