Bernie Sanders, Not Donald Trump, Has A Plan To ‘Make America Great Again’

balance-bernie0memeWhile Republican presidential candidates are stoking the fears of conservative voters, Bernie Sanders is proposing real ideas to fix the problems facing our country.

Bernie Sanders was in Nevada earlier this week and spoke in an interview where he laid out the issues America faces, like income inequality and the high cost of going to college.

Here’s a portion of the interview with KSNV News 3’s Gerard Ramahlo:

“A minimum wage of 7.25 an hour, frankly that’s a starvation wage.” He says, “It has to be raised whether you’re conservative or progressive I think that 15 bucks an hour over the next couple years… we need to create millions of decent paying jobs in this country by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. We need pay equity for women workers, we need a trade policy that work for workers in this country and not allowing corporations to go to China or Vietnam or other low-wage countries.”

Another key point of his platform, and one that seems to be resonating with students: free tuition at public colleges and universities.

“How are we going to fund it? We’re going to fund it through a tax on Wall Street speculation. When Wall Street greed drove this country into a major economic recession, the middle class bailed them out, now it’s time for Wall Street, they’re doing great right now, to help the middle class, and help our young people pay-off their student debts.” (Source)

We’re spending billions on defense contracts, which are often unaudited and wasteful. Bernie Sanders has spoken out about waste in government, even as conservatives repeatedly try to slash the social safety net to give more money to defense contractors and tax breaks for the richest Americans.

Our roads and bridges are crumbling while we spend billions on foreign aid and many billions more on war. Here in our own country, our infrastructure needs work, but spending taxpayer dollars on that and putting millions of people to work at well-paying jobs is considered unnecessary by Congress.

We ask our young men and women to join the military, and send them to places like Iraq or Afghanistan where we’ve been involved longer than the Vietnam War, but then there’s little money to spend on their healthcare when they get back. Politicians and our media make a big deal about honoring veterans, but when it comes time to take care of their medical needs, suddenly it’s “too expensive.”

The difference between Bernie Sanders and the Republican candidates is that they are offering nothing in the way of solutions for our country, while he is showing us how to make America great again – unlike Donald Trump’s pompous speeches full of bluster but lacking substance.

Conservatives are demonizing the poor and those who receive government assistance, disregarding the fact that many of them work, and sometimes are even members of the United States military. This isn’t a way to make America great again; they’re rubbing the poorest Americans’ noses in their problems and telling these people it isn’t our job to help them out of poverty or get a better education.

There isn’t one member of the Republican field who offers a blueprint to make America great again, just empty platitudes about rugged individualism and desperate appeals to religious conservatives.

This isn’t the way to fix the problems our country faces, it’s a way to make income inequality worse – which is what the GOP has wanted all along.


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