Bernie Sanders Represents America’s Working Class, Not Donald Trump

Bernie SandersHere in Louisiana and across the country, many white working class people have subscribed to the rhetoric of Donald Trump’s campaign and have rejected Bernie Sanders as being a “communist” – despite the fact his policies would benefit them. Faced with growing income inequality, rising healthcare costs and a lack of jobs, they have blamed everyone else for their problems.

Thanks to centuries of the richest people convincing the working class to vote and fight against their own interests, the United States continues to struggle with poverty and racism.

This isn’t a new phenomenon. As I have previously written, Donald Trump’s rise to popularity mirrors the rebirth of the KKK in 1915, as well as other anti-immigrant and anti-labor movements in American history. Even many other Republicans have rejected his xenophobic rhetoric as we saw yesterday with the sky-writing over the Rose Bowl, paid for by a GOP millionaire from Alabama.

According to Bernie Sanders, people are starting to realize that the GOP and Donald Trump don’t have their best interests in mind.

“It appears that Mr. Trump is getting nervous that working families are catching on that his policies represent the interests of the billionaire class against almost everyone else. He refuses to support raising the minimum wage. He believes wages are too high and he wants to provide hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the very richest families in America. That’s not an agenda that ‘makes America great.’ It’s just another Republican billionaire wanting to make the very rich richer at the expense of working families.” (Source)

Louisiana and the rest of the Bible Belt are all prime examples of the success of the GOP’s “Southern Strategy.” As Democrats moved away from the racial politics of the Jim Crow Era, Republicans capitalized on recruiting angry white working class people who felt like they had been abandoned by their party.

Despite the agenda of the New Deal, and in face of desegregation, these voters flocked to the Republican Party, which wasn’t as radical then as it is today. As conservative as Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan were, they would be considered to be leftists by the current GOP base.

After years of convincing the working class to vote against their self interests, Bernie Sanders is right, the GOP has failed them. Many of these people are finally figuring this out, and the populist campaign of Bernie Sanders is catching on in places that Democrats have struggled in recent years.

In states like Louisiana, he is drawing thousands of people to his rallies, and they aren’t the typical Democratic base. Sanders is revisiting Howard Dean’s 50 state strategy that captured Congress again in 2006, which has swelled support with independent voters like myself, and even some moderate Republicans.

The GOP fringe, led by Donald Trump, is once again trying to convince working class people to embrace hatred and divert more of the wealth to the 1%. America’s voters can finally reject the great scam of the Republican Party and Wall Street, by electing Bernie Sanders as our next president – and removing the GOP from Congress.


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