Bible Verse Allegedly Drove Woman to Murder 2-Year-Old Girl and Attempt to Murder Girl’s 10-Year-Old Brother

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It’s a story that can only be described as absolutely horrifying.

Kimberly Dawn Lucas was arrested in Florida for allegedly drowning her partner’s 2-year-old daughter and attempting to murder the girl’s 10-year-old brother by poisoning.

On Sunday, Lucas apparently attended a sermon by Metropolitan Community Church pastor Lea Brown where the pastor discussed Genesis 22, which is the story where Abraham is told by God to sacrifice his son Isaac in a test of faith.  But right before Abraham is set to do this, an angel is sent to stop Abraham, revealing that it was all just a test of his faith in God.

Lucas is being accused of trying to recreate such an event, writing in a would-be suicide note that God did not send her a message to stop.

Police reportedly found the note typed on her computer, stating the following:

In YOUR WORDS “WHEN YOU ARE LAYING IN BED AT NIGHT REMEMBER YOU F*CKING DID THIS TO YOURSELF! Lea’s sermon really, really touched me yesterday but God never told me to stop. Hell is what we through on Earth. Enjoyed your life with possiblego out without us, he manage but give you finally what you what want because apparently over the past 20 years I was not able to. Love you Always Kimberly.

Outside of possibly being motivated by a sermon and Bible verse, I’d guess this woman had other issues going on as well.

According to police Lucas tried to give the children pills, telling the 10-year-old that they would make him grow faster, so he took them.  However the 2-year-old apparently refused to take them.

Soon after the boy felt dizzy and laid down on his bed.  When he woke up Lucas was passed out next to him, but his sister was no where to be found.

That’s when, according to reports, the boy noticed the bathroom door was locked.  He located a knife, managing to pry the door open, where he discovered his sister’s body submerged in the bathtub.

While I’m sure many will try to blame the pastor for giving a sermon on that particular piece of scripture, I don’t believe that’s at all fair.  While the sermon might have given Lucas some kind of sick idea to carry out such a heinous act, to say that the “pastor should have known better” is ridiculous.

The only person to blame here is this sick monster.  Though I might question the judgement of her partner for allowing her to take care of these children, but none of us can know the circumstances behind any of that.

But no matter what led Lucas to commit such a heinous act, the end result is absolutely heartbreaking and downright terrifying.

Allen Clifton

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  • Worldpatriot

    The other culprit here is religious belief ! Who believes in absurdities will commit atrocities.

  • Guile Williams

    Another reason I don’t believe in the bible. The true test of faith is in life, not death. Your actions throughout life is the test and you will be judged based on those actions.

    • gian keys flat mom

      im a total religion hater—-hater of all religion based upon what it has done to man thru history. the bible DOES have some good stuff; as many books do– however mad magazine also has some good stuff so lets get the fervent FOLLOWERS of the BIBLE ( see: Christians) to follow mad magazine????

  • gian keys flat mom

    cant blame religion ( and I HATE religion) here; this is a deranged woman who used a faulty ” excuse” to do what she wanted to do all along.
    that being said,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, why is religion– and all the NON thinkers that follow it KNOWING that it is problematic– still around????

    • James Maseo Brown

      Not every religious person is crazy, but damn near every crazy person is religious.