Big Government Hypocrite Rick Perry DESPERATELY Wants Control Over Women’s Bodies

rickperry5Remember how I said earlier today that we couldn’t rest on our laurels and that today was just one battle won in a longer struggle against the radical right? Well, while we’ve all been celebrating Wendy Davis’ courageous and successful filibuster for women’s rights in Texas last night, and the defeat of DOMA and Prop 8 this morning, Texas Governor Rick Perry has already scheduled another special session in the state to pass the anti-choice legislation Senator Davis filibustered against.

While many of us contently celebrated victory, it looks like Senator Davis better put her pink Mizuno tennis shoes back on because on July 1st, Texas is back open for business (and for wasting more taxpayer dollars). Except this time, it’s predicted that it will be much harder for Democrats to try to block from passing. This should have been expected — especially after Republicans in the Texas Senate corruptly ended Davis’ filibuster and then tried to change the time stamp on when their vote to pass SB5 occurred. How desperate do you have to be to try to blatantly break the rules, knowing that there are plenty of people watching? After all of that, you’d have to be extremely naive to think that Rick Perry would have just accepted defeat and moved on. That would be the classy, small government thing to do — and we all know Rick Perry’s actions have proven he’s anything but “classy” or “small government.”

The plain and simple fact of the matter is that whether it is in “red states” or in the tea party controlled Congress, the attempt to infringe in every way possible upon a woman’s Constitutional right as decided in Roe v. Wade has been in overdrive since 2010. Governor Perry is the very same man who claims to be “pro-life” and yet just presided over the 500th execution in Texas since it was reinstated there in 1982. In fact, he has presided over more than half of the executions as governor and more than any other state executive in the history of the United States.

Governor Perry, please spare us the sanctimonious, hypocritical line of bull that you’ve been feeding the Texas public and the media. You’re not “pro-life,” not by any stretch of the imagination. You cannot complain about oppressive big government from Washington while you try to put government in every women’s clinic and a bureaucrat in every woman’s reproductive system in your state. You’re not “pro-life” when you have personally signed the death warrant for more people than any other governor since our country was founded. Let’s face it Governor Perry, the days of the right-wing agenda are just as numbered as the days of your relevance politically. Eventually, Texas will turn Blue and I hope the person who replaces you is none other than Senator Wendy Davis.


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