Big Government Hypocrite Rick Perry DESPERATELY Wants Control Over Women’s Bodies

rickperry5Remember how I said earlier today that we couldn’t rest on our laurels and that today was just one battle won in a longer struggle against the radical right? Well, while we’ve all been celebrating Wendy Davis’ courageous and successful filibuster for women’s rights in Texas last night, and the defeat of DOMA and Prop 8 this morning, Texas Governor Rick Perry has already scheduled another special session in the state to pass the anti-choice legislation Senator Davis filibustered against.

While many of us contently celebrated victory, it looks like Senator Davis better put her pink Mizuno tennis shoes back on because on July 1st, Texas is back open for business (and for wasting more taxpayer dollars). Except this time, it’s predicted that it will be much harder for Democrats to try to block from passing. This should have been expected — especially after Republicans in the Texas Senate corruptly ended Davis’ filibuster and then tried to change the time stamp on when their vote to pass SB5 occurred. How desperate do you have to be to try to blatantly break the rules, knowing that there are plenty of people watching? After all of that, you’d have to be extremely naive to think that Rick Perry would have just accepted defeat and moved on. That would be the classy, small government thing to do — and we all know Rick Perry’s actions have proven he’s anything but “classy” or “small government.”

The plain and simple fact of the matter is that whether it is in “red states” or in the tea party controlled Congress, the attempt to infringe in every way possible upon a woman’s Constitutional right as decided in Roe v. Wade has been in overdrive since 2010. Governor Perry is the very same man who claims to be “pro-life” and yet just presided over the 500th execution in Texas since it was reinstated there in 1982. In fact, he has presided over more than half of the executions as governor and more than any other state executive in the history of the United States.

Governor Perry, please spare us the sanctimonious, hypocritical line of bull that you’ve been feeding the Texas public and the media. You’re not “pro-life,” not by any stretch of the imagination. You cannot complain about oppressive big government from Washington while you try to put government in every women’s clinic and a bureaucrat in every woman’s reproductive system in your state. You’re not “pro-life” when you have personally signed the death warrant for more people than any other governor since our country was founded. Let’s face it Governor Perry, the days of the right-wing agenda are just as numbered as the days of your relevance politically. Eventually, Texas will turn Blue and I hope the person who replaces you is none other than Senator Wendy Davis.


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  • HeavenstoBetsy

    Didnt Gov Perry say yesterday “All life is precious in Texas” or something to that effect

    then today the 500th inmate to be put to death since 1982,

    All life, huh?

  • Donnie Ray

    … I’d totally vote for Davis!

    • Vivian E McPherson


      • saganhill

        Because she stands for pro-choice!? She stands for women’s rights? She stands for keeping idiot religious asshats out of women’s vaginas.

      • The Slide Inn

        How could you even ask that question, it’s a given why one might oppose such an idiot?

      • Angela Bell

        How can you ask that, and still call yourself a woman??

  • Vivian E McPherson

    Can the people of Texas impeach this idiot????

    • Aften

      I don’t think there are enough people who are conscious of his stupidity to do so.

    • lobo214

      It will be much more effective to concentrate on replacing him and as many of his accomplices as possible on Nov. 4, 2014.

  • Matt

    This is a human rights issue – not a woman’s right issues. When our society believes life isn’t valuable and is ok physically dismembering body parts of a unborn children (that most certainty feels the pain) you most certainly will find people like Gov Perry who will fight to slow that down. This is not a religious issue either. This is a human rights issue of those not born yet deserve protection. Especially from mothers who are terminating out of convenience for themselves. Rape/Incest is another story, one far less common.

    • Monica

      The fact that a commentor named “Matt” is pretending that medical research supports his entirely emotional rationale for denying women bodily autonomy belies the claim that this isn’t a woman’s rights issue. Take your patriarchy and shove it.

      • I laughed. It’s so true. “This isn’t a women’s issue, it’s human rights.” Sooooooooooo other humans have rights to my body because I’m a woman, so therefore I have no autonomous rights because Matt is a patriarchal-fed idiot who thinks his opinion about abortion is more important than my bodily autonomy. Trolls like Matt come out of the woodwork all the time, DON’T ENGAGE. Hahahaha they will use circular logic to make your brain explode in rage.

      • Matt

        Amanda, would you oppose full term abortions? Meaning, would like to see abortions take place all the way up to 9 months?

      • Tex

        It is not our business what women choose to do with their own bodies, or what anyone does with their own body for that matter. That would be the first step in taking away everyone’s freedoms in this country. Besides, over population is going to drive our species to extinction quicker than everyone realizes. We’re already sucking up precious resources faster than the world can handle, we don’t need abortion to be illegal…hence driving the population up even further.

    • Aloanstar

      Abortion after 20 weeks is less common than rape or incest. Perry’s main agenda is not to protect life, but to narrow down the clinics in Texas to only 5. He has tried many times to shut down Planned Parenthood in this state all together. PP does much more than offer abortions. Many women depend of them for exams and issues, totally unrelated to abortions. But all in all, the fact remains that women should be able to make their own decisions when it pertains to their own bodies, not the state government. If men could get pregnant, you can believe there would be a clinic on every street corner.

    • The Slide Inn

      Then how do you fit the killing of inmates in Texas into your “box”

      A life that “could” be innocent?

      Yes, and then there is Rape/incest though it is less common “it” happens, then what happens to “that” women’s rights?

      Your logic only applies if you appose capital punishment, and possibly you do?

      • Matt

        I oppose capital punishment, yes.

      • Venus Nelson

        how can you be against capital punishment?

    • Jamie

      Poor Matt. He can’t help it. Those dead brain cells are forever gone no matter how hard the rest of us try to help. It’s a brain cell rights issue, not a Matt’e rights issue.

    • Dustin Neumann

      You don’t have a problem with your religion cutting off part of a babies penis tho do ya?

      • Matt

        I’m not religious.

    • lobo214

      This is a human rights issue. Including the rights of women that Perry and his accomplices try to subjugate; the rights of living children that they have cut funding for healthcare, education, food and any other assistance needed.
      Perry and his accomplices decide who is deserving of those human rights
      according to their political, religious, ideological and financial viewpoint, and in order to divert funding to increase their own profit margins and the profit margins of the people and corporations they really work for instead of middle class and poor Americans who are also part of “We the People”.

    • John LaCroix

      Odd position you have. It is ok to “…physically dismember body parts or unborn children”….unless it’s the product of rape/incest? So in your own little moral world you have already distinguished between who is, and who is not “deserving of protection”. Kind of like being “pro-life” and cheering whenever the state performs an execution. Pure hypocrisy.

      This is why we need to keep government out of our personal lives, because the government is us, and many of us are MORONS.

    • Taylor

      Did you know that a woman is raped every single minute in America? You’ll be surprised to find that 700,000 people are raped every year…yes, it does happen often.

  • Sherri G

    This is not about abortions…this about the American “Christian” Taliban stealing my God-given free will and American Constitutional Right to my own life, liberty and happiness.

    This is about my RIGHTS as a HUMAN BEING to decide what is best for me, not some ultra conservative “selective bible-twisting to suit my theology” white man in a political position.

    This is about treating WOMEN better than second-rate citizens and recognizing that we have equal intelligence and are capable of making personal decisions without a MAN telling us what we can and can’t do.

    • SaMoFo

      I’m laughing at this as I post this. It makes you think about the similarities of the Taliban and their hard handed approach to women’s rights in those countries. While we haven’t approached those tactics (yet), the religious extremists in this country are moving quickly to force upon the FREE American people its less than moral views on the majority of people who do not want it. It’s just so simple, if you don’t agree with something, turn your back to it. No one is infringing upon the religious rights of Americans that chose to disagree with an idea. But initiating laws to supersede the free will and rights of Americans based on religious views has no place in our society. And considering there is separation between church and state in our nation, how is religion in our laws even a talking point? Religious citizens are quite capable of ignoring something they do not agree with. But forcing your beliefs upon the whole of society is showing the amount of intolerance the “tolerant” religious do not have. America has catered to the religious for far to long. Keep religion out of lawmaking and make it about logical choices and the need of its people.

      • Baaly

        Thank Sorkin for coming up with the “American Taliban”. I’ve used that term on numerous occasions in relation to the theocrats which govern the GOP.

        I adore the hypocrisy spouted about the ‘missions’ in war torn countries to establish a democracy, just like ours…when we’re getting bastardized religious dogma thrown down out throats (and threatened to be thrown into our system of governance) on a daily basis.

        As a woman living in Texas, and an atheist to boot, I do not want the likes of Perry telling me where, when, how or what to do with my body. It’s my property..not the State of Texas’. I care nothing about their personal religious views, only that they don’t infringe on my rights, which are constitutionally given.

        This nation was NOT founded on xtian principles. It is not a theorcracy. I just wish the GOP would realize that.

  • memeremalek

    Rick Perry, America’s own Adolf Hitler. Doesn’t get his way so changes the rules to further his own personal agenda, ignoring what his constituents clearly want. Lying corrupt fascist. Glad I don’t live in TX. My heart goes out to all the women living under his iron fist.

  • mom

    I don’t think anyone should have the right to kill a baby! Why so angry at him we need people on both sides of every issue to create balance. Grow up and quit being so close minded and hateful!

    • Dustin Neumann

      I think we all agree. These are not baby’s tho. They are cell clusters at best. Thanks for playing tho!

    • Baaly

      Killing babies is called infanticide. Infanticide is not abortion.

  • MissVivi

    Shut up Matt, your the same type of being that is pro-life but against gun control right? Plus who the fuck here thinks they have the right to judge and dictate what someone should do or how they feel needs to go into therapy and work on their own issues and problems. As a human being we are entitled to our own choices, albeit positive or negative and trust me any female who is of sound mind will live with that burden for the rest of her life. This isn’t just about whores and smuts using abortion as a means of birth control, this would greatly affect females who need “abortions” to remove still-borns, fetuses who are growing on the Fallopian tubes rather than inside the uterus, endometris pregnancies where the fetus is behaving more as a parasite than an actual developing human. I can go on and on with medical reasons but keep in mind INSURANCE COMPANIES WILL PAY FOR VIAGRA BUT NOT BIRTH CONTROL WHICH WOULD ESSENTIALLY KEEP THE WOMAN FROM BECOMING IMPREGNATED BUT WE WILL SUPPORT BASTARDS THAT WERE NATURALLY SELECTED TO NOT BE ABLE TO PROCREATE!!

  • Road

    There have been 624 bills so far JUST in 2013 that seek to regulate a woman’s body in some way. Again, SIX HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR. How many are there to regulate men’s bodies? None. And men hold the majority of political offices on state and national levels. How many of us are surprised? None. This issue is obviously divisive and I understand that. I personally do not agree with using abortion as a form of birth control and also do not agree with late term abortions. However, my opinion should not affect what a 34-year-old in Kansas does. Or a 21-year-old in Vermont. Or a 16-year-old in Delaware. Taking steps that will knowingly reduce the number of clinics available to help women in whatever circumstance they may be in is disgusting and backhanded. These clinics are not “abortion clinics” – they are women’s clinics to deal with a wide array of women’s health issues. They do routine exams, pap smears, answer questions, provide support and resources, and yes, when needed, perform an abortion. This is about women knowing what is right for their own bodies, being able to make that decision and have the resources available to help them if needed. Period.

  • Lee Johnson

    The slave-owners didn’t want those pesky Republicans from telling them what to do with their property, either.

    • Dustin Neumann

      Probably cause talking to mirrors accomplishes nothing.

    • katemonster54

      Lee, I don’t consider my uterus to be my “property.”

  • Matt

    Would pro choicer’s oppose full term abortions? Meaning, if they had their way with the law, would they allow abortions up to 9 months?

    • Katherine Weaver

      I’m prochoice and that doesn’t mean I support abortion past the first trimester. When that ‘baby’ looks nothing remotely like a human. And when it feels no pain, which try to perverse it as you may, it lacks nerves to feel pain. It is nothing more than a parasite who depends on its host, it has no ability to survive outside of its hosts body, deprives the host body of nourishment and causes massive pain to its host.

      • Samz

        Well said ma’am.

  • lobo214

    Whether they manage to get it passed or not there is enough damage on
    multiple fronts that they have done to the state that can only be undone
    after Perry, Dewhurst, Abbott and others are replaced.

  • MrLou

    What interesting words: blatantly break the rules: It seems to me, we have more appropriate terms for this behavior: Fraud: Conspiracy: Just sayin’….

  • layla501

    Over the weekend I heard some right wing extremists proclaim that Obamacare implemented through the IRS is “just too much government involved in our healthcare”. That’s all.

  • Robin Ford

    Perry is the biggest douche this side of Wasilla Alaska….

  • Samz

    If men want to stop abortions they should stop having sex. 😛