The Biggest Nightmare For Republicans Has Been Confirmed: Hillary Clinton Will Win In 2016

Hillary-Clinton-shadesWell, the day Republicans have been dreading for years has finally arrived as Hillary Clinton has officially announced that she’s running for president. Like the Ted Cruz and Rand Paul announcements, this news should come as a shock to almost nobody.

Republicans tried their best for the past 2+ years to do just about everything they could to dissuade her from running, but their efforts were always going to be futile because she’s simply not afraid of them. Heck, she’s the only reason why they pretend to care about Benghazi.

It’s amazing, Republicans have put more effort into investigating four American deaths in Benghazi than they did figuring out why nearly 4,500 Americans died in Iraq in a war based on blatant lies by the Bush administration. George W. Bush and his administration not only fabricated “evidence,” they’ve admitted to war crimes – but Republicans want to hold Hillary Clinton “accountable” for one attack on an embassy?

Oh, and by the way, during the Bush administration we saw thirteen attacks on our embassies with 60 people dying as a result. But yes, by all means, let’s spend well over two years investigating an attack that’s already been investigated numerous times. Not that I’m trying to say that the loss of life that night in Benghazi wasn’t tragic, I’m just trying to put the hypocrisy of the Republican “outrage” over one attack into perspective considering what we saw during Bush’s eight years and how little Republicans seemed to care about any of it.

But just how terrified are Republicans of Hillary Clinton? Well, terrified enough to have basically been campaigning against her for nearly three years – something I’ve rarely seen in politics. The truth is, no matter what clown ultimately emerges from the circus that’s going to be the GOP presidential primary, she’s going to absolutely crush them. She’s already ahead of every potential Republican candidate in most polls and she hasn’t even been trying.

Meanwhile, most of these Republicans who are eventually going to run in 2016 have essentially been campaigning since 2012.

However, I know it’s not just Republicans who are saddened by today’s announcement, because I’m well aware of the fact that not everyone on the left is exactly thrilled with Hillary Clinton.

Let me address those people for a moment.

First, a president is only as “liberal” as the Congress we give them. It doesn’t matter if the president is Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren or Hillary Clinton, they can’t do much if Republicans block anything and everything “liberal” that they want to accomplish. This is the main issue I’ve had with those who’ve whined that President Obama has “disappointed them.” If liberals had shown up in 2010 like they did in 2006 and 2008, this president would have had a Congress capable of pushing a more liberal agenda and he could have gotten more done – but they didn’t. They let Republicans take back control in Congress, then bitched and complained because President Obama suddenly wasn’t the “liberal warrior” they hoped he would be. When the truth is, liberal apathy in the face of tea party energy in 2010 is what kept President Obama from accomplishing a lot of what he could have if we had given him a Congress that would have worked with him.

For those who want Elizabeth Warren to run, it’s time you faced reality – she’s not going to run. And to you Bernie Sanders people, please stop; I love Bernie, but he’s not someone who’s ever going to be president.

The truth is, 2016 is one of the most important presidential elections in many of our lifetimes. There’s simply too much at stake in the face of the complete radicalization of the Republican party for liberals to throw a hissy fit because Hillary might not be everything they wanted.

2016 really breaks down into two choices:

  1. Do you want Hillary Clinton, someone who supports marriage equality; improving the Affordable Care Act; raising the minimum wage; equal pay for women; abortion rights; the separation of church and state; and immigration reform but might not be the perfect “liberal candidate” in all areas (though if we give her a Congress controlled by Democrats they can make her more liberal) – or – 
  2. Do you want a Republican who literally opposes everything I just listed above, and will do just about everything within their power to undo any progress we’ve made these last six years, likely returning us to Bush-era economics and foreign policies.

Oh, then there’s always that tiny issue of potentially four Supreme Court Justices retiring within the next 2-10 years. Do some of these overly blinded by unrealistic idealism liberals really dislike Hillary so much that they’d rather someone like Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz be the president to potentially appoint four justices to the highest court in our land?

The only chance Republicans have is if liberals throw a giant temper tantrum because Hillary isn’t the end all be all of liberalism. The fact is, if we show up to vote in 2016, supporting the Democratic candidate for president – Republicans can’t win. The only way they can is if we allow apathy to dominate another election cycle, giving Republicans even more power. Just how many more times do we have to allow that to happen, while complaining about how we want a more “progressive nation,” before we realize that we are the ones preventing it from happening? 

As long as liberals show up in 2016 to vote, Hillary’s official announcement that she’s running for president is the moment Republicans lost the 2016 election – because the only way Republicans win is if we let them.

And I cannot stress enough how important it is that we prevent that from happening.

Hillary Clinton 2016! 

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Michelle Malkin’s Coke Dealer

    I wholeheartedly disagree. I consider myself a liberal, have voted in every presidential election since 1988, and always voted for the Democrat. But there’s no way in hell I’ll vote for Hillary. I believe she lacks sincerity and I am not remotely impressed by her record of accomplishments. She is far from slam-dunk, and if she is the nominee I’d rather skip voting for President/Vice President in the general election than vote for her or her opponent(s). I am definitely not the only liberal who feels this way.

    • Nicholas A Kocal

      SO you are supporting the republican candidate. There is no other way to take your statement. By not voting you are helping the republican and allowing the policies that you are supposedly against get put into law. You are supporting putting another Alito or Roberts on the Supreme Court.

      And you probably stated home in 2010 and 2014 and allowed the republicans to win.

      • Sharon Mills

        I’m so sick of these fair weather whiny liberals, I could scream. I used to think we were smarter than republicans. 2014 absolved me of that foolish illusion.

      • Michelle Malkin’s Coke Dealer

        Wow, a lot of baseless and hysterical assumptions there. Sad coming from a fellow LGBT. No, a vote for no one is not a vote for someone. The numbers simply don’t work that way. Already the Hillaryites are rabidly attacking anyone who doesn’t support their candidate. What if a third-party candidate runs? I might support him or her. Plus I live in a solidly blue state, so thanks for the ridiculous and antiquated Electoral College my vote (or lack thereof) isn’t really going to hurt or help anyone. Oh and I’ve voted in all midterms too, jerk.

      • Nicholas A Kocal

        No, you are wrong. Not voting for the democratic candidate is a vote for the republicans. How else do you explain the midterm elections. People stayed home or did not vote for the Democratic candidate.

      • Michelle Malkin’s Coke Dealer

        Let me help you with some simple math:

        Scenario A: Two people got to the polls to cast their vote. One person votes for the Republican, one person votes for the Democrat. The vote is 1-1.

        Scenario B: Two people got to the polls to cast their vote. One person votes for the Republican, one person abstains from voting in that particular race. The vote is 1-0.

        In your scenario, the vote is 2-0. That’s borderline Orwellian. In your scenario, every person who stayed home in the midterms cast a vote for Republicans. That is simply not the case…they just didn’t vote against them. Numbers don’t lie…unless you’re a conservative, that is.

      • Nicholas A Kocal

        And 1-0 has the republican winning. Ralph Nader received 97,488 votes in Florida in 2000. Bush won by 537 votes. The chance of a Nader supporter voting for Bush was statistically 0. So if only 1% of the Nader voters (people in your Scenario B) voted for All Gore (and it probably would have been closer to 80% to 90%) we would not have had 8 years of Bush. No 9/11, no Wall Street meltdown, no NSA spying, no Citizen’s United, no Justice Alito, no Justice Roberts.

        And if you can get a better candidate win the democratic nomination that’s even better.

        But go ahead, vote your conscience, both sides are alike. And let America get fucked over by the republicans again.

      • Michelle Malkin’s Coke Dealer

        Thank you, I think everyone should vote their conscience and not for whom they’re brainwashed into supporting.

      • beingstill

        Do you REALLY think that we would not have had 9/11 if Al Gore (or someone other than George W. Bush) was in the Oval Office on September 11, 2001? What?!? Do you think terrorists care if we have a Republican or a Democrat in office? Are you kidding me?!? I am NO Republican, but thinking a Democrat in office would’ve PREVENTED 9/11 is just plain asinine!

      • Nicholas A Kocal

        A President Gore would not have warned all of the warnings about Bin Laden wanting to attack the US, he would not have grounded the Air National Guard, and he would not have ignored the Presidential Daily Briefing about Bin Laden wanting to attack the US. These are all things that the Bush administration did. They also moved the FBI from watching terrorists to go after people selling pornography.

      • Bobloblaw67

        Moron. The PDB of 8/6/2001 had no specific threat about an impending attack. Just a general threat increase.

      • beingstill

        Again, wrong is wrong… regardless of the president. I’m not agreeing with Bush with ANYTHING he did wrong, but I’m not in much agreement with a LOT of what he did. I’m not a Republican!!! However, if you’re expecting me to believe that Bush “ignored” the Presidential Daily Briefing about Bin Laden… then you’ve got QUITE an uphill battle! Bush is responsible for a LOT of bad things… this just isn’t one of them. It’s one thing to have the luxury of accusing Bush for not responding to the terrorists; it’s another actually BEING the president and wondering HOW and WHEN they’re going to attack, getting prepared for that attack, and making sure it doesn’t happen. I’ll abstain from calling you out on just how utterly absurd your comment is – especially when YOU have never been in the position yourself!!! I believe in individual rights being lawfully supported by the Constitution! I, frankly, don’t know WHAT you believe!?! Al Gore is a shill in a nice suit, hypocritical to the nth degree: 24,000 sq foot home, traveling around in a private jet, trying to “educate” everyone about the ills of consuming too much in “irreplaceable” fossil fuels and lowering one’s individual and corporate “foot print!” Are you kidding?!? You’re an enabler of this type of shill, idiot, and P.O.S.!!!!

      • beingstill

        You OBVIOUSLY think Al Gore is WAY more “intellectual” than he even thinks he is! And, your faith in ANY human being is where your faith fails. My faith is in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel): Father, Son, Holy Spirit… as expressed by the Holy Bible. “In God I Trust, All Others Pay Cash!”

      • Bobloblaw67

        9-11 was planned back in 1995 you idiot. And president Al Gore would have had a GOP congress

      • Michelle Malkin’s Coke Dealer

        Not to mention, I don’t think Hillary is electable. While she will undoubtedly motivate many liberals to vote, there are many of us liberals that don’t trust her or her motives and can’t in good faith vote for someone who’s proven to be corrupt, inept, shady, and part of the business-as-usual Washington machine. She does not represent change for the better. So many of us liberals are simply “meh” or wholly uninspired by her candidacy. Conservatives, on the other hand, will be far more motivated to turn out and vote AGAINST her. She is not the right candidate to galvanize liberals and temper the right’s vitriol. Hoping with all hope that a better, fresher, more sincere and less polarizing candidate surfaces for us. I’ll back O’Malley before I back Clinton, but hoping that others like Sanders and (oh please oh please oh pretty please) Warren step up to the plate.

      • Dan

        URA repugnican troll. Your name says it all.

    • GenerallyConfused

      While I understand that Hillary isn’t the end all be all, as it were, but if it’s between her and Ted Cruz… I’ll vote for Hillary. Hands down. This election is too important not to. Sorry, I do NOT want a Teapublican in the oval office. And if you decide NOT to vote, you’re letting a teapublican have the oval office; just like not voting let Republicans have congress back.

      • Michelle Malkin’s Coke Dealer

        I live in a solidly blue state. Don’t worry about it.

      • GenerallyConfused

        So do I. We just elected a Republican governor, though. Nothing is beyond possible when complacency is alive and well.

    • Hata H. Zappah

      Spoken by someone who thinks their opinion matters.

      • FreshConrete

        Well, i guess it does…She/He has 1 vote. LOL

      • cole

        2 votes, add mine

      • Michelle Malkin’s Coke Dealer

        Apparently it mattered enough to you to say something meaningless.

    • Lydia/one2the92the82the5

      If it comes down to Hillary and Ted Cruz, you must vote. A vote for Ted Cruz is a vote for disaster.

      • Michelle Malkin’s Coke Dealer

        A vote of No Confidence is not a vote for either candidate.

    • Phil Rozzi

      I’ve been voting since 1987 for the democrats, so I beat you and you’re a loser

  • Sharon Mills

    Absolutely 100% correct, Mr. Clifton. I have had quite enough of the whiny liberals who can’t seem to find a way to support their party. I will tell you…if she doesn’t win, if folks don’t show up, I will dedicate my life to hunting every one of them down and cause the misery of their sorry lives. I’m old, so I don’t care what happens to me for a good cause. But I sure care about the world these sorry idiots mean to leave to my grandaughters. I’m taking names.

    • buricco

      Democrats these days lack a spine.

    • Gemgirl

      This is a great comment!

    • Phil Rozzi

      What the hell is a liberal? I thought it was democrat or republican? Do we have a communist party running that I’ve never heard of?

  • annum004

    It’s a failed system regardless of who we vote for.

    • And the only thing worse is EVERYTHING ELSE WE’VE TRIED.

      This is democracy. The conviction that slightly more than half the people are right slightly more than half the time (to quote FDR.) I don’t have another 10,000 years to figure out something brand new just so you can get your whiny ass to the voting booth.

      Yes, from out in space, there’s isn’t much different in our candidates. But right here, where I live, it makes a huge difference whether we have a Republican or a Democrat in the White House… in the Senate… in the Congress.

      It’s the choice between a Bush administration and an Obama one. Go ahead and tell me there’s no difference.

      I dare you.

      • annum004

        We have NOT tried everything.
        Our Republic gives us the choice to be sovereign American with rights OR represented by our representatives as US citizens as chattel with privileges under Martial Law.
        Try the same thing over and over and expect a different result… You fill in the blank.

      • beingstill

        In what documents have you been reading and/or by what other authority have you read/heard, etc. that we have much other options than be represented by our representatives? The way I see it, we have no other choices… unless we go against everything that made this country great! To re-do the founding documents is to try and re-do and/or nullify everything good we’ve ever been about! The government has pretty much seen to it that we have to endure whomever is in power, or martial law WILL come… and all those FEMA detention centers will be many-an-Americans’ new homes!

      • annum004

        It’s not about re-doing anything, it’s about understanding what we have and using what we have and the choice is, what side of the republic you stand.
        -But now it’s too late.

      • beingstill

        Oh, it’s certain: the floor of the economy IS coming… it’s just a matter of when!!! I know _I_ wouldn’t want the president job if you gave it to me!!! There’s absolutely NO WAY of averting the imminent crisis of our economy. It’s inevitable… just when is the only thing that remains to be determined! My guess? September 2015!

      • annum004

        I wouldn’t worry too much about it because there are some capable people out there who understand what you’re saying and will give it a shot to rectify the situation after weighing it all out. If I were president I’d try and so would you. Hang in there and keep your chin up. 😉

      • beingstill

        annum004: Um, my faith and trust are in Jesus… certainly NOT anyone employed by ANY government or government-type body! “In God I Trust… All Others Pay Cash!”

      • annum004

        Both God and the Government are based on patriarchy and both obviously are losing propositions.

        One for all and all for one.

        There, a better proposition.

      • beingstill

        There’s no difference. There. I dared you.

      • Bush: Ignored terrorism warnings, used the tragedy to push the the Patriot Act. Staffed the Justice Department with graduates of Liberty University and fired anyone who wouldn’t go along with make-believe voter fraud prosecutions. Lied us into a war. Was instrumental in the circumstances that led to the economic crash that was nearly Great Depression II.

        Obama: Got Bin Laden. Passed the Affordable Care Act, a dream since Truman. Avoided Great Depression II. Invested in green energy. Helped the expansion of gay rights.

        And this is just the highlights. If you don’t see any difference, you’re not looking.

        We barely survived the last Republican administration. I don’t want any more.

      • Bobloblaw67

        Obama renewed the patriot act. The Great Recession was over in July 2009. Well before any of the stimulus money was spent.

      • Congratulations! YOU DON’T GET IT.

      • beingstill

        Wrong is wrong… regardless from which party “does the deed.” (I’m not a Republican, nor a Bush fan, so I’m not certain how or what you think I should feel about your comment.) Obamass also has TROUNCED ALL OVER OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, too innumerable to mention them all here. Not the least of which is his Executive Order allowing illegals to remain here. Also, his “economic recovery” has cost the taxpayers NUMEROUS “infusions” of cash into those with whom he agrees to help “fund” those things which he deems more important. The stimulus (shovels in the ground) was an absolute flop, his funding for “green” cars was a flop, he funded the re-infusing of cash into General Motors – after he had the CEO fired, he put “What difference does that matter” Hillary in as the Sec of State – while keeping her own e-mail server, etc. Obamasscare has been a disaster since it was a thought, became legislation, was forced through Congress, and signed into law; the online rollout was a disaster along with all the protections that would normally be considered rational to protect citizens from identity thieves (no https, etc.). His “investment” into green energy, isn’t an investment – it’s a misappropriation of funds. He should be hogtied, whipped, and sent to prison for his fiscal malfeasance! It’s not within his province to take money that isn’t his and choose where to “invest” it. (It isn’t investing when it’s not your money!) The Great Depression II IS coming… and VERY shortly… stay tuned to a news program near you… all as a result of this idiot’s “ideas.”!!! “Helping” with the expansion of “gay rights” is a misnomer. This would be like the rights of pet lovers. Pet lovers have no more rights than anyone else, and any legislation that would be pro-pet lovers OVER the rights of anyone else is discriminatory. So, again, you’re not helping your cause in trying to pump-up a thug in an expensive suit that temporarily lives in the East Wing of the White House. Again, too innumerable to state herein. Oh, I DO see the difference, I want Thomas Jefferson and Ronald Reagan… those were REAL patriots… not this P.O.S. that is OCCUPYING the Oval Office now! We are barely surviving NOW, and – trust me – I don’t want anymore of this anti-American, anti-Christ, Muslim either! His worldview is that the u.S. is ALWAYS wrong, and HE is ALWAYS right. Nothing else matters; too bad you’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid he’s offering! I haven’t shelved my brain at the proverbial door of all-things-politic!

  • guesterer

    Go Hillary!!!

  • Bruce Brown

    Keep in mind, regardless of which Democrat you would have preferred to see running, the choice is Hillary or a Republican. Any woman, poor person, middle class person, gay person who votes Republican is self destructive and in denial of the facts of the party of theocracy, the TeaPublicans.

  • Bobloblaw67

    Hillary will be the biggest disaster for the Dem party in nearly a century. A Hillary win in 2016 will leave the Dem party in even worse shape then it is in today after 2018.

  • Bobloblaw67

    Hillary Clinton. Big Wall Street money and war monger.

  • Jody Schmidt

    Yeah baby! Clinton 2016.

  • Travis Hodor Noonan

    I love how emotional, inflammatory, and tyrannical all the comments are on this article, and on this site. Lol liberals. Let the trolling begin.

  • YoungWeezyF

    If any liberals want to have an idea of what its like to be conservative here’s an example for you.

    You work very very very hard. You get up early every morning and stay until the office is empty. Your neighbor John however does not. He is fit for work, but really doesn’t want to go since he got laid off a little over a year ago.

    When pay day comes you receive a check (lets keep it simple here) for $1000. Then a man shows up at your door and says “Hey I’m going to need $400 of that. I’ll be giving it to John.”

    Would you not be angry? You busted your ass off. Worked so hard. You know he is capable of working and he’s just going to get your money? Are you okay with that?


    How about this one…my EX Girlfriend smoked a lot of weed. I however, do not. She would use her student loan money (your tax paying dollars) to buy her weed. She was super lazy. She was also a liberal.

    How about all the stupid people who voted for Obama because he was black or will vote for Hilary because she is a woman? You support those idiotic decisions? You agree with the logic “HEY let’s forget foreign policies, the economy, taxes, and military, and just vote for this President because she’s a woman!” ….Well that is about the level of intelligence I’d expect from a Liberal.

  • Spkr4TheDead

    Missed it by that much.