Here’s The Biggest Part of the Trump Campaign’s Russia Meeting Many People Seem to be Missing

After changing their story a few times and trying to spin this as more “fake news” being pushed by the “anti-Trump media,” it seems Donald Trump, his son, and those defending last year’s meeting with a Kremlin-backed lawyer have taken the defense that “anyone” would have done it, no dirt on Clinton was provided as promised, and it was such an insignificant encounter that they forgot it even happened.

If you believe any of that, you’re an absolute fool.

There are parts of this story most seem to be missing that effectively prove these excuses the Trumps are putting out there are complete bullshit.

For starters, no meeting where two of Donald Trump’s closest family members, and his highest ranking campaign official, all converging together in Trump Tower — in secret — to meet with a group of people offering dirt on Clinton is “insignificant.”

Logic dictates that if this was simply a routine political meeting that “anyone” would have taken — as they’re claiming it was — then Donald Trump would have almost certainly been informed of an event where the person who wanted to meet with three individuals closely tied to Trump and his campaign was promising some dirt on his political opponent.

Still, for the sake of argument, let’s say Trump’s son, son-in-law, and campaign manager met with these Russian officials, didn’t get the information they were promised, and didn’t see any need to inform Donald Trump about exactly what happened.

Ridiculous, I know, but humor me for just a moment.

Even if that were true, just a short time later, when reports really began to make headlines about Russian interference in our election — especially as it relates to a cyber attack launched against the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign — are Trump and his people really trying to make us believe that none of that news triggered any recollection of the meeting they had just a few weeks earlier with a Russian lawyer who promised them dirt on Clinton directly from Russia’s government?

One would think with news like that spreading, as well as U.S. intelligence agencies pointing to Russia as being behind the attack, at the very least, Trump’s oldest son would have mentioned that meeting to his father, right? After all, if no sort of collusion or criminal activity took place, then what’s there to hide? And if Trump Jr. forgot the meeting took place, as they’ve claimed, surely Trump’s son-in-law or campaign manager would have remembered it, right?

It’s amazing the amnesia so many people linked to Trump have when it comes to their encounters with people from Russia.

Now, here we are, months after U.S. intelligence officials accused Russia of launching the cyber attack against us, with it now confirmed by the former head of the FBI that his father’s campaign is being investigated for possibly colluding with the Russian government, and it never once occurred to Trump Jr. to mention this meeting to his father, even with a special counselor being appointed to dig into anything and everything legally allowed to get to the bottom of what happened?

Donald Trump, his son, and their defenders are really trying to sell people on the story that all this Russia-related news was going on, and this June 9th meeting never once came up — at any time over the past year? 

Here’s what I think is a fairly solid “smoking gun” in and of itself: It sure as hell didn’t take Trump Jr. very long to locate the emails he exchanged with that Kremlin-backed lawyer, did it?

If this meeting was so innocuous, routine, and insignificant as Trump’s oldest son has claimed it was, so much so that he’s said he didn’t mention it before now because he had supposedly forgotten all about it, then how did he locate those emails so quickly after learning The New York Times was about to publish them?

If the meeting was so pointless that it completely slipped Trump Jr.’s mind, then how in the world did he remember her name, or email address, to be able to locate the transcripts of their email exchanges so quickly?

But then there’s the fact that, initially, the Trumps tried saying the meeting was about an adoption program. That excuse only lasted a few hours when, in what I personally think happened, they found out The New York Times was going to publish Trump Jr.’s emails, so that lie was about to be soundly debunked.

That’s when they “came clean” about the pretense of the meeting centering around getting dirt on Clinton — because that’s what was said in his emails.

I can promise you this much, if The New York Times didn’t have those emails, the Trumps would still be sticking with the adoption story lie. The only reason they admitted the meeting was to get dirt on Clinton is because the story had gotten to the point where they had no choice.

Furthermore, with everything that’s happened this past year related to Russia, the on-going investigations, allegations of collusion, and mounting pressure on his father, why didn’t Trump Jr. approach law enforcement officials to tell them what happened and what was offered by the Russian lawyer?

If Trump and his associates are all innocent as they’ve spent the last year claiming to be, then why would they have hid this meeting from investigators? Typically, innocent people want to willingly cooperate with investigators to help prove their innocence. It’s those who are guilty who tend to conceal possible incriminating evidence.

While I understand why most of the attention has been on the meeting, what was promised, and the litany of stories and excuses Donald Trump has put out there trying to downplay it, in my opinion, that’s just part of the story.

What also needs to be discussed more is this idea that all of this Russia-related news has gone on, including the public revelation that Russians were behind the cyber attack against our election, yet none of these people who went to that June 9th meeting came forward to inform U.S. intelligence officials what had happened, the information they were promised, and who these individuals said it came from.

Not. A. Single. Person.

Nope, instead these folks are trying to sell this idea that all three of these men completely forgot this meeting ever took place, even as all these Russian allegations that have swirled around Donald Trump and his campaign for the past year.

Anyone buying that load of crap needs to have their head examined.

From the start, Donald Trump and his associates have denied, repeatedly, any and all allegations related to Russia — until they’ve been forced to admit something was true. From Jeff Sessions “forgetting” to inform Congress that he met with Russian officials during the 2016 campaign — to Trump’s oldest son, son-in-law, and former campaign manager all apparently forgetting a meeting where they were promised dirt directly from the Russian government — everything about the behavior of Donald Trump and those around him tells me that these are people desperately trying to hide something.

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m sick and tired of Donald Trump and his cronies treating everyone like we’re a bunch of idiots who are stupid enough to believe this nonsense.

His supporters might be — but I sure as hell am not.

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and let me know what you think.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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