The Biggest Problem with the Health Care Law? Republicans

rick-perry-idiotI recently met a woman here in Texas whose only income is the $617 a month she gets from Social Security.  The rest of her support is provided by her children.  She told me about the fact that the cheapest health care plan she can find (she doesn’t yet qualify for Medicare) would cost her $435 per month.  And apparently in Texas, an income of $617 per month means you don’t qualify for Medicaid.

Well, thanks to Rick Perry refusing to expand Medicaid, she doesn’t have access to it and can’t afford insurance.  Luckily there’s a provision in the law that says if states chose to not expand Medicaid and the person makes below a certain amount, they wouldn’t be penalized for not having health insurance.

But let’s be honest, almost every problem Republicans harp on about Obamacare is a direct result of having to deal with them.

What liberals want is a single-payer Medicare for all system with a private option.  But we couldn’t get that because Republicans wouldn’t allow it.

Think about it – what are the biggest complaints levied by Republicans against the Affordable Care Act?  People losing their current insurance?  Well, if we had Medicare for all, that wouldn’t be an issue.  Rising costs of insurance plans?  Again, with a single-payer system that wouldn’t be a problem either.  Nearly every argument Republicans make against Obamacare is actually a reason why we should have a single-payer system.

Okay, so the launch of the website was a disaster but that’s been fixed for quite a while now.  So if that’s what you’re using, I suggest you move on.

But then when it comes to single-payer they’ll harp on the “long lines” people might have to wait.  If single-player is so terrible, why is it found in almost every industrialized country around the world?  Why do people in Canada, the country most often cited when it comes to universal health care, live significantly longer than we do?  Why is their health care system still extremely popular?

Heck, why is Medicare so popular?  And if you don’t think that it is, go see how angry seniors get at the mention of any cuts to the program.

Many of the “problems” (yes, there are some) with the Affordable Care Act are due in large part to what Republicans forced Democrats to give up in order to get the law passed.

Just like the woman’s story in Texas.  If it wasn’t for Republican obstruction (and sabotage) of the law, she’d have received health care through Medicaid expansion.

So when Republicans go on crying about the “horrors of Obamacare,” they need to take a good long look in the mirror – because their actions to sabotage the law are the cause of many of those problems.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Lee

    Cartoonish, amateur usage of this Rick Perry shot. Clearly, he is not a Nazi. This type of irrelevant usage of a shot, while naively trying to push a narrative onto your readers, is stooping even lower than the geriatric porn producers over at Fox News. Get it together, man.

    • Brian

      Yeah, Rick Perry isn’t a Nazi. At least Nazis gave the Germans universal healthcare and guaranteed employment.

    • Celeste Dyer

      Yes, why don’t you focus on the graphic chosen for the essay instead of the information discussed. That way you don’t have to admit he is right.

      • Lee

        Obviously, that’s not the point of my statement. Why deflect the accurate points of the article with an irrelevant smear like this image? Obviously, Rick Perry is a terrible human being, but he’s no Nazi. This is a Fox News tactic, plain and simple, and this image and it’s ridiculously childish inference should have no place on this website!

    • Jaina

      Nazi’s saluted with their RIGHT arm outstretched, not the LEFT.

      I saw no comparison or mention by the author, you ASSumed so… likely because you don’t like the message and like other people ill-informed or bare-bones educated you jump on minutia details that distract…whether true or false.

      • Lee

        Why all the “Sieg Heil” comments, then? Hmm… Don’t deflect the point, it’s a Fox News tactic, whether you are able to see it or not.

      • Jaina

        I did not see any of those comments in the article itself. Your original comment “Cartoonish, amateur usage of this Rick Perry shot.” criticized the author for what you perceived as his use of the picture. It was not based in fact nor did I read anything that portrayed it as such.

        I am NOT a fan of Fox news. I am equally not a fan of someone projecting an author’s intent based on a photograph either.

      • Lee

        Oh come on, don’t be so naive. There were most likely other shots of Rick Perry where his arm was down. This is a Fox News tactic, whether or not you stubborn folks want to admit it or not.

  • Steve Hughes

    All is fair in love and war. How many CONservative sites depict Obama as less than human, with a rope around his neck, the word NI**ER prominently used everywhere? So much for TEApublican Whiners about Perry not being a Nazi.

  • Brad

    I live in Texas and I make about $500.00 dollars more a month than this lady and I qualify for help from medicaid, they pay my medicare part b premium so its not taken out of my check each month, so she should qualify too…. I also qualify for SNAP its not allot but I’m sure if her income is that low she should be able to get allot more than I do… Also if she’s on Medicare there are medicare HMO’s that you don’t pay anything more than your Part B premium for and if she gets medicaid to pay that then it costs her nothing… I have very low co-pays for Doctor visits and even lower co-pays for my meds, other wise my meds are about $1800.00 a month that I pay $34.00 for because of my insurance… I’m tired of people complaining that the ACA is causing problems for people on medicare… There are allot of choices out there for Medicare people, I hate saying it but the one good thing Pres Bush did was get the medicare HMO’s going and the Medicare Part D

    • Kim Serrahn

      I can’t get medicaid so I know she can’t.

    • Genia

      You missed the part of the story that said she’s not on Medicare yet. You can get SS at 62, but you can’t get Medicare until 65.

    • Monica

      I was think almost the same thing. I live In California so things are a bit different. But I too qualify for help because of my low income. I am better off than most but as long as I am un $45,000.00 a year I do get assistance. I also carry only the minimum bronze plan for now. I am in good health today.

  • Sandy Greer

    The biggest problem in this COUNTRY is the Republicans:

    Their mean-spirited ‘begrudging’ of the least among us. The Hate; the in-your-face Bigotry proudly displayed, that all may see. And the sheer Ignorance clung to, willfully.

    ^^^Republicans are People Repellants, plain and simple.

    • Jam

      They wouldn’t be there if mean spirited people didn’t vote them in! Republicans are never going to change they are now the party of mental illness, time to focus on the voters who keep them in office, then maybe we can get back to being a free country and not the most laughed at country….

  • estfar

    Amen, brother!!!

  • unStunned

    “Many of the “problems” (yes, there are some) with the Affordable Care Act
    are due in large part to what Republicans forced Democrats to give up in
    order to get the law passed.”No, really these problems were self-inflicted by the Democrats. No Republicans voted for the ACA; the Dems gave away the store for nothing. And on top of that, Max Baucus, Democrat lead on this, was deep in the pockets of the insurance industry … and it shows.
    So as much as I’d love to blame Obamacare problems on the GOP, it’s our own damn fault.

    • Drew Gaytan

      That’s the most honest comment on this thread.

  • rossbro

    Bitchin’ about using the photo of Perry may be right, but what I see is a Texan so full of himself that he’s forcing people to go without medical coverage to further HIS purposes. The guy has no heart for those in need. He’s a useless Texas Turd. Too bad he’s one of MANY.

  • Cathryn Sykes

    Regarding the “long lines” argument….yes, sometimes you have to wait for, for example, non-urgent operations…..BUT AT LEAST YOU GET THE DAMN OPERATION! What we’ve had in this country? “No private insurance? Sorry!” Or “Sure, well get you fixed up…..then you’ll spend the next twenty years paying the bill.”

  • Kim Serrahn

    Allen you need to come over to house some night when I’m not working my part time minimum wage job and have coffee. I’m still to young for SS and my wages, all 550.00 a month, also make me ineligible for health insurance of any kind. I live and work in Rockwall, Tx and I know exactly how that woman feels. Perry and his ilk here in Tx and those voted into Congress have got to go.

  • MrLightRail

    Don’t blame not having single payer on the Republicans, put it squarely on the shoulders of conservative Democrats. ACA was not voted for by a single Republican, yet passed.

  • bailey78

    He is full of shit. I am on medicade and I get more than that from Social security. It cost me $125.00 a month and I have a very low copay till I hit $150.00 then I pay nothing.

  • Blair Schaan

    Im a Canadian retiree and damn proud of that fact, our universial health care has been used in USA as a bad evil thing which lets people die from lack of care, what a pile of crap, thats the US system.
    Our system is federally mandated but each province runs its own medicare and the medicare is run by doctors not govt employees., some provinces offer more services then others and yes we have warts and pimples and waiting lists, but of you were # 17 on a waiting list and get sick you go to # 1 and into hospital you go, no questions asked.
    In 2008 I was in hospital in Edmonton alberta for necretising Facititis, or that flesh eating decease, 2 weeks in hospital 3 operations and all my meds and when I walked out I had a bill of $00/00 because i didnt get a bill I have no idea what it cost, I moved to regina saskatchewan after I came out of hospital to be closer to family, I have needed an ultra sound, was 1 week an MT|RI was 2 weeks or could use private clinic for $1800.00 waited 2 weeks and saved money..
    In 2013 Jukly my mother who was 89 was having blkood pressure problems, so on Monday she went to heart doctor for a harness which she wore for a day , Tuseday went back he removed it and thursday evening at 8:30PM Dr calls and tells mother to get to hospital ASAP when sister gets her there and she shows triage her medicare card they already had a bed booked for her in Cardiac section, and friday morning at 11’00AM she had a pacemaker installed, and when she was checkled out she owed $00.00 never even got a bill.

    Our local health regions have changed the way MRI’s and other things operate, they used to be an 0800 to 5:00PM thing monday through Friday, now the MRI’s have more trained staff and operate from 0700 to midnight 7 days a week and cut down the waiting list to 4 days

    We do have to chuckle from time to time as many Americans state that thiousands upon thousands of Canadians come to USA for medical needs, and sadly its not true less then 100 were in USA in 2012 and those who do are there for elective surgery if they have 100 grand spare cash hey go for it then.get your elbow knee or hip replacement here in Saskatchewan the waits 6 months and thats not bad and the whole costs free to you when you leave.
    Our hospitals operate at cost if your a business man you know what cost means, when we are in hospital we have plastic glasses there and a jug for cold water which is changed every 4 hours with ice and a small box of tissues on table by bed, in USA that small plastic glass costs $10.00 and that small box of tissue costs $16.00 and theres no jug for drinking water

    When the 4 western provinces British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba but hospital supplies they go to gether and buy in bulk, and save up to 45% on the costs and 45% off a 15 Billion dollar bill isnt chump change its a good chunk of cash to be returned to the system and spent e;lse where.
    In America hospital owners and operators couldnt care less they simply order their supplies because they dont care about savings or whatever because yout he patient and your insurance pays for it all thats why you pay $10.00 for that 20 cent plastic cup or $16.00 for that 99 cent box of tissues., when you get the bill for your hospital stay.

    And believe it or not we have more Amnericans using our health care system then visa Versa, because of costs we have many families from North Dakota, Montana , Idaho, and washington state, slip across the Canadian border to have their babies in Canada because paying cash in Canada, is still cheaper then paying their insurance deductable plus 10% exchange on dollar a even bigger saving and about 200 Americans a year come to Canada for medical help, as they are sent home back in states to die as they have no insurance so they manage to come to Canada and they get into a hospital emergency and once they are booked into a hospital they arent kicked out until the doctors sure they are healthy enough to go home, then the hospital looks to see who will pay that bill and usually the provincial social services will cover the costs , in Canada the persons more imnportant then the almighty dollar as is in USA, and only costs we pay in hospital is $2.00 a day for a phone $4.00 a day for a TV or to be movbed to a semi private or private room, other wise all costs are paid for by medicare commission of Saskatchewan,

    And doctors in canada are private business people they operate their own offices and clinics and they bill one source the provincial medicare commission not 45 different insurance companies thats another costs for US doctors they need huge staff in offices to do their admin work and billings and recieving. from all insurance companies medicare and medicad in canada they bill only one sources and saves money on staff and costs.

    Canadian medicare covers only 25% of what medical costs are in USA and Canadian snow birds and tourist all carry extra insurance just in case they get sick while in USA.

    Now was mentioned about that lady in Texas getting $667.,00 or so as her only income and she wasnt eligible for mediocare or medicad, in Canada you can start collecting benefits from the Canada pension plan or CPP Canadas social security, now when that lady hits 65 she will now get a old age pension of $597.00 , so thois is just $1264.00 so she then also gets funding from a sources called income supplement of up to $700.00 and she would collect another $187,.00 from income supplement so she collects the federal poverty level of $1450.00 a month income for seniors.
    If a senior gets no CPP or social security when they hit 65 thet will get the old age pension and fill iuncopme supplement all paid for by taxes. then saskatchewan has a [provincial income supplement of up to $250.00 so the 2 federal incomes would be about $1238.00 so $212,00 would be paid to that senior from the provincial income supplement so that senior collected the minimum income oif $1450.00 a month, thats what a Canadian senior gets, what does a US senior get to live on above his/her social security? if you dont have money set aside or rich kids you will be eating a lot of cat and dawg food till you pass on, sadly to say,

    • Eric Van Bezooijen

      People always point out that the US medical system must be so great because of all the foreigners who come here for medical care, but they leave out the part where TEN TIMES as many Americans go abroad for medical procedures, mainly because they cannot afford to have them in the US.