Bigotry Isn’t Paying Off: New Poll Shows NC Governor Falling Way Behind Democratic Challenger

By now I’m sure most people are aware of the highly controversial anti-LGBT law (the “bathroom” law) North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory (R) signed a few months ago. While there are several facets to the law, the main thing it did was make it illegal for any town or city to pass laws that protect any group of people from being discriminated against. Obviously, its purpose is to prevent any laws from being passed that protect the rights of the LGBT community.

To put it simply: It’s an anti-civil rights law.

Well, things have not been going well for Gov. McCrory since he signed this law nearly six months ago. Since then, the state’s seen several concerts and special events cancelled or moved, including next year’s NBA All-Star game. Some companies have even decided to move jobs out of North Carolina, while a couple of others cancelled plans that would have created jobs within the state. To say nothing about very well-known celebrities speaking out against the state.

Then there was this interview where Fox News’ Chris Wallace made McCrory look like an absolute fool after he eventually admitted that there was no actual evidence that transgender people were using restrooms to commit sexual assaults. Wallace’s main point was that this law was a “solution” that was looking for a problem — that even the governor who passed the law admitted doesn’t exist.

However, even though all these negative things have happened in response to this law being passed, Gov. McCrory seems determined to prove that he’s one of the most bigoted governors in the country.

Now his bigotry could be about to cost him his job as a new Monmouth poll shows the incumbent governor down nine points to his Democratic challenger, North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper.

The poll also shows that 55 percent of those who responded disapprove of the anti-LGBT law, while 70 percent felt it reflected badly on the state.

This just goes to show you how deep ignorance runs in today’s Republican party.

Here we have a laws that’s doing nothing but legalizing discrimination, all while negatively impacting the state economically, but nothing seems to deter the bigotry that’s at the foundation of the modern-day GOP. Even as the governor who signed the law is weeks away from possibly losing his re-election bid, it doesn’t remotely seem to matter.

Then again, like many Republicans, he’s in a no-win situation.

If Gov. McCrory decides to reverse his stance and repeal this law, he’ll anger the bigots who’ve seized more and more control over his party for the last few decades, which could cost him support. However, if he “stays the course” and keeps putting his support behind this law, it seems very likely that it’s going to cost him his job regardless.

No matter how much I see it, or how well aware I am that it exists, it’s still hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that here we are, in 2016, and we’re still forced to have “debates” over basic civil rights.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • xscd ✱

    Well, a couple of the characteristic flaws of conservatives are short-sightedness and near-sightedness. They seem to have some difficulty seeing “the big picture” or extrapolating likely consequences of current actions and decisions.

    Conservatives also have their characteristic strengths, but when “conservative” becomes “backward,” it’s time to leave it behind while everyone else moves forward.

  • Richard_Lionheart

    Sadly McCrory is a far more competent politician than the Attorney General running against him. this site is no more than a far left version of far right sites., both are out of touch and use hyperbole and exaggeration to sensationalize news. Defeating the bill is an agenda item for those on the left and tons of money are pouring into the Dem coffers in this swing state but make no bones about it, the Dem running for governor is incompetent and McCrory is competent.

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    • alan_C

      Yep, he’s so competent, he supported an extremely bigoted bill.

      • Richard_Lionheart

        He is fiscally competent and that is what is needed. The bill represents the belief of a majority of the electorate and sane people, it is not bigoted. His opponent bungled the crime labs under his control for years and now wants to take credit for fixing it. Another election ad lists his achievements from 2000 to 2008 because he has not accomplished anything since. You are apparently not a grown up because you refuse to vote for grownup people to run things.

      • Albert Flasher

        “The bill represents the belief of a majority of the electorate…”
        And yet, he’s tried to amend the bill.
        Wouldn’t that go against the will of the majority?
        I’m going to ignore the infantile personal attack you leveled at me.
        I’m no longer able or willing to engage in 5th grade school yard rhetoric, unlike some people.

      • Richard_Lionheart

        Are you an idiot? My response was not a 5th grade rhetorical response. Claiming someone is a bigot is however a 5th grade level conversation. I gave you specifics of why Cooper is an incompetent leader by his record. Big money is coming to NC to throw the election, all outside money. McCrory is getting only in state money as he should. You are really a putz but you know that already and could care less.

      • Richard_Lionheart

        Do you even reside in this state? Why would you vote based on a single issue when jobs and fiscal stability are worth more than social issues which will work themselves out. The Dems ran this state into the ground with deficits and no teacher pay raises for 8 years prior to McCrory. If McCrory were a Dem I would vote for him with his record. The attacks on him are because of 2 things only, HB2 and fracking. We are #1 for job growth in the USA…#1. NC added 20,000 mfg jobs under his tenure and unemployment is the lowest in 8 years. These things matter, the rest works itself out.