Bill Clinton Absolutely Crushes Republican Anti-Obama Fearmongering (Video)

bill-clinton-speakingI’m a fan of President Obama, but I’m not sure if there’s a president I’ll ever like more than Bill Clinton. While I know he (just like every other politician in United States history) is far from perfect, I’m not sure if there’s anyone better at getting their message across to the American voter. Well, at least those voters who have the ability to think for themselves.

During a campaign stop in Arkansas for Senator Mark Pryor, the former president absolutely ripped into right-wing anti-Obama rhetoric when it comes to this year’s elections.

Clinton said:

“You can not afford to do what their opponents want. They want you to make this a protest vote. All three of these races they’re saying hey, you may like these guys, but you know what you gotta do. You gotta vote against the president. After all, it’s your last shot. It’s a pretty good scam, isn’t it? Give me a six year job for a two year protest. That’s Mark Pryor’s opponent’s message.

Yeah, I voted to cut student loans. Yeah, I voted to raise the interest rate. Yeah, I voted against the Violence Against Women Act. No, I’ll never vote for equal pay for equal work. Are you kidding? Would I vote for raising the minimum wage? No way, but I’ll give you one more protest vote. To do it, you gotta give me six years for a protest that will be irrelevant in two. Does that make any sense to you?”

Mark Pryor is currently in a campaign battle against Republican Arkansas Rep. Tom Cotton.

But the former president is exactly right. Because Republicans couldn’t beat President Obama in 2008 or 2012, they’ve used the midterms (where liberal voters unfortunately show up in smaller numbers) to try to “defeat” the president. Even though no matter what voters decide on this November, President Obama isn’t going anywhere for another 2+ years.

And let’s think about that for a moment. The senators who are elected this November aren’t serving two-year terms. Oh, no. The candidates the American people elect to the United States Senate this November will be in office for the last remaining years on Obama’s second term plus the entire first term of the next president.

So, like Clinton said, how does it make any sense to vote against a candidate based on a president that won’t even be in office for most of their next term?

Besides, it’s asinine to vote for or against any politician based on who the president is. Vote for or against each individual candidate based on their voting record and what they stand for, not who currently occupies the White House.

And this whole anti-Obama propaganda is such b.s. anyway. Most conservative voters can’t even name five factual statements about the president. Most of what they dislike about him is based on misinformation or outright lies pushed by Republicans and the conservative media.

If you don’t like a president’s policies, that’s fine. But at least know the truth about those policies. Not some made up political drivel that’s based on propaganda rather than facts. Which is exactly what Republicans do.

I just hope for our country’s sake, Arkansas voters were listening.

Watch his speech below via ABC News:

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