Bill Clinton Hammers Rand Paul and Republicans Over Their Benghazi Obsession (Video)

clinton-meet-pressWhen it comes to dealing with Republicans, I’ve said it several times – it’s their hypocrisy that infuriates me the most.  I can handle someone disagreeing with me, that’s fine.  But I cannot stand hypocrites.

And the Republican party is filled with them.

A great example of their hypocrisy is seen with their “outrage” over Benghazi.  It’s just laughable how angry Republicans pretend to be concerning the 2012 attack in Libya, yet they’re the party mostly responsible for sending nearly 4,500 Americans to die in Iraq based on lies.

But even if you want to say that’s comparing apples to oranges because one’s a war and the other is a terrorist attack, they’re still hypocrites.

I don’t remember Republicans being that outraged at George W. Bush when we experienced 13 attacks on embassies or American personnel during his 8 years in the White House.

This is a point on which Bill Clinton perfectly nailed Rand Paul and other Republicans in a recent interview on NBC’s Meet The Press.

Clinton said referencing Rand Paul’s claim that Benghazi should disqualify Hillary Clinton from being president, “Well, let’s go back to the first question because it’s serious. That’s not a serious comment. That’s not a serious question. Rand Paul, when ten different instances occurred when President Bush was in office where American diplomatic personnel were killed around the world. How many outraged Republican members of Congress were there?  Zero.”

And he’s absolutely right.

While Republicans pretend to be outraged about basically anything President Obama does, often suggesting he deserves impeachment for non-impeachable things, they ignored the blatant war crimes committed by the Bush administration.

Could you imagine if President Obama started a war that resulted in thousands of American deaths – based completely on lies?

Then add another 13 separate attacks (though Clinton only mentioned 10) on embassies or American personnel overseas?  They wouldn’t be talking impeachment, they would have already done it by now.

But when all that was happening under Bush, I don’t recall seeing much of an outrage by Republicans.  Heck, to this day many Republicans still defend the Iraq War.

Though I think Bill Clinton said it perfectly when he said we shouldn’t take comments like those from Rand Paul seriously, because we really shouldn’t.

Republicans have used Benghazi for nothing more than a desperate attempt to bash Hillary Clinton and try to get their voting base into a heated frenzy heading into this November’s elections.

It’s been a nearly two-year long embarrassing display of Republicans trying to exploit the deaths of four Americans for their own political gains.

Here’s the interview via NBC News:

Allen Clifton

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