Bill Clinton Hammers Republicans Over their “Obamacare” Attacks and Hypocrisy

bill-clinton-1Leave it to Bill Clinton to put Republicans in their place.  While speaking at an event for Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, Clinton assured the crowd he had the utmost confidence that the glitches the Affordable Care Act website have experienced since its launch would soon get worked out.

“The computer deal will get fixed up. Don’t worry about that,” he told attendees at the event.

But he didn’t stop there — he also tore into Republicans for their blatant hypocrisy concerning the Affordable Care Act website issues and the issues Bush’s Medicare Part D system had upon its launch.  Issues that, at the time, Republicans downplayed and urged patience as they got worked out.  He also pointed point out that Medicare Part D was actually more unpopular than “Obamacare” at the time it was implemented.

Clinton said, “Everybody’s forgotten, by the way, that when President George W. Bush and the Republicans put that Medicare Part D drug program in, it was more unpopular than the health care law and they had terrible problems with the computers.  Some seniors couldn’t even get medicine they had been getting, and the local pharmacists basically got together and made sure they stayed alive until the computers got fixed.”

Again, that was a Republican-built plan that had a horrible beginning as well.

Yet, as it relates to “Obamacare,” Republicans will say the website’s issues equate to the entire law being an epic failure.

Clinton also went on to point out how, while only a few Democrats supported Medicare Part D, once issues were being experienced most Democrats chose to help people understand the new law and get through the issues until they were fixed.  He said, “But our side, we’re not so ideological.  So, instead of bashing them and screaming about how incompetent they were, most of our people just tried to help people understand the law and make it work and then wait for it to get fixed.”

Which, of course, is the exact opposite of what Republicans are doing.  Instead of helping Americans become more informed about the law, they continue to dish out lie after lie in an effort to ignite fear among Americans, hoping that their efforts will lead to the law’s failure.

Then again, Republicans have been trying everything they can to see the United States fail since 2008.  If it’s something President Obama supports — including the American people — Republicans seem determined to do everything they can to make it fail.

I’m glad we have people like Bill Clinton to call them out on their blatant hypocrisy.  I just wish more Democrats would follow his lead.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Arturo Rendon

    so what if bill made a mistake,the blow job scandle,personally i would hide under a rock,but his endorsement of obama care carries weight.

    • Scott Davis

      You can always tell a Teapublican by the misspellings.

      • Arturo Rendon

        wow you got me.and your point is mispelling.and no im not republican.

      • gemma liar

        well if U think cheating on a wife is shattering “morality” U should be a republican regressive———— after all: jesus was drilling mary magdalene all the time

  • ditomagik

    I love this man. He speaks for me and that’s important. Thats more than I could say for you, Mr. ” i would hide under a rock”, Arturo Rendon. What do you speak for?

    • Arturo Rendon


    • Arturo Rendon


      • ditomagik

        I know. That’s why I like him so much. What have you got? Hiding under a rock? Or maybe you never had a blow job.

      • And you think Bill Clinton was the only president to have sex in office with someone other than his wife? Better check the records..that is a long list. And , Mr Morality Geo Bush started two wars without reason, killing thousands of ppl. If that isn’t immoral, I don’t know what is.

      • guest

        Yea, why not talk about one of American’s most favorite Presidents? John F Kennedy – the king of sleeping around in the white house.

  • Shelia Grady

    He made a VERY stupid mistake “as a husband”, I agree! And I bet if asked, he would agree with the stupidity of his behavior in that matter, and the way it was handled. But that is between him, and his wife, and nobody else’s buisness! And just like Tiger Woods, just because he made a colossal mistake as a husband, doesn’t mean he’s not good at his job! Just like Tiger Woods is still a great golfer, Bill Clinton was still a great President. Who did an amazing job fixing a big mess our country was in thanks to President Bush Sr. And if the Republicans were capable of knowing how to be gracious losers, instead of throwing their little tantrums all the time just because the big black President took away their favorite toy to destroy. Then Obama would be able to do much more to fix the mess President Bush Jr. left this country in.

    • LC

      Not to troll, and I’m very liberal and think the republican party is a disgrace, but if we’re going to debate this point, lets use facts.
      I like President Clinton, and I believe he did a lot of good aside from his sex scandal. I think it’s unfortunate that a sex scandal is going to be his most memorable and well known contribution as President.
      But he was having a sexual relationship with an employee while President. That’s more than a stupid husband mistake. If she were not a White House employee then I say it’s nobody’s business but Bill, Hillary and Monica. As a choice he made as the boss, it shows horrible judgement.
      And that has nothing to do with the most recent republican hijack of congress.

      • Guess what? no one other then ken starr cared.

      • Forever Cyrus

        anyone who thinks the sex scandal is going to be his lasting legacy is stupid, everyone knows how much good he did for us. in fact most people have stopped caring about the sex scandal and most have even forgotten about it entirely/

      • Jo Clark

        If she’d been underage, I’d say you have a point. Otherwise, this is an office romance/affair, and there are MILLIONS every year just like it. His office just happened to be a little different than the rest of us.

      • Jeri Martin

        It just proves that now days, all you need is a good story to tear a man down. Before, you needed bullets- cough- MLK, RFK, JFK. I was not a Democrat while he was in office but I do concede that had we listened to him, just once, there never would’ve been a 9/11. Beside that, it is almost unheard of for a Republican to be called out in a sex scandal. Do you think that is because it just doesn’t happen? Oh no- they just pay their bitches enough money to pipe down and be quiet because the alternative is to take a dirt nap. Maybe if the Dems would just learn that art- these types of scandals will fall by the wayside as non-issues.

      • artdude102

        Unheard of for republicans to be called out in a sex scandal?! Are you kidding? LOLOLOL! That’s all about the hypocrites are good for. Have you been living under a rock?

      • Jeri Martin

        Perhaps you should read that again– ‘almost’ unheard of. Means= you only hear about it once in a while but that doesn’t mean it only happens once in a while. At least the folks with me under said rock taught me how to READ.

      • funnyfunny

        Jeri, thats a snappy and funny come back!

  • Ram Garcia

    I totally agree with Bill.. However, the democratic party needs to quit being silent…When the Tea turds says something stupid, they should respond to show the stupidity that they are putting out there…I recall a movie, American President, where one side kept bashing the President and his views.. All the while no one, not even the president would respond and his approval ratings kept going down…Since only one side was doing all the talking, people started believing what was being said. Congressional Democrats need to start being more active in proving the republicans wrong. Call out the Ted Cruz followers and put them in their place..Saying to ourselves we know that is a lie is not enough..I see few democrats respond and even then it’s on one TV station.. MSNBC…Unfortunately there are people out there that will follow who ever is doing the majority of the talking…

  • Shelia Grady

    Ok, I will add, he also made a stupid employer mistake. And yes, his morals went by the way side in doing so. But he is far from the first boss to have an inappropriate relationship with a employ. It has been a running joke for years about the boss that has an affair with his secretary. I’m not saying it’s excusable, I am saying it has nothing to do with weather he was a good President. It only reflects on weather he was a good husband. And the answer to that is definitely NO. But, that is only an issue for Hillary and and their daughter, no for the country.

  • matt

    This comes from the man who ran when it was his turn to defend his country. He also lied to his wife, congress, supreme court and American people. He also change the definitions in the english lanuage.

  • eieioh

    Are you SERIOUS? Attacking Billy Boy aobut his blow jobs in the white house have nothing to do with the disaster that Obamacare is. They do have something in common; both are mistakes. If you are still blind to this fact then you are one of the 40% who didn’t get a letter from their private insurance carrier telling you that your premium and deductible are both sky rocketing. And, because your insurance expired on the 1st of October and you haven’t been able to sign up for ObamaIDon’tCare insurance, then you are uninsured until they get the website running…if that ever happens.

  • Charles Vincent

    First off Bill Clinton isn’t an IT professional and he shouldn’t open his mouth on how bad that .gov website is or isn’t in terms of the technical problems its having and its total failure to deliver so far. Second more bad news every day is piling up and burying that horrific law.

    Here is the newest development;

    http://investigations DOT nbcnews DOT com/_news/2013/10/28/21213547-obama-admin-knew-millions-could-not-keep-their-health-insurance?lite&ocid=msnhp&pos=1

    http://www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=E9r93OxpE8g

  • Dredge

    This is a swing and miss for ol’Slick Willy, I appreciate the point he is *trying* to make, but you cannot compare Obummercare to Medicare Part D. Sure the program is was unpopular, sure it’s expensive, but at least its not MANDATORY.

  • Timmy Page

    The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few.. or the one..