Bill Clinton: Republicans are “Begging for America to Fail”

abcnewsFormer President Bill Clinton, who’s no stranger to government shutdowns as Republicans pulled something similar on him during the 90’s, didn’t mince words when speaking about their continued push for a government shutdown in their futile attempt to throw a hissy fit because they didn’t get their way.

While on ABC’s “This Week,” the former president said what many of us have been thinking for years — Republicans are “begging for America to fail.”

Since President Obama was elected in 2008, Republicans have seem determined to do all they can to sabotage our nation and our economy in the hope that Democrats would suffer the blame and they would see some kind of benefit.

Of course Republican voters don’t see it this way, but that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.  They’ve used any and all mechanisms at their disposal in numerous attempts to blackmail the president into giving them 100 percent of what they want.

And now, as most Americans are well aware of, we have their ridiculous attempt to block “Obamacare” by defunding it or stalling its full implementation for a year—something Democrats and President Obama have flat out said is not something they will negotiate with.

Couple this in with the recent Republican vote to cut 39 billion dollars from SNAP benefits for low-income Americans, and it’s blatantly obvious Republicans couldn’t care less about anyone in this country except the richest among us.

And the one thing pretty much every single Republican “plan” has in common is the fact that they knew each one was dead in the water out of the House.  They’ve made no effort to negotiate with the president on something that compromises with ideas from each side.  Instead of doing their jobs and representing the best interests of the American people, they’ve decided to play political games with the lives of millions of Americans.

As Clinton said:

“If I were the president, I wouldn’t negotiate over these draconian cuts that are gonna take food off the table of low-income working people, while they leave all the agricultural subsidies in for high-income farmers and everything else.  It’s chilling to me.  The entitlement spending is going down as the unemployment rate drops and the economy grows. Half of the deficit’s already disappeared.  The rest of it just seems almost spiteful.”

The recent Republican platform has basically been built around cutting programs that help the poor and threatening to shutdown our government in an attempt to deny health care access to millions of Americans.

Real “patriotic” stances, don’t you think?

Oh, and we can’t forget how they’re still threatening to crash our economy by not raising the debt ceiling—if their demands aren’t met.

Demands that would hurt millions of Americans, so of course Democrats and President Obama oppose them.  They’ve maintained since 2008 that they’re not going to give in to the attempted Republican sabotage of our economy just so that the GOP can score some political points with the tea party.

But it’s been apparently clear, as Clinton said, that the GOP seems determined to have “America fail.”  Their policies (if passed) would hurt Americans and their tactics to try to blackmail the president to implement these policies (if they follow through with their threats) would hurt Americans.

Either way, it’s Republicans hurting Americans to pander to tea party demands.

And this is why I maintain that the Republican party has now officially become the “American Taliban.”

Image via ABC News

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jeff


    • Guile Williams

      Logical conclusion hits you upside the head and you call it “Garbage?”
      Someone is drinking the propaganda Cool-Aid.

  • bamcintyre


  • Beverly Haley

    Although I am not holding my breath…I am hoping that the Moderate Republicans will break ranks and actually represent the people who elected them.

    • Guile Williams

      You’d be dead from asphyxiation if you did.

  • amaizeme

    Raising the debt ceiling, to finance war, and spying on citizens, and forcing up the prices of everything…..AND dipping into military pension funds?…who exactly is forcing the economic collapse?

    • kimberper

      The republicans. Do some factual research.

      • amaizeme

        Right…you go check the Washinton Post yourself, they list the last 17 shutdowns of government, who did it and why…then let me know about “research”.

      • gemma liar

        do U really think regressives will do any FACTUAL research??? the watch FOX “news”,,,,,period

    • PABC

      Who started the war (and didn’t pay for it), passed the law that started the spying, gave the first breaks to “Wall Street”…. Bush. And who cut the most benefits from our retired military….. Wait for it…..Reagan the Yoda of the republican party. Instead of working to fix any problems Obamacare MIGHT cause the act like petulant children and hold there breath till they get there way. Well I learned in kindergarten that that doesn’t work. As The Eagles once said “Get Over It”.

      • amaizeme

        Don’t you get it? This is exactly the in-fighting they want…us fighting red against blue, instead of fighting against Wallstreet, who own us. Get in touch with your congress rep, find out what they stand for, let them know what you stand for. Meanwhile check out the Washington Post, they list the last 17 shutdowns, who did it and why. They DO want to fix the Obamacare….not have it forced on people before it is ready. Either way I think it is a huge FAIL, since when do you neck-tie healthcare to insurance companies and the IRS??? Canada doesn’t, France doesn’t…not sure about Britian, but I think not. But sure, let’s keep talking about Rep vs Dem. Small minds talk about people, medium minds talk about issues, brilliant minds talk about solutions….

      • norskejente

        Since President Obama came up with the Affordable Health Care Act the republicans (lowercase cause they are small minded people) have tried 42 times to get rid of it. They have not once come up with an alternative option, just repeal it and go back to the way things were. They ignore it the whole 8 yrs Bush was in office. It took President Obama to get the wheels rolling. Just out of curiosity why do you agree with those that do not want to help provide health care to Americans? Oh and btw Insurance companies have everything to do with health care. They make billions on the backs of the sick!

      • amaizeme

        Thanks for your reasons…and cool oslo name btw. My mom is Canadian, my dad American. I stay in Canada for the health care. I hear what you are saying about needing care for everyone! I don’t know about the 42 times, but it is food for thought. What I do know is that 27000 pages is intense…and since the first go ahead on the bill, Obama has changed a great deal of the bill…it is not the same bill anymore, and he did this behind closed doors. I too get tired with the political process, but I have to trust in how and why it was established, and ‘behind closed doors’ is simply not constitutional. I think the ACA plan is good, but I think the implementation of it is NOT good. We pay premiums in Canada based on our income. We pay directly to government who directly pays the hospitals. NO middle man making PROFIT. The stories are coming out fast and furious about the problems with the implementation of ACA…BIG problems. I don’t want government shut down, but Obama played his hand and thought he had trumped everyone with shutdown fears. They are now ALL forced to meet and hammer this out, which should have been done months ago, and sorry to say, but once again Obama said no, because he thought he had a trump card. This is not a game, millions of people have legitimate concerns. If a president is going to enact likely the largest bill in history with the largest impact to citizens potentially good but also potentially bad, Obama should have had a stronger lead, but he didn’t because he was too busy changing the bill or threatening war on Syria.
        Meanwhile FOLLOW the MONEY….it is the heart of all our slave economy (and maybe at the heart of our healthcare economy?). We know what is wrong, we just don’t know what to do. Billions in bailouts to banks…and no one went to jail…or was fired for this fiasco and theft…which we are still paying for…we just gave them our money on the souls of our children…

    • Beverly Haley

      You do realize that the debt ceiling is only to pay the bill that CONGRESS ran up…. right?

      • amaizeme

        Good point,…too many seats in government (red and blue) are bought for by bankers. Why else would McCain pay out 20+ million to get elected into a job that pays less than 200K? Of course they then rack up debt on the industrial war complex and public spying programs, because they have THEIR money invested in these things, and they want THEIR kickbacks….and we pay through our labor like good slaves. Look up the definition of slave, and then for fun, google “Obama blames…” Meanwhile, break the banking cartels, and the whole funhouse of clowns will be revealed.

  • amaizeme

    Clinton has his head so far up the banker’s butt, he can smell Obama…
    …sorry, to be so rude, I just get frustrated at the obvious lies used to keep us enslaved in ignorance!

    • Sunny

      Just WHO is enslaved in ignorance?!? Before pointing your misinformed finger, take a look at yourself and those so mesmerized by the Tea Party extremists! Talk about LIES!

    • gemma liar

      enjoy watching your regressive crybabies cry even more,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,repubs are dinosaurs: extinct

  • Anthonij

    What the hard-line right-wing of the Republican party is trying to do amounts to a sort of mini-coup d’état. And that is precisely what we should expect from the party that has, when they last held the White House, given us a gang of traitors, war-criminals and de-regulating corporate-stooges.

    Cruz and the rest of his ilk are trying to undo the results of the last election and, hand in hand with their corporate partners, they will — if given the chance — do away with the republic as we have known it and institute a government based on irrational belief and oligarchic power of the economic elite. Makes you think of the F- word… facism… That’s not just rhetoric, that’s reality.

    • tahoel

      Clearly these people see an opportunity to test how far they can go in subverting the democratic process. Harry Reid and the President are responding appropriately to this dangerous threat from right wing extremists.

  • Terri McMillen

    Yes, it is the Goal of the Extremist Right Wingers to take over the Government for Religious rule. They say it every single day!!
    Dominion Theology or Dominionism is the idea that Christians should work toward either a nation governed by Christians or one governed by a conservative Christian understanding of biblical law. It is a form of Theocracy and is related to Theonomy, though it does not necessarily advocate Mosaic law as the basis of government. Prominent adherents of Dominion Theology are otherwise theologically diverse, including the Calvinist Christian Reconstructionism and the charismatic/Pentecostal Kingdom Now theology and New Apostolic Reformation..