Bill Clinton Schools Republicans on Facts About Obamacare

clinton3Former President Bill Clinton has been asked to travel around the country and clarify the facts about the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”).  Considering how much right-wing slander has been slung at the health care law, President Obama figured Clinton was the perfect person to speak on behalf of the truth about the law.

While speaking at his library in Little Rock, Arkansas, Clinton called on Republicans to improve Obamacare, not repeal it.

In fact, during his hour-long speech, he echoed something similar to that of Newt Gingrich, who called Republicans out for the same thing just a few weeks ago.  Clinton, like Gingrich, called out Republicans for holding 40 different votes to repeal the landmark law—yet offering absolutely no alternatives if the law were to be repealed.

Which is absolutely true.  Republicans have gone on for years about the “horrors” of the Affordable Care Act, yet haven’t offered any sort of alternative for the health care law.

Because the truth is—they don’t have any.

As Clinton said, not only have Republicans opposed the law, they’ve gone out of their way to undermine it as well.

This speech seemed to play off the comments made by President Obama just a few weeks ago when he said Republicans saw defeating Obamacare as the “holy grail” of the Republican party.

Clinton seems to have chose his home state as a staging point for this first big speech to highlight the bipartisan efforts Arkansas has exhibited in implementing the law.

While his speech wasn’t nearly as exciting as the one he gave at last year’s DNC, he obviously targeted parts of the health care law which many Republicans have made a career out of lying about.

He emphasized the state exchanges, which are one of the big driving forces behind the law, and noted that states which are fighting against the law are putting millions within their state at risk of not having health insurance.

But the overall context of his speech was the emphasis on bipartisan efforts to implement — and improve — the law.  Which is something Republicans have made clear they have no intention of doing.

Which makes Clinton’s speeches that much more important.  After years of right-wing misinformation, myths and blatant lies, President Obama hopes to use Clinton’s gift of explaining complex issues simply to battle the plethora of Republican distortions about the health care law.

So in the weeks ahead, Republicans like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul will spend an ample amount of time doing all they can to continue their campaign of fear and propaganda in a last-ditch effort to defund Obamacare.  But President Obama has played the ace up his sleeve, and now has Bill Clinton in his corner to counter their lies.

We’ve got facts, reality and Bill Clinton.  They’ve got propaganda, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.  I have to say—I like our odds.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Kelly Green

    Bill Clinton, Secretary of Explaining Stuff. Which is the higher rank? Secretary of State or Secretary of Explaining Stuff? God. I. Love. This. Country!

  • Sker

    Bill Clinton needs a governmental post dealing with the laws of the presidency, and legal advisor. I’d also like to see his face added to Mt. Rushmore.

    • Darkthunder

      Here here. Were it not for the “Lewinsky scandal”, I thought President Clinton was a great President. And the scandal wasn’t so much a scandal, but moreso people probing into the President’s personal life, which quite frankly, is none of our business.

      As long as the person behind the Resolute Desk does his job effectively, who cares what he does in his private life?

  • Toni Raska Sams

    People need to learn the facts and shut the fuck up for a change instead of complaining , name calling, finding fault and turning a blind eye .

  • cazzy

    Look up John Birch Society..Google it, read it, study it. It had to be shunned and ignored and it went away but has now reared it’s ugly head and because of social media people are being swayed by the likes of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz. They are not Tea Party, they are John Birchers and so are the Koch Brothers who’s father was the head of the John Birch Society. They also worship Ayn Rand. They despise the very idea of helping our society and bettering our nation. They hated John Kennedy as well. If that’s who anyone wants to lead our country and become an even more hateful and BIZARRE country, without progression, just everyone for themselves, with no protections, we will become dismantled and the worst of any third world country. No thank you!!

  • kissyface

    i love Bill Clinton!

  • Nathan Buchanan

    Bill Clinton is the perfect person for this job. He has instant credibility and recognition. People unsure about ACA are more likely to listen to Mr. Clinton then some random congress person.

  • sentient

    We live in a country where our part our government is trying to make sure people have a roof over their head, basic sustenance of food and medicine. This government that spends more money on defense than on education, food stamps and medical care wants to dismantle the programs because our government is broke. Our government is broke because the wealthy and corporations pay negative net tax rates. This government wants to expand defense even more and drop bombs in a civil war whose only purpose is to enrich energy companies and defense contracters. US citizens, our government is flucked up and we need to take it back.

  • mapleleaflover

    Does anyone besides me wonder how a state (Arkansas) could elect Bill Clinton over and over and over again as their Governor, but could ALSO elect a really nasty piece of business like Huckabee?

    • Darkthunder

      I think the bigger question you need to ask; How could the COUNTRY elect a bonafide moron (George W Bush), and then choose to re-elect him 4 years later, despite the massive economic problems caused by him.

      • Simple (sort of), we have so far never voted a President out of office in the middle of a war. Who knows why that is but it is a circumstance of our nation and it’s highest office. Now as to how he got there; blame corruption, the Supreme Court, and the cycle that is also a circumstance of our nation (with an exception to FDR) no party has been the Oval Office for more than twelve yrs/three terms so Gore wouldn’t have gotten a second term.

      • Had he won.

      • Darkthunder

        Gore was Vice President under Clinton. He was (and is) eligible to run for President for 2 full terms.

      • Inyo Maai

        The iraq and afghanistan wars saw pres bush voted out of office and pres obama voted in and continuing these wars. Vietnam had eisenhower, kenedy, lbj and nixon. WWII had fdr and truman. Sorry if these facts dont fit your agenda and rationale of the world as you see it.

      • Dean Lanton

        they didn’t get voted out…the were not eligible to run again!

      • Rebecca Neighbors

        it kinda seems like a trend every President since the early 90s have been 2 term Presidents last singe term president was Bush SR.

      • Inyo Maai

        To sean below: the iraq and afghanistan wars saw pres bush voted out and pres obama voted in and continuing these wars to this day. Vietnam had eisenhower, nixon, kennedy and lbj. WWII had fdr and truman. Sorry if these facts dont fit your agenda and skewed rationale in this case.

      • Vada Bodimer

        Someone already addressed this with the fact that those presidents were not voted out, the were ineligible to run again. And lbj only came in on the heels of jfks death so that makes little sense to include him. Nixon underwent a voluntary impeachment (and did not run again) so whose facts are a bit understated?

      • Inyo Maai

        Oh so then it must be coruption and the supreme court.

      • Brian_pdx

        Vietnam was prosecuted by LBJ not Eisenhower or Kennedy. Kennedy had in fact issued two executive orders which would have prevented the US from getting in deep but LBJ reversed those orders within days of JFK’s murder.

      • jc

        Its still a mystery to me!

      • Brian_pdx

        GW stole the first election through a crooked bunch of election administrators in Florida and equally crooked conservative SCOTUS.

      • My Name 2

        really? You are gonna talk about somebody stealing elections with the current guy in office? That’s funny……

      • Brian_pdx

        Obama won by millions of votes and a huge majority of the electoral college. GW did not. Crawl back in your cave.

      • My Name 2

        How many dead people voted for him? How many illegals? And how many voted more than once since obama is the worlds first elected official for no voter ID checks and no verification unless you are coming to one of his personal events?

      • VeteranForTruth

        Folks, there is no fighting the Kool Aid. GOP droids will not believe anything they were not programmed to believe.

      • Brian_pdx

        The instances of voter fraud simply don’t exist. You s-bags want to deny legal voters who are demos the vote.

      • My Name 2

        Why is it “ok” to deny “legal voters” the right to go see the president they want to vote for without and ID?

        Why is it “ok” to deny “legal voters” the right to buy cigarettes or alcohol without an ID?

        Why is it “ok” to take “legal voters” to jail without having proper ID?

        Why are all these things “ok”, but in order to place a vote for the most important elected office in the world it is all of the sudden not “ok” with you guys?

        Give me a real reason? Black people can go the same places I can go, it is 2013. Hispanics are allowed in the same buildings I am allowed in to get an ID as long as they are here legally. Old people almost always have family and if they do not and contacted their local offices I bet there is a way to arrange for that 1% that are too old to move and go get an ID, but somehow can find a way to get up and go vote without that ID. So what is it?

      • Leah Stewart

        Well most get an early vote by mail because of there disability. But i totally agree with what your saying.

  • Becki Adams

    I think President Clinton could get a LOT going if we would band together with him.

  • FawnStomper

    Just wait until you get really sick or injured or dying and they tell you to get in line and that it may take a few months for an analysis of your problem. If your having a heart attack your doomed.

    • Runawaygirl83

      Lol… because that doesn’t happen now?

    • LMB

      It’s idiotic misconceptions like this that Republicans use to make people fearful of this legislation. You aren’t going to be told to wait in line if you are urgently sick or have a life threatening condition. Emergencies will be treated as such. What will happen is ER’s won’t be clogged with people who have headaches and runny noses because they don’t have insurance and the ER is required by law to treat them. So there will be more space, time and people available to treat those in desperate need. The idea of national healthcare is not new. Tons of countries like Canada, New Zealand, the Nordic countries, Japan and Australia (to name a FEW) all have nationalized healthcare, some since the 1940s. If it was so horrifying, then they wouldn’t have it anymore and other countries wouldn’t be working to achieve it. If you ask citizens of these countries if they like their healthcare, the vast majority will say they do.

    • Tahran Strong

      If you already have insurance, YOu have no problem!!

  • Inyo Maai

    I could give you a pile of crap, and you could ask me to improve it, and i could top it with ice cream nuts and a cherry, but it is still a pile of crap in reality. But really i have to ask….how is he “schooling” republicans? What facts? Facts can be checked and verified….this article, and i suspect clinton dont have any.

    • Vada Bodimer

      The facts can he checked by simply taking the time to read the ACA document … I think you’ll be surprised to find out whom is speaking fact and whom is speaking fiction

      • Inyo Maai

        And that is why it is being implimented so smoothly and the obama administration is missing many of its own deadlines including the writeup and current outlook on diabeates which was due two weeks ago along with having solidified the 16 member death panel.

  • AverageAmerican

    wow, the rants in this are ridiculous… half of you have no idea what you are talking about… if you are going to post something you should at least research what you are trying to say. then you will not look like an EPIC FAIL! The other half should stick to what the article was actually about. There were a few posts worth reading buried in a pile of crap because people who shouldn’t open there mouths seem to be the ones who post the most… this isn’t a rant section, that’s craigslist…

    • Inyo Maai

      Rant on, average american!

    • Deborah H.

      It always makes you more credible if you oppose a rant with a louder, more obnoxious one, Mr. “there” mouths. A little personal responsibility, clear information, and proper word-usage goes a long way when it comes to making a point. Thanks for using the non-rant section instead of Craigslist. Hope you enjoyed your flight. Have a nice day. ;o)

  • Smarty Pants

    This would be a much better article if you had included a few quotes from President Clinton regarding what he was lecturing on. Instead, it reads like a rah rah obamacare story, that ends in a nanny nanny nanny goat tone. I am for the Affordable Care Act and had hoped to read about Clinton making things clear for people who don’t understand it. Instead, it was a story as described above. I would suggest a journalism class (where they teach you to find facts and report on them).

    • Deborah H.

      His entire speech was available on YouTube, last time I looked. As for why we had the Huckster, well, there was that moral, bible-belt craziness, PLUS Mike ran a lot more moderately than he acted as Governor. Now we have Governor Beebe…a Dem., but the state overall is still profoundly red, sadly.

  • Amongst the Wolves

    What is so affordable about it?

  • Patrick O’Neal

    I wanna go ask him some questions. I agree about the fixing it, but alot of it is just not about healthcare.