Bill Maher Blasts Petty Clinton, Sanders Supporters: They’ll Lead to the ‘Death of Liberals’ (Video)

Most people are aware that Bill Maher is a Bernie Sanders supporter. Though he’s also someone who, while he prefers Sanders, would still vote for Clinton if she were the nominee. He understands this nation faces a very bleak future if we allow a Republican to win in November. He also understands that it’s possible to like both candidates, but simply have a preference for one over the other.

This is something I’ve been saying for months. While I’m a Hillary Clinton supporter, I’ve repeatedly stated I’ll gladly vote for Bernie Sanders if he wins the nomination. In my eyes, we’re picking between two solid candidates. Ultimately, my goal isn’t simply to see a specific candidate get elected, it’s to make damn sure Republicans don’t win back the White House in 2016. Because if that happens, I really don’t think many folks grasp just how bad that’s going to be for this country.

Well, despite the incredible importance of this election, there has been a faction of Bernie Sanders supporters commonly known as “Bernie or bust” people. These are folks who’ve said that if Sanders doesn’t win the nomination, they’ll either write him in, vote for the Green Party candidate or not vote at all. Hell, I’ve even encountered some self-identified “liberals” who’ve said they’ll vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

Furthermore, over the last few weeks (seemingly in response to the “Bernie or bust” crowd) there’s been a growing sentiment within some Clinton supporters that they won’t support Sanders if he becomes the nominee.

That’s asinine logic by each group of supporters considering, whether they like it or not, they both need each other.

Needless to say, this has led to a seemingly never-ending back and forth between the two groups of supporters – especially online.

Well, Bill Maher dedicated the ending of his show on Friday night to addressing the stupidity of those on the left who’ve vowed not to support the eventual Democratic nominee.

“On their website [the Bernie or bust group], they say they’re revolting against the plutocracy,” Maher said. “No, actually you’ll be helping elect a plutocrat who’s revolting.”

Maher also slammed the Bernie supporters who flooded Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Facebook page with negative, hateful comments following Super Tuesday. These particular people were upset because she’s chosen to stay neutral during the primary instead of giving in to their demands that she endorse Bernie Sanders.

Though he did slam Clinton supporters for trying to constantly paint Bernie Sanders as a sexist.

But ultimately he went after each group for wasting so much time battling each other over fairly petty, stupid things when there are legitimately dangerous Republican candidates running for president that we should all be focusing on.

“There are real enemies out there. Have you seen a Republican debate? The zombies are in the mall,” Maher said. “This is gonna be the death of liberals: this nit-picky intramural attacking of friends for insufficient purity, compulsively cleaning up that corner of the room that’s already quite clean, while there are giant piles of sh*t everywhere else.”

And he’s absolutely right.

If a Republican is elected this November, we’re going to see health care reform completely undone; gay rights rolled back; abortion rights attacked; any progress we’ve made on climate change completely undone; and quite possibly give someone like Donald Trump or Ted Cruz 3-4 Supreme Court Justice nominations.

So, when Maher says these “my candidate or bust” people are going to lead to the death of liberalism – he’s not really exaggerating. If Republicans win this November, not only will they undo a lot of the progress that took us decades to achieve – but they’re likely going to put in place their own policies that set progressives (and our country as a whole) back a generation or more. To be honest, if a Republican wins this November, I’m really not sure if we’ll ever be able to fully recover from the damage that they’ll most certainly do.

We cannot let that happen.

Watch the video below via HBO:

Allen Clifton

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