Bill Maher Crushes GOP: They Made a Deal with the ‘Racist Devil’ and Now They’re Paying for It (Video)

While it’s still unknown how everything is eventually going to play out with Donald Trump and the Republican party, it’s very likely that we’re witnessing the end of the GOP as we all know it. If Republicans are planning to try to push this to a brokered convention where they select someone other than Trump – all hell is going to break loose.

The only way Trump’s not going to become the nominee is if the Republican party basically does whatever they can to sabotage his chances. I can almost guarantee you that would lead to him running as a third-party candidate if for no other reason than to spite the GOP.

Though no matter what ultimately happens, Republicans will only have themselves to blame. Donald Trump is the result of decades of pandering to ignorance, racism, bigotry, anger and intolerance. It wasn’t a matter of if a candidate like Trump ever ascended to the top of the GOP presidential ladder – just when.

The Republican party – the once proud party of Lincoln, Roosevelt and Eisenhower – sold its soul long ago and now they’re paying for it.

That’s exactly what Bill Maher said on Friday when he absolutely crushed Republicans for acting dumb about Trump and why he’s become so popular with so many conservatives.

“They made a Faustian deal with the racist devil years ago and now those chickens are coming home to roost,” Maher said.

“What about voter ID laws?” he asked. “What about once defending the guy who gets shot, the black guy, instead of the cop. Who are they kidding? This is the party they are and Trump is just the latest.”

When one of his guests, conservative writer Matt Lewis, tried to claim that Trump really doesn’t represent the party, the Real Time host was having none of that.

“It was called the Southern Strategy when Nixon did it,” Maher stated. “Reagan started his campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi. It’s always been a winking campaign to get white people, mostly, who have a resentment to vote racially. Let’s not pretend this is new.”

Maher is absolutely right. Back during Nixon’s days, when Democrats were embracing equality, the GOP realized that they could exploit angry, white racism to their advantage. This is what’s now known as the “Southern Strategy.” It was the deliberate effort by the GOP to basically use growing African American support for Democrats as a recruiting tool for racist whites who felt their values were no longer being represented as Democrats moved to become the party of racial equality.

After all, let’s not forget that the GOP is the party that elected former Grand Wizard of the KKK and well-known white supremacist David Duke to public office in 1989.

Bill Maher hit on a point I’ve been making for weeks that it’s absurd for Republicans to act as if they were unaware of the racism, bigotry and ignorance that’s comprised a large chunk of their party for decades. This is exactly what the Republican party signed up for all those years ago when they decided that pandering to the worst parts of our society was a good political strategy.

Watch the video below via HBO:

Allen Clifton

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