Bill Maher and Panel Shred Bill O’Reilly: ‘Not a Real Journalist’ (Video)

bill-maher-oreillyI’ll be honest, I really haven’t paid a great deal of attention to the entire controversy surrounding Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, because it’s really not much of a story. Is it really “shocking” to some that a Fox News personality would be caught lying about something? Isn’t that what they do?

To expose someone on Fox News blatantly lying about something, you don’t need to dig through archives from decades ago to find something – just turn on the network on any given day. This is a “news channel” that bases most of its existence on lying.

And does anyone really think conservatives care? The truth is, they couldn’t care less about honesty. All conservatives care about is finding someone who will tell them what they want to hear, which is exactly what O’Reilly and Fox News do.

The reason why Brian Williams was suspended was because:

  1. He admitted to his lies (which O’Reilly will never do).
  2. People who don’t work for Fox News are held to a higher standard of integrity than those who work for American’s most watched conservative entertainment network.

Well, during last night’s Real Time on HBOBill Maher went after O’Reilly – and the media as a whole – for basically giving this whole situation a shrug of the shoulders.

“Let me read to you Bill O’Reilly’s words and you tell me if he is not just a blatant, bald-assed liar,” Maher said. He then went on to read several quotes from O’Reilly, followed by the factual accounts that debunk the Fox News host’s own words.

“These are out-and-out lies,” Maher said of the statements. “Now, I understand why Fox News backs him, because they’re not really a news service. They’re like, ‘You expect the truth? That’s not what we do here.’ But why isn’t the mainstream media going after him with the same ferocity, the supposedly ‘liberal media,’ as they did to Brian Williams?”

“I suspect it’s because they know what you just said,” guest David Axelrod answered. “Which is, Fox News isn’t a real news organization. And Bill O’Reilly isn’t a real journalist.”


By all accounts this would be a bigger story – if O’Reilly didn’t work for the one network where truth and integrity aren’t really high priorities. Conservatives tuning into O’Reilly don’t care if he’s trustworthy or not, just as long as he’s telling them what they want to hear. When someone on Fox News says something derogatory about liberals, Democrats or President Obama, the last thing conservatives are concerned with is whether or not the information was factual.

So while I love that Maher went right after O’Reilly, Fox News and the media, I get why so many, including myself, have more or less “passed” on this story.

The truth is, Republicans don’t want to know facts, because most facts don’t support their side. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve presented indisputable facts to a conservative which debunk an asinine claim, only for them to get hostile and defensive the moment their delusions were exposed.

That’s why nothing of substance is going to happen to O’Reilly. Instead of conservatives starting to question him after seeing the growing piles of evidence proving that he’s lied numerous times, they’re actually just rallying around him, seeing this as nothing more than some trumped-up liberal attack against someone who simply tries to “tell the truth.”

There’s already plenty of evidence proving that O’Reilly has a long history of fabricating stories, and the only thing that’s happened is that his ratings have gone up. It’s just like Mr. Axelrod said, Fox News isn’t a real news organization, and O’Reilly isn’t a real journalist.

Watch the segment below via HBO:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Devin D.

    Politicians lie quite frequently; Democrats and Republicans alike. That is the corrupt disposition of these idiots, and you can’t claim it’s ONLY practiced by Republicans.

    I have (in the rules of argument, philosophy, and logic) utterly obliterated you; on multiple occasions at that Mr. Clifton. Yet, I receive no refute? No counter-argument?

    Politicians (or wannabe politicians in your instance) tediously hand- pick their battles. You all tend to gravitate further from those whom preach intelligence, and closer to your incoherently babbling political associates.

    You are nothing more than the beacon of ignorance, false information, and faulty political application.

    Prove me wrong Mr. Clifton, I dare you.

    • Charles Vincent

      Don’t hold your breath I’ve been here two years and he won’t engage you because he spouts nothing more than the fear mongering and hate he laments about in his articles. And in my case he stooped low enough to censor my posts for calling him out because they made showed him for the charlatan he is. In fact there were heated arguments about the censorship of posts.

    • Nathan Frigerio

      Right, the left is always making such stupid claims as the POTUS being an America hating, socialist, racist muslim. Let’s not forget they sell baby parts. Liberals force minorities into having abortions, Clinton death squads, rounding people up, taking their guns, forcing them into U.N. camps under Walmarts, on and on. Is it any wonder we don’t even argue with right wing morons any more. We just can’t take you seriously when lies are all you have. Now go suck the ass of the first rich guy you can find, tools.

  • bestfriend

    I like Bill Maher when he says things I like

  • Wiley

    On the week of Hillary’s private emails hitting the news almost hourly, am I seriously seeing Allen Clifton here still obsessing about something Bill O’Reilly said a hundred years ago?