Bill Maher Slams Liberals for Often Looking Away When it Comes to Islamic Oppression (Video)

bill-maher-4For me, Bill Maher is a bit of a conundrum. I would say 80 percent of what he says I agree with wholeheartedly. But that other 20 percent is usually so far off from what I believe that it’s hard for me to really get behind him some of the time.

His views on religion are often more arrogant than anything else and his stance against vaccines is something I completely disagree with (as well as being downright dangerous).

But hey, I still watch him just about every week and for the most part I like a lot of what he has to say.

Especially last night. He went on an epic rant calling out liberals for being hypocrites when it comes to criticizing some of the barbaric behavior found in many Islamic nations. Nations where women are often still treated more like property than actual human beings.

It’s a sentiment I’ve also recently expressed.

Normally I would transcribe a few lines from Maher’s speech, but being that his show is on HBO, it’s laced with quite a few expletives. So it’s really better if I just summarize it, but you can check out the clip at the end of this article.

Maher’s general point focused on how liberals are often outraged whenever someone like Rush Limbaugh says something offensive (and rightfully so). But when it comes to condemning the brutal acts that occur in some of these Islamic countries (like mutilations and various human rights violations), often their outrage seems to be fairly silent – if it’s even heard at all.

And he’s right.

I’ve written quite a few articles slamming the absurd behavior of many right-wing Christians. And, for the most part, they’re well received. But anytime I’ve dared to write something criticizing Muslims, I often get hammered by liberals for being xenophobic or I’m called some sort of fake liberal Muslim-hating bigot. Like I’m sure many liberals reading this will slam me for agree with Maher on this particular subject.

But what he was basically asserting was that while liberals have every right to criticize people like Limbaugh or Donald Sterling, they might want to also focus some of their attention to countries like Saudi Arabia where women aren’t allowed to vote or Egypt where 91 percent of women have been brutally mutilated.

It kind of ties into what I’ve said here lately about “trendy outrage.” Something I think liberals are often falling prey to.

If someone famous happens to say something offensive, even if contextually it’s not meant to be racist, homophobic or whatever, it’s not uncommon to see liberals go off the rails with “trendy outrage.” And most of the time I agree with it. There’s nothing wrong with calling out repulsive behavior. But there’s a difference between being offended by something, and seemingly waiting around looking for the next “trendy” thing by which to be offended. Which is something I think some liberals do far too often.

But what Maher said here is absolutely correct. When it comes to criticizing Islam, liberals are often much more forgiving of its many indiscretions. That doesn’t mean all Muslims are bad people, it just means we shouldn’t be afraid to call out atrocities and expose the truth no matter where that truth leads back to.

Watch the video below via HBO:

Allen Clifton

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