Bill Maher Slams ‘Morally Sloppy’ Palin, ‘Obamas are Better Parents’ (Video)

While I don’t always agree with Bill Maher on everything, I do enjoy how Real Time isn’t afraid to take on the most hot-button topics in politics each and every Friday night. His format is also my favorite of any political show with his panel of three guests, typically at least one or two conservatives included. I also like Maher because, at least with him, what you see is what you get. Even if I disagree with someone at times, if I feel they’re being genuine about what they believe, I can at least respect them for being honest.

So, when Sarah Palin tossed out her word salad in Iowa this week, along with trying to blame President Obama for her son’s domestic violence charges, I couldn’t wait to hear what Maher was going to say about it.

As expected, Maher was having none of Palin’s b.s. attempt to blame this on President Obama.

“That’s why I’m sure his girlfriend was cowering under the bed, because of Obama,” Maher said of the alleged incidents from that day. “Her daughter has had two out-of-wedlock children. I mean, does it ever occur to anybody that the Obamas are just so much better parents?”

And let’s also not forget the drunken family brawl from just over a year ago. Keep in mind, this is a family which often goes around judging the morality of others, which has now been involved with several very high-profile events that aren’t at all “Christian.”

Meanwhile, the person they frequently bash for being so “un-American” and “ungodly,” President Obama, is by all accounts an amazing father. Sure, there’s a chance that his daughters might make a few headlines once they go off to college, but he’s also not someone who goes around acting morally superior to others, either. You know, like Palin and her family often does.

Maher also noticed how Palin just glossed over the cause of her son’s supposed PTSD (war)… something for which her (and her party) are seemingly huge advocates.

“She just glossed over that,” Maher said of Palin’s mention of PTSD. “Like, we accept that now. We send our sons off to stupid wars and they come back a bit different, because he beat up his girlfriend, was talking suicide.”

“It’s the most morally sloppy person going to Iowa to convince the evangelicals, the supposedly moral people, to vote?” he continued. “That’s why faith sucks so bad. Because when you have the same faith as me, then whatever you do is off the table.”

That’s another point about which he’s spot-on. Here she was, this supposed “holy roller” heading down from Alaska to endorse probably the least religious candidate of the Republican field, appealing to evangelicals who blindly adore her simply because she says she’s “one of them.” Even if almost nothing she says or does seems to be remotely Christian. To say nothing about the fact that her son had just been accused of a rather serious criminal offense – including an apparent suicide threat – and instead of immediately heading home, she stayed out on the campaign trail. How is that “Christian”? Heck, how is that even good parenting?

Then again, when it comes to Sarah Palin, her only real focus seems to be on keeping herself in the spotlight.

Watch the video below via HBO:

Allen Clifton

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