Bill Maher Tells Every Non-Trump Supporter Exactly What They Need to Hear (Video)

For well over a year, long before Donald Trump even announced his candidacy, I’ve been telling liberals just how important the 2016 election is. Of course all elections are important, but this one might be one of the most important of our lifetimes. If there’s one election we absolutely cannot risk losing, it’s this one. We are quite literally one Republican win away from decades of tireless work fighting to bring true equality and progress to this country being undone and set back generations — if not forever.

And I was saying this before I ever thought of a fascist, woefully incompetent demagogue like Trump being the GOP’s presidential candidate.

With each passing day, it seems Donald Trump is eager to prove to everyone who doesn’t support him how dangerous a Trump administration would be. I’m not exaggerating when I say I’m not sure this country would ever be able to fully recover.

To put it into perspective, we all know how terrible George W. Bush was for this country. We’re nearly eight years removed from when he left office and we’re still years away from fully fixing all the problems his disasterous administration inflicted upon our nation. Hell, we may never be able to fully repair the damage he did, not only here, but all over the world.

Well, as bad as Bush was, a Donald Trump presidency would be far more catastrophic.

That was Bill Maher’s main point Friday night as he stressed how important it is that liberals don’t get distracted by being obessive about one or two issues. Instead, he emplored everyone who isn’t a Trump supporter to realize how terrifying it’s going to be if he becomes our next president.

His main focus was telling people not to get caught up on social issues that politicians typically don’t have a great deal of influence changing in the first place.

“You know me, I have seeds in my urine,” Maher, a staunch pro-weed advocate said. “But if someone told me that pushing for pot might cost Hillary Ohio, until Nov. 8, I’m gonna shut the f*ck up about it.”

He also brought up how Republicans could use the transgender bathroom issue to scare conservatives to the voting booths this November like they have in the past with issues such as same-sex marriage.

“There’s no room for boutique issues in an armageddon election,” Maher stated. “I’m on the side of people peeing where they want; it’s an inalienable right. I believe it was Patrick Henry who said, ‘Nobody beats the whizz.’ And I’m not suggesting that we throw the trangendered under the bus or discount their struggle. It can’t be easy finding pantyhose when you’re 6’4″.”

“This is what we’re good at, and we’ve already begun to do it for the transgendered, with The Danish Girl, Dallas Buyers Club, Transparent,” he added, saying that liberals should leave it up to Hollywood to normalize some social issues. “And of course there’s Caitlyn Jenner, who has already showed Americans that a transgendered person could be just like them, a deluded nitwit who supports Donald Trump.”

And he’s actually right.

While we often look to politicians to bring about progressive changes on social issues (and ultimately they do play a part), it really has been Hollywood that’s been one of the driving forces behind people becoming more accepting of gay rights, same-sex marriage and even making it more acceptable to view women in roles typically reserved for males, like action or superheroes.

But Maher’s main focus was clearly emphazing that this isn’t an election we can afford to mess around with. I know many like to walk around feeling ideologically pure, proudly boasting that they’ll never “sell out,” bashing both parties as “being the same” — but that’s not remotely true.

Not only is it unrealistic to be an ideological purist (sorry folks, this is a diverse world built on negotiation and compromise), but having an “all or nothing” approach usually does nothing more than make achieving progress that much difficult to accomplish. Instead of getting 60 percent of what some of these folks want, they end up helping elect someone who’s likely not going to back much of anything they support. However, at that point, it’s no longer a matter of not getting what they want as much as it is the candidate they help elected rolls back a lot of the progress that had already been made. This means four to eight years later, not only did we not make any strides toward any progressive goals, but we’re actually further away than we were to begin with.

Some people will likely bash Maher for saying what he did, but let’s not forget that he was an avid Bernie Sanders supporter throughout the primary. And even though he clearly wanted the Vermont senator to be the Democratic party’s nominee, he’s one of the first people who’ll tell you the primary wasn’t rigged and Hillary Clinton isn’t nearly as bad as a lot of folks on the left have tried to make her out to be.

So it’s not as if he can be accused of being a “shill for Clinton.” Bill Maher is simply a liberal who realizes that even though he has a few issues with the former Secretary, even on her absolute worst day, she’s still a million times better than the unimaginable disaster that Donald Trump would be as our nation’s next president.

Watch his comments below via HBO:

Allen Clifton

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