Bill Nye Slams Climate Film Propagandist Who Cowardly Refused $10k Bet About Climate Change (Video)

We’ve reached a point with combating climate change that either we have to do something now, or it’s going to be too late – if it’s not already. But the problem with combating climate change is we’re going up against the fossil fuel industry, which is pretty much one of the most powerful forces on the planet. There are literally trillions of dollars on the line here. So there’s a lot of money being thrown around in an effort to discredit climate science and perpetuate the idea that climate change is all just some elaborate hoax.

Then there are always the “Jesus people” who think human-made climate change is impossible because God controls climate.

Needless to say, there are a lot of obstacles in the way when it comes to dealing with those who don’t want to admit that humans are pushing this planet toward a climate that could make Earth uninhabitable in the not-too-distant future.

Thankfully there are people like Bill Nye “The Science Guy” who’ve become outspoken advocates for the realities of climate change and dangers posed to our planet.

In case you hadn’t heard, Nye was recently in the headlines after it was briefly announced that a climate-denying propagandist, Marc Morano, had promoted his documentary by claiming that Nye was going to be part of the screening taking place on May 2. The event will include a discussion about climate change where Sarah Palin will be a member of the panel.

Well, Nye’s name was quickly removed after it was revealed that he was never going to attend this thing. Though it appears Morano, in an effort to save himself from some embarrassment, tried to claim that Nye was invited – but refused to come.

Of course, that’s a lie. Nye did record an interview with Morano, but he never agreed to attend the May event.

“Marc Morano did not invite me to his movie but he said I refused to come after he did invite me, he was making that up,” Nye posted to Facebook.“It’s disingenuous, at best.”

Nye then ripped into Morano for being a climate change skeptic, who was apparently too much of a coward to take him up on a $10,000 bet concerning the continued warming of the planet.

“He had to concede a few points, let me say that, he had to concede a few points,” Nye stated. “You probably heard. I said, ‘I’ll bet you that 2016 will be among the top 10 hottest years ever.’ And he said, ‘Of course it will be.’ And then I said, ‘I’ll bet you that the decade 2010 to 2020 will be the hottest decade on record.’ And he wouldn’t take that bet. I would’ve given him $10,000 on each of those two bets. But he didn’t take it. Because he knows the world’s getting warmer.”

Funny, isn’t it? Here’s this guy who’s dedicating a good part of his life trying to make people believe that climate change is a hoax, who apparently doesn’t believe in his own propaganda enough to take Bill Nye up on his bet about this current decade going down as the hottest on record. You would think someone who was such a devoted denier of the realities of climate change would have jumped on that wager. Clearly Nye was more than confident in his beliefs to make it, but Mr. Morano apparently isn’t.

I’m a firm believer that if you truly believe in something, you’ll defend it in any way possible – such as Bill Nye showed with his bet. But if you’re full of crap, then you’ll typically duck and dodge challenges because you know deep down that what you believe is b.s.

Though as always, I want to thank Bill Nye for being someone who’s always out there fighting to make damn sure people believe science over absurd propaganda.

Watch his comments below as posted on Facebook:

Allen Clifton

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