Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart Square Off in Epic Debate About White Privilege in America (Video)

jon-stewart-bill-oreillyAny time Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly square off in some kind of debate, it’s always must-see television. And while I’m not really a fan of O’Reilly, I’ll give him credit for being one of the few conservative media personalities that has the courage to actually go on The Daily Show. 

Well, Stewart didn’t beat around the bush and went right after O’Reilly for his insistence that there’s no such thing as “white privilege.”

“You are carrying more of a burden as a black person in this country than a white person in this country,” Stewart said. “Individually, they don’t stop and frisk Wall Street bankers, even though they’ve done far more damage to the economy.”

“There has been a systemic… systemic, systematized subjugation of the Black community. Would you not agree with that?,” he asked.

“That was then, this is now,” O’Reilly replied. “Maybe you haven’t figured out that there is no more slavery, no more Jim Crow, and the most powerful man in the world is a black American, and the most powerful woman in the world, Oprah Winfrey, is Black.”

This assertion that because President Obama was elected suddenly means that racism is now dead in America is ridiculous. If anything, the election of our nation’s first black president brought to the public eye a lot of racism that had been mostly kept private for the last few decades. There’s pretty much no denying that the tea party is largely driven by the fact that many Southern (or rural) conservative white people simply don’t like the fact that a black guy is in charge.

And I’m not exactly sure that I would agree that Oprah is “the most powerful woman in the world.”

They ended the debate with an intense back and forth that bordered on an all-out shouting match and neither side seemed to understand where the other was coming from. I would transcribe it, but it’s just a lot of back and forth that you would really just have to watch to grasp the tone between these two. But it’s definitely something everyone should check out.

These are the kinds of debates I wish we had more of among political pundits in the media. I would love to see some of the key members of the liberal and conservative media go head-to-head to support their views against quality opposition. Much like we saw during this debate last night.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Steve Brains

    I shut it off when O’Reily started the patented Fox SHOUTOVER THE SPEAKING PERSON game. I think it was foolish to BRing up an unread book and not discuss it. I think Stewart was also very wrong for attacking O’Reilly from the start about nothing of value.

    I will give him credit for conceding his failure to make a point, let alone change a mind.

    • wawoo

      Why would anyone read any of O’Reilly’s ghost written nonsense?

  • Darkthunder

    Youtube video removed due to copyright claim. Any alternate source?

  • Jim Bean

    The problem is that the black community (and their white left-wing nannies) are blaming slavery and Jim Crow for the prejudices that are actually being created by the destructive behaviors that black community is engaging in today.

    • wawoo

      You are so wrong.

      • GOTP Lemmings

        Jim Bean has been hitting the Jim Beam pretty early!

      • firsthand white

        The fool knows he’s wrong but this is what faux news tells him
        and he feels he has to go with them like a
        zombie looking for a brain

      • Christopher Willis

        he’s right, they quit acting an ass in the hood and making themselves out to be thugs and people wouldn’t think that about them, is Will Smith a thug? Exactly, it’s not what color you are its how you carry yourself and that’s the reflection they give to others, you know it too, you stop at a light in the ghetto when a group of them dudes shirt off pants saggin out on the corner looking like gangsters, I bet you hit your window lock and/or would ready your pistol, even if they were harmless you still would but you expect a cop to jump out and face them while they’re backtalking them, just had a shooting a few blocks from there, you know how the hood is, that cops already positioning himself to defend bc he is human like you and is scared for his life, they are the problem, not the police nor those that
        automatically think that way. How a person chooses to carry themselves is their choice and therefore it’s their fault and blaming others for it will never be the way to resolve it, taking responsibility for your own actions is!

      • congero

        So bigoted and racist you had to post it twice. lol

      • Christopher Willis

        one was a reply on Jim’s comment, the other was a reply to somebody else, the only racism comes from a person who is at another races throat, the way you are, I’m not picking on anybody of any race I’m trying to educate people from any race to take responsibility for their actions and position in life so we don’t keep getting the same results from young males of any race!

      • congero

        ROFL…this would be funny if not so absurd. Blacks are at white peoples throats? Again in every instance the facts disagree with you. No one has given minorities anything we haven’t fought and bled for. We work just as hard as anyone else and have contributed to building America as much or more than anyone else yet have not been rewarded for our labor. Keep your advice for YOUR kids they need it not us.

      • Christopher Willis

        that’s the same point I’m trying to make, so if everybody did their part in making this country what it is today then blacks have to take as much responsibility as whites vs blaming them for their position in life. The topic was white privileges, there are equal as much as black privileges also just like foreigners get tax free privileges that whites nor blacks get, this topic is to fuel hate and keep the black man mentally enslaved, my comments on the other hand whether you agree with it or not will free his mind from bondage but y’all have to quit believing the bs that you are held back and given less because of the color of your skin….as you say these things there is some black man buying a 4 bedroom house with a garage for his Mercedes who is laughing at you bc he sees the world differently, saddest thing is, y’all will call him a sellout but all he did was no different than what any other black person can do, he didn’t take up the thug image, he got thru school and worked his way up the ladder. He applied himself and for what, to be called a sellout by his own ppl, terrible mindset to teach the youth so they refuse to excel in life, then teach em it’s the white man’s fault, it’s gotta quit! I bet you learned it the same way and saddest part is y’all believe it but drive past a white man who’s waiting for the bus while you’re in your car, I’d like to see you get out and tell the homeless white people you see on your drive to work that it’s their fault for where you are in life bc of their white privileges, lol

      • congero

        You must be high dude . I drive a Mercedes and no one calls me sell out. This isn’t about a few individuals being able to rise above their circumstances but creating a world where everyone has the opportunity to achieve despite their station in life. My parents and every black parent I know tell their kids they have to work twice as hard as the while man to even stay even. Get off your tired stereotypes of black people . People I know work two to 3 jobs just to survive and make life better for themselves and children. Yet are labeled by you as some thugs, because they recognize the inequality and racism that exist in society. Stopped by police more often, shot on a whim and every parent I know has a warning for their kids on how to act when confronted by the police. To recognize inequality and racism is not to play victim. Damn even during slavery there were blacks that achieved. I suggest you read Frederick Douglas 4th of July speech. The there is a reason why whenever a heinous crime is committed black folks cringe and hope it’s not a black person because we know that ALL OF US WILL HAVE TO ANSWER FOR IT AND IT WILL BE BLAMED ON ALL OF US JUST AS YOU ARE DOING WITH YOUR STEREOTYPES . The point is a failure for us is looked as a cultural or Racial failure or something ENDEMIC WITH IN US . Those white homeless will never have that problem. Not all whites will be blamed. Whites use more drugs than blacks but it is assumed all blacks use drugs. You are barking up the wrong tree and save your advice for your counseling sessions. I am talking about policies, funding, housing opportuinties, education funding and opportuinties that unfairly discriminate and are added obstacles to achievement and please I know of no one who plays victim .

      • Bronwyn1

        Hey, Congero if you are still there give me a thumbs up.


        I want to show you something, trying to help a brother, regarding long posts. Haha but I don’t want anyone else to see it. I might look like a pedantic arse lol! So if you are interested give me a thumbs up. Do not reply, okay

      • Christopher Willis

        btw, yes, mainly the black race in this discussion bc that’s who’s being misled, I pray they listen to me vs you and all those who ate teaching them that the white man has better privileges than them so blame him when they fail, problem is you don’t teach them how to succeed so they are already doomed by taking up this mindset, it’s a disease to torture yourself that way, so much freedom and no limit when you are true to yourself and believe in yourself then you’ll do greater things yet instead you teach them that they won’t amount to much so then they feel like, why
        try, so they get a slab of crack, quit school to sell that and hence the downward spiral, the next black male in prison, you did this to them by thinking it was ok to teach your ass backwards philosophy instead of empowering the youth to believe in themselves!

      • congero

        Please save your advice for your kids they need it. Reread your post before you hit the post button. I taught my kids to stay in school and learn to write . I would advise you to do the same.

    • congero

      Give it up you bigot.

      • Bronwyn1

        Like when he finally gave up pretending to be a Black guy and started posting pictures of African-American’s being lynched?

        He’s a piece of work that one…molded from sh–!

      • congero

        Hi Ms. Bronwyn. How are you? Now that was a different bigot but you remember that huh? Very sick stuff and this JB is of the same mold.

      • Bronwyn1

        Oops, I did think it was this guy. Guess you didn’t see my first post to you this morning? Just as well it was silly and sorta mushy, lol! True! Believe it or not. Ha! I haven’t been on line much so didn’t see your post to me until it was days old, sorry, but always good to hear from you. I’ve got to run, will try to catch you later, love ya!

    • congero

      Ted Nugent defender blames black behavior . Amazing irony.

    • Christopher Willis

      Jim is right, where does violent crime happen at mostly, in the black community!! It’s not rocket science and then the cops go into these communities to control the high crime rate and dudes feel like they are targeting them, no, you made the police target you! You live where shootings happen, where drugs are being sold, stores get robbed. shit happens and the perps are always found hiding in your community but you expect the cops to go ride around the white neighborhoods and fuck with them, for what? Their kids are riding bikes that their parents bought them, they are sitting out barbecuing on the weekend and no trouble happens, maybe a fistfight but y’all sit out in the ghetto on weekends and huge family brawls happen, two dudes get shot, fuck they even get shot on a dumb ass Tuesday, of course the cops are gonna be in your shit, what do you expect, lol, anybody can’t accept that is a complete idiot, if you’re paid to cut the grass then why would you go back and forth across the sidewalk, you aren’t getting anything done, some people are just dumb!

      • congero

        Rolling on the floor laughing at you.

      • Guest

        The reality is that blacks are caught more, not necessarily because they commit more crime, but because they are more likely to be stopped by the police in the first place, then there’s the issue how the justice system deals with the accused and it is a fact that blacks are convicted more often and dealt with more harshly than their white counterparts.

        Privilege is real, whether it’s white privilege or socio-economic privilege, many people are born with advantages others aren’t simply because of an accident of birth, not because they’ve done anything to earn it. Unfortunately people get their backs up because they equate it with being accused of racism, just because you have an advantage doesn’t mean that you are racist or have done anything wrong, it’s acknowledging the reality of someone else’s circumstances.

        While I’m loath to agree with Bill O’Reilly, he has a point when he says that using “privilege” or lack thereof to justify bad behaviour is wrong.

  • photoartiste

    I love that Jon Stewart takes on Bill O’Reilly and the FauxNews bulls**t but I cannot watch O’Reilly for anything, not even Jon’s take down of him.

  • Christopher Willis

    What’s stopping a black man from being a wall st banker? Exactly, there are black wall street bankers and they don’t get stopped and frisked by police so sorry Jon, though we typically agree on most things I hate to say it but Bills right, that’s 100% evidence there’s no such thing as white privileges, there is profiling yes but that’s based on how you dress and act no matter what race you are.

    • Christopher Willis

      being white never gave me privileges, it actually did the opposite bc I grew up in a low income household and was expected to pay my way through everything while my black friends got approved for grants I got left behind, there was no United honky college fund to help me, I quit and went to work bc I seen no hope in education. My parents still had to pay for our lunch though having six kids, only one income and my dad didn’t bring in thousands, we had to scrape as he was paid by the hour and we didn’t get assistance so we lived off my grandmother’s wic, govt cheese and all that good stuff, not one did I blame a black person tho bc they had privileges that I didn’t get so in return I think it’s only fair that they stop blaming me and my race, we are all in this mess together!!

      • congero

        I bet you didn’t hold it against your grandma either.

      • Miz Julia

        ♫ I’m wishing on a star, to follow where you are…;-)))

        (By the by – I had two links here to some tunes by Rose Royce but my comment got caught by the filter here, sigh…!)

        A’ight, I just wanted to say “howdy”, mon ami, and mention that I cracked that book about the John Birch Society. Wow, it sounds just like a LOT of these cranks on the scene today. The far right on freakin’ steroids! Hey, this might mean we’re doing a book club, lol. Sort of? Hehe.

        I remember Melissa Harris-Perry saying that her Dad used to sign her BD cards “The struggle continues”. And indeed it does. Indeed it does…mind blowing that some people will never get it. Thanks for continuing the fight.

        Btw, Ben is back at MMFA. It was good to see him. Jim Bean (m) got reamed out by FN LED on a thread last night. The guy was going at him hard with facts. ;-)) Of course since Bean is a brick, I doubt any of it penetrated his wee cabeza. Ha!

        Miss you, as always.
        LD ;-))


      • congero

        Hey LD? How the heck are ya’? How was your trip? Refreshing I hope . So glad to hear from you and that you haven’t forgotten me. Whezz pals right? I saw you over on MM schoolin’ clowns. Wanted to say hi but…can you see my upvotes? It is really frustrating what is happening to our politics today Fear, fear, fear with a unhealthy heaping of denial on top. The John Bic hers play book come alive again. Ted Cruz looks and sounds exactly like Tail gunner Joe. This is like a rerun . To hell with reason the pitchfork crowd is up in arms against the lazy negro, liberals, women who have the nerve to want to control their lives and of coarse the gay, and don’t forget the border and those job taking brown people. ISIS, Ebola , Ben gazing blah, blah, blah. Thing is Ebola spread in Africa is result of exploitation of people there so much so that there is no adequate health care system and here cutbacks to NH and CDC. NH official says we would have cure if not for cutbacks. Texas refuses expansion of Medicare leaving millions uninsured and Mr. Duncan gets sent home with 103 degree temp. Funding? “When it comes to people’s safety money wins out every time. ” GSH. ISIS is creation of Bush stupid lying invasion of Iraq. Economy sluggish because of austerity. It is there policies that have caused this . I was watching Chris or Rachel where they played a quote from McConnell in which he said exactly what they wanted to do. Obstruct and obstruct creating grid lock and people will blame Obama for not changing atmosphere and that has played out to the tea. It seems though now dems have bought into and have now thrown Obama under the bus in making way for a Hillary run. How else do you explain the Feinstein comments about to slow to act and Leon Penetta ‘ s 180? Well I’ve talked you ear off. Have you been watching Bill Moyer? One of the few TV programs that bring me joy in this sea of ignorance. Rolls Royce? Lol. OK LD. Take care and keep on fighting. Be well, stay safe The best from your pal.

      • congero

        NIH my computer is spelling for me. Lol.

      • Miz Julia

        I’m very well (TYVM for axin’!) and the trip was great, despite my maternal unit’s vinegar tongue. ;-)) The leaf peeping is something I always look forward to, in addition to seeing a few of my sibs who still live in the area. It was a nice change of pace to walk around St. Bonaventure University’s loop (remember Bob Lanier from back in the day?) every morning, and see the Allegheny River swoosh by (very scenic area). And I went with a friend to a cool old veteran’s cemetary where his brother and Dad are buried. Also went to Cooperstown and watched some old dudes from Boston play baseball. They’re my favorite over 45 team and they play at Double Day park over Columbus Day every year. They have some really good players and I love those accents and the smack talk! lol.

        Weez pals, o’course, you sweetie!

        Oh, I do see some upvotes but they’re from “Guest”. Are you signed in when you upvote me? I’ve meant to ask.

        I got home a week ago and still seem to be catching up somewhat. I’m behind on the news and have a few Bill Moyers on my DVR that I haven’t gotten to yet. My husband and I watched a cool documentary on NetFlix today recommended by Mary, of Mary fame. Ha! Oh, you know Mary…anyway it was called “Twenty Feet From Fame” about back-up singers. It featured Merry Clayton, Darlene Love, Lisa Fischer and “The Watters family” and was really good if’n yas get the chance to see it. Or maybe you already have? Lisa Fischer was with one of my other favorites of all time, Mr. Luther VanDross. I went to see him 3 times in concert back in the day. I still love and miss him. ;-)) RIP Luther…

        Thomm Hartman had a part of his show dedicated to the RW’s use of disease to fear monger and try to paint non whites as the “other”, like saying the border children were carrying disease. And now the Ebola thing, although that might lose currency now that it seems to be waning here in the US. Pfft. Chris Hedges had an article the other day that articulated what I feel about those busters – generally that they will say ANYTHING, no matter how low or despicable, to further political gains by vben a few inches. They are without any shame. Well, you know that, compatriot and pal. Ha! Or just friend, my mon ami. I like the French, lol.

    • congero

      Facts disagree with you.

      • Christopher Willis

        just because your brain makes you perceive things a certain way doesn’t make them facts, facts are you have to research before making assumptions, what if you get interviewed for a job that you don’t get, it happens 3 times in a row to you and so you start yelling about they don’t want to hire a black man, excuses excuses excuses and all along the people who got the 3 positions over you were black? What if two were black, what if one? What if
        all 3 were white but were hired over you on the same basis if they were those 3 black men, just bc they were the better candidate. it’s your mind yelling racism and statistics but that doesn’t mean its a fact!

      • congero

        I suggest you reread your 1st run on sentence and apply it to your previous post. “Being white never gave me any privileges?” No facts in that statement just your personal perception. Here are some though from a article I read on another thread. Enjoy;

        1) Affluent blacks and Hispanics still live in poorer neighborhoods than whites with working class incomes.

        An analysis of census data conducted by researchers at Brown University found that income isn’t the main driving factor in the segregation of U.S. cities. “With only one exception (the most affluent Asians), minorities at every income level live in poorer neighborhoods than do whites with comparable incomes,” the researchers found.

        “We cannot escape the conclusion that more is at work here than simple market processes that place people according to their means,” their report stated. Along with residential segregation, the study notes, comes access to fewer resources for those in minority neighborhoods.

        2) There’s a big disparity in wealth between white Americans and non-white Americans.

        White Americans held more than 88 percent of the country’s wealth in 2010, according to a Demos analysis of Federal Reserve data, though they made up 64 percent of the population. Black Americans held 2.7 percent of the country’s wealth, though they made up 13 percent of the population.
        Much has been written explaining that the racial wealth gap didn’t come about by accident. Among other factors, FHA redlining, restrictive covenants, and exploitative contract selling practices that capitalized on black families’ inability to get conventional mortgages all prevented African-Americans from generating wealth through home ownership for much of the 20th century.

      • congero

        I suggest you reread your 1st run on sentence and apply it to your previous post. “Being white never gave me any privileges?” No facts in that statement just your personal perception.From housing,education,employment ,incarceceration rates,sentencing laws,borrowing practices and loans and mortages,drug use etc.,etc.,etc., the facts don’t support your perceptions. That is a fact not my perception.

      • Christopher Willis

        true but just bc more white ppl buy homes than blacks is not proof that we are privileged, that’s like when more Hispanics or blacks buy homes than white ppl, just say in 2050 or sometime that # changes in yalls favor, could it just be bc they just did, not bc they were more privileged to it? It’s not my fault that white people don’t commit as many crimes as blacks do so y’all make up most of the prison population. It’s not a privilege bc if I commit a crime, doesn’t matter that I’m white, my ass it’s going to jail too, as far as if I’m being sentenced to less time bc my skin is white, where is the proof? Last white person convicted of first degree murder I knew was on death row or life like anybody else.

      • congero

        You are so full of shit it hurts.
        This thread is about privilege not about blaming. Get the chip off your shoulder. This isn’t about You personally but about systemic racism and yes it does exist. Whites use drugs more than blacks but blacks are arrested at 3x’s the rate. School segregation is still rampant and blacks and Latino’s are far more likely to attend underfunded and substandard schools than whites. Blacks and Latino’s are more likely to get turned down for conventional mortgage loans than whites with similar credit scores, in the years before the mortgage meltdown blacks and latino’s were steered into risky sub prime loans while whites with similar credit scores weren’t,afluent blacks and latino’s still live in poorer neighborhoods than whites who make less,blacks who commit similar crimes to whites are more likely to receive harsher sentences,whites with felony convictions are more likely to get a job call back than blacks with no record. Those are just some of the facts concerning the privilege many whites have over people of color.

      • congero

        “…as far as if I’m being sentenced to less time bc my skin is white, where is the proof?”
        I suggest you use your computer and look up 2013 report by U.S. sentencing commission before you make yourself look anymore foolish than you appear presently and again this not about your personal perceptions but facts.

      • Christopher Willis

        and don’t sweat bc when y’all do buy more homes than white ppl I’m pointing a finger at you bc its your fault, ill make sure you’re the first to be blamed bc youre black, lmao, do you know how ridiculous that sounds? that’s what you sound like. Do you think more black or whites commit murder? Look at that statistic and tell me what the black man can do to stay off the top of the prison population or are you going to blame the white man for him committing crimes? This is what you see that is happening all around us, it’s what we’re discussing right now and it is not fair to blame another race because they’re doing better than you, maybe I should blame the black race for being more hood than I am or can I just simply walk the walk? Stop blaming the white Mann more having more because he worked for it and walk the walk,do what he’s doing, this day and age plenty black people have done so, you see em, graduating college and doing instead of blaming.

      • congero

        Get a education and learn grammar please.

      • Christopher Willis

        you mean I should proofread before I send bc autocorrect does that.

      • congero

        “and don’t sweat bc when y’all do buy more homes than white ppl I’m pointing a finger at you bc its your fault, ill make sure you’re the first to be blamed bc youre black, lmao, do you know how ridiculous that sounds? that’s what you sound like.”
        So autocorrect wrote that? My,my.

  • Earlene

    Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart both need to stop the racist bull shit and talk about the great things and people on both sides, there are some things to be said about both

    • congero

      What did Stewart say that was racist?

      • Miz Julia

        The wilfull ignorance burns, I tell ya. Gheesh. Nothing to see here, don’t trouble me with racist BS or cause me to think about anything not in my comfort zone is what Earlene should have said. Oy. ;-))

      • congero

        Hahaha…yup. There is a lot of what she has going around and oh be very afraid. How are you?

      • Miz Julia

        Oh, you mentioned voting and about Texas above. I voted yesterday and I hope Wendy Davis and Leticia R. San Miguel Van de Putte ( I had to use her full name because it’s so cool, lol) win. It actually affects people who wins this race in Texas since Wendy has said she’ll take the Medicaid Expansion thru the ACA. Gov. GoodHair let all that money go to other states and left a LOT of people uninsured in a state with 6 million uninsured. A quarter of our population! There exists a real human cost for keeping Republicans in power here.

        So I hope people (who are not anarchists and have thus opted out of the system ::eye roll::) go vote, It matters!!! ;-)) John Lewis almost died for the franchise, and others did die for it. The anarchist thing I refer is a thread at MMFA today. Oy. ;-)))

        Reposted,because this joint won’t let anyone post links, apparently!!! Anyway it was the one with KKK in the title…lol. Gheesh!

      • Sara Evans

        Hi LD,sorry it took me so long to respond. I don’t have much time and i hope you get this in time but over on mm
        conservatitives latest example of voter fraud thread,Interpretor is trying to play with the facts. He quotes a artcle he linked to but left this out:lso Friday, the SBOE received an emailed letter from a coalition of civil-rights groups: Project Vote, Demos, Fair Elections Legal Network, American Civil Liberties Union, NALEO Education Fund, Southern Coalition for Social Justice, and Action NC.
        Citing the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, the group expressed “deep concern about the way in which the State Board of Elections is identifying and potentially removing voters who it alleges are noncitizens,” according to the letter, obtained by the Winston-Salem Journal in a public records request.

        Continuing, the group said in the letter: “The NVRA prohibits North Carolina from conducting any program ‘the purpose of which is to systematically remove the names of ineligible voters from the official lists of eligible voters’ during the ninety-day period preceding an election.”

        The list of 1,425 names is only as accurate as the databases against which they were checked, according to the group, citing several ways in which the main federal database on naturalized citizens has produced errors in the past.

        Josh Lawson, an SBOE spokesman, said that the SBOE cannot just pull a name off the voter rolls. There has to be due process, he said, referring to a list of state statutes as guidance for local elections officials to challenge ballots that may be cast by those whom the SBOE has flagged.

  • Jillz

    It was a great segment. I just wish Jon Stewart hadn’t given ole’ Papa Bear the wiggle room to assert that that was the past, things are different now. I got Jon’s point (that the racial issues now are a result of the past) but by focusing SO much on Bill’s personal story, and forcing Bill to admit that there were racial issues way back THEN (in about 1950) it made it harder (as in, I think the point was lost) to make the point that TODAY’S issues (unacknowledged by many on the right) are a result of those past issues (which ARE acknowledged by many on the right). It made the debate more about whether there were issues in the past instead of acknowledging and discussing the systemic results of those issues in today’s society.

    As much as I hate to admit it, I have to give BillO credit for (A) appearing on the Daily Show in the first place and (B) for showing a tiny bit more courtesy than he was given. Still blows my mind though, his over-simplified (and really naive) perspective that all it takes to rise above poverty and systemic discrimination is to “work hard”.

    * Before a conservative poster comments on the last sentence of my post as if it’s the only thing I said, please note that I’m not saying hard work is not required to overcome discrimination and pull oneself out of poverty. What I’m saying is that it is over simplified and naive to think that that is ALL it takes (which is what BillO suggested).

  • Mainah

    That was a great exchange but I doubt Bill gets it.

  • Danielle

    You’ll notice the only people denying white privilege are those benefiting from it. O’Reilly also talked about not having money and struggling growing up. While not completely incorrect, I would call that rich privilege. But being white still makes it easier to escape from a lower economic class. And I’ve heard plenty of stories where blacks with “rich privilege” still suffer from white privilege. He also brought up Asians not suffering from this, but Asian stereotypes tend to be a little more favorable. Would you rather be stereotyped a smart Asian, or a black thug. I don’t know how anyone can deny white privilege exists.

  • Matthew Reece

    http://www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=auQJMLWx6og