Bill O’Reilly Might Have Just Made the Dumbest Statement About Liberals I’ve Ever Seen Him Make

BillOReillyLogicAs a liberal, it goes without saying I rarely agree with anything Bill O’Reilly says.  In fact, I think he’s a giant blowhard who doesn’t even believe half the crap he says.  While he champions his show to be “spin free,” anyone with half a brain knows that line is complete garbage.

An obviously biased host, hosting a show geared toward conservatives on a news network that’s blatantly conservative—that’s the definition of “spin.”  But then again this is the network with the slogan “Fair and Balanced,” while being neither.

Over the years I’ve seen O’Reilly make plenty of asinine comments, but one of his most recent might just take the cake.

See, O’Reilly is claiming that liberals can’t say “Obamacare” has flaws or is bad, because if we did — we’d have to admit “liberalism” is a failure.

He said:

“To admit that it is not good for the county would be to admit that big government is not good therefore liberalism is not good.”


Let’s just point out the obvious.  If “Obamacare” is the be all end all of “liberalism,” then what the hell do the Bush Tax Cuts say about Republican economic ideology and trickle-down economics?

Remember, these tax cuts were sold to the American people on the promise that they would balance the budget within ten years and bring us great economic prosperity.  Instead we ended up massively growing our deficits, doubling our national debt and our economy faced the worst recession in nearly a century.

If the glitches “Obamacare” has experienced “prove” liberalism is a failure, then the Bush Tax Cuts undoubtedly prove that trickle-down economics (and therefore the entire Republican economic ideology) is an epic disaster.

Oh, and let’s also not forget that “Obamacare” is actually a Republican idea.  That’s right.  What liberals really want is a single-payer system.  The reason why “Obamacare” is built how it is stems from the conservative opposition to real socialized health care.  In the 90’s when Clinton tried to get real universal health care passed, Republicans proposed an individual mandate to purchase insurance as opposed to a single-payer full-blown universal health care system.

Then, in 2006, a Republican governor by the name of Mitt Romney actually passed “Romneycare,” of which the Affordable Care Act is nearly a clone.

Basically what I’m saying is, Bill O’Reilly is completely full of crap.

Most people are well aware that the Affordable Care Act isn’t flawless.  Hell, President Obama has admitted it isn’t.  But it’s a starting place to push forward.  As problems arise, we find ways to fix those issues.

That’s just called common sense.  If we used Republican “logic” toward another issue — the iPhone, for instance — Apple should have just scrapped the iPhone 4 the moment “Antennagate” was discovered.  Because trust me, when that issue arose, it was a huge deal.  Instead Apple fixed the issue, and the phone went on to be one of the most popular phones ever sold.

Besides, “Obamacare” isn’t “government-controlled” health care.  Medicare would be government-controlled health care.  You know, a program that’s very popular with seniors.

“Obamacare” is simply a law that states insurance companies must provide certain types of coverages and Americans must purchase some kind of health insurance plan.  The “flaws” really lie with insurance companies and their handling of the law.  It’s their greed that’s caused premiums to be artificially inflated.  It’s their greed that’s caused them to drop many Americans from their current plans.

Greed, as in a for-profit health care system, is what’s wrong with “Obamacare.”

If liberals got what we really wanted, the issues with “Obamacare” wouldn’t exist.  The problem is, President Obama based his health care law around a Republican plan.  And the truth is, that was his real mistake with the Affordable Care Act.

Something you won’t see fools like Bill O’Reilly ever admit to.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Why do these people continue to chant the same mantra about big government vs small government? The policy of republicans has been to privatize most of the services traditionally provided by the government. This results in the creation of enterprises owned by individuals to whom political favors are owed. When services such as prison systems and waste management, for example, are privatized these individuals who have no background in the provision of these services are awarded lucrative government contracts and join the 1% of the economic elite. The difference to the taxpayer is negligible.

    • Alierias

      Perhaps at first, but since there is a profit motive, there is ALWAYS more cost — because the primary motivation is profit, and to be “profitable” one must show (quarterly) growth in said profit, or Wall St will hammer you. You can only cut costs (staffing, food quality, bedding, prisoner density/cell, safe waste disposal vs midnight dumping) so far before there’s no more “fat” that can be skimmed for “profit”. Then, the only things to do to increase profits are unethical, illegal, and/or abusive.

      Taxpayer dollars are ALWAYS better spent in a transparent, non-profit environment.

    • Mark

      Remember that “States Rights” is a dog whistle to conservatives about the good old days of slavery and segregation.

  • Stephen Sano

    The truth is, many government services exist because the private sector has historically been unable to profit from the operations. In privatizing government services, those private contractors have few options to make services a success, meanwhile earning profits. Remember, there are few methods to reduce overhead and costs except by reducing labor and expenditures. Typically, private contractors cut everything but their percentage of profit. In essence, most businesses are forced to cross ethical lines to achieve results. This is why although government is, by its nature, inefficient, it can provide the necessary services that private sector businesses cannot or are unwilling to invest in. The new attitude in our local governments has been to privatize general services to conglomerates who supposedly offer better services at a reasonable cost. One only has to look at an operations’ financial statements to see the truth.

    • minstrelmarty

      Government is not inefficient by its nature. A correctly chartered government operation doesn’t waste money on absurd advertising and overpaid executives. Private enterprise has built-in costs, such as advertising, that a government operation doesn’t need.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        To wit: Medicare vs. private insurance.

  • 10acres

    fools say what fools say. O’ Reilly is just another small mind filled with hate and prejudice. I would truly hate to be living his life or have his reputation.

  • Len Woelfel

    But, but, but, Benghazi!

  • crabjack

    By his logic, to admit that getting our kids (and others) killed in wars would mean that conservatism is not good.

  • Steven473

    Mr. Riley like Mr. Limbaugh have forgotten a basic tenant…. It is better to be simply thought a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt. oops… did I say that?

    • regressive rightwing trash

      but reeeee-member: they BOTH get paid a ton of money to screeeeech the regressive crap they oversell to small brained white trash Christian john birch ( see: TEE party) scumbags who hate a black president from Zanzibar/mars

  • LeoKNYC

    O’Loofah gets paid a lot of money to spread lies & fear to his mindless obedient audience to keep them happy so that they will go out and buy his shi#$y books and premium memberships to his website.

  • Mike Okeefe

    Every one tries to compare RomneyCare to ObamaCare. One was state wide the other is for the entire country. That’s a big difference between the two. Nice attempt to push Obamacare on the republicans now that it’s a mess though. It’s even named after a democrat. If it was successful it would have been a democrat idea I’m sure.

    • jesus sucks!

      your ignorance is astounding. The real name of is the ACA or the affordable care act. its dumb asses like you that have called in obamacare. saying that Obamacare is different than romney care becuase of the size….give me a fucking break.The reason “everyone” compares the 2 is because they are the same. The biggest failure with Obamacare, was allowing republicans to have any say in its direction, which is why its not single payer.Republicans are the reason why it isnt single payer. I mean shit even russia has national health care, the same country that throws gays into prison. The only difference between a communist and a conservative republican is geography. Their idealogy mirrors each other.

      • BackSeatJesus

        Exactly. We should have had a single payer system only and should never have allowed states to opt out of medicaid expansion.

      • Andy Kinnard

        No one “allowed” that, it was a Supreme Court ruling (which punched the ACA in the gut).

  • A fart can also be used as distraction

  • Tired of Listening to Fools

    To argue with these fools is a waste of my valuable life time. My votes against their asinine policies and candidates will be my argument. I hear the fools in the minority, who also have most of the money, trying to convince everyone that liberalism is bad. It is bad for dummies who rail against it because we are the majority. It’s time to act like it and to send those fools back to their country clubs.

  • ctchrisf

    I’d say if single payer didn’t pan out maybe he could say that. even then I’d say you might need 6-8 years to iron out wrinkles.

    Why do they assume We can fix the worlds problems overnight, yet they offer no solutions other then more money for the rich?

  • tmgibs34

    I am beginning to think that O’Reilly is as much an actor playing a role as Steven Colbert is. Maybe if he sounds stupid it is because he is annoyed by people who really are stupid and think such things.

  • Exodus2221

    I thought boycott France and the war on Christmas were more absurd than what he said there.

  • mojones1

    We would not have this mess if the President hadn’t cooperated with Congressional republicans and dropped his original plan calling for a single payer system. No act of compromise with Republicans goes unpunished, yes we need to overhaul the ACA. Go with a single payer system and see how quickly insurance companies can get their acts together and offer good policies with reasonable prices to American’s. O’Reilly and his simplistic views – conservative = good liberal= evil. How can anyone take him seriously?

  • Dave

    Mr. Clifton is my favorite nonfiction short story writer.
    I am of the belief that the cancellation notices sent by the health insurance industry needs to be scrutinized by the attorneys general of the states. I think there is a serious case of price gouging going on where their customers are being shaken down for the premiums of before and the health company scrutiny of expected subsidization from the government as if it were an entitlement. I had a very good health plan, paid for by my family, that was pricey to begin with. For our family who has no preexisting conditions to receive a cancellation was partially expected because the change was limited to the lifetime cap. However, getting the same policy continued increased our monthly payment by $400 which is sad because I am not eligible for subsidies BUT I live on a fixed income. Something is wrong and we are not asking the right people the right questions. The ACA website is a separate issue from the ACA policy, the health insurance companies are autonomous from the government, the congressional committees are asking the wrong questions of the right people, and the smoke, dust, and obfuscation of the media has made this a most difficult task to sort out. Further, my communications with liberal media types on Facebook has suddenly shifted from a few minutes to over three hours. I am wondering if someone is messing with my incoming messages. I am for the ACA, but something is very hinkey.