Even Bill O’Reilly Thinks Fox News’ “Latte Salute” Freak-Outs Are Ridiculous (Video)

bill-oreilly-lattePerhaps by now you’ve heard about the absolutely horrifying and devastating “latte salute” done by President Obama a couple of days ago after he landed in New York.

That was sarcasm by the way.

While I absolutely understand if you think the fact that this “story” has even made the news is absurd (I would agree with you), it seemed to be a pretty huge deal for the folks over at Fox News. Then again, when isn’t pathetically attacking President Obama for practically everything he does a “big deal” for that network? Heck, it’s pretty much all they’ve done since he was nominated back in 2008.

Even if that includes blaming him for things that happened during the George W. Bush administration.

Well, on Fox & Friends Bill O’Reilly sat down with one of the most ridiculous shows on cable news the Fox News morning team and called out their ridiculousness for making such a big deal out of this “latte salute.”

“I know a lot of people don’t like President Obama, but once in a while, you gotta cut him a little slack,” he said. “He didn’t mean anything malevolent about it.”

Though Elisabeth Hasselbeck was having none of this and still tried to push this nonsense even after O’Reilly had called the network out for continuing to run with it.

“But you understand why it’s bothering?” she asked.

O’Reilly more or less blew her off, saying, “In life, you don’t sweat the small stuff.” Though, to be fair, O’Reilly has pretty much made a career out of often “sweating the small stuff.”

But it seems that Bill O’Reilly and myself are oddly on the same page when it comes to this ridiculous “controversy.” While I understand that it’s a requirement on Fox News to bash the president for pretty much everything he does, for them to have seemingly gone out of their way to attack him for such an insignificant thing is just pathetic.

Something that even Fox News’ most watched personality Bill O’Reilly knows.

Watch the segment below via Fox News

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Cemetery Girl

    I don’t really care for O’Reilly, but I do appreciate that sometimes he does things like this. The salute was pathetic looking (it was), but how does this warrant being big news considering everything else that is going on in the world? The salute looked kinda pathetic, but it is even more pathetic to try to turn it into some sort of scandal. You can’t turn everything he does into some big deal and potential scandal.

    • Ivan Renko

      I think you must’ve been otherwise preoccupied during the Bush years.


      • Cemetery Girl

        Actually, I was kind of busy then. Always having at least one small child and/or being pregnant, plus working. I was busy. So I didn’t flip out over every single movement Bush made

  • bwm38

    Bill ‘talking head’ O’Reilly is not a journalist, he’s a tormentor of emotion. He professes one stance and inflames the opposition, then reverses. His consistency is driven by ratings nothing else, as a conservative I am embarrassed 90% of the time he speaks. O saluted out of respect (though he is not required to, nor should have) and did it poorly, what else to you expect from this POTUS?

    • Richard Fitzwell

      Obviously, the point here is the faux outrage shown by faux. Sure, O’Reilly is a tool, but then I can’t think of anyone on that network that isn’t. It’s like the flag pin flap a few years ago. No one is required to wear a flag pin, but if you didn’t, it was considered “outrageous” behavior (or so we were told) by the majority of the conservative media world.

  • Steve Zakszewski

    Maybe DildO’ saw Jon Stewart and has just enough of a flickering of decency to feel shame over the ongoing ridiculousness in the clown car known as Fox “news”. Fox is the modern equivalent of Hearst’s “yellow journalism”, craven pandering to the idiots, racists, and gimps and dear freakin’ gawd, America is full of them.

  • forpeace

    Fox is the only source to get the real news from!

    Because the complete opposite of what everything Fox reports, and the complete opposite of what its unintelligent and ignorant talking heads talk about are the real news, period.

    • LoveArchy444

      Fox News are the most reliable right-wing scum in the entire universe.

  • Mary Kowalski

    There are just some things you don’t do no matter who you are. This country is an embarrassment to honor, respect, manners, truth, the list goes on.

  • Stephen Barlow

    Even Billi can’t stomach the curvy bullshit crew.

  • Kenneth Browning

    People fall for this bs too? Just a ploy by fox news to say they aren’t biased. Bill probably feels the same as the others

  • will

    People missed the point behind why it was such a big deal and before anyone flips about President Bush saluting while holding a dog. He was not required to render that salute but attempted to anyways. With President Obama the biggest issue is why didnt he just put the cup in his other, completely empty hand?

    • James Verburg

      With then President Bush the biggest issue is why didn’t he just put the dog down? Sauce for the goose.