Bill O’Reilly Warns Viewers That The Media Lies, Doesn’t Mention He’s On The Least Truthful “News” Network (Video)

oreilly-brian-williamsWords cannot express how sick and tired I am of hearing about the Brian Williams “controversy.” He lied about something that happened to him, which is pathetic and embarrassing, but ultimately it affects nothing but his credibility and pride. Granted, credibility is extremely important when you’re delivering the evening news to a national audience, which is why I don’t see him ever returning to the anchor desk for NBC. But the way the media has covered this whole story would have you believing that he was involved in some massive conspiracy to rig elections or illegally wiretap politicians. It’s been that outrageous.

And the way Fox News has been covering it has been the worst of any network. Because Williams works for NBC, and he’s seen by some as liberally leaning, they’ve been out for blood. They’ve essentially tried to use Williams as an example of how “dishonest” the liberal media is as a whole. Of course, that angle plays right into what conservative viewers want to hear. That’s why Fox News does so well in the ratings – they don’t care about reporting what’s factual or even relevant, all they care about is forming their broadcasts to tell their conservative audience exactly what it wants to hear.

Well, Bill O’Reilly took the absurdity up a notch by implying that the Williams “controversy” should make us all question other “distortions” in our media’s coverage of the news.

“Think about other news agencies that are distorting the facts,” O’Reilly said.

He has a point, we should always hold our news agencies to the highest of standards – but he works for the most dishonest cable news channel in this country. Fox News is nothing but a conservative entertainment network. It’s not news, it’s right-wing propaganda.

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve caught them blatantly editing videos to slander President Obama or how often they’ve been rated as one of the least trusted news sources in the country. It seems like any time a non-partisan list is made of the least trustworthy news sources, Fox News is right at the top of the list.

And let’s not forget that Fox News is currently being sued by the city of Paris for pushing several lies following the terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo.

Last time I checked, no one at Fox News was suspended for allowing several of their guests to come on national television and blatantly lie. Heck, not only did they allow them to lie, but they were encouraged by many of the Fox News hosts because the lies they were spewing fit the narrative the network was trying to push.

So until O’Reilly starts acting as outraged over the plethora of lies that are constantly told on his own network, he really shouldn’t try to act too upset over what Brian Williams said. While Williams’ lie is extremely embarrassing for him, it doesn’t even come close to the foundation of dishonestly on which Fox News is built.

Watch his comments below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jim Bean

    Did you also lose track of how many times Fox has been rated the MOST trusted news source?

    • Michael O’Brien

      Most trusted by the idiots who watch that crap.
      then we have irighti who can’t give a single fact about what is wrong with the country. How about holier than thou judges and politicos trying so very hard to turn this country into a theocracy and establish Christian sharea law.

      • I-RIGHT-I

        That’s right. No booze for you on Sunday! lol

    • FD Brian

      The Onion ranks higher in trustworthiness than Fox News.

    • Avatar

      I trust that you’re walking on both of your hands instead of feet!

  • Jim Valley

    These people are just so STUPID. It’s maddening. Will America really be done in by the stupidity of its conservative, religious citizens? What a tragedy.

    • I-RIGHT-I

      Give us a break will ‘ya? We really think that you guys have us all in a hand basket Jim. It will be you one of these days that finally says….”where are we going and why are we in this hand basket?” lol
      I see you’re having no trouble enjoying the decline so I won’t mention it this time.

      • Jim Valley

        Please expand on the “hand basket” we are in, as I am not sure what you are talking about. Are you complaining about the record-high stock market? The 60+ straight months of job growth (a million jobs in the last three months alone, best in nearly 20 years)? The return of wage growth? The low gas prices? The strengthened housing market?

        You need to be clearer about what “hand basket” you have been put in by “us guys”. Is it similar to the “hand basket” george w bush put us in with his two expensive, futile wars, his terrorist attack, and his global economic collapse? Or is it worse than that?

      • I-RIGHT-I

        No, I’m talking about the American crisis in management, morals, ethics, IQ, and the list goes on. The numbers you cite are clear indications I am on track. The people who feed you those numbers are morally bankrupt, the people who spread them have never looked up the word ethics and those that buy into it are either incapable of understanding or are willfully ignorant.

      • Jim Valley

        So the whole country is crap and you have given up on it? Is that your point? I’m still having trouble homing in on what your specific complaint is.

      • I-RIGHT-I

        I haven’t given up I’ve just given up on about 30%. That’s a lot of dummies. I’m not sure we can survive that with the change in demographics from WASP to MEX. It will soon be a true 50% . You’re way too calm about this Jim. You must not have long to live. Think of children.

      • Jim Valley

        I too have given up on about 30%, but it is the 30% who are like YOU. Change happens. You can deal with it, or you can whine. You choose to whine.

      • I-RIGHT-I

        That’s not whining Jim. That’s disappointment in humanity you are hearing. I’ve read to the end of the book so I already know who wins this deal and it’s not that I’m complaining…

      • Jim Valley

        You say “disappointment” but I hear whining. You also say “it’s not that I am complaining” after posting a comment that was nothing BUT complaints. Are you sure you have thought this through?

      • I-RIGHT-I

        Yes. I have. I’ve thought it through to the end of this chapter.

      • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

        So we should believe the numbers the OTHER side gives us instead??? Hmmm.

      • I-RIGHT-I

        You can believe what you want the truth will out soon enough. When the machine breaks it stops. You won’t miss it when it happens.


    I get the news “consensus”. I read a story here for example then I wait for at least three other articles that are well written pieces that include, who, what, when and where and I make up my own mind as to the “WHY” of the matter. That’s how I do it. In this case I wouldn’t bother of course.

  • wendy

    Facts have become a commodity. We can’t take the truth for granted anymore :/

    • I-RIGHT-I

      Facts are a commodity. That’s how Google makes their money. The hard part is sifting through all the fake Chines (so to speak) copies of the truth.