The Blatant Hypocrisy Shown by Fox News and Conservatives Toward Ferguson

hannity-bundy-fox-newsI’ve tried to avoid wading into the “racial waters” surrounding the continued chaos going on in Ferguson, Missouri.  I’ve personally maintained from the start that everyone needs to take a deep breath, step back a little, and see what results we get from the investigation.

Though that’s not at all what’s been happening.

But one thing I’ve noticed is an absolute hypocrisy by conservatives and the right-wing media in general toward this situation.  Where is their unwavering support for Mike Brown and the people protesting in Ferguson?

Isn’t the common narrative behind this story that a law enforcement officer unjustly killed unarmed man?

Heck, after Cliven Bundy was found guilty in a court of law several times many pundits on Fox News, and conservatives in general, rushed to the defense of Bundy’s “stance against injustice.”

“Militias” (aka guys who bought camoflauge and guns at Walmart) showed up in force to “defend against” law enforcement officials carrying out court orders.  But they didn’t just show up, they stayed for weeks after.  Hell, to many, Bundy is still a “conservative hero” despite the fact that he’s been found guilty of breaking the law by several different judges.

So, where are these people now?

Isn’t that what these protesters say happened in Ferguson – an injustice?  Aren’t many people claiming that the force shown by local law enforcement is an attack on the constitutional rights of those Americans?

Well, where the hell are these “patriots”?  Where’s the “local militia” defending these people against the “overreaching arm of law enforcement”?  Where’s Sean Hannity spending hour after hour, day after day defending their rights on Fox News?

Oh, that’s right, they’re no where to be found.

Because like with everything else, conservatives only care about the constitutional rights for those who they think should have them.  In Cliven Bundy, they took a look at him and many conservatives saw themselves in the mirror.  A white, Christian anti-government individual who lived out in the country and loved guns.  To them, that means he’s more deserving of their support.

That’s why when it comes to Mike Brown, and finding out the truth of what happened, most of them honestly couldn’t care less.  Because he’s not exactly the “conservative type” like Cliven Bundy was, if you know what I mean.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jim Bean

    Where is their unwavering support for Mike Brown and the people protesting in Ferguson?

    Isn’t the common narrative behind this story that a law enforcement officer unjustly killed unarmed man?

    Uh….no. The common narrative behind this story is that we do not yet have enough information to conclude a law enforcement officer unjustly killed an unarmed man. And the unwavering support we should be showing is NOT for protestors but for the justice system that we trust will conduct an impartial and thorough investigation.

    • Allen Clifton

      You clearly don’t understand the point of the article. With Cliven Bundy, a man who had already been found guilty by several courts, conservatives rushed to his side in support. For them it wasn’t about facts, it was about “defending Constitutional rights.”

      Well, cops are showing force against protesters, right? Haven’t there been plenty of accounts where even reporters are being threatened?

      Are those not potential violations of the First Amendment?

      Why aren’t these right-wing militias and conservatives, along with Fox News, out standing up for the protesters in Ferguson?

      • Jim Bean

        I would add to that, that its now being reported (may/may not be true) that the officer was hospitalized with broken facial bones inflicted by Brown. That’s could be a game changer, particularly if evidence indicates Brown was charging back towards the officer when he was fatally shot. It could be a game changer even if he was fleeing after assaulting an officer. Everybody needs to chill and let due process take its course. If the system obviously fails, then, and only then is there something to protest.

      • giankeys LOVES shemale porn

        u both are correct– jim is 100% accurate in we MUST allow all facts to the surface; and Clifton correct in how FOX “news” ran to the DEFENSE of a scumbag who broke the law- cliven bundy– until he made racial comments.

      • Bonta-kun

        And who let that wee nugget loose? Hm?

        The police?

        The same ones who slandered the name of someone they’d killed calling him a thief, when he was nothing of the sort?

        ‘Okay, the shoplifting didn’t stick, let’s up the ante…’

      • FD Brian

        I’d like to know if you are now angry that the RW media misled you into believing that the officer had a broken eye socket? Because that is not what happened and has since proven to be a complete fabrication. Where is your outrage?

      • Jim Bean

        The RW media reported to me the best information they had at the moment. When the information needed corrected, they did that. That’s what I want them to do.

      • FD Brian

        except the information you were told was a complete lie and an intentional one.

      • Jim Bean

        The also initially told me witnesses said he was shot in the back. You told me his eye socket was not broken but did NOT tell me he suffered other substantial facial injuries. THAT, is what I call a complete and intentional lie. (Also, clutching at straws.)

      • FD Brian

        if a black eye is substantial then you must not know much about fighting.

      • Jim Bean

        Go give a cop a black eye. Then come back and tell if you still think that. (When you get out, of course.)

      • FD Brian

        I’ve had a black eye, not that big a deal, certainly not worth shooting somebody over.

      • Jim Bean

        Something you said, perhaps?

      • jmyoung

        Again, the point was there was no question about Bundy’s guilt, yet Fox defended him. What is preventing you from understanding the hypocrisy?

      • Jim Bean

        What’s preventing me is that I don’t see Fox defending either Brown or the cop at this point and all we know for sure yet, is that Brown broke a law.

      • jmyoung

        They have been defending the officer.

      • Jim Bean

        That’s wholly appropriate. In this country, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. I’m surprised you didn’t know that.

      • jmyoung

        First of all, as said before this is all a side issue. If you feel this way about Officer Wilson, you should be appalled by the actions of Cliven Bundy.

        Regardless, Brown should also be presumed innocent as well. Of course, you wouldn’t be saying the same thing if the roles were reversed. Why would I expect reason or logic out of a police apologist.

      • Jim Bean

        I DO assume Brown is innocent of doing anything that justified his shooting. I also do assume he was engaged in disorderly conduct that provoked the confrontation. Bundy was guilty of not paying his fees, allegedly as a form of protest and this is hardly the first instance of malicious behavior by bureaucrats. And I do assume that in due course, Bundy will the suffer the consequences of his actions as will Officer Wilson if he wrongfully caused a death.