Bob Schieffer Mocks GOP Clown Tom Cotton: Do You Plan On Writing To North Korea Next? (Video)

bob-schieffer-face-nationWhen news of the now infamous Republican letter to Iran broke, one would assume that this was a carefully orchestrated ploy spearheaded by Republican leaders in the Senate – but it wasn’t. As it turns out, the “mastermind” behind this fiasco for the GOP was none other than freshman Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), a man who’s only in the Senate because he pandered to the tea party just enough to get elected. He’s yet another one of these clowns who we’re all going to have to suffer with for years because of the idiocy of the tea party. They really do elect some of the dumbest human beings our government will ever experience.

However, there is a bright side to having a few of these tea party favorites in Congress – they love getting in front of cameras and they’re almost always eager to show off the ridiculousness of conservatives.

Take for instance yesterday when Senator Cotton went on CBS’s Face the Nation and proceeded to make himself look like an absolute idiot. While discussing the letter with Bob Schieffer, Cotton tried to explain why Iran is such a threat.

“We have to stand up to Iran’s attempts to drive for regional dominance,” Cotton said. “They already control Tehran and, increasingly, they control Damascus and Beirut and Baghdad. And now, Sana’a as well. They do all that without a nuclear weapon. What they would do without a nuclear weapon.”

Yes, that’s Cotton suggesting that Iran is a threat because they control their own capital city. Not only that, but he cites their influence over Baghdad – something they wouldn’t have if Bush hadn’t invaded Iraq.

But the best part of the interview came when Schieffer basically mocked Cotton right to his face.

“Are you planning to contact any other of our adversaries?” Schieffer asked. “Do you plan to check with the North Koreans to make sure they know any deal has to be approved by the Congress?”

Like most Republicans, Cotton loves citing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “credible source” on Iran’s nuclear capabilities. Meanwhile, Netanyahu’s been claiming for over 20 years that Iran is “on the brink” of developing a nuclear bomb – yet they still don’t have one.

My question is, exactly how many decades need to go by with Iran not having a nuclear weapon before Republicans stop believing Netanyahu? Three? Four?

Listening to Cotton speak, all I see is another individual who got elected thanks to propaganda, who has no business in our government. It’s one thing to run campaigns based on ridiculous nonsense, but it’s another thing to try to govern by it.

Watch the clips below via CBS News:

Allen Clifton

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