Bob Schieffer Slams Republicans for Giving Out Corporate Welfare Instead of Helping the Poor

SchiefferWhile millions of poor and middle class Americans vote Republican, GOP politicians make it clear where their allegiance lies—with the wealthy and big corporations.

They don’t even attempt to hide this fact.  They constantly oppose programs that would help the poor, and build their entire economic ideology upon policies which always benefit the rich.

So it should come as no surprise that Republicans would choose to approve billions of dollars being given to giant farm owning corporations, while not approving a single dollar for the poor.

Bob Schieffer called out GOP Representative Mike Kelly this past weekend after the House of Representatives did exactly that.

See, earlier this month House Republicans passed a bill which removed funding for SNAP, but went ahead and gave billions of dollars in farm subsidies to big farm owning corporations.  The Republican defense of this is of course that they “couldn’t pass a bill which included both provisions, so they decided to separate the two.”

Funny, they had no problem quickly approving a bill which hands over billions of dollars to big business, but they chose to leave out the part which would fund food stamps for hungry, poor people (many of which are children).

As Schieffer told Kelly, “It’s almost like welfare for the wealthy, but you don’t include a dollar for hungry people for food stamps. What kind of message is that?”

And I couldn’t agree more.  While I don’t doubt a compromise couldn’t be reached to pass a bill which included both farm subsidies and food stamps, it’s laughable that once again Republicans made sure they took care of big business first and put off helping the poor.

But even as Kelly tried to claim that the food stamp bill was coming, he continued the tired rhetoric Republicans often use by saying, “What bothers me is that one in six Americans is on this program.  We’re wasting billions on a program that’s not lifting people from poverty, but keeping them in.”

Interesting, he doesn’t seem to feel that way about the billions he just voted in favor of giving to big corporations.  Maybe it’s time we stop giving them welfare and maybe they will no longer “need it”—as Republicans claim.

It seems Republicans feel that welfare “keeps people addicted to poverty” while believing corporate welfare is “vital for the health of our nation’s economy.”  Only in the delusional world Republicans live in can corporations worth billions of dollars need government assistance, while millions of people living on less than $15,000 per year to support their entire family are just looking for a free handout.

Democratic Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin responded to Kelly’s ridiculous accusations about Americans on welfare by saying, “It’s because their wages and incomes are so low.  They’re working but they can’t feed their children. It isn’t a matter of defrauding American taxpayers.”

It never fails that if a bill must be passed, Republicans make damn sure that their big corporate buddies, or the wealthy, get taken care of while everyone else can fend for themselves.

Any time I think of the millions of Americans in this country, mostly poor and middle class, who continue to vote Republican (and essentially against their own self interests) it just blows my mind.

And this farm bill showed once again exactly where Republican allegiances lie.  And it’s not with 98% of Americans, it’s with the top 2% and big business.

Passing legislation which helps the rest of us just seems to get in the GOP’s way.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Phil the observer

    Well, the question now becomes…how much more can the Congress continue to hurt the hungry kids in this country?? The news last night had a piece on how some bzillionaire is giving 2 million dollars to feed children in foreign countries; What happened to hungry kids Here???

    • Laura Jackson

      Phil, how do you know he doesn’t feed hungry kids here too? Don’t make assumptions.

    • Pixie Stix

      I tend to think of it in terms of “who cares?” If someone is willing to spend their money to reduce the suffering in the world – whatever part of it – we should be thanking them, NOT criticizing them.

      I’m glad you are worried about the people who are going hungry in this country, but the question is, what have you personally done to help alleviate suffering here? And please remember, you are a citizen of this country due to an accident of birth. People the world over are deserving of compassion and help.

    • Road

      I agree with Phil – let me explain where I think Phil is coming from (hopefully without putting incorrect words in his mouth). It is no doubt wonderful that this person is helping others around the world and may very well be helping here in the US as well. However, as with many other things (such as the Iraq and Afghanistan wars), the US spent trillions of dollars, none of which was included in the Congressional budget, overseas. While many believe it was justified and many do not, that is still the reality of what happened. The issue is that when we as a country push so much money, aid, food, etc. out of the US, that means that none of that money, food, aid, etc. is helping our own citizens. Again, helping others across the world is great and a wonderful thing to do, but we need to ensure that our people are taken care of as well. If we do not help our own citizens, we will not be able to remain a strong country. As or Pixie Stix comment of what Phil has personally done, I would venture to guess that Phil is not a gazillionaire. I am not either. I do know that I have volunteered many times for many different organizations because I do not have $50K to donate to a food shelf or homeless shelter. I am not a skilled, rich chef that can quit my job and cook food for homeless people on the streets. I do not have an estate to invite all the homeless people I know into to keep them safe at night. I wish I could. So before anyone jumps down Phil’s throat about his personal contributions to society, the people that can make the biggest difference often help overseas, again, which is great, but it would also be great if we took just as much care of our citizens as well.

      • lee

        Most of the foreign aid is in military assistance that helps the military industrial complex in the US. Percentage wise this contains a small amount of humanitarian assistance.

  • Mrs_oatmeal

    The party that claims to be about families and Christianity seems to have forgotten some basic ideas about these two things. This group of “leaders” seems to want to put down the poor, women, and the children they want to force you to give birth to. I feel like most of them pat themselves on the back when another person is made to suffer. I have no respect for any of these blowhard Republicans.

  • SM

    This is not a problem of GOP that they seek and get donations from the middle and poor working class Americans, it is the ignorance of the same group of Americans who never bother to find out where is the GOP’s Loyalty, and for whom or against they vote after election..

  • BigTBone

    I’d spend my words trashing republicans and cons, but really why can’t democrats expose this side of things relentlessly and leverage the public opinion? Really keep moving that needle of GOP blame even beyond 51% so that when we get to 2014 there is a big, demonstrative, progressive win.

    Congrats to those forward thinking people who are standing up for ALL OF US in NC, TX, OH against the defunct and outdated ideology that we need to marginalize.

    • Justin Tierney

      because they don’t go to the same lengths the Republicans will like trying to repeal the same piece of legislature at every possible opportunity and fail every single time but do it because they’re redundant and insane.

  • I totally don’t get this myself, how Christians claim to Vote Republican, to stop abortions, but in the next breath don’t have a problem with them starving children and leaving them in poverty. You can’t be pro life in one breath and walk away from the child in the next and claim people who are underpaid or elderly and need food stamps to survive are free loaders. If you are pro life like you claim , that child also needs your support after its born as well. Jesus told us to take care of the poor, sick and the elderly, not starve them to death or leave them homeless. This whole Republican idealism makes me sick.

    • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

      Republicans are NOT pro-life; they are merely pro-birth. And that kid had better not be expecting to be kept warm and fed once he pops out, either.

    • Matthew Hoffman

      I would add – and clarify – that if they aren’t lifting up the poor, they aren’t actually Christians. Most followers of the Man from Galilee aren’t near perfect, but at least we try to do what the carpenter said. Those who argue that helping the poor isn’t the “Christian” way aren’t reading the same rule book I am. The bible is pretty clear, and Jesus expressly points out ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’ (Matthew 25:45). And that’s just one place. I get so angry that people link the GOP and Christianity: The two have little in common.

      • Paul Peterson

        I actually had a conversation with one of these republicans, in which I asked about Luke 12:33, that one that says “Sell all that you have and give it to the poor.” He actually had the cojones to say, “Yeah, but that’s not what he meant.” To actually claim to know that Jesus meant one thing while saying another is incredible.

    • Chuck Reed

      the propaganda is strong

  • Joe from Arizona

    Look hard…hear, do not just listen….the Republican Party would not know Jesus Christ if punched them in the face. Jesus would not know the values of Republican Party, because our lord was sacrificed in opposition of those beliefs.

    Has the Republican Party all went Mormon….so they can rewrite Gods word every week to suit their skewed views? They are serving the Anti-Christ. Read the bible, no other book is necessary to be a Christian, but for most all three headed Republican Serpents….stop pretending….you would not invite Jesus to one of your parties he could not afford one of your fundraisers for one another, he would not dress well enough to get in the door, and you would not have him at your country club, because of the company he kept.

    Continue your upscale clan meetings that discriminates against all that Christ loved and held most dear. It is easier to thread the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to get into Heaven……the reason being you never take the time to thread God’s needle you are to busy poking people with it for your own evil amusement and gain.

  • Diana Reichardt

    This is why I will never vote for another Republican. For them it is all about money and what it can do for them and their Corporate friends. They can care less about the working class. Our country is going down hill fast and I am concerned for my great grand children and what kind of life they will have.

    • Obediah

      I’m sure you mean they CAN’T care less.

  • Mango

    The stupidity of the right thinks its okay to tax shelter billions in off shore banks while denying needed social programs for the needy where the money goes right back into the economy being spent on goods and services here in the good old U.S. of A.!

  • James

    I guess when the Republicans force abortion to be aginst the laws, and they see children starve and die in the streets and at home right here in America, they will feel they have done Gods work, while they are taking care of big business to give them welfar that they don’t even need, they are trying hard to create a nation of have and have nots, were equal chances are not for everyone. That education is only for the wealthy. They need to be abolished as a party all together.

  • marcial

    soon they will gas the poor 47%, calling them “showers” !

  • James

    I think we as a country when the debates start for leadership, we need to say now, we are tired of the distractions, of what ever banter you want to carry on about, we are a country in need, we need accountability, and we need clear answers on what we want you do do for our country and people as a leader, not some hate speach you will use to devide our country but what are you going to do about our issues, if you as a potential leader do not have time to do this leading up to an election state by state, that we do not need you. I am so tired of big busniness holding our country hostage. We need to ban all lobiststs from Washington period, they are not representing the people. Our elederly, our kids and our jobs and econmy need to be tops on the agenda.

  • Lu States

    this just makes me insane. our country has its priorities so skewed, and by country, i mean republicans, and by skewed i also mean redistricting to remain in power to do this again, and again, and again, in every imaginable form.

  • Pat

    Thank you, Bob Schieffer, for calling them out on just another one of their many self-serving, greedy, outrageous acts by approving this bill. I hope that all the people in the US who voted these Republicans in, will be in the polls in droves in the next election voting all of them out. WE NEED CHANGE TO GET THIS COUNTRY BACK ON TRACK, PEOPLE, AND IT DEPENDS ON ALL OF US TO HELP GET IT DONE.

  • Crysta

    Heres a thought, in 2014, when its election time, lets get people together to “show the face” of the corporate extortionists!

    Get “loudly colored” tshirts and signs, that say “Vote 2 Support Billionaires: Vote Republican!” They won’t be able to do a damn thing about it, cause its the damned truth! And for added lolz, have them throwing around monopoly money like mad! Again, totally legal, (since its not real money) and will make people think twice!

  • Arthur Applegate

    They just want to see if the public remembers the revolution clause in the deceleration of independence.

  • doctor_555

    I’d rather give welfare to a farming company – I’m sick of paying for the one’s who don’t work – the one’s who aren’t supposed to be here – the lazy. So until then, yes the mid class and WORKING poor will continue to vote republican… and until the lazy work, when hell freezes over, then we can talk. No child should starve… but until I see the parents – both parents apply themselves – sorry but I just can’t afford handouts myself. I have only two children to feed not 4 or 5. I will help a child as much as I can don’t get me wrong but not until I see some results from their own parents… just take a look at Detroit! And don’t pull the jesus was poor card. Jesus was a carpenter. He had a job and he worked! Jesus helped the poor as we all should, but he only preached to the lazy! If I can recall – though I wasn’t there so I can’t say for sure!

    • Come on now

      Im sure you are aware that about 50% of all recipients are familes with a person in the household working. The problem is their job doesnt pay enough to provide for the family. Then theres another portion who are elderly and unable to work. Im sick of this sterotype of the welfare recipient sat around milking the system while we all work hard to pay for them…..sure there are people like that and they should be weeded out and prohibited form collecting benefits but painting everyone with that brush is both incorrect and offensive. Hopefully you get lucky enough in life that you are never dealt a bad hand and you need assitance so that people can sit there and look down their nose at you.

  • Belden E

    Pols been hacking voting machines and tabulation software for awhile.
    Bob needs to recognize what a governance of criminal elites looks like.
    Soon the ‘played’ will be too broke, ill and stupid to be scammed anymore.
    History is littered with societies who fell via the greed playbook.

  • Buddy Pinkham

    Every time I read articles like this, I just feel so sick. These people could care less about their fellow human being as long as their pockets are being lined with government and cooperate money to keep the warm and safe. During the Great Depression, people helped people, we were a society that cared for others, but now, it is the ME and MINE Society of the GOP and Cooperations. We need to stand up and say I AM MAD AS HELL AND I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE! When we do this, maybe things will change. We have all become too reliant on Social Media to air our bitching instead of Marching On Washington like we did in the 60’s and 70’s. Have we become a society that only bitches about things and don’t get off of ass to stand up and say NO MORE?