Bobby Jindal Attempts To Literally Whitewash His Legacy (UPDATED)

On a regular basis, Bobby Jindal does something bizarre, hateful, or something that just makes you stop and wonder how in the hell someone from Oxford could be that incredibly stupid. After Bobby’s recent trip to London where he doubled down on the debunked claim of “no-go zones” that even Fox News had the rare decency to retract, I thought to myself that there was no way he could top that stunt.

I was wrong, wrong, horribly wrong. To be honest with you, if this hadn’t come from my friend Lamar White, Jr. who is responsible for breaking the recent Steve Scalise scandal, I wouldn’t have believed it. In fact, this is so absurd, you’d think this was from The Onion. It’s not.


I present to you Gov. Bobby Jindal’s portrait that has graced the wall of his office since 2008. Look closely, what do you see? If you said that it looks nothing like him and someone should go back to art school, that would be correct. Bobby Jindal’s portrait makes him look paler than me, and I’m half Celtic. This isn’t the first portrait he’s had done that’s been whitened, but it is the most extreme case to date. Arasalan Iftikhar was banned from further appearances on MSNBC for stating that Bobby Jindal was “trying to scrub some of the brown off his skin” after his anti-Muslim comments in London, but as offensive as his statement may have been, it looks as if he was right.

This is what Bobby Jindal actually looks like in comparison to his photo:

Bobby Jindal 2315

It was as if Lamar had seen this coming when he described Bobby Jindal in “Barry and Bobby” as follows:

But policies and politics aside, what has always bothered me the most about Bobby Jindal is that he has never seemed comfortable in his own skin. Barry became Barack. Bobby whitened his portrait on the fourth floor of the Capitol, and since losing his first bid for Governor in 2003, the quiet conservative Catholic transformed himself into a radical evangelical Protestant…

He could have been an inspiration, but instead, he is a fraud. He has become a sad parody of himself: A man who rose to power largely because of America’s capacity for and unique appreciation of equality, tolerance, and diversity, but who, once in power, became a willful and pathetic mouthpiece of agents of intolerance and hatred.

The America envisioned by Bobby Jindal would not welcome his own parents. It is an America exclusively governed by radical Christian dominionists and people who attempt to conceal their bigotry against anyone and everyone who worships different or loves different or looks different than they do under pretense of family values. It is an America that detests science, an America mortified by observable facts about the environment and the climate not because it fears extinction or destruction but because it fears losing money. (Source)

Bobby Jindal will be leaving office about 11 months from now and will almost certainly be running in the 2016 Republican primaries. Unfortunately for him, he has nothing to run on. No accomplishments other than having embarrassed Louisiana with his ridiculous Islamophobic comments in London or his appearances on Duck Dynasty, a show that spiraled downwards in popularity after the homophobic rants of the clan’s patriarch.

This is how Bobby Jindal wants to be remembered decades from now when tour groups parade through the state’s capitol building. This is how Bobby Jindal wants to be seen. Not as the first Indian-American ever to be elected as governor in U.S. history, or one of the youngest to be elected at the young age of 36. His legacy doesn’t include being the son of immigrants, his Oxford education or his meteoric rise in Louisiana politics – it’s this.


The original story was that this was Bobby Jindal’s official portrait, it is not. His official portrait is still much lighter than his real skin tone but this is the one that hangs in his office according to Buzzfeed.


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  • Gary Menten

    Bobby’s been swimming in the same chemical bleaching agent that Batman dumped the Joker into….

  • FD Brian

    Even Michael Jackson is shaking his head.

  • Pipercat

    Hi, I’m Rob Lowe; this is pandering Rob Lowe…

    • Boxhawk

      That is actually pretty funny, I think it is a picture of Rob Lowe also, but you race baiters are looking at a painting done by a constituent.

      • Pipercat

        Actually, I’m a giggle provoker. The term race baiting is used by individuals with a guilty conscience.

      • ughhhh

        Which is obviously why you just used it lol

      • Pipercat

        Oh no, I didn’t use the words in context. I described their use in the context to the reply. Remember, I was accused of being a race baiter when there is no evidence to suggest that was the case. Not so obvious, yes?

      • ughhhh

        Going on and on about It pretty much labels you as the race batter you are. Yes?

      • Pipercat

        No! I think it’s labeled a comment section with, wait for it, replies!! Besides, what do you fry with “race batter?”

      • shamrocknj

        Al Sharpton?

      • Pipercat

        American Pharaoh?

      • ughhhh

        Right? A frigging painting….what utter dumbassery lol

  • ExcellentJim

    You people are NUTS. That is NOT the picture of Bobby Jindal hanging in the capital. And, it should be obvious to anyone looking at on this page, that it was PhotoShopped to look much brighter than it really does. I’ve seen the real one and “that ain’t it”.

  • scottfree

    Is he wearing one brown shoe and one black shoe in this portrait?

  • Pepperjack

    Why are you people so obsessed with race?

  • Gene

    It’s very obvious that some one just tampered with that painting. Most of these progressives were paid to stay on this site to do nothing all day but bash the right for their own sick benefits.

    • InChains

      Love the bizarre conspiracy angle you threw in there.
      By that twisted “logic,” most people on WorldNetDaily & the Fox News site are “paid to stay on the site to do nothing all day but bash the left for their own sick benefits.”

      If I could get paid for posting comments I was going to make anyway, I’d quit my regular job immediately.