Bobby Jindal Blames Planned Parenthood For Louisiana’s Staggering Poverty, STD & Teen Pregnancy Rates

Gov. Bobby Jindal delivers an address to the Louisiana Legislature. Image via

Gov. Bobby Jindal delivers an address to the Louisiana Legislature. Image via

There’s absurdity, there’s the Republican Party, and then there’s Louisiana’s governor Bobby Jindal. This guy says and does things that are so ridiculous, there’s no need to make up stories about his statements as some liberal blogs like Occupy Democrats or Addicting Info have done in the past. All you have to do is search the archives here at Forward Progressives or, and you can find story after story about Bobby Jindal that look like stories from The Onion – except that each and every one of them is true.

Now Bobby Jindal is blaming Louisiana’s horrific poverty, STD and teen pregnancy rates not on the failed education or healthcare systems, but on Planned Parenthood. You heard that right, it’s the fault of the two Planned Parenthood clinics which he wants you to believe are capable of serving all 4.5 million residents across the entire state.

Via Right Wing Watch:

Jindal, in an interview with Iowa talk radio host Simon Conway, reacted to a Des Moines Register editorial that criticized him for cutting off Medicaid payments to Planned Parenthood in his state in the wake of recent smear videos. The newspaper’s editorial board notes that few states have a greater need for Planned Parenthood’s services, including affordable STI tests and treatments and contraception than Louisiana, which has some of the highest teen pregnancy and STI rates in the countries, and some of the nation’s worst poverty.

Planned Parenthood’s two Louisiana clinics conduct tens of thousands of STI tests and other health services each year; neither provides abortions.

But Jindal insisted that his state’s abysmal public health and poverty record is just proof that Planned Parenthood is “awful at what they do.”

“If they’re doing such a great job, why aren’t these things better?” he asked. “We should cancel their contract for no other reason, just that they’re awful at what they do.” (Source)

The absurdity of this claim is typical for Bobby Jindal, and makes Jeb Bush’s false claims about his time as Florida’s governor look tame in comparison. As noted above, currently there are only two Planned Parenthood locations in all of Louisiana. One is in Baton Rouge, the other is in New Orleans, and neither of them provide abortion services. The fact that they do not perform abortions didn’t stop Bobby Jindal from ordering an investigation into the organization and cutting off Medicaid funding in violation of federal law. Bobby Jindal’s ridiculous statement is like only having two fire trucks in the entire state, and then blaming the fire department when the whole place burns down.

I would say that Louisiana has a lot of problems, but that would be a huge understatement. I’ve lived here for almost 5 years now, and simply crossing the border into Texas is a night versus day experience. The problems aren’t confined to the healthcare and education systems, but also with the environment and infrastructure, just to name a couple other examples.

Don’t believe me? Try driving across the Calcasieu River Bridge on I-10 in Lake Charles, or many of the other bridges in the state sometime if you are unconvinced of the fact that a lot of the infrastructure here is on par with some third-world countries. Like many other people, I avoid it and take the longer bypass on the I-210 Loop because of the fear that the aging and structurally deficient bridge could collapse at any time.

Louisiana is desperately poor, sick and also self-defeating enough to have voted Bobby Jindal into office not once, but twice. Now Louisiana is poised to elect a new governor due to term limits which bar Jindal from running a third time. If you think things are going to get better down here any time soon, don’t be fooled. We’re going to end up electing one of the most corrupt members of Congress, conservative family values hypocrite Senator David Vitter.


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