Bobby Jindal Claims Judicial System Is ‘Trying To Criminalize Christians’

Josh Duggar poses with Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal and David Limbaugh in September 2014.

Josh Duggar poses with Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal and David Limbaugh in September 2014.

Bobby Jindal is struggling mightily in the polls. As of right now, he is lucky to be at 2% in the early primary states, and may pick up a few of the people who supported Rick Perry after his exit from the Republican primaries before they even started. With so many candidates in the race all fighting for the “oppressed Christian” vote, Jindal has been mostly shut out, and he isn’t very happy about that.

Last week Bobby Jindal tried to pick a fight with frontrunner Donald Trump in order to get the press to pay him a wee bit of attention. The response from Donald Trump was quick and brutal, but Jindal did manage to score a pretty decent amount of press coverage with his attacks on Trump, which included calling the billionaire unqualified and an “egomaniac.” Buoyed by that short moment in the spotlight, Jindal has gone back to the Iowa airwaves with a couple of right-wing favorites: dissing Hillary Clinton and the classic Christian persecution claim.

Via Right Wing Watch:

“Apparently, if you mishandled classified information in America, you can run for president, but if you don’t believe in gay marriage you go to jail,” the Louisiana governor and GOP presidential candidate said, repeating his new talking point.

The Louisiana governor then claimed that practicing Christianity is now a crime in America and that the Supreme Court had no authority to rule on marriage.

“This is ridiculous,” he told Deace. “The fact that they are now trying to criminalize Christians, whether it is clerks or business owners, in America we should not have to choose between keeping our jobs, we should not have to choose between keeping our businesses and being able to follow our conscience. I agree with you, I don’t think any earthly court can change the institution of marriage as instituted by God as being between a man and a woman. I think this is nonsensical.” (Source)

At the most, Jindal might be able to score a White House Cabinet position under Ted Cruz or Mike Huckabee if they somehow pulled off an almost impossible general election win. It seems like nearly everyone except Bobby Jindal knows what an utter failure he has been during two terms as Louisiana’s governor. This is a governor who, despite the fact the state leads the nation in police deaths involving firearms, decides that holding a prayer rally for cheap political points is a better solution than doing anything to protect officers or keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

Despite political stunts like illegally cutting off Medicaid funding to Louisiana’s two Planned Parenthood clinics (which do not perform abortions), or screening the doctored Planned Parenthood videos on his lawn, or blaming Planned Parenthood for the state’s horrific STD rates, Bobby Jindal has struggled to gain any sort of traction with attracting evangelical conservatives.

His criticism of the Iran nuclear deal or his dire Islamophobic warning about Britain’s non-existent “no-go” zones have fallen flat, and even Fox News has called him out for his failure as governor.

Claiming that Christians are being turned into criminals for their opposition to same-sex marriage is nothing new. Other Republican candidates have already played this card over and over again, but somehow Jindal thinks he is blazing a bold new trail when he’s really a day late and a few million dollars short.


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