Bobby Jindal Declares America Needs To “Turn Back To God”

Phil Roberson, left, of A&E's 'Duck Dynasty, and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. Image courtesy of

Phil Roberson, left, of A&E’s ‘Duck Dynasty, and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. Image courtesy of

With the statement from She Who Shall Not Be Named that she is “interested” in running for president in 2016, it looks like the GOP clown car has reached maximum capacity, but that’s not going to stop others from trying to jump in regardless. Sure, there are some “serious” candidates in the mix like Jeb Bush, but just like in 2012, it’s shaping up to be an insane 21+ months of verbal slips and ignorance on display.

Joke candidates like The Half-Term Governor and Donald “Roadkill Toupee” Trump aside, the remaining members of the GOP field are rapidly scrambling for the votes needed in the earliest stages of the Republican 2016 primaries.

This weekend, Bobby Jindal, who is freshly back from internationally embarrassing Louisiana in London over Muslim “no-go zones,” held a prayer rally in Baton Rouge with some of the fringe element of the religious right.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who only a few years ago was lamenting the GOP’s decline into “the stupid party,” is now staking out a position on the party’s far-right fringe in preparation for an expected run for the presidency. Jindal has reached out to the party’s increasingly extreme base by undermining the teaching of evolution in public schools; promoting wild conspiracy theories about Common Core, an effort to adjust school standards that he supported before it became the target of the Tea Party’s fury; and hyping the purported persecution of Christians in America, specifically citing the plight of Christians with reality television shows.

Jindal, once hailed as the GOP’s top intellectual and reformer who denounced “dumbed-down conservatism” in an era of Tea Party populism, is slated to lead a prayer rally this weekend, “The Response: Baton Rouge,” organized and sponsored by some of the most extreme figures within the party. (Source)

Bobby Jindal (who is a convert to the Catholic church from Hinduism) has bet all of his chips on pandering to the far right religious wing of the Republican Party. In his speech yesterday to the Baton Rouge rally, Bobby Jindal proclaimed that only by turning back to religion and prayer could America be saved.

“We can’t just elect a candidate to fix what ails our country,” he said. “He can’t just pass a law and fix what ails our country. We need a spiritual revival to fix what ails our country … We are a united people. We are God’s children. We are precious because we are made in His image. God has created us with a God-shaped void in our hearts and we frustrate Him by filling it with things and material goods and substances. Now it is time for us on bended knee to turn back to God in humble prayer. To repent and ask for His blessing because He is a faithful God. He desires our prayers. I believe in the power of prayer and I pray that we will see a spark lighted here, we will see fifty responses in every state in these United States and we will see a spiritual revival ignite across these United States of America.” (Source)

Well, Bobby, that’s real nice. Bless your heart. So you say that prayer to your idea of an almighty being and more religion are what it takes to cure America from what you believe is wrong with it? Really? Let’s talk about Louisiana then, shall we?

Louisiana is one of the poorest, unhealthiest states in the country with roads that will destroy anything but the biggest trucks, and has the highest rate of gun-related fatalities in the entire nation. It is also the 4th most religious state in the United States. Ahem!

When he was first elected, Bobby Jindal was seen as a reformer, someone who would lift Louisiana out of the post-Katrina blues. Yet in all that time since Bobby Jindal was inaugurated, he’s done little for the state except drive it further into the ground with giveaway after giveaway to corporations, including giving oil companies near immunity from lawsuits for damages to the state. Now the state faces an even larger budget gap due to falling oil prices and his answer is to further slash education in a state that still flounders near the bottom of the academic pile. If he can’t improve one of the poorest, sickest states in the nation, how can Bobby Jindal honestly run the most powerful nation in the world?

As my friend Robert Mann said, Bobby Jindal’s road to the White House is built on fear and bigotry, not hope or any kind of viable solutions. Bobby Jindal may think that by appealing to the most religious, homophobic and Islamophobic members of the GOP is a winning ticket to primary success, but he’s not fooling anyone but himself – and perhaps the 7,000 people who showed up for his “non-political” campaign launch prayer rally. It’s safe to say that fellow joke candidate Sarah Palin did more for Alaska in two years as governor than Bobby Jindal has done for Louisiana in eight. At least she had the decency to quit.


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  • Turn back to God… Does this mean they’re going to start taking care of the poor and stop warmongering?

    • GenerallyConfused

      Of course not. The poor are just lazy and don’t want to work hard. And warmongering would stop those hard working american corporations from gaining their hard earned dollars..

      …even though I was being sarcastic, I still feel nauseous from typing that.

  • GenerallyConfused

    I truly wonder if he actually believes in anything but the almighty dollar.

    • Keith

      He is a Republican after all.

  • Keith

    Which “god” Bobby? Brahma the creator, Vishnu the protector, or Shiva the destroyer. I guess the Christians can relate, they have three gods too.

    • Tom Pryor

      I don’t trust anybody who abandons the faith of his fathers just to win political office.

      • Keith

        I don’t trust anyone who would wait on somebody to come back for over two thousand years.

      • Tom Pryor

        That too…

  • Jim Valley

    We always say that Gohmert is the stupidest republican, but I honestly think it’s this guy.

  • TheThinker

    Yeah, because you don’t need health insurance or doctors when you have Jesus!

    • FD Brian

      Doctors are evil they only delay the eventual glorious meeting with our creator.

    • Dan Atatakai

      Thinker – so, as they claim that their faith is so strong, why do their churches have lightning rods on the roofs? :p

  • Tom Pryor

    Which God? The Christian God or the Gods of his own parents and forefathers that he abandoned to win office in the South?

  • America needs more GOD and less religion.

    • GenerallyConfused

      Which god? There are so many to choose from… even from the Christian point of view.

      Add to that, not all Americans are Christian or believe in a higher power. What should pagans, muslims, jews, atheists, etc do after god is put forward in America? Leave? Why? Freedom of religion going to go away suddenly?

  • Eg Kbbs

    Personally, I would agree that the USA needs a religious revival – where we worship in truth and acts and not just lip service.

    But looking at it historically, one of the largest such revivals was the Great Awakening. But that happened entirely independent of the government.

    Historically, I could go into an extremely long list of the debacles that happened when religion and government became united into a single idea.

  • Sean T Gallagher

    turn Back to god …we should do it much the same way the NYPD turned their BACK to the mayor of NYC …this is how I feel about your god bobby Jindal ….I turn my back on him and you so you both can kiss my ass..

  • thomas carr

    there is no god religion is the big problem it don’t belong in government all forms of religion should be abolished !