Bobby Jindal 2016: Doubling Down On Stupid

bobby-jindalAs the Republican Party scrambles quickly to re-brand itself as a more centrist, big tent party ahead of the midterms and 2016, there are politicians like Bobby Jindal who are doubling down on stupid. It was announced yesterday that Governor “Bobby” Jindal would appear on the season premiere of – you guessed it – “Duck Dynasty,” to present Willie Robertson with an award. Of course, this presentation happened back in February, before the big fallout over Robertson-backed Congressman Vance McAllister kissing a married staffer and the cold war between the Vitter and Jindal factions broke out.

Ok, so this is just one appearance by Bobby Jindal, on one show – at least for now. But it looks like Bobby has realized that his only path through the earliest of the voting states and to a GOP nomination Fox News spot in 2016 is to, as much as he hates it, get really cozy with the Robertson clan. After all, they’re also friendly with a former half-term governor of Alaska who also rushed down to Monroe to thrust herself into the media spotlight with a defense of the head beard family patriarch, Phil Robertson. And just last week, the Robertson and Jindal families got together in Baton Rouge for an event organized by the Louisiana Family Forum, a powerful rightwing lobbying group responsible for keeping unconstitutional laws on Louisiana’s books.

Robertson, who along with her husband, Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson, adopted two children of her own. Robertson brought two of the family’s five children, Sadie and John Luke, to rappel down the building.

Gov. Bobby Jindal honored the Robertson family earlier this year with the inaugural Governor’s Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence.

Louisiana Family Forum organizes the event, which is in its second year. (Source)

So what is Bobby Jindal up to? Well, even though he implored his party in the wake of the disastrous 2012 Presidential Election to “stop being the stupid party,” it seems that Jindal has now realized that the early primaries are controlled by religious conservatives and he can’t run on his record in Louisiana. Instead, Bobby will have to plant his lips even more firmly on the backsides of the far right, because that’s the only group that will take him seriously. Back in 2008, in the wake of President Obama’s victory, Fox News gushed over Jindal as the possible future of the GOP. Jindal stated the following on Hannity and Colmes:

We’ve tried to beat something with nothing. We’ve got to show the American people we’ve got real solutions that involve reforming the marketplace, making health care affordable, whether your child has got asthma, diabetes or if you’re health, it should be affordable for all Americans.

Even again in the aftermath of 2012, despite taking a hard right tack between 2008 and 2012, we thought perhaps the GOP and Bobby Jindal had finally come to their senses. Maybe, just maybe they’d swing back to the center a little bit more. But instead, Bobby failed to take his own advice about not being “the stupid party,”  and now he’s just hedging his bets. Maybe he wins or places well in the Iowa caucus (which based off the last couple of election cycles automatically qualifies you to be a Fox News contributor), or maybe he gets a regular spot on “Duck Dynasty”?

However, I don’t know how well he’s going to be able to make duck calls or grow a really massive beard in the time he has left in office. Maybe Herman Cain needs a district manager for Godfather’s Pizza instead?

And in case you haven’t been reminded lately, here’s what’s in play this coming November:

—All 435 seats of the U.S. House of Representatives

—33 seats in the U.S. Senate

—46 State Legislatures

—38 State and Territorial Governorships.


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