Bobby Jindal for President? Take it from a Louisianan… Hell No.

bobby-jindalPiyush “Bobby” Jindal has been a prominent name on the speculative list of 2016 GOP contenders for the White House. Considering the rest of the field, I’d say he is an establishment GOP favorite. Especially as the GOP tries once again to quell the Tea Party faction which has pretty much taken over control of the primaries.

But let’s take a look at Bobby “Stop Being The Stupid Party” Jindal and what he has and hasn’t done in Louisiana. I can tell you that here in Louisiana, he’s not well liked even by a lot of conservatives.

  • Bobby Jindal has been unfriendly to sportsmen, despite promising during his campaign to be their ally. On a number of occasions, he’s tried to use money from the LDWF fund to plug budget holes. This is money that was set aside for artificial reefs for fishing and other outdoors projects.
  • Bobby Jindal has resisted the expansion of Medicaid as set forth in the Affordable Care Act, even though Louisiana is the 2nd most unhealthy state in the entire country.
  • Louisiana has the 5th highest crime rate in the country and the 3rd highest level of poverty in the United States.
  • Louisiana received a C- rating for infrastructure in a recent report by the American Society of Civil Engineers. If you’ve ever driven the roads here in Louisiana, you’ll know exactly what I mean. They’re horrific, and many of the secondary roads are full of potholes that’ll rattle the fillings out of your teeth.
  • According to the Louisiana Department of Health, Louisiana ranks 4th in the nation for HIV, and Baton Rouge is first in the nation for HIV infections. Louisiana also leads the nation for confirmed cases of syphilis and gonorrhea.
  • Louisiana has the 3rd highest combined sales tax in the nation according to the Tax Foundation, but is looking at an almost $1 billion shortfall for the 2013 budget year.
  • Bobby Jindal’s administration has repeatedly targeted teacher’s unions, causing large numbers of educators to quit or retire early. In Lafayette Parish alone, 217 have already made that decision in 2013 according to
  • Louisiana’s offshore oil production is the largest in the nation, but we continue to have the highest rate of poverty in the South, and the 2nd highest in the United States.

Yet, Governor Jindal and conservative talking heads want us to believe that he’s been a success at managing the state. The clear truth of the matter is that he’s been a massive failure. When confronted with verifiable statistics and facts, his supporters will blame prior administrations for all the problems — the same tactic they get upset about when some Democrats even mention the name George W. Bush, and the devastating effects he had on the nation.

I’m pretty sure the Blanco administration didn’t leave a note telling Jindal to misuse the LDWF fund, let poor people go without healthcare (in a state that’s already one of the sickest in the nation) and attack teacher’s unions — and even if they had made those recommendations, it doesn’t say much for Jindal’s leadership capabilities if he followed through on them.

So while Bobby Jindal shows up constantly on the national circuit supporting GOP candidates and flirting with the Tea Party base with hints of a 2016 run — those of us who actually live with the disastrous results of his governorship can tell you that he’s not just bad for Louisiana, he’d be even worse as president. True leadership is something Bobby Jindal knows absolutely nothing about.


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